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  1. dawgpound3

    Can Josh Gordon Avoid The Sophomore Slump?

    The sophomore slump is very real. Look at Massaquoi, Quincy Morgan, and even Northcutt. They suffered a really bad case of sophomore slump. It can HAPPEN.
  2. To this day, only one receiver for the Browns has surpassed the 1,000 mark in the last six years. That was Braylon Edwards, and that happened in 2007, where he caught 80 receptions for 1.289 yards. Now a new receiver has emerged for the Cleveland Browns. His name? Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the second round of the supplemental draft of 2012. The pick of Gordon was heavily scrutinized. NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi, now general manager of the Browns, criticized the pick at the time. Lombardi felt the pick of Josh Gordon was extremely risky due to his raw skills and his off the field incidences that happened while Gordon was at Baylor. Nevertheless, the Cleveland Browns liked what they saw out of Gordon and thought he would be a contribute to the Browns. When the season began, Gordon was listed as the backup to Greg Little, who was starting his his second year in the NFL. Gordon was not much of an factor in his first four games, and averaged only 93 yards combined total. Then, suddenly Josh Gordon broke out in a very big way. In his next eleven games, Gordon racked up 712 yards with a average of 16.1 YPC and 5 touchdowns. It was quite a impressive year for the rookie who was buried behind Greg Little in the beginning part of the season. The question remains about Josh Gordon however. Can Josh Gordon avoid the pitfalls of falling to an sophomore slump or can he overcome the so-called sophomore slump and become a star of his own? In the curious case of Josh Gordon, only time will tell.
  3. dawgpound3

    Browns Need An Leader Who Can Lead Men

    Exactly, one of the players I like in the draft is Andrew Jackson, whose play resembles Ray Lewis, and could be a dominating force in the middle.
  4. dawgpound3

    Browns Need An Leader Who Can Lead Men

    Joe Thomas like you said could be that guy, but I feel that Trent Richardson very well may be the leader of the Browns if he keeps his head on straight, and stays healthy. In the draft, they need to address this, and take a inside LB with the first pick, and move Jackson to OLB.
  5. Browns have been missing this since the days of Jim Brown, Otto Graham. They need a leader that leads by example, by heart. Right now on this roster, there is literally no one that can step up to be the leader of the team. Years ago, I thought Browns had a leader in Jamal Lewis (who was one of my favorite Browns) but injuries and aging cut his time short in Cleveland.
  6. dawgpound3

    This Week In The Afc North

    I can see the Bengals beating the jaguars, and I can see the titans beating the steelers
  7. Please like this page, as to bring back the orange pants once again in Cleveland. The orange pants represents a big part of Cleveland football and are needed once again to bring back the great tradition of Cleveland football. Please like this page, as I am getting sick and tired of watching the Browns play in their all whites. My link
  8. It's classic, the orange pants really pop out and makes the already legendary white socks even more awesome. Come on Heckert! Go back to the orange pants!!
  9. I know this is probably old hash by now, but let's look back at the end of 2008. Stuff has gone haywire. Romeo, the head coach gets fired, and Phil, the GM, also gets the boot as well. Browns, a year ago, which was in 2007, had an 10-6 record, thanks to the two headed monster in Edwards and Winslow. As it appeared, the Browns looked to rebuild once again as an new era would be soon on the horizon. After an protrusive coaching search, Mangini was tabbed to be the new Browns' head coach. Looking back, what would have happened if the Browns went in a different direction instead of getting an another Belichick in Mangini? Would the Browns kept Edwards and Winslow? And most of all, could Quinn possibly have been the GUY in Cleveland instead of being just an disappointment once again for Cleveland? And here's the kicker: Would Holmgren be here today as president of Cleveland Brown if Mangini wasn't hired...
  10. dawgpound3

    Hardesty Hurt Again?

    Heckert actually commented on it today, and here's what he had to say:
  11. dawgpound3

    Total Qbr(Mccoy And Anderson)

    Total QBR is a completely different system to rate quarterbacks, and here's the scale: 75-100 Excellent Quarterback 60-75 Good Quarterback 50-60 Average Quarterback 0-35 Poor Quarterback McCoy ranked in the 50s and was rated as average. Anderson was ranked poorly and in the late 20s in 2008. (On an interesting note, Anderson's rare supposedly good game against Giants in 2008 wasn't even that good. He ranked average that game with a rating of 56.5)
  12. dawgpound3

    Edwards To The Niners

    Braylon Edwards was a good receiver in his short time with the Browns, but his demeanor and diva-ish attitude did not help his causes with the team and led to the end of his tenure w/Browns. That said, Braylon had terrible quarterbacks in his time in Cleveland. Imagine if he had a decent but promising quarterback in McCoy, maybe Edwards would be a great receiver.
  13. dawgpound3

    Browns Tix

    I think it would be worth it to wait, as tickets are cheaper with the browns. JMO though
  14. I just don't see this team doing good this year, and failing horribly. We have a new head coach, new defense and new coaching staff. This year is set up for failure. I don't see how McCoy can be decent with the lack of a number one receiver, and plus the defense will be shaky at best and Hillis will suffer a downyear this year. I'm calling here, 3-13.
  15. Since the Browns are going to be wearing white at home this season, will the Browns go back to brown pants away since they don't wear brown jerseys at home? For those that don't believe me about the white uniforms at home: http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-1/Ask-Matt/7d2d23e9-ca93-4b86-8174-dabec878ba30