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    That is also why I don't have any political bumper stickers either although I saw this bumper sticker the other day I liked:
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    I get your point, but no one said they had to. It's an option, not a mandate. It was figuratively said to start with. You know that. Add in these ladies seem to act like this is Nazi Germany. And for some odd reason its just these 4 brown ladies on the immigration/concentration camp warpaths, specifically. Would you want to stay in Nazi Germany? You know why Trump didn't tell Lyin Ted, Little Marco, or Weak Ben they could leave? Because they don't openly protest almost every American institution. How happy can you be? The sad part is AOC is missing her moment to redeem a little value. She could easily go use her abilities to speak to her people south of the border and tell them they're overwhelming the current system. That they would be setting themselves up for rough conditions. That might actually slow down the caravans a bit. If you wanted America to do better why not help? Because our shortcomings vindicate their distaste for our culture. The name Justice Democrat says it all. Which is funny because brown people, unlike the Jews, walk through the doors of the concentration camps under their own free will.
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    That's the problem with the far left- they want the Government to build them a tent, or pay some people of color money because their great-great-great grand daddy was a slave. Plenty of other immigrants were treated little better, and they're not asking for a Government handout. Told Zombo I had an eye opener talking with one of the Rangers at Cuyahoga National Park about the building of the Ohio-Erie Canal. Dug by hand- mostly by Irish immigrants, who died at the rate of one per mile. Their reward for working like a slave all day? About 15 cents, and a shot of whiskey.
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    What is wrong with some of you? This isn't a racist thing to say just because they happen to be brown. It's been said to white people too, who were born in this country. Some of you struggle with simple things, like distinguishing an asshole from a racist. Considering how much some of you paid for an education, it's unforgivable.
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    That is good healthy criticism that is actually good for the country. Those who want to change our system to a socialist system though are free to leave and to live in any socialist country they like. I would recommend they go to Cuba or Venezuela first to maybe get them to open their eyes that socialism is not the Utopian society they think it will be.
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    I was able to take about two minutes of it, but had to shut it down before I started barfing. Talk about an agenda. To me CNN = Communist News Network.
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    Don't worry Woody, you and Cleve came out a long time ago.....
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    Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trumps-list-289-accomplishments-in-just-20-months-relentless-promise-keeping
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    am rewatching a juicy Browns at Ravens game, while Gip's orange sunglasses go brighter than mine 😎.. Nobody has argued your assessment of Hunt's similar playing skills to Chubb Gip, Butt.. Sadly (maybe madly is the better word) for what it's worth? (nothing but fan speak, btw)..my lucky 8 ball 🎱 says forget seeing Duke at camp..he won't be here opening week 1..Your above post^^^..the guys all wanted* to be here..Not Duke Johnson/clearly... (strike #1) Hue must have put the puss, in pussifcation in hard knocks with Duke sitting out practices? (I'll add.. not a good look when other mates are pushing for spots..hurt or not? am guessing Landry was not a big Duke fan at last years camp? Bottom line, (strike #2) Dorsey should not add on Freddie's coaching plate what Pettine dealt with in our past. A split lockerroom..Some backed Johnny.. others backed Hoyer..now, word on the street says Some back Duke/Some back Baker? in a behind the scenes word, that Duke clearly(with purpose) decided to put in the front picture window in Berra... it gets & was, a bit messy, as Pettine & Farmer stated on there way out the door..(strike #3) Dorsey has not said one ugly peep, since being called a liar by Duke. Even after JD paid Duke & after just adding Hyde & Chubb.. mainly cus, Dorse knows the ball is still in his front yard to kick around till he finds a willing trade partner..Duke's only leverage is the Browns will pay him guaranteed this season and well. Yea, it's not our money. but, only speaking as a browns fan.(cause that's what we all signed up to do here is fan speak). It's a damn shame, solely on Duke Johnson behave, that his behavior has turned into what we all saw on Duke's day 1.👎 Trust was given, both ways, the day Duke re-signed it..To later, call any GM a liar after doing their job,of adding better competition at your position..That's called contract 'Gold Digging'! imho.. taking a teams million, to not compete against (in your words)Mack, Byner and soon minus -Fontenot.. I see nothing wrong with keepin' the faith like Gip..I've just lost all the faith in Duke Johnson..
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    The stupidity door has swung wide open both ways. But the President is the leader of the free world - I expect the most from him. We live in sad times.
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    Side note: OBF I know we don’t agree on much but you are a reasonable guy to debate with. So no malice even if I ball bust a little with the comrade talk.
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    I don't fear the possibility - but had obaMao commie been more "bring a gun to a knife fight"... he could have been worse, but that would have sunk his reelection big and the dems for a long time. Trouble is, they lost to our terrific Real American President Trump, and all hell has broken loose with them. They seriously lost the opportunity they really thought they had locked up - they would have had higgardly commie as pres, more leftwing activist anti-Constitution/Bill of Rights judges, more leftwing federal judges, more influence to teach school children to adapt to their leftism, more leftwing interference everywhere, more regulation on every business, and mmgw control over every single pocket book of every working American in America. and, control of America's Federal Budget. They could have all gotten very wealthy and powerful in a leftwing Saul Alinksi circle jerk, and that would take decades to have a chance to undo the damage to our freedom and get it all back.
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    Agree or disagree- semi-retirement seems to agree with The Gipper? More free time on his hands.
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