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  1. Championship Game History

    1. Pittsburgh v. Dallas (rematched twice) Buffalo v. Dallas SF v. Cincinatti 2. Buffalo 6.. L.A. Coliseum 12B. L.A. Coliseum
  2. The First-pick Draft game thread

    All you have to do is look at the numbers. Allen is an inaccurate QB against below average competition in the mountain west. He had absolutely deplorable numbers against decent competition last year.
  3. Todd Haley

    It must... Hopefully I'll live long enough to find out what that's like. :-)
  4. Todd Haley

    Wasn't Haley the HC of Arizona?
  5. Todd Haley

    Haley could be our new HC when Huey is fired.
  6. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    He's the boss of the taxi company and you're riding in his car?
  7. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Camp Barkley started by the guy who was convinced Trent Richardson was going to the hall of fame after he had been released by half the league.
  8. Browns Board Champions

  9. Browns Board Champions

    Zombo just doesn't want to give me credit for winning. Its going to hurt when he has to actually post it.
  10. Browns Board Champions

    It must be because I won this years bowl mania that this list hasn't been updated. Confidence points blow...
  11. This may be a touchy ?

  12. Ben McAdoo

    Well....At first glance I'd say no fucking way to hiring this bozo. But then I think of what we all thought of Shurmur when he was the HC here and he's gone back and been successful calling plays in Minnesota so maybe having him just be a play caller would be good for him.

    If you want a value bet....If by some miracle Jacksonville can beat New England...there's no reason to think they then couldn't beat either Minnesota or Philly.
  14. Josh Allen mechanics are very good.

    Of course more than 1/2 of the D1 football teams go to bowl games so that's not really that big of deal.