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    White helmets...orange shirts. Brown pants Team Candy Corn!!!
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    Watching some of his early pre-season stuff and finally some of the tape from the last couple games of the regular season - one of the things I drilled home was Baker's need to improve his ball fake. Not only from the extension itself but the footwork coupled with it. Week 1 out the gate, from his first play. The two handed grasp, the questionable footwork coming from under center, the poor extension... the attention to detail is what makes good become great. In this clip, Baker was nothing near great in that regard. Last home game. Go to 1:31 for me and freeze it. The footwork from his initial step has shortened, it's tighter, good plant and a quick, deliberate turn... notice the one arm and full extension? THAT is development right there. THAT is how you sell a ball fake. The devil is in the details, my friends. Baker can still change some things from his initial step, speed and shoulder drop. But from pre-season to the final home game, you see improvement with the little things that help you become a better QB.
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    How on earth is that call missed? The nfl seriously needs to review this garbage.
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    You are correct about it being difficult to quantify, but Landry IS one of those players who raises the level of play of those around him & stats alone will not define that. Mike
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    Really!? You had her too in 2nd grade?! (my 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Smith...in New England) I didn't like her. Once I had to go stand in the cloak room. At lunch, my father came into the school wondering where I was. When he saw me in the cloak room this big smile came across his face....as he knocked on the classroom door. (she said that she forgot I was in there) .....now back to regularly scheduled programming.
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    Gotta love the Pats angle of being the underdog...this is their 8th Conference final. I hope the Chiefs beat the snot out of them.
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    I'll take your word for it, Cleve eats nothing but healthy food and I'm not sure it agrees with him as you can see in his Facebook profile
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    Random thoughts: Jim Dray brings back memories of our 2014 team that inexplicably got off to a 7-4 start. He was a TE we signed from Arizona, if memory serves me right, that was brought here primarily for his blocking skills. Oddly enough, what I remember most about him were some of the great catches he made in clutch situations. He wasn't all that fast either. Anyway, this is the type of guy I could see helping young players tapping skills they aren't aware they have. I think the same Adam Henry who was the position coach for Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry at LSU - did a tremendous job coaching up our young WR Corps. Even if just a coincidence, look at what he tapped out of Perriman that 2 other NFL teams couldn't. And then there's Callaway overcoming the early season dropsies. Above all, I noticed all of our WRs blocking on the perimeter when they weren't receiving passes (which many divas in this league won't do). Jarvis Landry, in particular, was often seen blocking to the echo of the whistle frustrating DBs. Not bad for a guy whose reputation said he was only a slot receiver. Looking back on it all, I wonder if Adam Henry was one of the biggest reasons Landry wanted to come here (outside of the money we had to spend of course). Living in the Clearwater/Tampa area - the local sports radio reflected fans liked OC Todd Monken way more than they liked Dirk Koetter. Some of that was fair and some wasn't. Once upon a time, the offensive background of Koetter was what made him a HC candidate in the first place. Unfortunately, that doesn't always add up to the right guy in charge of all 3 phases plus the coaching staff and players. That was my initial concern with Freddie as much as I loved the job he did as OC the last 8 weeks. However, Freddie was quick to point out he wasn't just a RB coach during his 13 years of coaching experience in this league. That put me a little more at ease with his jump from RB Coach to OC to Head Coach within 1 year in the sense Dorsey didn't exactly hire an NFL newbie. Kitchens has seen first hand here what works and what doesn't with the staff and players. Bill Belicheck may put monotone sentences together like Rain Man; BUT his ability to see things other coaches are incapable of creates and perpetuates all the cred he needs up-top. Love him or hate him, there was also something in his body of work that brought him to his inevitable fate as an incredibly successful HC. Any reason Freddie can't be the same kind of right guy in the right place at the right time in Cleveland? We're just going to see... If you made it this far - the drinks are on me. I'll treat and you pay...
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    don't buy on the back end of the career... he WAS good but now not so much. This is his 9th season of professional football, there's mileage on them there tires. This is the same as questioning why to get a pick for Shelton but darn close productivity came from Meder. McCoy is not distinguishable in 2019 from a motivated athletic UDFA fresh out of college.. I could be wrong but I don't think he's worth the "big FA" contract he wants.
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    I like the Orange helmet with the white face mask
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    He was exactly what this team, and Baker needed. Now we need another piece across from him. Whether Calloway or Perriman can be that guy, I don't know. I keep comparing Landry to Hines Ward, that is how I see him. Ward was never asked to be "the guy". They always had a big, fast home run hitter guy on the other side that you had to worry about while Hines killed you underneath ... Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace ... then moved right into Antonio Brown and now they have a stud Shuster, to replace him. If you put a 1,000 yd, 15 ypc tall, fast guy on the other side, with Baker's arm, Landry will KILL people underneath. If he is getting Pro Bowl respect now, just wait until we have a big gain hunter across from him. Zombo
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    The refs are giving the Saints the Browns treatment.
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    I like this. . . https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/01/attorney-robert-barnes-i-will-represent-pro-life-catholic-children-for-free-if-they-sue-ny-times-hack-haberman/ Attorney Robert Barnes: I Will Represent Pro-Life Catholic Children FOR FREE If They Sue NY Times Hack Haberman
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    Yes Cleve you pompous troll, I'm sure Woody could run circles around me in a calculus quiz. And just like weight isn't the sole indicator of good health neither is calculus sole indicator of being able to function in society. Probably all of us have a specific skill-set superior to the others on the board. Maybe even you. Perhaps there are places in the world where bragging about how smart and Superior you are would be a beneficial trait. Like the song says talk is for losers and fools. WSS
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    I think there are more players on the team to be concerned with than the best WR we've had in 10 years but that's just me.
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    He's our Hines Ward. Great blocker, great teammate, great hands, great leader. He was out there with a rookie QB, rookie RB and a rookie WR across from him ... so, sure, Baker threw a lot of impossible balls his way because he trusted him, and threw a lot of tight catches with no room for YAC to him because he was the only guy he could count on to make tough catches when covered. And he was always covered because he was the the only vet out there and drew the team's best coverage every single play. Most Receptions First Five Years in the History of the National Football League: Jarvis Landry 481 Larry Fitzgerald 426 Torry Holt 423 A.J. Green 415 He has caught more footballs in the first five years of his career than any man to ever play the game ... He just isn't very good. Zombo
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    Just a few minutes ago you couldn't get anyone to go to Cleveland, now it seems to be a hot choice. Nice!
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