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    This last Monday, New Year, has been a special day... In the worst kind of way. Just before lunch, we received a message asking to pray for one of my friends from our parish community, who was heading to the hospital in an ambulance. Nothing else. Hours latter we got to know that she had suffered a stroke and was on a surgery. By the end of the day, we were told that she had been on the surgery for 6 hours and his state was critical, currently in coma. She has been battling, though, because on Wednesday she started to move her legs at the doctors' questioning. Her family asked the doctors if they could stop sedating her during that afternoon's visit, so they could talk to her and ask her questions. She moved even her arms or mouth a bit. There was hope. Thursday she started to breathe on her own (though she stays intubed) and this Friday she was able to directly answer questing halfway moving her eyelids up, confirming that those weren't reflexed but straight conscious answers, though she didn't move extremities as other days. There's hope, but the battle is far from being won. We are worried now because they have seen in the last scanner a lot of liquid, and she has a bit of fever (infections are very risky at her state). She keeps fighting. Her name is Marta, she's 32, married and mother of two gorgeus girls of 4 and 1. It's overwhelming because her mother died in 2001, and her father in 2013, both of cancer. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother. The death of their parents made them bond together as a very united family. I didn't plan or want to post this here, I'm a quite shy guy myself. But if posting this here adds a person remembering her and her family in their prayers, it will be worth it. All the parish has her on their prayers, there are some praying groups that have been created to pray for her, and even other parishes or monasteries have been noticed about this. But there's never enough. Thank you very much for your time.
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    I don't start alot of threads here, but you guys are expecting some great team in year 2 and that's stupid. And if the fans get restless again, then we're just going to start the whole thing. The headline of 2017 is WE HAVE A DEFENSE. This thing is fixed. We are 11th in total defense and I think we can all agree that that number would be even better if our three best defenders hadn't both missed multiple games (Shelton, Collins, Garrett) and our offense didn't suck. IN JUST TWO YEARS WE HAVE BUILT OURSELVES A TOP 10 DEFENSE. Do you care about winning 3 games this year or winning 10 next year? Have some longterm vision. You idiots probably play the lottery and live paycheck to paycheck too. The Browns are the kid from a good home who fell on hard time who works his butt off and is going to pull himself up from his minimum wage job, even though he knows he's on a 4 year plan. He's working two jobs, riding the bus, living in some couple's back shed with no AC where rent's only $275/month, saving $100/week knowing it's eventually going to pay off. You guys are the pizza delivery boys with $425 car payments because you have no patience for anything in life. I fully believe that our franchise QB is currently on the roster. But even if he's not, we're going to have a top 3 pick this year. Our OL is solid. We have a top notch 3rd down back. Our defense is a hair away from being elite. We need a halfway decent RB and a couple receivers and this thing can hum. We have 5 picks in the top 2 rounds next year to make this thing work. IT WILL WORK. Maybe we have to replace the coach after next year if Hue still underperforms WHEN HE HAS TALENT. But we need to give him 2018 for two reasons. A. to get a true evaluation on him and B. to show replacement candidates that he actually deserved his firing and Jimmy no longer has a hair trigger. So please guys, sell your stupid Camaro, move out of the $900 downtown condo, stop being whiny titty babies that must have your wins NOW, and embrace the process we have going on that will actually lead to long term success, stability, and roster health.
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    Given our recent trade down history in the first round. I would pass on the Bills offer, make them make that trade with the Colts or Giants. Then it improves the players we get to pick from at #4.
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    I guess I was right after all!!! Hogan outlasted Kizer!!
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    Earlier this evening, the very best friend that I ever had. A guy with a big heart, who would do whatever he could to help me, before I even asked....passed away. He was a Vikings fan. I got the pastries from the bakery near my house and he brought the coffee and we watched the Vikings / Browns game a few Sunday mornings ago. He said that we had a good game plan. That we knew what they do best and that we did a good job of thwarting them. He had the Sunday ticket and he would watch his Vikings but he would always be flicking over to the Browns game to see how we were doing. He'd send me texts about how, "That was a bad call." or that, "You guys shoulda' scored a TD right there". - Who does that? Who watches the Browns because a friend happens to like them? A true blue best friend that's who. I just got home from his house where I cried with his wife for a while. (his lungs let him down about a week ago and the intensive care unit could ultimately only ease him into the afterlife) I will miss my best friend until I die....but he'll be my best friend forever. Go Browns! Go Vikings!
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    Hi, I am Ghoolie, the most accurate football analyst on the board. I am also the biggest irritant by rubbing my prediction like salt into whip sores. It is considered an honor to be insulted by me, so let me welcome you properly. Welcome aboard you homo.
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    He had a bold plan, a good plan ... but he didn't get the QB and that is why he is gone. Two years of drafting high with multiple picks got him a qb room that Dorsey traded for a safety and a box of Cracker Jacks. Meanwhile Jimmy is watching Wentz and Watson, both drafted with our picks, tearing up the league. That will get you fired everytime. He did do a great job of setting us with picks and cap aplenty, and here's to Dorsey taking the ball and spiking it in the end zone. Doesn't matter to me who gets the glory .. Just win. Zombo
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    So tonight Cathy and I are in our favorite restaurant sitting at the bar. A it is a rather high end snooty bar And I stand out like a whore in church. I start a conversation about the NFL and the wife of some middle aged guy blurts out that the Steelers are the greatest team of all time. I say nothing but a Patriot fan makes his case. Then, I chime in the Browns cheer.(Remember, this is in public and NOT in our most pit) The Steeler wife, without looking up says..."6 Sbs, how many do you have? Her homo husband (I have already had enough of these guitars already) chimes in that THEY ARE THE BIGGEST AND MOST knowledgeable Steeler fans on the planet. FUKC did this feel good....oh man....fresh Steeler dikheads......... I spent the next hour ruining their experience and meal. I basically challenged them to Steeler trivia (remember I gave a clinic on Gips qiiz) I pummeled these caulksuckers with Lambert, Noll, Cowher, Ben, Myron Cope and all the other Ohio connections that made the Steelers what they are today. These two FRAKS didn't know jack schmidt about the Steelers and kept Googling all I told them, each search sending them into a deeper shade of green. Then the fukcer hesband told me I was full of schmidt about ever having met let alone spent a moment with JB. Insisting that JB was a militant n***er who would never be around a white kid. When I then showed him my pic at 7 with Jim, the guy literally looked like he schmidt his pants. And of course, me being the prick I am, I continually mocked him and his wife about a BROWNS fan, knowing more about the Steelers than supposedly great Steeler fans. Man, I remembered how good it feels to destroy Steeler assholes. For a bit, Ghoolie rose from the dead. After the couple left, the Pat's fan told me he never saw someone beat the schidt out of a fan with their own team. You sonsabitches better be right about Dorsey. I dusted off my relentless hate tonight, and I am hoping to use it this coming season. Ps....I respect guys like Stinkhole and Vagitron.....but as Gip calls them Steeler Fraks? I want to pour down Vintage Ghoolie until they crawl back in their hole. Cathy told me I was way over the top punishing and ruined their dinner. She asked me "are you happy now?"......Fukc yeah honey....fukc yeah
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    He was at dinner last night with the Browns......here is a photo taken
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    I always think I'm bipolar too. Every fall I get massively depressed.... but it really only happens on Sundays. Doctors are baffled.
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    2011 SF 61.3 comp%, 3144 yards, 17 td, 5 int, 90.7 rating 2012 SF 70.2 comp%, 1737 yards, 13 td, 5 int, 104.1 rating 2013 KC 60.6 comp%, 3313 yards, 23 td, 7 int, 89.1 rating 2014 KC 65.3 comp%, 3265 yards, 18 td, 6 int, 93.4 rating 2015 KC 65.3 comp%, 3486 yards, 20 td, 7 int, 95.4 rating 2016 KC 67.1 comp%, 3502 yards, 15 td, 8 int, 91.2 rating 2017 KC 67.5 comp%, 4042 yards, 26 td, 5 int, 104.7 rating Sign me up for some of this "mediocrity".
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    Screw the people that put it on and screw the people that attended. I would bet that most of them aren't even Browns fans just arseholes . There's not a man on that field that wanted to lose 16 games and probably most of which worked very hard to avoid it and I'm sure they feel bad enough as it is. We cry and bitch that the players don't love Cleveland this is one of the reasons. Why should you want to play hard for a bunch of dirtbags like this? I think it would be funny to find some of the parents of kids that play peewee football that attended this parade and go to one of the games in which their kids lose and berate them on their way out of the stadium. WSS
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    So my 22yr old daughter teaches middle school PE here in SoCal. One of her students was sick for over a week and when he came back to school he still couldn't do any physical activity, so she required him to do several essays as make up work. Since it's physical education class, her only requirement was that the essays be related to physical activity or nutrition. He did a couple on nutrition and general health, and for the last one he asked her if he could "Do one on the Cleveland Browns"..... Of course she laughed and said, "Oh yea, please do one on the Cleveland Browns so I can show my Dad!" - and this is what the 11yr old SoCal born and raised kid came up with:
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    When I first heard of the latest debacle that is the Browns Front office I said to myself "wow so this is what rock bottom actually feels like?" But giving a few hours to ponder I truly believe that this FO can botch the #1 overall pick by not turning the draft card in on time. In other news a Pittsburgh fan drove down my street and yelled "Browns suck!" So I chased after that phucker and walked up to him in his driveway and said "I know".
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    Hue worst game day decision coach in the NFL. Who declines a 15 yarder when the other team is then left with a yard to get a first down? Just plain Sh it decision making.
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    It really is a shame for Kess. Dude stood tall his rookie year and got the schiltz knocked out of him over and over again, but still performed better than most anyone here ever thought possible (not me). The kid is tough and had Hue even tried to game plan and design plays around Kess's strengths instead of forcing him into his 70's throw the ball deep every phucking play offense, then maybe it would've been a different ending for him. I'm convinced that had Hue been in total control of Montana, Marino, Elway or Brady, then none of us would even know their names.
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    HERE WE GO BROWNIES, HERE WE GO!!! WOOF!! WOOF!! 'nuff said Mike
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    I would agree on this only if RB was our biggest hole in the roster and all other RB draftees were really subpar comparing to Barkley. And tha's not our case.
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    No, no, no, no, no. Please...let's do something COMPLETELY different for a change....and TAKE the good players. We can get TWO of 'em!!! Don't let other teams have the really good players please!! for kryse sake....
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    Many people felt this would be a possibility, but the main problem is with the agent, Rosenhaus. He's a known douche bag and always seems to cause trouble during contract time. For the people who don't want him back, I don't really understand that logic. He's got a nice catch radius, he played hard for Hue, and I think he'd be a good fit with Coleman and Gordon. We keep hearing about how difficult it is going to be to get players to come to Cleveland, well perhaps we have a guy who WANTS to come here, and I think we should make it happen.
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    Peppers' hit... Incidentally contacted the bottom of the receiver's facemask... Force of the blow was delivered by left shoulder to right arm/rib cage and did not rise to the head or neck area. Helmet was not lowered nor was it raised when Peppers lowered his shoulder. Peppers did not launch, he ran thru the hit. So in summary... was not targeting... was not leading with the helmet. It was an overzealous, bullsh!t call reacting to the force of the hit made by a ref well removed from the play who was in a poor position to make the call. Noteworthy was the closest ref, the one in the endzone less than 10 yards from the play, made no call. He should have overruled. I think Berea will get an apology letter this week. Clearest conclusion... we need NCAA style video review... and ejections, if warranted. Here's the rule complete with Note 1, which is key: b. Prohibited contact against a player who is in a defenseless posture is: forcibly hitting the defenseless player’s head or neck area with the helmet, facemask, forearm, or shoulder, even if the initial contact is lower than the player’s neck, and regardless of whether the defensive player also uses his arms to tackle the defenseless player by encircling or grasping him lowering the head and making forcible contact with the crown or ”hairline” parts of the helmet against any part of the defenseless player’s body illegally launching into a defenseless opponent. It is an illegal launch if a player (i) leaves both feet prior to contact to spring forward and upward into his opponent, and (ii) uses any part of his helmet to initiate forcible contact against any part of his opponent’s body. (This does not apply to contact against a runner, unless the runner is still considered to be a defenseless player, as defined in Article 7.) Note 1: The provisions of (b) do not prohibit incidental contact by the mask or helmet in the course of a conventional tackle or block on an opponent. Here's the link to the Rule Book. https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2017-nfl-rulebook/ Here's a photo series of the impact... note the WR's shoulder torque from the body blow:
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    ^^^Garrett was a no brainer. +1. That failed TC, so we put a lawyer and a baseball guy in charge- BRILLIANT!!! If that doesn't work try the NHL (or NBA) next for talent evaluators.... 5-11 this year is a pipe dream, if that comes to pass I'll damn near be dancing in the street I'll be so happy. Exactly- and I predate 1964. I'm running out of "next years"-fast. I mean like how totally disgusting is it to see- teams like the Panthers make the SB, go into the pits, retool and get there again while the Browns continue to suck, and suck bad is a testament it's not impossible to turn a franchise around in less than-what is it now going on 20 years? The millenials have no F**cking clue on what it was like to have a team that was in playoff contention every year. To their credit, they've stuck with this doo-doo show longer than would reasonably been expected. Us oldsters know this is a bad, bad team. Hell, the 1999 and few years after expansions Browns didn't look this lousy, and the dysfunctionality of the entire organization at this point is truly breathtaking.
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