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    Any questions? There will be bumps in the road, but at least we are now on a road.
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    You have no idea how long I've waited for this game and this team........Was so lucky to watch it with a group of people at a new bar and they bought me shots and beers and stuck it out to the bitter end with me.. Maybe the game we beat the Falcons in 2002 was better, but since 1999 this was the best game we've played in the new era.... I've waited so long for this feeling.. The people at the bar were so happy for me. Most hated Baker because they were OSU fans. but they all said the same thing.. HE IS THE MAN FOR CLEVELAND.. I'm drunk off my butt, I am as happy as a Shmucking clam... The new era may or may not be upon us, but right freaking now I feel great... Thank you Cleveland Browns for such and incredible win.!!! BobPound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/denzel-ward-browns-dad My new favorite player on the current team.
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    Delete it? I may pin it. THANK FUCKING GAWD! BROWNS! MOTHERFUCKING BROWNS! Wish I was there to do a shot with you, Bob! Z
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    Guys, as I said in the Tavern, this is my first win as a Cleveland Browns fan. And it feels awesome!!! Let's enjoy the ride together GO BROWNS!!!!!!!
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    Josh caught 19 passes the last 4 years. I think Calloway can handle that workload. Z
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    Should we let Po back on the bandwagon?
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    ...damn it feels feels good to see you guys win. Believe it or not, people love an underdog. I'm one of those people. Good luck going forward. - Giants fan living in the Midwest
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    I thought you were a true fan, Po. Browns/Jets tonight, get on board ... new era, lots of new young talent to follow. I rooted hard for Josh, he's a Patriot now, we can revisit the merits of that after the season, let's go 2018 Browns ... winning starts now. Zombo
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    How nice of the Sashi Fan Club to meet up again tonight! 😉
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    I know we have our differences on here guys, but it's nice to celebrate this with all of you.
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    It's 5:45 am in Spain and I might not get any sleep even if I go to bed!!!! Man this is awesome.
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    And my wife asks. " why ain't you ecstatic?" And I say. "There's 2 minutes left"😲
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    The Browns will win tomorrow night.... book it.
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    Easy, Z... If the stats don't support your analysis... change the stats. Some might call these "alternative stats"... 😶
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    lol. That Mahomes guy he drafted is sucking too right?
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    Guys I have followed and read probably every post on this board for the last 4 years. A lurker if you will... Today I come out of the shadows to say.. YEAH MOTHER ShmuckER! This is the first of many with Mayfield behind center. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a real football team.
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    Yes, you're a big pussy. Now excuse me, I have to get a tissue because my allergies are acting up.
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    Had to stop by and say Congratulations!!!!! What a game. Mayfield is amazing!
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    Bullsh!t... It's been an organization decision all along. Dorsey was as culpable as Hue for playing TT.
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    Are you guys actually watching the game since Baker came in? You know, Dorsey's most important pick.
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    Man, if only we had Hogan under center, Trent right behind him and Puffy out wide..... boy, then we'd have something special.
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    I vote that PoG's name is officially changed to Chernobyl until Puffy plays in 8 consecutive games...... Hell, even 3.
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    Gordon turned one good season into an excuse to put up with his bullsh!t for season after season.
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