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  1. Browns Schedule Thread

    The overseas wankers are leaning towards the thursday night Jets game but planning and discussion is ongoing.
  2. Pick Six

    yes it is...
  3. Pick Six

    Just make sure you actually pay the bill ok?
  4. 2018 Mock Drafts

    That's what I see as well.
  5. He's been offered nearly $1000 in bets here and he doesn't want any part of it. Even friendly bets have been offered that he won't take. Seems he's not as confident about his boy as he wants us all to believe.
  6. This has been a rough offseason for young Po....
  7. Kevin Hogan Traded

    I'm telling you...he's just a troll. He doesn't believe any of the bullshit he posts. It's just for attention.
  8. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Sorry about my luck? You're the one who's now rooting against the Browns because your boyfriend will get traded or released, which we all told you would happen as soon as Taylor and Stanton were brought in. You're also the one who looks like a fool for making asinine statements like "Hogan is better than Flacco" and "Hogan will be a starter this season" and "I have inside info that Barfley is the #1 pick" but doesn't have the balls to back it up. My pick at #1 would be Mayfield but I think it's going to be Darnold. I'd be happy if it's Rosen or either of the other two I just mentioned. I'll be disappointed if they take Allen but I'll hope I'm wrong about him.
  9. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Enjoy being a fan of his new team. Don't let the door hit you in the ass here on your way out. If you're lucky, he'll end up in the same place as your other boyfriend Barfley ends up. Guess you aren't that confident in his ability to be a starter since you ignored my bet offer. Typical troll. All talk....no balls.
  10. Kevin Hogan Traded

    I'll bet you the same $100 I've already offered to bet you on Barkley that Hogan is not an opening day starter anywhere in the NFL in 2018. As good as a guy who's wearing a super bowl ring? You really are either just a troll or stupid. I'm not sure which one it is. Hell...if you don't want to bet money...I'll bet you that Hogan isn't a starter on opening day, if he is, I'll delete my account and never come back here. If he isn't, then you have to do the same thing. You in?
  11. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Maybe he can stay in shape long enough for the new XFL to get going since he ain't starting anywhere in the NFL next season unless its because the starter and backup got hurt on some team.
  12. Approaching??? Really? It's approaching zero?? He sailed past zero so long ago he's in the negative 6 or 7 figures of credibility at this point. Just a common troll...that's all he is. All about the attention. The Browns board version of Howard Stern....just less funny and more annoying.
  13. Rosen

    Mountain West does generate some very good players. But those players (like Rashaad Penny) have good to great stats even when they play teams from the bigger and better conferences.
  14. These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

    If that's the case....no pressure kid. You're only wearing the number of the greatest QB in franchise history and one of the best all time in the NFL but good luck kid. Do that number proud. I think I'd choose a different one if I were Sam.
  15. Kevin Hogan Traded

    And just a bag of regular doritos.. Not even the family size or even the special flavors like cool ranch or taco flavor.
  16. Rosen

    y'all are wasting your time. He can't see any of that past his hatred for Rosen and/or his love of Allen or a combination of both. He's irrational about both sides of this and it's impossible to discuss something with an irrational person.
  17. Rosen had a couple of sub par games where his completion percentage wasn't very good. Allen has had an entire college career where his completion percentage isn't very good. See the difference? Probably not.
  18. Snowflake only likes to use stats when they fit his argument. He doesn't like the stats that Allen put up against the top competition that they faced because it makes his boy look bad and blames it on the rest of the team, not the guy leading that team at the most important position.
  19. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Don't forget he also raved that he has an inside source who says they're taking him #1 but then refuses to take the bets that have been offered. Dude is a clown and a troll. No different than the other troll who resides here.
  20. That's why it would seem the Mayfield comparisons are not accurate because Mayfield seems like a guy who is going to work hard and improve. He could be more Wilson or Brees than Johnny dipstick. Or at least that what I'll be hoping we're getting if the Browns should draft him. I hope we get a guy like Wilson who spends his career pissed off that teams doubted him and spends all his time working to prove them wrong.
  21. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Sure....we'll go with that as the answer. Not that everyone is tired of your act and your homo-erotic, downright creepy stalking fascination of a player that we likely won't draft.
  22. Browns Schedule Thread

    Just did a couple seasons ago. Browns lost in OT to Peyton