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  1. Mark O

    Browns To Announce Berry as GM

    How about after the current HC has actually you know....coached a game or two that actually counts?? I don't understand saying a guy or a FO is shitty when they haven't even had a chance to do anything yet. But carry on with the sky is falling and the team is shitty and they're all getting fired next offseason. Hope y'all have something fun to do in your spare time because there's a lot of you who certainly aren't having any fun with the football team.
  2. Mark O

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Or just visit this board for all the negativity you can possibly handle in less than 5 minutes.... See you guys in a few weeks.
  3. Mark O

    Deep Thoughts from Elk Fag

    you can choose to be positive or you can choose to be negative.. the choice is yours...
  4. Mark O

    Deep Thoughts from Elk Fag

    Exactly right. These guys all deserve the fans support until they prove that they don't deserve it when the games are actually being played. Just like with Freddie last year. I loved everything he said last offseason and I really thought and hoped he would be a very good HC. He proved he wasn't ready for the job by his performance as a HC when the games started. Hopefully Stefanski is a guy who can make the leap from coordinator to HC and be very good at the job. I think he can....at least until he proves that he can't.
  5. Mark O

    Alex Van Pelt - OC

    More than enough to be honest.
  6. Mark O

    Browns To Announce Berry as GM

    I've watched it for years... I dno't know enough about college football to have a clue and I'm not committing to anything in case i forget to log in for a week or two...but thanks for the invite!
  7. Mark O

    Browns To Announce Berry as GM

    not sure how long I'll last during the offseason with all the doom and gloom 6 months before they even play a practice game.
  8. Mark O

    Browns To Announce Berry as GM

    Most of the board members are like the ending of Old Yeller.... Exactly why I stay away for long periods of time.
  9. Mark O

    Browns To Announce Berry as GM

    and yet you're still here bitching and moaning in the offseason. Coach hasn't coached a game..GM hasn't picked a player and they all suck already. Why bother being here if the team makes you so miserable? I don't get it.
  10. Mark O

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Ian Rapoport The #Vikings are turning to a familiar face for their new OC: Gary Kubiak, who has been an assistant head coach and offensive advisor, is taking over as the offensive coordinator, sources say. His impact was felt quickly in Minnesota and now he sticks around.
  11. Mark O

    Roll Call

    Grew up in North Ridgeville... moved to SoCal in summer of '82. Moved to Orlando, Fl in August of 2019.
  12. Mark O

    2020 NFL Browns draft rumors

    I know Brian Billick is a disliked person around here....but I recall him saying once...."need is a terrible evaluator". He was referring to QB's but I think it fits with any position.
  13. Mark O

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Who cares... Couldn't be less of a story.
  14. Mark O

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC