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  1. bigred

    Like I said before...Stop going to the games.

    Go home and stop rooting for the Browns then, you sound like a Bengals fan. True fans stick with there teams through good times and bad. You my friend sound like you are not a true fan.
  2. bigred

    How about this early Mock Draft?

    Your crazy! No way do you pass up on Berry. Ealm and Pool are not different makers and they don't scare anybody. Berry is a force and is a player you can't pass up. That's like saying if we could have Ed Reed you pass because you think Elam and Pool are playing good. Just doesn't make sense.
  3. bigred


    If it were me if DA keeps playing bad I would no doubt go back to BQ. I was just wondering if you guys thought we would see him this year, not saying he should, but just curious.
  4. bigred


    What do you guys think, will we see him this year? We know EM likes him a lot. What do you guys think of him? I am just curious. I did some research on him but couldn't find much. Looks like he has a decent arm and is mobile.
  5. bigred

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Sales Rep for Kraft Foods in the Dayton area.
  6. bigred

    Don't Draft a QB

    They better go for defense. If Berry is there you have to take him. Forget offense, we need a dominating defense. No QB worth taking #1.
  7. bigred

    Lums was right

    I have been all Quinn since day one and still think he can be a good QB but something don't seem right with him. He doesn't look like the same QB from last year. I am ok with the move and trust me I have never been a DA fan and I get mad with the TO too, but he looked better in the pocket when he came in then Quinn has looked all year. I will stand behind either QB as long as they win. I hope they are not stupid and take a QB with there 1st round pick, that would be a big mistake. There really isn't any QB coming out the impresses me so hopefully DA will take this thing over and learn and grow in the mistakes he has made in the past. All QB stuggle and throw INT but he seems to throw them at the wrong time. 2010 1st pick- ERIC BERRY-TENNESSEE= Animal
  8. bigred


    Vikings cut Ian Johnson RB and John David Booty
  9. bigred

    Tyrell Sutton Cut!

    Brohm too!
  10. bigred

    Tyrell Sutton Cut!

    Just heard that Sutten got cut. What do you guys think? He looked good againist us 1st game. I like this kid!
  11. bigred

    Possible new team

    That's what I heard too, a 2nd and a 4th and possible a 3rd. Seen it this afternoon.
  12. bigred

    Possible new team

    DA to St. Louis? Stay tuned!
  13. bigred

    Possible new team

    DA to St. Louis? Stay tuned!
  14. bigred

    We have a QB (BQ)

    Are u kidding me. If u didn't see that your crazy.
  15. bigred

    We have a QB (BQ)

    LOL my bad I just hear it all the time.