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    Williams was the first adopter of "social distancing", via Jabrill Peppers in 2017.
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    Ogun steps up... Browns DT Larry Ogunjobi donates 100,000 meals to local food bank https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/20/browns-dt-larry-ogunjobi-donates-100000-meals-to-local-food-bank/
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    Cough on a rich person. They'll get tested immediately and then you'll have an idea about yourself
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    Friend of mine asked the greeter at Wal-Mart where could he find the nuts. Answer- "in the toilet paper aisle".
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    I have noticed with wealthy politicians there are two types. Those who were wealthy prior to entering politics and those who became wealthy after entering politics. The latter group were the ones I had the most concerns about.
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    Thanks !!! 28 wonderful, fun years. Yes, life happens to hit troubles, but we have always bounced back. We can't believe it's been so long ! I asked her if she was ever bored during all our years, she laughed and said that was impossible, we've had too much fun. Ya know ya still got it when you get a hug after asking that. I'm one of the luckiest guys ever.
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    They have to enforce how much people buy. If everyone would just calm the fuck down, there would be plenty for everyone.
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    I think you have been affected by the corner virus
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    Yes, there are quite a few Slavic countries. Gippers list had only two listed, so Sinkwich had to have been the Croat.
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    Well, I finally lost it 🤬🤬...Was just in CVS.. Saw a man whose cart was FULL to the brim with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him a selfish @$$hole, and gave him a low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be freaking ashamed of himself! He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now...” -Don’t know who wrote this, but it made me 😆!
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    Canadian Doctor Rigs Ventilator to Treat Nine Patients Instead of Just One https://interestingengineering.com/canadian-doctor-rigs-ventilator-to-treat-nine-patients-instead-of-just-one
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    Ahhh, that makes more sense. Apologies for not picking up on it. The amount of options at the top of the route really depends on a few things, but the most important of those - your QB. If Baker isn't seeing, processing and anticipating what his receivers are seeing, then it becomes much more difficult to tailor an offense to your opponent with only a weeks time. So as a coach you now have to compensate for that, limit the sight adjustments and try to manufacture offense other ways. Which very well may have been a big reason on a great deal of our miss-fires last season. As for the amount of options a WR has to finish his route, that would also depend on the amount of receivers in the pattern the QB can handle. Goes back to what I just said - Baker. It's easier for him, or most any young QB, to read a field with fewer receivers who can vary their routes with (hopefully) the benefit of play action and space. Having a young QB drop back with 5 options, each of those options can adjust as sight demands, QB reads then rips... Well, that's the hardest things to do in ALL of sports.
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    " Restaurants (for consumption off-premises.) " Yesterday was our anniversary - we went and picked up our carry out order from Texas Roadhouse, Alliance. A bit of a drive, but it's the best one around. They come out and wait on you in your car, they disinfect/clean the pen, and bring you your food. I would have tipped them ten bucks, but I only had a twenty, so, Wife said to tip them that. We did - thanked them for staying open - they said business was great, under the circumstances. Friends on the neighborhood street - we call each other to check on them, they are calling, just had a call this morning. I wish the garden was in.....
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    Lock and Load on Rock 'n Roll.🤩 And just for the hyper-allergic Trumpettes. Stay safe out there everyone. Even a Rep. may be your enemy in the grocery store.🤣
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    Nope. Fastest way is what St Louis did during the 1919 flu pandemic -- decrease the amount hitting the medical system at once so that the max number of people can get treatment and live. 1919 was substantially worse than this because it had a W-hump -- it killed children, old people, and early 30's. St Louis shut down early and sustained the shutdown longer than every other US city.. and consequently had the lowest death rate and it wasn't close. As well, there will be waves of this because there is no vaccine. To date, there is no trial with accurate measurements that is showing anything more than what might happen by chance. The 2 HCQ trials don't measure the viral loads during the treatments -- seriously, the science isn't actually being done. This is one of the potential problems if you just believe all marketing headlines are truth... And cut the nonsense racist stuff that is said -- MERS was middle east, swine flu was Mexico, mad cow was UK.. and the 1919 flu pandemic was Kansas. [It's called the Spanish flu because spain's reporters were first to report on it] Each and every person who thinks or says publically that China should "apologize" for this should have thrown right back in their face "So when will you, as a representative of the US, apologize to the world for the 1919 pandemic which had 3 worldwide waves and lasted more than 2 years?" Didn't think so. As well, coronavirus was not made in a lab - it's nature.
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    You're a god damn sociopath. ...... I appreciate that lol.
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    The fact that they gave anything at all is a classy gesture on his part.... If he continues to make an annual thing out of this then ,Cool!
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    Flugel explained how it worked. Your comment re-iterated something that wasn't being discussed or disagreed with. Of course "finding undervalued" is the goal.. I don't think we need to explain why that should be a given. The ONE point being discussed was contract length.. answering the question of "how do you lock in the player once you've determined them to be under-valued and available." You do this a lot, dude, and it really doesn't help [or further understanding]. Please stop.
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    The problem with HIV was it was a virus constantly changing so there was never going to be a vaccine that would get approved by the FDA in time to be effective. Having said that, you are correct Hoorta that it can be treated with meds that prolong life as long as they are compliant. Again, because the virus rapidly changes if someone goes off their prescribed drug for any length of time - that particular drug may no longer be effective once they try to resume with it. Furthermore, the people that don't stop IV drug abuse while they have AIDS can still die prematurely (not sure if it's from the drug abuse or AIDS or the synergistic combination of the 2). Soooo, you have to be compliant with treatment and take it serious - which isn't always easy for some previous lifestyles to completely about-face. Both of William Green's parents had it and died from it. His father died when William was 12 and his mother died 1 year later. William's dad was an IV drug user with heroin; and he gave the disease to William's mother (which he never forgave his father for). Lucky for William and his siblings, their grandmother raised them. I know some people remember William most for his short NFL career that got sideswiped by bad choices off the field. But somewhere in that guy there was a resilience that got him through high school and a scholarship to play football at BC. Unfortunately, he had a couple suspensions for marijuana use during his college career. Through it all, he became the 1st RB drafted in the 2002 NFL Draft. Remember the last year Cleveland made the playoffs? It was 2002. Green emerged after a slow start to average over 100 yards rushing per game over the last 7 games (we went 5-2 in that span). 96 vrs Cin, 114 vrs NO, 94 vrs Car, 119 vrs Jax, 69 vrs Ind, 178 vrs Atl. Prior to his suspension the next year, he had a couple games over 100 yards vrs Oak and Pitt before X's and O's turned into Ex's and Uh-Ohs... Back to resilience, William became and ordained Minister in 2012. Once he started sharing his walk, the demand to hear him speak increased like the demand to see him play football in the Big East did once upon a time. Schools, churches and corporations were constantly booking him to speak. Last I heard, he had 8 kids. Football wasn't William Green's greater purpose. It was merely a reminder that life also handed him enough gifts and strengths to overcome bad choices, persevere and become a successful motivational speaker.
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    Colt McCoy signs as backup for NY Giants. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/19/giants-sign-colt-mccoy/ The fact that Colt is still around is somewhat amazing.
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    Nice move on his part. We all need to help each other, this will get worse before better.
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