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    I will be 73 years old the 30th of this month. I love my Browns...Always have & always will. In good times & bad, it's much like my marriage (50 years in 2020 with my Bride, Colleen). If you truly love something or someone, that love & loyalty (AND hopes, wishes, & dreams) never die.....no matter how bad things may currently seem. I'm in this for the long haul & we'll weather this current storm. GO BROWNS!!......There's a light at the end of this tunnel & I think it looks BRIGHT! Mike ps: I enjoyed the '64 Champs & I hope (and plan) to see you younger folks enjoy the next one!
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    I understand it is time to replace him, contract-wise and performance-wise (due to injuries) ... But don't let the door hit you on the way out?? This guy has bled brown and orange for us. One of the few good players that had to struggle through 1-31 and gave everything he had. A leader, a fighter, and a guy who outplayed his draft status (rare during this Browns era). He goes down as one of my favorite players. Good luck to him, Browns forever! Zombo --Where has fan loyalty gone?
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    I would say, last season has matured Baker quite a bit already.
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    Hello, Browns fans! Most of the media would recognize our fanbase for a jersey. Colors don't matter, neither does the name, but it will have a long list of names attached to it, a list trying to stich what was teared, trying to change what seemed impossible. Starting with Couch, then having some unpopular names like Weeden, McCoy or Manziel, to end up in Mayfield. Mayfield. A cocky texan, who played college in Oklahoma, now trying to play in one of the most difficult places in the Midwest. He, as every great man when given an impossible task, will always feed himself with the thought of being the one who turned everything around. Who made it possible. The One. But today, we don't need a hero. Browns fans don't need a Hall of Famer quaterback, not even an All Pro. What they have wanted, in the most secret part of their heart, is to have someone to look at, someone who, in difficult times, would give them hope, a chance for finally turning it around. A leader. Baker Mayfield is a second year quaterback, and as the Browns fandom itself, has been made fun of. He has been a walk on, someone nobody counted on. A short QB with not so much mobility, in a top program, surrounded by a great cast that would make anyone wonder if he was the reason for their success. A loudmouth, overrated idiot who makes too many turnovers. If somebody expects a Montana, a Brady, or a Brees playing for the Browns' team that finally makes it, keep waiting. This season, whether we win or lose, we will do it together as a team, with our leader. Today at 1pm ET, our defense faces a quaterback with a hot hand who makes rushers look silly, our running back will have to rush through a good run defense, and our rookie coach will face a veteran that has won it all both in college and in the pros. But battles aren't won by the best soldiers, but by the best armies. And we have a good army. Let's win one for Cleveland. Go Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why..... The Pats haven't played anyone as yet. Not that we have exactly shown ourselves to be "someone", but we are the most talented "nobody" they've had to face. The talent we have is exactly the positions we need it to be to beat them. (see "How") We get our starting CBs back. There's a hint of distraction in Camelot. Two weeks to prepare. How.... on Defense: Pressure up the middle to move TB off his spot... every passing down either go double-A gap blitz or with 3 DL head up on NE's LG-C-RG. Stunt their asses off... Put our speed rushers inside... Edge pressure is a waste of time as Brady simply steps up. Use MG, OV or both inside early and often. Play Cover 3/2/1 over man... no need to worry about DBs turning their backs to the QB. Double Edelman... he's TB's security blanket... take him away. Use Ward here... especially when numbers will not allow double. Match Greedy on Sanu everywhere. Match Joe to whatever RB is in the game... punish PA... How... on Offense: Bring back the Baker RPO... get him hit.... get him fired up... get him pissed... get him in space. Unleash our WR speed... yes, Gilmore may shutdown OBJ, but OBJ neutralizes him. And, of course, give them a heavy dose of Chubb...
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    Andrew Berry has had one HELL of a day!!! Kudos to him & his staff........Hooper, Conklin & Keenum...WOW!!! I know the acquisitions aren't official until Wednesday, but the "bashers" look like shit after all their 1-31 BS. As many of us have said, Berry came into a totally different circumstance now than before & we had no idea what might happen, but today should show you that judging him on the past was wrong. He has certainly been aggressive in free agency. Mike
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    I DO NOT like this hire! Keep in mind, I applauded the drafting of Manziel, the hiring of Hue, & the promotion of Freddie. After analyzing the situation, I don't know Jack Shit! GO BROWNS! Canton Mike
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    I might be insane for thinking this, but I have this weird feeling that this incident will actually draw the team together. Mason Rudolph getting away scot-free might actually benefit the Browns if they use this to come together as a team.
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    I will be in Cleveland this weekend to pay respects to the one year anniversary of Stan's passing (November 10) and to attend the Bills game. No formal tailgate is planned, but if you want to meet us at The Flat Iron Cafe before the game, we will be there early. to toast Atenears and change the Browns 2019 fortunes I have tickets to the game, but I know of a couple of people that are looking, so if you are selling, PM me. Hope to see some familiar faces, and some new ones too, stop by we will be easy to find, or send me a PM and I'll give you my number to text on gameday. Go Browns!!! Zombo
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    With all the bullshit calls, the clear reviews not being correct, the constant badgering of Baker. It’s finally broke the team just what the nfl wanted. It’s clear very clear there is a all out war being waged against the browns. No energy on the team now it’s not fun now just what the nfl wanted. Here comes another coaching change. Just what the nfl wanted the punching bag of the nfl it started game one right where they left off last year. Fuck the nfl, fuck Rodger.
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    I wish you’d get close enough to hug me so I could punch you in the nuts.
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    Hello, Browns fans! I'm hanging out after having a kebab in one unknown street of Logroño, in La Rioja. We are not having red wine, but it doesn't matter. I'm single and my best friend is getting happily married in a month, but it doesn't matter. We are not americans, but it doesn't matter either. I'm underpaid architect with big dreams and few stories, but it doesn't matter either. The Browns are a team that has sucked for the most of 20 years, but it doesn't matter. Our quaterback is having trouble after a promising rookie year, but it doesn't matter. We have a rookie head coach who last year was signed as running back coach, but it doesn't matter. We may have injuries, but it doesn't matter. Today, it doesn't matter that we are playing away against the most favored team to win the division. Because today we are winning. It doesn't matter if you are living a shitty moment in your life, if you are rich or poor. No matter the adversity, no one can take away the hope and enthusiasm to see your team winning on a Sunday. I may live thousands of miles away from Cleveland, but today, as every Sunday that the Browns play, part of myself is a million miles away. With my team. With our team. Go Browns!!!!
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    Well, I finally lost it 🤬🤬...Was just in CVS.. Saw a man whose cart was FULL to the brim with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him a selfish @$$hole, and gave him a low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be freaking ashamed of himself! He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now...” -Don’t know who wrote this, but it made me 😆!
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    I got home tonight and found my laptop had a virus. So I put it back in its box and in the closet for 14 days
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    ^^^^^^^ Cal Derangement Syndrome 😄
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    And this concludes another edition of 'Dutch's Browns Questions'. Thanks for playing along, see you guys again right before the start of the '20 Browns season!
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    My Best Friend is in Heaven. He was a life-long Vikings fan. And because I liked the Browns, he liked the Browns. He watched them, he'd talk Browns with me, text Browns with me, etc. And it didn't matter if we were 0-16, he would talk Browns with me. (who does that?) He and I watched together on TV the Browns - Vikings game in London.....not knowing that within a month he would be gone. (he brought the coffee and I supplied the breakfast pastries) I'm going on the premise that he sent us Stefanski, each year, until we hired him because Kevin Stefanski is FINALLY the guy to bring stability to the Browns. .....I sure do miss him.... Go Browns!
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    Well said Dutch! Sorry for the length here but I can't hold some of this stuff hostage. I don't know if I'm right or wrong; but I get the sense the main reason Dorsey wanted Freddie is because Dorsey wants to remain in total control of this team rather than getting the "yeah but" from a Head Coach with prior experience. For example, "Way to close the year strong Gregg! Now don't let the door hit you in the asss on the way out!" Some parting shots followed from our OL Coach that said QB Coach Zampese was the guy that did a lot of the work/new play designs Freddie got credit for. After watching the play calling and Baker's performance decline significantly for much of 2019 - that makes a lot of sense today. For a place that needs continuity and foundation - that sure got sledgehammered. We have a very inexperienced/undisciplined CB in Greedy that starts over Terrence Mitchell because he earned it? Or, was he a 2nd round pick (our 1st pick) Dorsey felt like he stole that was going to start regardless of how much better a guy like Mitchell has been here when healthy? Greg Pruitt was asked on the radio what he felt was the problem with our secondary. He said from his standpoint, our Corners stood a much better chance of intercepting those passes/punts with hang-time downfield if they didn't have their backs to the ball. You can't intercept/bat what you can't see just like you can't tackle what you can't see if you're head is down. Greedy got dinged, in came Mitchell and he intercepted a pass in Pittsburgh territory. What has me thinking this way is I remembered our DC/Interim HC (GW) last year saying "I might not be able to cut him; but I can make sure he does what we ask of him." I gotta think when he had his HC interview with Dorsey - he prolly said he wanted a say in the personnel. That had to go over like the following answer to the question where do you see yourself in 5 years? "Let's put it this way - you'll be fetching my coffee." I don't know if Gregg Williams would have been the answer here; but I think he would have handled promoting someone he groomed on his staff to take over the DC position and call the defenses. We've had multiple times this year where Freddie was more worried about calling his next play on offense at the expense of challenging a call that should be challenged. That got a little better recently. All this said, if Dorsey was building a foundation and continuity - we shouldn't have almost as much turnover as the White House. When it starts getting that bad, maybe it's time to look at who's doing the hiring and what the criteria behind it is. Yeah, he got Baker right. That said, do we still see a confident QB that makes his line look better in pass pro? Baker has his 3rd OC (Haley, Freddie, Monken) in less than 2 full seasons. He's on his 2nd QB Coach and this year I saw Baker trying to throw the ball late from a backward hop while he's had a lot of his passes sail high and/or out of bounds on guys that are open. Mechanics? Film eval? Correct this stuff already. And what's going on with Higgins this year? This guy had great chem with Baker last year when we looked to him in key situations at times. Last but not least, I sense something big we don't know about is going on behind the scenes that we'll hear about within the next month The same old story with veterans not wanting to be here any more to the extent they aren't going to risk injury especially in Cleveland from here on out is unfolding. This year we've had more mysterious injuries coming up during the week of practice sidelining guys on game day than I can recall. Maybe I'm just noticing it more as higher expectations got punted into Lake Erie. We've had guys disciplined, benched and inactive. I've had a bad vibe about Randall all season long and then he misses practice last week. Yes, he's a talented individual. But individuals don't win games especially when they place "I before team" and take such a blatant cheap shot that they are thrown out of the game. It doesn't end there, the week of the rematch vrs that thinks he's dirty - conveniently does something during the week that he knows will have consequences (like missing a game missing an important piece of preparation without an excuse/heads up ahead). This is only hearsay but from a consistently good source to me in recent years. One of the weeks Randall missed a game in concussion protocol - he showed up to practice with bruises and scraps all over his face after a night out at the bars. Sound like a team guy based on what this team pays him? When GB took the very first trade offer for exchange value for their former 1st round pick - did anyone in our FO research why (especially former GB FO/Scouting employees like Highsmith and Wolf)? In 2018, Randall played through injury and he was willing to play corner when injuries had us needing him to do so. During the offseason, he endorsed Dorsey as a genius. That said, 2019 is his contract year (so there's an agent attached at the ear lobe); and it sure looks like he wants to get out of here without getting hurt on the gridiron. Rumor has it he took all the Cleveland Browns logos/pictures/colors off his Twitter/online dwelling; which is what many malcontent players do in the NFL today. Now that he's going to play again this week - do we get a motivated guy or a sandbagger? What happens when a lot of Dorsey's solutions don't work? We have the foundation and continuity of another Poseiden Adventure on Lake Erie. Is Freddie just a symptom of a bigger problem?
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    The maturity level of this team is impressive.
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    True! The band I play in was part of 5 bands performing a benefit for the Veterans Of The Vietnam War Wall that is being built in the city. We were the 2nd band to go on. There's 15 minutes for change of bands....except the drummer for the 1st band didn't use the kit that was there. He had is own electronic drum kit. And of course, he's on my side of the stage. It had been madness, unloading equip., getting ready to lug it onstage and set up, sound guy mic'ing my amp, sound checks for vocal mic's, guitar mic's, keys, monitors, etc. I'm finally ready and awaiting a couple of drum checks................ I'm center stage, the room is crowded and noisy, I look around and notice there's a big screen TV with a football game on. There's a ball sailing in the air......it's headed toward the goal post......it skims by.....it's no good......I'm noticing the end zone.....I'm like, That's the Browns end zone......WE WIN......I start, into the mic, Browns Win! Browns Win! - Nobody knows WTF I'm talking about :). Nobody's watchin' the TV (it's New England).....except me, from the stage! LOL I turn to the guys, "Hey, the Browns just won!" They don't know what the hell I'm talking about....they're all busy getting set to play. ......A few seconds later, It's four counts by the drum sticks, and we're off into Handle With Care by The Traveling Whilbury's. We played a dozen songs really well.....and it was sweeter knowing that The Browns Won!! LOL Soooo, that was all I saw of the game until I got home and decompressed on the couch....with my laptop....and watched the highlights. Mod's, you can delete this..........but I just thought the whole coincidence was kinda' Browns Cool.......on GameDay. (It's one of those things that you'll just never ever forget) Go Browns! Run The Table!
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    Yep-in the same boat without the long Browns history Mike. 73 in March and 50 years on Valentine's Day. Nice little exclusive club we're in huh?😁
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    No....Baker needs to be Baker and Baker does not shut his mouth. He needs that chip on his shoulder. What he needs is a better offensive scheme to operate in, and better O linemen in front of him.
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    You guys can analyze this all you want, but the stats don't lie: We are 1-0 when Nero starts the Official Gameday Thread and 0-2 when BrownsDawgBot starts it. The season is clearly in Nero's hands ... Either he steps up, or he doesn't. Zombo
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    I'm actually pretty pleased with the Browns. We're learning to play together, We're young. We're talented. We took a Super Bowl team down to the wire with an injury ridden defense. And, other than that 4th and 9 play call, we played a decent game against a top NFL team. We're getting there. Be patient.
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