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  1. gobrownies

    Browns vs Saints

    SEC 531 Row 14 Seats 13 14. Will take face value of 55.
  2. gobrownies

    Reportedly No More Crown-Of-Helmet Hits By Rbs

    Take the helmets off youll clean up the game real quick.
  3. gobrownies

    Trent To Run Over The Afcn?

    Im just shocked bleacher report had a positive browns article.
  4. gobrownies

    Browns To Do Refunds If No Games

    paid for my season tickets yesterday. wouldnt kill me if we lost a pre-season game.
  5. gobrownies

    Pat Shurmur Hired As New Cleveland Browns Head Coach

    now comes the pressure on holmgren... the whole front office is his people. i dont know why but im cautiously optimistic.
  6. gobrownies

    Pat Shurmur Hired As New Cleveland Browns Head Coach

    anyone else think shurmur looks like greg brady?
  7. gobrownies


    you did an excellent job of proving your an idiot. i guess when holmgren won a superbowl in GREEN BAY WISCONSIN that wasnt a west coast offense. i guess a dumbass will squeek through the cracks past the moderators.
  8. Anyone not smart enough to take the ball in OT should not be our head coach.
  9. gobrownies

    Bengals lost..

    when was the last time we werent in the celler 07?
  10. gobrownies

    Any news on Seneca?

    if he has a high ankle sprain like they say i highly doubt he is playing
  11. gobrownies

    ESPN Power Ranking - Week 5

    i cant read power rankings its to depressing
  12. gobrownies

    Kevin Kolb

    I think our qbs would look alot better if the receivers could get open. Momass and robo have a combined 5 catches
  13. gobrownies

    Braylon Edwards arrested for DUI

    Hell in hard knocks they showed rex ryan letting them eat mcdonalds on the practice field. He dont care what they do if i was a coach I would be asking why my players were out at 5:15. Didnt they have practice.
  14. with all the needs we have it prolly wouldnt be a bad idea to trade out of that pick especially if there isnt something done about the salary structure.
  15. gobrownies

    Browns crack down on fans behaving badly

    the nfl is two faced in the fact that they discourage drinking in the stadium but yet when you watch a game on tv every other commercial is a beer ad. dont get me wrong you need to know your limits but dam its getting to the place you need to ask an usher or security if you can get up and cheer