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    My fears for this team heading into this season... - Interior Oline. Who looked OK today for the most part. - Commitment to the running game. Which Freddie and Monken did a masterful job of shoving their heads up their own asses after the first drive. - Having a coaching staff obsessed with their shiny toys. I.E. Baker, ODB, Landry, etc etc. - Forgetting that this team and young QB (emphasis on young) is still at its best when they run the ball, setup playaction, the bootlegs, etc etc... then attack the short to intermediate field. - A defense that was left on the field far too long - A QB that, once you frustrate him, gets too far in his own head and starts throwing the ball pissed off. Leading to wild pitches that end up high and into DB's hands. Some of these are scheme, others are mentality that aren't easily broken, if at all broken. Baker throwing that pick to Logan Ryan is InFuckingExcusable. Part of the Farve mentality I've mentioned on here a few times. Sure, you may get a big time throw here and there. But there will come a game when it fucks your WHOLE team over because you just haven't met a single throw you didn't like. This team needs a serious Come-To-Jesus moment early. Style and Flash will never beat passion and substance. The Jets play quality defense and if this coaching staff doesn't respect the Williams Duo and tries to make Baker do it all, they will turn the ball over and they WILL lose. Tennessee flat beat you at your own game today. They rode the hot hand of their bruising RB, forced the defense to consistently stop them. They setup their QB for success with play action, some high percentage throws and sprinkled in some creative screen looks. Thank Christ I took Henry in the 3rd round. Vrabel has a real weapon on his hands there. It was nothing short of a fucking clinic as to how the Browns SHOULD have played today. Get this fixed early because this season is very dependent on getting off to a quality start. The back half of this schedule was pretty unforgiving and so far the 2 other AFCN teams looked pretty damn respectable.
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    If a moderator could lock this sometime before kickoff, that would be great. Thanks! Good luck to all who played along, and of course, GO BROWNS!
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    It's obviously too early to act like the sky is falling That being said, the ridiculous hype from fans this season was, well, ridiculous. I was saying we needed to calm down a little. But it'll be interesting to read posts from users on here that are just turning on the players and coaches, immediately, that they loved not long ago.
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    You're correct ... but nearly all other games. Look at how badly Trubisky and the Bears looked. Even Aaron Rogers looked bad. The league has morphed into this "no preseason play for the starters" mentality, and it shows. We'll get better, but on Sunday, we lacked preparedness and discipline.
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    Well a good time was had by all- it was the best part of the day....
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    I like Kitchens as an offensive coordinator, but I feel that he may of been rushed into the HC position. I know some people hate Gregg, but the players feared him and played for him. Hate him or love him, there's no way Gregg would ever let us have this many penalties in a game.
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    Take a deep breath and relax.
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    ^^^ this. Panic mode starts at 0-4.
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    This is about the most apt representation of fans emotions from kickoff until that Henry throwback screen.
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    Aside from Hubbard missing a block and committing a hold- what exactly do you expect out of an offensive line. baker held the ball too long on most occasions. in other occasions it was 2 and long all day and the defense was teeing off and he still had time. what does sending a 1st and 3rd to Washington for a 31 year old tackle do to alleviate questionable play calls and Baker holding onto the ball
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    Did the refs suck? Yes Did Baker suck? Yes Did the D suck? Yes Is this still our team? Do we still have talent? Can we overcome? Does anyone here really believe this game is who we are? I believe this game was our players believing the hype. Now it's down to business. Earn it, work for it, prevail. Our season has just begun...TBD
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    I'm trying to find some kind of silver lining, perhaps this is exactly what the Browns need for them to realize that they haven't done shit yet. For the long term, perhaps an ass-kicking like this wakes them up. Because for all the talk about how Baker "uses slights to motivate himself" that is EXACTLY what the Titans did. Nobody was talking about the Titans, and they came motivated and focused.
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    Brand new coaching staff. Young QB. Very little time together on the playing field as a team. Hopefully it’s all just growing pains and things start meshing soon. If we’re.500 come end of October, it’s then playoff run time.
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    ... and the turd with a bow tied around it under my TV made me yearn for a lump of coal... Major needs... Discipline Discipline Discipline Humility Discipline Time Discipline This week will be a major test for Kitch And it's not just the penalties... it's also the assignments. Prime example was Kirksey biting on the play fake on Walker's first TD. He left his "zone" to support a run that was well contained... if it had been a run. Walker nicely filled the empty space he left behind. On an early sack by Wake... he had inside help from the RG... yet allowed himself to be beaten outside... simply can't happen. Screen D... More later... including "the good" I saw... which may mean it's a very short post.
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    I agree they have better firepower than they showed today. BUT they have to cut down on the penalties and not punch, kick or bite any Jets next week.
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    Playing the Dolphins...
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    The Defense is lacking discipline, Offsides, roughing the passer, holding, WTF,
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    My heart put me on food stamps and overtime...
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    Gonna be great football weather. 70ish and dry. Light winds. Something different will be the stadium FULL of Browns fans cheering for the home team. No more of having more away fans than homers. Local media is high on the team too. Nice to hear The optimism. I’ve even seen a few Browns flags waving recently where there haven’t been any before. Around here at the frontier of dicksburgh you see way more stealer bullshit. Fucking litterbugs! But it’s great seeing the Browns gear! One very dedicated fan has had a faded and tattered Browns flag flying beneath Old Glory for years now. I’ve admired his dedication each time I’ve drove by there. This year the tattered Browns flag has been replaced with brand new. God Bless!
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    Sssh. He only has one problem: he never posts it with a Spanish translation and Spanish broadcast channels. Shame. Otherwise I'd be already sailing to the lone island in the Atlantic he lives in with only internet connection for 2 hours on Sundays to give him some love.
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    I think all of us on HIS board should dedicate the 2019 season to Stan Aten. Go Browns.......for Stan.
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    You can only play in the Era you live in. They didn't baby QBs with extra protective rules also designed to promote more scoring when he played. They also didn't begin the rule that DBs can't bump Receivers after 5 yards back when Otto played, which didn't help the passers in his era. Furthermore, the NFL only played 12 game seasons when Otto played. Forget all that. Can you name me 1 other Pro Football QB that took his team to the Championship Game EVERY single season he played over the first 10 years of his career/the entire career? After winning all 4 AAFC Championship Games - Otto and the Browns were told they didn't stand a chance against real pro football in the NFL. That led to 6 straight NFL Championship appearances and winning 3 of them (inclusive of the very 1st appearance) despite the decline in his TD: INT ratio during that span. Then again, check out Terry Bradshaw's numbers during his 1st 5 years in the NFL... Otto also played Professional Basketball for the Rochester Royals back when they won the Championship. After football, he became a golf pro at a country club in Sarasota where my dad got to meet his childhood idol. Jim Brown played college football in Upstate NY (Syracuse). SU's Heisman Trophy Winner Ernie Davis was also drafted by Cleveland before his terminal illness unfolded. That sheds some light on why so many people in Western and Upstate NY took a peculiar interest in the Browns. That and Rochester is just 4 hour car ride to Cleveland while it takes anywhere from 5-6 hours to drive to NY City. Even though many hail Jim Brown as the best football player that ever lived (and rightfully so) - when you really think about it, Otto Graham was more influential to this franchise winning than Jim Brown ever was (albeit different eras). Regardless of era, an intelligent GM still drafts QB Baker Mayfield in lieu of RB Saquon Barkley with the #1pick. That's why Dorsey's team improved by 7 wins...
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