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    Of course it was a political rally for Christ's sake. Every presidential speech is a political rally. Every single one. So what? The 15 minutes or so that I bothered to watch were basically just kissing the ass of every minority his speech writer could have thought of. But you guys didn't give a shit when Obama went there or Hillary Bernie Sanders or any other left-wing turd now you're outraged because the president goes to Mount Rushmore. What a crock of shit. By the way any of you guys crying about the Indians I'll be glad to chip in for Two Men and a Truck to come haul your shit off their land. WSS
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    The Devil even shed a tear, he had no finer rival on the fiddle.
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    [/img] He's Native American, first one to ever play professional baseball. He PLAYED FOR CLEVELAND. They named the Indians after him, to honor his legacy.
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    Oh Jesus.... And here we go with the anti-academics, anti-expert, anti-science bullshit. "I don't need no book learned Mr liberal scientist telling me bout the weather. It's snowing in my backyard! Some expert. No global warming nonsense here!"
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    Anyone notice not one lib liked the "Old Glory" vid?
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    You're stirring memories! I saw my 1st game in 1953 when I was not quite 7. My favorite players were Bob Feller & Larry Doby. I have VIVID memories of walking to our seats, looking at that PERFECT grass.It was the most beautiful place this young kid had ever seen. I'll never forget that day & I'll aways remember them as my Indians no matter WHAT they name 'em. I just wish Progressive Insurance would get smart & rename the ballpark .."Feller Field" courtesy of Progressive Insurance. IMHO it would be a FAR better name & I think it would actually enhance Progressive's image. Mike
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    We switched from Ribeyes today to hot dogs, homemade chili sauce and delicious homemade baked beans and potato chips......and for a switch cold Heineken beer ! It's about 86 now outside on the way to 90. Happy 4th everyone !
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    Might as well be the Washington Lobbyists, or the I-495 Traffic Jam
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    Our annual 4th of July celebration that my friends and I put on almost every year went off without a hitch this year. The benefits of having relatives living out in the country is that as long as you don't get out of control and burn shit down, the local constabulary doesn't give two shits if you shoot off fireworks. We had to scale it back last year due to the surrounding fields growing wheat, but it's corn for miles this year, so we went big. Launched off nearly $3000 worth of fireworks and got sunburned into oblivion spending the day wiring all that shit up, but we managed to pull off our biggest display yet, and my friend's dad made a nice smoked brisket too boot. All in all, it was a good day to be an American.
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    I guess I'm not surprised. People like that are just social vandals in the first place so... I'm not positive why some people just want to fuck with the traditions of others just out of spite but I guess they exist. I'm not a huge baseball fan but I do enjoy the tradition and the stories and a historical Saga. And football does seem ugly and graceless by comparison but so does the world. But just in case the people leading the charge are serious I'll be glad to chip in a few bucks for Two Men and a Truck to come move their shit off Indian Land. You're welcome. WSS
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    They need to keep the focus on the relatively meaningless number of cases in order to keep the panic high until November 4th. WSS
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    a peer reviewed study from the 22nd best university in the country is laughable? Do you know how peer reviewed studies work?
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    Agree to all. When you are a known weak-blocking TE, you better catch everything near you. He has not. "Athletic ability" does not always translate to "football player."
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    Your Honor, I saw some good things out of him when Baker was a rookie. Since my favorite team drafted him - of course I wanted him to succeed. Why wouldn't I? Now for the reasons I find it easy to say "Don't let the door hit you in the asss on the easy out." Last year, there was some speculation he was unhappy and dropping passes on purpose in practice to show people he wanted out. I understand he was also playing through injury and he dropped passes in the 2nd Cincy game. But when you have to start guessing if it's crappy attitude or sloppy concentration from a 1st round guy fans expect to be a professional - it starts to change the perception. Then came the Coaching change which was a fresh start for everyone. I have no problem if he wants out; but don't tell us a few months ago you have a refreshed feeling and you're excited with new opportunities under the new staff. Then, come right back to the same "I want out." Gas to fire, Rosenhaus is his agent and we're in the middle of a Pandemic reading this. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is this okay for me/anyone else as a fan to expect a better response to adversity than what unfolded out of this 1st round talent/commitment? If not, tough shittt!
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    Speaking of Genius... Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump. Look the virus is spreading because young people don't and shouldn't give a shit, more cases cases don't mean anything, cases jus people testing positive whether they are symptomatic get sick or not. Young people have almost nothing to fear if they get it. That's the bottom line Young people also don't worry about allergic reactions to Geritol. So don't get your bowels in an uproar. WSS
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    Njoku could have been a terrific player, but Canton Mike and I, and others, have seen him walk around without his shirt, hardly being interested in what the coach was saying. He has the typical terrific athletic ability, he's very fast, etc etc etc. But when it comes to being a *football player*, he likes a football paycheck, but the dropped passes, in training camp and games, and not being a good willing blocker... nope. My opinion, he's found out the expectations from this new coaching staff that KNOWS what they are doing, and he wants to bail. It's pretty bad when your punter is a hell of a lot more a *football player* than your first round TE. Poor drafting. No heart for the game. https://www.brownsnation.com/jamie-gillan-shows-off-impressive-offseason-transformation/ and yes, we get a first round pick for him, I'm good ! but we won't. So, keep him. and if he holds out the entire season, let him. Good article on the expectations involved in trading Njoku https://heavy.com/sports/2020/07/browns-david-njoku-trade-value/
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    I answered the survey, and thought that a moronic idea. I live 600 miles away. Many times I have a hard time finding someone to take my 1 extra. What the hell am I going to do with 6 tickets? As for me, I don't plan on any games. They will give you a credit or refund your money.
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    This is PATHETIC... Our world is being run by SNOWFLAKES!...
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