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  1. Not quite... The fines collected do not go to the NFL, but instead go to programs for former players. The Players Association and the league have agreed to donate fine money through the NFL Foundation to the NFL Player Care Foundation and the Gene Upshaw Players Association's Players Assistance Trust. Still better than the money going to the NFL itself but the point was not so much where the money goes but how stupid it is to fine a guy for something like that.
  2. Mark O

    Bowl Mania!

    Well...I did say maybe....
  3. Mark O

    Bowl Mania!

    Maybe I'm gonna pull a Peyton Manning and retire with the trophy.
  4. Mark O

    Free Agents after this Season

    Perriman, Higgins, Gaines are the only ones I'd want to really bring back. The rest are just bodies. At the right price they can stay, otherwise they are easily replaceable.
  5. Mark O

    Jags Bench Bortles

    typical Kessler game...gets sacked a lot. Most throws are within 10 yards of the LOS, nearly all checkdowns to someone even on 3rd and long, he throws it 2 yards with no chance of getting the first down. He's a backup at best.
  6. Yes...that time they backed off......this time they penalized the guy during the game and fined him after the game. Shit for brains in the league office.
  7. This is a league that knows about the things Kareem Hunt did in the offseason but does nothing about it. But a guy tossing $21 dollars in a salvation army kettle and putting a teammate in it as well later merits a $13k fine?? Who the fuck makes that kind of decision? Complete morons in charge of this league.
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/12/06/nfl-fined-ezekiel-elliott-his-latest-salvation-army-celebration-hes-not-happy/?utm_term=.146e19eed072
  9. Mark O


    yeah...no kidding?
  10. Mark O


    confidence points blow donkeys...but I will be going for back to back bowl mania titles this year.
  11. Mark O


    Winning Bowl Mania and Survivor in the same calendar year is a true accomplishment.
  12. Mark O


    You didn't seem to have any trouble posting your fantasty baseball victory in that thread... 🙄
  13. Mark O


  14. Mark O


    I believe I won the Bowl Mania last year even with the fucking confidence points.
  15. Mark O


    I don't need to...I have the yahoo results that crowned me the champ. And it will kill Zombo to have to post the results saying that I'm the winner on the Browns Board champs thread and that's worth a lot.