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    Kevin Stefanski... I had serious doubts about this hire.. But the team has bought into his program and the record speaks well for it.. He's making adjustments... Managing the game and the clock superbly... Penalties are way down considerably... The team looks disciplined and focused... And... Prepared... That starts at the top...
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    Browns are winning the boring shitshow games that they normally lose. That is good stuff. Stefanski is a good head coach. Iā€™m glad he is ours. About damn time we got a guy that is steady and organized and coherent at the job
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    Just getting back from watching the Browns win against the Eagles and Carson Wentz. Totally solid win for us in yet another ugly weather game. Yet another win we can pin on our amazing run game and incredible coaching. SEVEN and THREE!! You read that right. Our Browns are 7 and 3 in November and we are sitting in a solid position to make it into the playoffs this year. Our defense yet again showed that we can be at the bottom half of the league in every single measurable matrix, and yet we somehow keep making our opponents do stupid things. This game it was a chance swat at the ball as the Eagles seem to walk the ball the down the field on us with very little resistance. I told my wife "Here we go again, just like the Raider's game". And out of nowhere, a strip on the 3 yard line. Later a hit on Wentz leads to a Pick Six touch down. Throughout the first half, the offense did very little, and defense on paper was awful. But somehow our defense yet again kept the other team from scoring on us. The Eagles walked the ball down on us several times with very little resistance. But somehow we kept making plays at the perfect time. Perfect play calling led to sacks and ultimately a perfectly timed safety by the Browns defense. Then the perfect combination of Chubb/Mayfield and Hunt to put the game away. On paper we shouldn't be winning these games. Our defense is letting offenses walk down the field on us, and yet we keep making opportune plays and stop them from turning the tide on us... Mayfield continues to turn in blah games, but yet, let our defense seems to absolutely fucking nail it when it really matters. I keep thinking, Mayfield is just mailing it in, and out of nowhere hits a 3rd down completion that keeps us in the game. He throws a Shit fucking fade pass to the end zone and overthrows by 5 feet easy.. But later nails a pass to Landry for a hard 3rd down conversion. We keep finding ways to win with this team and I love it.. Ravens lost !!! Dolphins are losing, Colts are Losing and I can hope that Raiders lose later tonight.. Could be a great weekend for the Browns.
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    Olivier Vernon appears to be the replacement we've been looking for all season to start for Olivier Vernon.
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    Lebron effect. Everyone lets Myles do their job when he's in. When he's out they play to a personal higher standard. Need to make sure that standard is maintained even when the superstar is lining up next to you.
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    You are a Cleveland Browns fan. You should be embarrassed your fingers betrayed you and actually wrote these words. You are a CLEVELAND BROWNS FAN. Fucking act like it. "Oh it's too cold and windy and the uniforms are going to get muddy oh boo hoo"... Get the fuck out of here with this nonsense. šŸ˜„ (But make sure you come over to the Tavern today! šŸ˜‰
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    Lets' roast some birds, you pancake-eating motherfuckers!!!! Z
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    The Good: We won. Let's look at the obvious and accept it. We're beating bad teams, we're sticking to our formula, and it's working. Baker Mayfield: it's so easy to find the negatives with Baker, and at times I'm guilty of it too, but Baker is converting a large percentage of 3rd downs, and 3rd and longs to boot. Baker hit some impressive intermediate-deep throws today, starting with the gorgeous one to Hodge early. Baker also hit Hooper down the seam, and really engineered a beautiful 94 yard drive that simply stalled at the half yard line. He also hit Higgins on a beautiful ball and Mayfield is starting to prove that he can make big throws in the damn elements. Did he hit them all? No, more on that later. But we don't win this game without Baker. Taki - Christmas come early, but he made the play when he had to and plodded all the way to the end zone. I'd been begging for a defensive TD and I got it. Special assist to Denzel Ward who hit Wentz just in time! Denzel Ward. I mean, he's so good. Hodge - he's on a 1 year deal and we need to sign him NOW. No, he's obviously not OBJ but what he does is still impressive. He blocks like a possessed rhino and he's making difficult catches. He's a special teams ace and the next time we play in good weather, Hodge WILL have a deep touchdown. Chubb/Hunt - very tough sledding early, which might be an understatement. But they took care of the ball, made plays late, and made all WORLD plays late to secure the game yet again. Hunt literally VAULTED over a guy at the goal line, and Chubb used the Hand of God on that one punk and planted him in the ground like a turnip while rampaging down the field. Hunt also made a heady play by recovering the backwards pass that Baker threw late. If Baker completed that pass, it's a touchdown. Vernon - holy shit Batman. He did it with speed, he did it with power, and he did it on the goal line. He literally crumpled the pocket several times including the safety which essentially altered the game. To me, the safety changed the game and it felt like we had it after that. Also, Vernon batted down a screen pass that could've gone for HUGE yards. Like, I didn't see a Brown in sight. (Vernon's game today was better than Clowney's season btw) Cody Parky - don't laugh. He's hit some big kicks and really given us clutch points. The Bad: There's definitely some bad here, but that's OK when ya win! Baker Mayfield: "But Jiggins, you had him under The Good!" Yea, yeah, it's my post so shut it. First and foremost you cannot fumble, and you HAVE to secure the ball. At the time of his fumble, we're up 7-0 and a sack doesn't kill you. Eagles have done jack SHIT on offense and you let them right back in it. Can't have it. Baker also missed two throws that weren't acceptable. They weren't difficult throws, he had time, and he completely blew it. Just cannot miss those opportunities. Against the Eagles, you may get away with it. Against the Ravens and Steelers... Wyatt Teller - boy, this is a shocker! "Bad" might be unfair, but Fletcher beat his ass all game and really hurt us. Teller got some revenge on Hunt's touchdown run though, and really owned that fool. Njoku - another drop. Yawn Mack Wilson - my lord he's awful. Peoples-Jones - this could be unfair, as he didn't do anything wrong, but he scares me to death. He holds it with 1 arm and has almost fumbled twice now at the end of returns. I don't understand why coaches can't address this because the ball is definitely coming out soon. The Lucky: Baker's second fumble towards the end of the game. Refs blew it dead inexplicably and thank God because that drive essentially ended the game. It's a much different feel if refs don't blow that call but I ain't complaining! The Entire Eagles Offense - why? Because Myles Garrett didn't play. He might very well of had 9 sacks and put Wentz in the hospital. Left lots out there, but what a game and it feels great to be 7-3. Go Browns!
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    Actually we aren't the ones demanding martial law and socialism. WSS
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    Does the italicized bit above stand true for the countless baseless allegations the left wing party has made for a number of years now? Or are we not emotionally strong and intellectually honest enough to turn the mirror on ourselves. There's much better evidence for voter fraud than there was for Bret kavanaugh being a gang rapist, for instance.
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    My game ball goes to Vernon... he really stepped up. Played like he was finally healthy. Honorable mention to Richardson. Now the challenge is for our DC and DL Coach to get the DL room to play at this level after MG returns.
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    Look for a defensive back who commits a penalty or gives up a big play. You will find him
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    Browns to use several players to replace Myles Garrett ...great! That must mean they're letting us play with 13 or more defenders.
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    You're a person with no known knowledge of how technology works that gets your information from memes. I've already engaged with you longer than any sane person should.
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    Did the Obama admin follow the rule of law concerning the FISA court with its phony evidence?
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    After 11 weeks, the Browns are 7-3 and seeded #6, the top 7 teams make the playoffs. Currently the Browns would be playing at Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs This week the Browns play at 1-9 Jacksonville and are 6.5 point favorites to win. This week's games with implications: 1. Baltimore at Pittsburgh. Pick your poison. If you are still holding out hope for the division, root for Baltimore. If you want the Rats buried behind us, root for Pittsburgh. Personally I am rooting for Covid in this one. Go Covid! 2. Tennessee at Indianapolis. Someone is going to lose , so that is good. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing the Tits win, and then we beat them next week and we hold the tiebreaker over both teams at that point. Go Neither! 3. Bills at Chargers ... Go Chargers! 4. Dolphins at Jets ... Go J ... oh, never mind. 5. Chiefs at Tampa ... Go Bucs!
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    Soon to be Nick Chubb... WARNING- don't try these moves at your family Thanksgiving football game šŸ˜‡
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    Somehow we are bad people for seeing massive fraud right I front of us? no one can be that blind to not see it. Thats the sad part, the left knows damn well they cheated and have ignored it willingly because of irrational hate of 1 man. Or maybe years of blind trust and not mentally capable of opening there eyes to the big picture.
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    The denial of reality lies with you. Voter fraud is real. You know its real, and how coincidental that it always happens to be the demonrats that are complicit. And in case you didn't get all the news mountain man, Trumps legal team includes Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, both having impeccable reputations and would not risk their reputations over some frivolous claims of voter fraud. Lin Wood won the Nick Sandman libel suit against you liberal vermin if you recall. I would tend to believe what those two have to say over some imbecile just coming down from the Carolina mountains.
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