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    Ah .. "The Left". I own my own business, I pay my share of taxes, I obey the law (mostly), I'm educated, I went to Catholic school, I go to church, I've only owned American cars, My Dad was a WWII Vet, my uncle died on D-Day, I like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie ... and I'm voting for Joe Biden. And protests don't ruffle my feathers, they are part of the American Process ... am I a "leftist"? Zombo
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    Unlimited seating... the link near the top of the topics page still works. Free peanuts and/or popcorn (check your couch cushions for these)... BYOB... Check your politics at the door or you get the boot. Don't go crazy, negative on our Browns or you will get a timeout. See y'all tomorrow.
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    My biggest problem is having the stances shoved down my throat. The unity pledge at the beginning, the black national anthem, the countless commercials, and whatever else. It's overkill and it doesn't do anything to stop racism. Heck, I can argue it actually does the freaking opposite. I absolutely detest BLM. They cause nothing but trouble in my town, they harass people on the sidewalk, they shut down traffic, and then they get upset when they get run over by car because they "have the right to protest in the streets and stop the flow of traffic". I hate racism, in all forms. But I'm also beyond furious that my hometown had to put up with "protesters" after 3 cops were cleared of shooting a black man who just murdered someone, said he was going to kill some cops, and pulled a gun on the police as they tried to apprehend him. This piece of shit got shot and we have to put up with broken windows, curfews, and whatever else. Wtf does this have to do with racism? Nothing. I feel like the world has gone crazy. We celebrate the life of a man wanted for sexual assault, who had other violent arrests, who had a knife and fought with police, and people donated $2.2 million to him. Do I feel like he deserves to be shot 7 times? No, absolutely not, but what choice did he give the cops? I know I'm rambling, but I'm just tired of it all.
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    Good Lord, guys. This is just ridiculous.
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    Nope, I'm all in too. I'm a 73 year old VietNam Vet & don't approve of public demonstrations (kneeling during the Anthem, etc), so I will refrain from watching until kickoff. That being said, I understand that others have as much right TO demonstrate as I have NOT to. Let's just keep all demonstrations non violent & not judge, make fun of, or belittle others for their viewpoints & beliefs. GO BROWNS!!! Mike
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    Trump is the greatest President this country has ever had, hands down! MAGA!
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    Well, when you honor a rapist and not one first responder on 911 eve.. Ya get what ya deserve.
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    - The Browns averaged over 5ypc. Turnovers and getting away from the game plan is what killed that from being even more effective. - No, the ARavens lead it with the "lets pound the rock and supplement our QB's average passing ability by using his legs to threaten every level of the defense"... mindset. - A LOT were Lamar runs. - The Ravens offense is so effective because it is crafted around the threat of the running game and the legs provided by their QB. Then you mix in the TE work and the misdirection creating an effective passing attack. Notice what has happened to that vaunted offense when defenses with quality secondaries no longer want to respect their QB? They get blown out in back to back years. - The Ravens have a quality secondary. The Browns have drafted CB's in the 1st, 2nd, brought in FA DB's and just drafted another S with a top 50 pick this past season. So what do you call that? Not investing resources? - The last part is where I knew you were truly full of shit. The Chiefs actually invested stopping the run by involving Derrick Nnadi more in the back half of their season and the playoffs. How do you think they stopped Henry from putting up almost 2bills again? It wasn't Chris Jones, who is actually a pretty big liability in limiting the run. If not for that serious defensive turn around, it's incredibly possible the Titans play for their 2nd Superbowl. Aren't you the same guy who said the Titans should come out and throw 15 of the first 16 times vs the Ravens in the playoffs last year? We get it, you're Mike Fucking Leach. Yes, it's a passing league. But if you can't limit the running game, not get sucked up by play action and not ice the clock then you run into very real problems in the NFL. You preach about the Chiefs, but ignore that they took a RB in the first round who was hardly involved in their passing game week 1. You're shtick is easy to turn on itself.
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    I think you're probably a punk a pussy and a loud mouth. Just my opinion you could be a lot worse than that but who knows? WSS
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    Tretter set to start. Rookie Phillips at the WILL... interesting. Terrance Mitchell taking Greedy's place this week. No huge loss there, Mitch is a solid DB.
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    Yes, the Kenosha perp. According to USA Today: "Blake has a charge pending for sexual assault, but it involves an adult woman, not a child." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/09/03/fact-check-jacob-blake-sex-assault-charge-tied-woman-not-child/5700351002/ ^ I myself have not said a word about his prior convictions or pending charges, as I'm sure he's a swell guy, I only commented on what he did the moments before he got himself shot by law enforcement. Just know he's a hero in the eyes of the NFL and its players...... You can just feel the pride oozing from Drew's face.
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    I'm more concerned about the Browns going into the season unprepared with a new system. I have zero respect for Colin Kaepernick or the BLM movement. I probably wouldn't do it because it's my team but I really have no problem with the fans booing the protest. I think wearing the name of a child molester on your helmet is probably not a positive message. I still love Barbra Streisand. WSS
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    I am also an obsessed Browns fan! I will watch them and the Indians ONLY! I to will not watch the pre game (opinions.) I also do not support BLM just as I do not support the KKK. Peaceful protest all you want. Violence and destruction are no means to an end! GO BROWNS!!!
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    You all probably know that I hate politics on a Football Board, but I think this year, this thread is a "Necessary Evil" for people to discuss, and vent, about player protests and the NFL's response to social issues. Also, it is a convenient way to keep all of that talk in one thread. If any mods see politics/protest threads outside of this thread, merge it or delete it. And as always, if this is a big issue for you, you are encouraged to visit our Political Forum where you can discuss freely and openly any issues you want to. This forum is about football. But if these issues change how you feel about football, let's hear it. My particular question to BB members is ... Will any player protests, or NFL support thereof, compel you to no longer watch and follow the Browns and /or NFL? I'll go first ... No. I'm all in. Super Bowl. Zombo
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    They are not benching Baker the 2nd game into the season. Also a lot of this probably had to do with going against probably the best secondary in the NFL and falling far behind. Bet the tone of the game is different if OBJ catches that ball on 3rd and 2 at the end of the half. If we were able to have a more balanced attack Baker's numbers would have been better. Lets also not forget the whole team is learning yet another system for the 2nd year in a row and does so with less practice then they would normally get. I wouldn't panic after 1 game against a team that 14-2 last year.
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    every time neo-woodpecker posts, he craps on hiimself. weird.
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    Throw some high % passes on 1st down - Ravens are going to be hyper-focused on stopping Chubb early. Keep moving the chains, critical. Keep the D rested, as if we get into a situation where Balt. can pound the rock, it's bedtime.
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