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  1. Mark O

    Playoffs = Defense wins championships

    Who is this Greedy williams guy y'all are talking about? Clearly we need a serious upgrade on defense. The offense was really good this year and with an off-season and training camp together, I think they will be even better on the offensive side of the ball. I don't think we have more than 2 or 3 true starters on defense....the rest are all just guys and wouldn't be missed if they were all replaced.
  2. Mark O

    NFL Carousel

    God what a shit show those 3 were. Whatever happened to that bozo who was in love with Hogan? Telling us all for weeks that Hogan was the 2nd coming of Aaron Rodgers.
  3. Mark O

    NFL Carousel

    Colt/Seneca/Delhome.....yikes...what a trio that was.
  4. Bet that you won't get your old name back?? Anything you want dude. There's no chance you get your old name back around here.
  5. Mark O

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Great read. There's no question he's proven that he is the QB for the future for us along with having a coach that knows how to get the best out of his players as opposed to forcing the players to adjust to his system.
  6. Mark O

    MNF.... PTG at CIN

    That is correct but they also put all the games with "meaning" at the same time so there's no advantage or a team not having to play the last weekend because of an earlier result. Apparently NBC still holds the Sunday night window and could take a game and put it there if they choose to so keep that in mind also. But at the very least it's likely we play in the 4pm eastern time window in week 17.
  7. Mark O

    Bowl Mania

    I'm winning..y'all should just quit now.
  8. Correct... i forgot that part actually. But they clearly weren't sold on him or they wouldn't draft another QB #1 overall. It all worked out pretty well for all of them. Rivers has/had a great career just without the title. Eli won a couple in NY but was pretty much ok the rest of the time and Brees has turned into one of the best ever since he got to New Orleans.
  9. picking someone 53rd overall is a whole lot different than picking a QB at #1 overall right?
  10. But they drafted a QB at #4 when you already have Brees on the roster (before injury) so they weren't all that convinced that he was the future of the team were they?
  11. Drew Brees.. Was considered a bust in SD...they drafted Manning who turned into Rivers and let Brees walk. With Sean Payton as his coach, Brees turned into the hall of famer we all see today but that's not how his career looked coming out of college.
  12. Mark O

    Bowl Mania

    I'm in... Fucking confidence points. Y'all should be ashamed I won 2 years ago.
  13. Mark O

    Pro Pick'em!

    You should be picking the Browns no matter what.
  14. Mark O


    Of course Colt McNoodleArm is the one that takes me out. Colt and his stellar 100 yard passing game. Never liked the Seahawks anyways. Good luck to the rest of you.