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    Data was compiled by Seth Walder and posted on twitter. I stumbled across it in a JJ Watt article. Crosshairs appear to define the average rates for the two criteria: Dbl teams seen (X-axis) and Win rate (Y-axis). The higher up the Y-axis the better the performance. Only TJ Watt and Hughes logged a higher Win rate. While only JJ and Smith saw more double teams. Kinda says MG had a helluva year... even as he clearly struggled to catch his wind post-Covid.
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    Another common thread that's pretty funny is watching atheists bellyaching about how Trump isn't quite Christian enough for them. Side by side with those who profess to be devout supporting the candidate that champions abortion on demand at any time sex change hormones for small children biological men competing in women's sports and adult men in the women's room. Hallelujah indeed WSS
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    Shut up asshole. We’re on a Browns sub forum. Who gives a crap what J posts or doesn’t? crawl back under your Biden bedsheets and soak in the disaster you wished for because “orange man bad” your a danger just because you can vote, moron!
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    i am sure we will never find out (or hey maybe a leak) what we offered But that money seems a bit rich for a ageing player I wonder what the odds are for how many games watt will play ? i am guessins less than 12
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    Iron Maiden NOT being in the Hall is just plain stoopid.
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    1. The Covid vaccine program is moving along...methodically. Do you think things will improve fairly well by September that the NFL can have fairly full stadiums at their games? Yes. 2. Apparently, Tom Brady's wife asked him this question: "What more do you have to prove?? Answer that as if you were Tom Brady. "I love to ball, Bitch, make me a taco salad and shut up." 3. There are supposedly some big name QBs that could move this offseason: Watson wants out, Russell may move, Prescott. Which team or teams in the NFL do you think are basically a Quarterback away from challenging for the title, and which, if they got one of these guys could really potentially be there? Miami has a solid team, but I would stick with the young guy. Washington has a pretty good team and no Quarterback. Patriots can win with the right QB. Bears need to do something while their D is good. 4. How freakish was Myles Garrett's leap.....and have you ever seen a more outstanding display of athleticism, and if so, what? I've seen him do it before.It's pretty freakish. 5. Baseball Spring training is underway. What are your expectations for the Indians this year, or , if you are a fan of another team, what are your expectations for them? Indians will win the World Series with that young pitching staff. 6. Speaking of Spring.....give us some nostalgia: Where, if anywhere, did you go on spring break when you were in college or when you were young? Ft. Walton / Destin. Drove my rusty powder blue Plymouth Volare box of bots down there ... Chicks were into it.
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    Agreed but wouldn’t this place be so much better if we truly discussed important topics from the political world. You and I rarely agree but there are times you post things that get me thinking or seeing things from your perspective shift mine. I’ll keep posting this but the petty squabbles Americans have distract us from the real issues and you and I aren’t winning because of it.
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    pretty near 100% for honest Real Americans. here is why: Full list of President Trumps Accomplishments | WSAU News ... https://wsau.com/2020/01/16/full-list-of-president-trumps-accomplishments The United States has Liberated All ISIS-Controlled Territory. Trump signs order directing an … Trump has updated the travel ban to includes 8 more countries. Crossing The Border Illegally Is … Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities – Must allow ICE access to jails and notify befor … Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans. Trump …
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    Thinking? thats a good one.... how do you defend that? When the POTUS says that? 80 million? Sure Hoorta.... just like some phony riot your pushing. go look at Minnesota or Portland for a “riot”
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    Probably all going to be fine upstanding gang members in the USA.
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    I will wait and see tex. Many your dreams will come true and the entire state of Texas will look like a Stephen King novel . Is far is paying attention would have been paying attention to New York New Jersey Pennsylvania California with the most restrictive rules the side of Auschwitz. One would think those States would be paradise and yet… Still the Democrat governors got their way crushing the economy as best they could now that trump is Out of office You guys want the country to recover as quickly as possible saying give idiot Joe the credit. WSS
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    https://www.martingeddes.com/how-the-bidan-show-is-saving-america-and-the-world/ Fairly long read, but lots of interesting info and connections - I just pulled a few.
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    'WHO WAS PRESIDENT?' Washington Post fact-checker forgets Biden's been president for the last month
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    Yep, the French are using 2nd generation nuclear power (ie; no nuclear waste) to power 70% of their country. I think the US should adopt this strategy until we can bridge the future with something better.
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    I don't mind the need order...but I'd put LB ahead of a WR..Melvin Hall & Alexander Hollins were both added late.. both are young & faster than what we have.. results pending My real main concern is, not losing our insurance CB3.. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/pro/browns/2021/03/01/browns-nfl-draft-cornerbacks-jaycee-horn-free-agents-terrance-mitchell/6843439002/ Re-Sign Terrance Mitchell.. here... have a pen 🖊️ ..sign our own, we have enough defensive needs..Morning Paris 👀
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    The man did what he said he would do.. Unlike the POS you voted for..
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    Isn’t this what you want? The Republicans think 400 was enough. I don’t get when Trumpettes criticize Biden when the outcome is a Republican win
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