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  1. listercat

    WTF Direct TV Removes WOIO in Cleveland

    Excellent point; thanks for the tip!
  2. listercat

    WTF Direct TV Removes WOIO in Cleveland

    The first week the entire NFL ticket is free as a promotion for the rest of the season. I prefer to re-up prior to the beginning of the season...but week one is usually the free promotional week
  3. listercat

    WTF Direct TV Removes WOIO in Cleveland

    Nor do we have WBNS here in Columbus; but never fear you / we will have The Ticket for free on opening weekend
  4. listercat

    Stephen Hill

    An odd fascination with being a hand model from what I recall
  5. listercat

    Does Gordon ever play for the Browns again?

    ...Sigh So frustrating; but this is all his fault
  6. I am in! I really appreciate the help; looking forward to another fun season
  7. Looks like every league is filled; however, if possible I would really like to play again this season...just let me know
  8. listercat

    Inspecta R.I.P.....

    Very sorry to hear this news; God bless
  9. listercat

    Free Agency Kick Off

    I would not be against Smith in the least; Harrison's best fit at this point would be with the Cuyahoga County Housing Authority
  10. It appears doubtful; I wonder why he seems to have such a grudge with us?
  11. listercat

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Now this changes what I think of him; all for the better
  12. listercat

    TRich Trade part duex

    I was all for drafting Richardson but was sadly disappointed with his performance; quite frankly odd demeanor. That said I wish him nothing but the best in Indyl; really hope we capitalize on the second pick of the first round
  13. Murphy Brown perhaps....no wait
  14. listercat

    Coach Chud Fired

    Has anyone even heard Lombardi speak?