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  1. Mark O

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    I'm already getting tired of deleting his nonsense as it is.
  2. Mark O

    Use of players on offense

    Some are saying he should be used as a WR and I have to agree with Zombo..it just won't work. But what needs to happen is get him in situations like in the video you shared where he has a linebacker trying to keep up with him.
  3. Mark O

    Use of players on offense

    Great catch and great throw...however, he's not being covered by a CB or even a S. He has a linebacker on him who can't keep up with him which I believe has been mentioned here many times.
  4. Yes you did. You said we are fucked on offense and teams will shut us down. That sounds pretty negative and sounds a lot like the offense will suck the rest of the year. Of course this same offense scored 42 just a couple weeks ago but don't let that get in the way of your temper tantrum about Puffy Gordon not being on the team anymore.
  5. So the season is over in your mind since there won't be a big name receiver coming here this season. Good to know. See ya next season.
  6. Hoping donmcdouche will get over it will never happen since there were dozens of "we should've drafted Wentz posts" all last season. He lives in the past with perfect 20/20 hindsight.
  7. The Gordon apologists continue to ignore the fake hamstring injury that was suddenly healed when he got to New England. I guess that flight from Cleveland to Boston heals injuries as well. Hilarious that you would call a guy who has barely played in 5 years reliable. He's the definition of UNRELIABLE. Even when he does play, never know which guy will show up. The one with all world talent or the one who could give a shit if he was on the field or not. But you have your head so far up his ass and living in 2013, you've conveniently forgotten about the games where he didn't try and barely made an effort to catch passes. But go ahead and keep shouting at the wind about could've and should'ves and live in the past.
  8. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Yes...he was worse than all of them except for Johnny Manzidiot.
  9. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    And how is Charlie Frye doing these days? The 3rd QB in this trifecta of shitty QB's?? Remember it was because Frye was so atrocious that he got traded mid week and Anderson became the starter the rest of the way of that magical 2007 season.
  10. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Sweet gig the dude has worked out for himself. He never plays and he is making a ton of money.
  11. Mark O

    Navorro Bowman

    Then he's up to at least 10 days rest just from my deletions of the last couple days.
  12. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Nathan Peterman had a 53.1 passer rating on Sunday. That actually caused his career rating to improve; it was 25.7 when he entered the game
  13. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    It actually makes sense for Horseballs to be with the Bills. He's the perfect big arm, no accuracy, and no brains QB to mentor Josh Allen who has all those same traits.
  14. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Whatever...does it really matter? Norm Peterson would be a better QB than whatever the guy on the Bills name is.
  15. Mark O

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    No one is worse that Norm "pick 6" Peterman