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    Ukranian or Yukon Jackasss? It's too bad we couldn't just keep him in here in the barb wired kennel Zombo had him in. He allowed him 1 thread that people could enter at their own risk and kept him out of other threads. I didn't really get to know who Dutch was until his reactions to Ghoolie turned him into the funniest smart asss this board has had since Lumberg... That wasn't a bad dynamic at all IMO.
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    Kobe Bryant? Steve McNair? Magic Johnson? One of those guys got HIV while cheating and repeatedly cheated more before he became a spokesman for the disease. Networks recently reported what a great husband Kobe was. The other guy got shot by his mistress, which had to be quite an emotional trauma to his family. Those guys were big reasons their teams won so nobody ever wanted to see their heroes as disappointing husbands. Cleveland isn't winning right now so this is what we're talking about. Even though it's a day early, I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to wish Mr and Mrs Baker Mayfield a Happy Valentines Day!
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    Great news! I had predicted he would remain suspended for our 1st 2 games this year. It not only pleases me to say "I was wrong", but to have positive resolution speaks well of Myles AND the NFL. This is a very positive start in 2020. Mike
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    Mayfield had a great rookie season than he regressed this past season. I am hoping much of that regression was due to our former HC. I think we will know more this season.
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    She will be able to say "I want a divorce" in 5 languages after they leave office then.
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    Plus, he plays for the Browns. Push comes to shove, I believe Myles too, though. But if this was about Baker and a black Steelers player, I can guarantee you this board would be going ballistic in defense of Baker if he was accused of this. But fuck Mason Rudolph.
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    We need some Pink Font up in here... Westlake Cheesecake parking lot is now under high security watch .. should be a nightly nob scene out there.. Opps! Mob scene...Carry On, ya horny, un-draftable little devils 😈 and stay off that their twatter 💞
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    No one is in deep shit over this. If it’s true he just has to his deal with his wife and that’s it. For the rest of us its none of our business and it has no public consequences
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    I said all along 6 games was plenty. Most ever handed out for on field fracas. Especially IIRC, considering Haynesworth only got a couple games for head stomping Gurode- and he needed stitches. Rudolph wasn't even hurt.
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    I hope he can provide team discipline and focus. It damn sure is needed.
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    There was a huge lack of discipline last season which I blame Kitchens for and that had to have a negative effect on Mayfield. I'm hoping Stefanski can get Mayfield back on track. I read this below about Stefanski and his work with Case Keenum which gives me hope in Mayfield's case. "Perhaps Stefanski's best work came in 2017, when the Vikings were forced to go to their backup, Case Keenum, early in the season after starter Sam Bradford went down with an injury. Keenum, a journeyman backup who had completed 58 percent of his passes and amassed a record of 9-15 at his previous stops, went on to complete nearly 68 percent of his throws with 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions while leading the Vikings to a record of 11-3." https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/5-things-to-know-about-kevin-stefanski
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    I'm still holding out hope Mayfield might be the quarterback we have been seeking since 99.
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    An exciting life of hiding behind a keyboard and referring to people as "Jew Boys"? What the life!
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    No, I actually do have a life. Whereas posting on a message board gives your life meaning.
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    Are you trying to make us feel better or worse about the evolution to a Twittiot with a magic carpet ride on top of his dome? The only difference in cover-up is the current First Lady doesn't understand English yet. Not that she's ever had to or anything. Just sayin'...
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    I always like a good, honest post..... others, not so much.
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    Had just read the ESPN article prior to logging in here... Garrett's claim is plausible. From MG's account it would seem Rudolph would have said it while trying to pull off MG's helmet... while both were on the ground. No one else, i.e., another Steeler, would have been in position to hear the lil bitch. Add the crowd noise swelling as the play ended and the action on the ground became the focus and you can eliminate the on-field mics. I believe MG.
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    Sorry man. Haslam isn't a idiot. It is also a very different situation then 3-4 years ago. We were in draft asset accumulation mode. We aren't there today. Everybody knows we have a better team than our record shows. Had the Boob Dorsey not hired the Boob Kitchens, we might have been a playoff team last year. But....Doofus wanted a yes man and hired a guy way out of his class....and I like Freddie. Freddie isn't a head coach. Freddie is a damn good assistant coach who is going to make a very nice living for as long as he wants. He knows how to coach the positions on O, and he is a likeable guy. People will listen to him, but he isn't a manager, and at head coach, you have to be a skilled manager. Dorsey is kind of the opposite. He is a good manager, but nobody who works with him, likes him. Asshole probably best describes his management style.
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    Can't do it, bud. Pointing out your dearth of ideas and hypocrisy is my job. WSS
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    The Browns Hire Asshat Grigson Back As Consultant! That's absolutely brilliant! When you don't know what to do, you consult with Grigson and do the opposite. Simple!
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    To quote James Garner as Brett in the old Maverick TV series when asked how something was going, he sat there whittling a piece of wood, smiled & said, "I'm workin' on it boys. I'm workin' on it." I'll never forget that line. I think it applies well to the playbook. Mike
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    ugly squealer fan, wants a payoff. whatever. I hope she gets investigated and goes to prison for blackmail, whatever. I mean, Baker and his lovely Wife...and this woman? nope. not buyin it.
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    Over regulation is a Democrat like quality. Showing some true colors in this thread.
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