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  1. Week 11 - You Decide~

    how does Kevin Hogans dick taste?
  2. Darnold vs rosen

    Seems like they're both getting a shit ton of help from their recievers.
  3. F-uck the steelers

    No he doesn't...
  4. This Week in the AFC North

    Fournette didn't practice with an apparently ankle injury. Would certainly give us a bit more hope if he doesn't play.
  5. Again... do you live in the past in your entire life or just with the Browns? Because dude I feel sorry for you if you live this way.
  6. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Sorry...football players don't do it for me. No matter what team they play for. But apparently it does for you....not that there's anything wrong with that. Enjoy your dreams of Carson Wentz in a Browns uniform. I'll focus on the players who are actually on the team.
  7. Analytics Videos

    Of course you think that. Jesus dude... Ben Hogan needs to have a restraining order out on you. His own family doesn't love him as much as you do.
  8. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    You can say that again.
  9. I think actually the FO deserves credit for their work in free agency. There have been many more hits than misses. Their draft picks are a bit of a different story however, at least to this point.
  10. It really won't. I'm stubborn that way.
  11. very funny.....very funny...
  12. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    no it does not.
  13. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Talk about beating a dead horse. Good lord man....let it go.
  14. I am not going to watch it now. I kinda like being out of the loop on certain things.
  15. Analytics Videos

    It's an awesome gig. Derek Anderson is pulling down 2 million per to be Cam's caddy in Carolina. How awesome is that.
  16. Analytics Videos

    Basically what most of us have been saying. Nice long career as a backup QB. Great work if you can get it.
  17. This Week in the AFC North

    Maybe she rubbed your ball too hard (you only have one?, never mind..don't answer that), the Squeelers/Titans game is in Pittspuke not Tennessee.. You picked the Browns again... I'm shocked! :-)
  18. Am I the only person alive who hasn't seen this commercial? I can't remember the last commercial I actually watched.
  19. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    I'll ask the question again....slower this time... Do you even watch the games?
  20. Week 11 - You Decide~

    I just hope we score.
  21. I'm shocked that PoG was able to put that many sentences together without mentioning Brian Hogan.
  22. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    There is nothing wrong with the o-line. Do you even watch the games? The vast majority of sacks this year have been caused by the QB, mostly Kizer holding the ball too long. The only sacks this past week were Kessler and he looked like a deer in the headlights when he got out there. Thomas will be back next year and the rest of the offensive line is just fine from what I've seen watching the games each week.
  23. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Nope....still hasn't decided. My point was that the talk that he would stay in school long before the Browns season turned into a dumpster fire.
  24. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Sounded strong enough when I heard him say it. The rumor of him staying in school started at about week 2 of the NFL season.
  25. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    I don't know if it suits the local media..but there's a lot of doom and gloom in the media and unfortunately, a lot of fans believe the headlines or the reports even without any direct quotes from the subject of the articles.