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  1. Nails


    Rumors of Duke to the Eagles on Twitter-verse. Absolutely nothing to back that up. Hope not.
  2. Nails

    Kaepernick to Gordon TD/Championship!!

    I ain't even mad
  3. Nails

    Hue most likely gone now....

    I feel like the the only way that Hue could keep his job is if he adds an OC and there is notable improvement right away... But Honestly - I say he makes it through the year and then is let go within 24 hours of the end of the season... With all these picks in the 2018 draft, they will go on a HC search and the brain trust will allow the new HC to believe that the new QB drafted will be his guy. Honestly I'm surprised that Hue is still here... All of this losing is just crushing his chances of being hired somewhere else once he is let go. This feels an awful lot like a slightly different version of the Matt Millen years in Detroit - it was way easier to laugh at when it was someone else's problem
  4. Nails

    recyclable jerseys

    Down here in Columbus the afternoon guys on 97.1 were talking about a new company starting soon called "Rep the Squad". Apparently you can pay a $19.99 fee a month and rent any jersey you want. Just like old netflix DVDs to your door. When you're done wearing it, just send it back and get the next one in your que. Weird, but I'm sure they'll make millions
  5. Nails

    Old Man, Young Man, QB Man Trivia

    1. Who is the only QB over 40 to ever start a playoff game? Rich Gannon??
  6. Nails

    Who Are They Now?

    #2 Detroit Lions #3 Kansas City Chiefs
  7. Nails

    Official 2015 Draft: Day One Thread

    I saw where Shelton's nickname in Washington was "Feast Mode"
  8. Orange pants / brown jersey And white on white. yes!
  9. Nails

    Thadeus Lewis?

    Answer: 1999
  10. Nails


  11. Nails


    Agree - not to be out done in the "NON STRAIGHT" Category - the Miami Marlins added the orange and a make shift rainbow - Nicely done Miami
  12. Nails


    Wish the dog logo was still around -
  13. Nails


    I like this - Orange pants - YES
  14. Nails

    Weeden Starting On Sunday

    My Birthday is Sunday... Happy Birthday to me... It's like unwrapping a turd
  15. Nails

    Alex Tanney signed as backup QB

    I'm not sold on having a tranny in the locker room - Tranny with a trick shot - even worse