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  1. Camp Mayfield

    Why is that? He's worked in NFL front offices and watches more college football than most.
  2. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Maybe not...but I'd still rather see wins
  3. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    Yeah but it hasn't seemed to hurt Wentz or Prescott to be starting from day 1. Now I realize that wasn't the plan in either place but its worked out just fine.
  4. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    I agree. Wins are what the team and city need. We have enough fucking draft picks if we need to move up to #1 to get a QB, we can do that. We don't need to draft higher....we need to draft smarter.
  5. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    I kinda do think they will bring him back. Not sure how I feel about that decision, unless changes are made to his duties as Tour has pointed out. I'm not convinced he's a good coach and I think someone better could get more out of the team. I don't see how the current setup be brought back without any changes at all when we are staring 1-31 or 2-30 in the face over 2 seasons.
  6. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    It's gone way past borderline. He's probably not allowed within 500 yards of Hogan or be in violation of the restraining order. At this point, I'm drafting Rosen, there's a lot of time between now and the draft and things can change but I think he's the guy. If McCarron comes here via FA with Hue thats fine too....no problem with having Rosen sit for a couple if AJ can play better than him. The only option that I read here that absolutely cannot under any circumstances, is to stay put with the suckfest combination of QB's we have right now.
  7. That always makes it easier for me. I can easily stay away from Browns news and even this board if I want to get away (I never watch any of those stupid ESPN shows with people yelling at one another) but living in Cleveland its impossible to get away from it.
  8. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    I've only seen Love play a couple times and he's good too.
  9. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/11/haslams_solicited_input_from_b.html
  10. No kidding??????

    I don't think any of us liked what we saw. I wanted to like him and I wish it would've worked out, kinda like the other 3000 QB's we've had here since 1999.
  11. No kidding??????

    Yes.....those are all options. But I think, especially at that time before we started losing 90000 games that he was still a positive company guy. You could be right though...I have no idea. I had to read what you wrote three times to find the hoes...
  12. Darnold vs rosen

    Really? Everyone does? I kinda doubt that.
  13. No kidding??????

    Again...what else was he going to say? This kid is a stiff and I wish we hadn't picked him but the FO told me we are taking him?? He might truly have believed he'd be good or he might have just been being the company guy and selling the draft pick to the media and the fans. We will never know the truth of what really goes on behind the scenes.
  14. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Every big time college program wants Chip Kelly. Would be shocked if he doesn't end up somewhere this year.
  15. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Its not that cold dude...it was like 65... :-)