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    Football really, my family and just doing watever makes me happy.
  1. 21BoomBoom

    New Guy

    cool....im an E-3 just joined 21B. Hope you get to go see some games before you get over here. Maybe we can see a few if were home at the same time or something
  2. 21BoomBoom

    What will satisfy you this year?

    I don't want to see so many drop balls like last year, better play calling would be a beautiful and getting to the QB. I was so sick of watching games and the other team QB is just standing in the pocket looking at every reciever twice before he throws a TD.
  3. 21BoomBoom

    New Guy

    This bar under my name that says high school baller.....how do i get it up like everyone elses and get more bars. Bad news for me today. Found out the wife got tickets to the browns vs pitt game and i wont be home to see it. Sucks but only 6 more months till im on the way home. Thanks for everyones love and support. Go Brown's.
  4. 21BoomBoom

    New Guy

    Hey everyone. My name is Jonathon Bates and I'm currently deployed in kirkuk, Iraq. I was just writing this to introduce myself and everything so I can begin making friends. Long time browns fan and will always continue to be one. Can't wait for the season the begin, even though I won't be able to watch ever game over sea's. I should be returning home around December of 2009. So whatever games after that I will be watching and enjoying. Stationed in Fort Hood Texas, living the legend in 1-8 cav. Since the season will be over and all tickets sold before I get home, this will be the first time since I was 8 that I won't be able to go to atleast one game. Sucks but I'm proud to serve in the US Army. THanks for everyone's love and support.