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  1. Mark O

    The Tavern

    Sounds like the Tavern is in good hands. Now that i moved to Florida, I dropped directv and that means no sunday ticket so i'm watching at the local Browns backers bar, miss the chats during the game though I don't miss the asshats that used to come in every week but y'all have that covered now. Go Browns.
  2. Mark O

    The Browns Board Tailgate 2019

    Yep..saw the pictures. Earthquakes are pretty tame by comparison nearly all of the time and in a lot of ways, I'll take the sudden earthquake over a week of panic in the news about a hurricane that ends up not coming within 60 miles of where you live but certainly a lot more damage from the hurricanes that nearly every earthquake i've ever felt in SoCal. See ya this weekend.
  3. Mark O

    The Browns Board Tailgate 2019

    I'll be there. This wimpy hurricane couldn't keep me away from being there for the opener.
  4. Mark O

    I want to believe this but....

    Or could go the way of Jared Goff who got better his 2nd year with a new coach. Good thing for Baker is he got the 2nd half of last season to work with his new coach.
  5. I don't believe that single game tickets are on sale as of yet. I don't think they go on sale till summer time.
  6. Mark O


    Some of you people are just determined to be miserable and pissed off no matter what happens. Who fucking cares what he wears when he isn't playing football for the Browns??? Might be time for another break from this shit show.
  7. Mark O

    Hello....did I miss anything...???

    Was an amazing thing to see in person. Might be one of the greatest Browns games I'd ever seen in person.
  8. Mark O

    Hello....did I miss anything...???

    Welcome back. I know the feeling of giving up discussing and debating.
  9. Mark O

    Survey Wednesday MayDay

    1. Greedy Williams 2. Gregg Pruitt, Brian Sipe, Cleo Miller, Thom Darden, Bernie Kosar, Brian Brennan, Bob Golic, Eric Metcalf. To name a few. 3. Mark Miller, Don Strock 4. Red 5. can't say that I do 6. Never seen an episode.
  10. Mark O

    The Schedule Game

  11. Mark O

    The Schedule Game

    Yeah...but only because i haven't been here in like 4 months. He won't agree with me for long.
  12. Mark O

    The Schedule Game

    I don't see them winning any less than 16 games with this schedule.
  13. Mark O

    Regular Season Schedule

    Week 1 vs. Titans will be the annual trip and tailgate. There's also talk of coming in for the 11/10 game and possibly a tailgate to also remember Stan. But the official Browns Board Tailgate game will be week 1.
  14. Mark O


    My favorite player on defense as a kid.
  15. Mark O

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    he can have it and I can tell him why he's just being negative as well.