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    True! The band I play in was part of 5 bands performing a benefit for the Veterans Of The Vietnam War Wall that is being built in the city. We were the 2nd band to go on. There's 15 minutes for change of bands....except the drummer for the 1st band didn't use the kit that was there. He had is own electronic drum kit. And of course, he's on my side of the stage. It had been madness, unloading equip., getting ready to lug it onstage and set up, sound guy mic'ing my amp, sound checks for vocal mic's, guitar mic's, keys, monitors, etc. I'm finally ready and awaiting a couple of drum checks................ I'm center stage, the room is crowded and noisy, I look around and notice there's a big screen TV with a football game on. There's a ball sailing in the air......it's headed toward the goal post......it skims by.....it's no good......I'm noticing the end zone.....I'm like, That's the Browns end zone......WE WIN......I start, into the mic, Browns Win! Browns Win! - Nobody knows WTF I'm talking about :). Nobody's watchin' the TV (it's New England).....except me, from the stage! LOL I turn to the guys, "Hey, the Browns just won!" They don't know what the hell I'm talking about....they're all busy getting set to play. ......A few seconds later, It's four counts by the drum sticks, and we're off into Handle With Care by The Traveling Whilbury's. We played a dozen songs really well.....and it was sweeter knowing that The Browns Won!! LOL Soooo, that was all I saw of the game until I got home and decompressed on the couch....with my laptop....and watched the highlights. Mod's, you can delete this..........but I just thought the whole coincidence was kinda' Browns Cool.......on GameDay. (It's one of those things that you'll just never ever forget) Go Browns! Run The Table!
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    I will be in Cleveland this weekend to pay respects to the one year anniversary of Stan's passing (November 10) and to attend the Bills game. No formal tailgate is planned, but if you want to meet us at The Flat Iron Cafe before the game, we will be there early. to toast Atenears and change the Browns 2019 fortunes I have tickets to the game, but I know of a couple of people that are looking, so if you are selling, PM me. Hope to see some familiar faces, and some new ones too, stop by we will be easy to find, or send me a PM and I'll give you my number to text on gameday. Go Browns!!! Zombo
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    I will be 73 years old the 30th of this month. I love my Browns...Always have & always will. In good times & bad, it's much like my marriage (50 years in 2020 with my Bride, Colleen). If you truly love something or someone, that love & loyalty (AND hopes, wishes, & dreams) never die.....no matter how bad things may currently seem. I'm in this for the long haul & we'll weather this current storm. GO BROWNS!!......There's a light at the end of this tunnel & I think it looks BRIGHT! Mike ps: I enjoyed the '64 Champs & I hope (and plan) to see you younger folks enjoy the next one!
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    Agree, gumby... The Bills are a good,, if unspectacular team.... same as us. The difference is we think... and act... as if,we are spectacular. If Allen ever learns to hit a moving target, then they will be dangerous. Meanwhile, it may be escaping the notice of many that our QB had a quietly solid game... arguably his best of the season.... especially in light of the final drive.
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    Helping people move and then watching the Browns game? Wasn't that the 7th layer of hell in Dante's Inferno? 😂
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    I nominate drum roll please DieHardBrownFan oh wait um forget it
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    This Week in the AFC North, The Great Zomboni is taking matters into his own hands. I have seen enough. This team is too talented. But something is missing. That missing something is ... Me I have never seen a game in the Baker Mayfield era, live. The Browns are waiting for The Great Zomboni to come to Mecca and watch The Chosen One live, so that we can all move on. There was a reason Earl Little jumped in my arms in 2000, and Johnny Manziel's girlfriend winked at me in 2015, they were letting me know that the franchise will move forward when I fully commit. So here I come in 30* weather, flying up Saturday Night and back Sunday Morning just to Reverse The Curse. But it is going to be Cold. Fucking cold. so I need a little hot salsa to bring with me to warm up the weekend, so here is my travel companion and Celebrity Guest Prognosticator, Sophia Vergara: And here is what happens after TGZ and Sophie V get to town: Buffalo at Cleveland 1:00 PM, Sunday Grow your Fu Man Chu back Baker, because it is time to unleash. They gotta cover Hunt out of the backfield, they gotta worry about Chubb up the gut, and your going to drop dimes on OBJ on the way to the end zone. Twice. Then you will look into the the stands and give The Great Zomboni the thumbs up ... and then we roll. BROWNS 31 BILLS 13 Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00 PM, Sunday Dammit, the Bungles ruin everything. I saw this as a total trap game for the Ravens, coming off the big Patsie matchup, and I thought the Bungles would bite them ... with Andy Dalton, proven NFL commodity. But no, they are throwing a fresh, new ginger in against the Raven Defense. Ughh. They will still keep it close ... but lose. RAVENS 16 BUNGLES 13 LA Rams at Pittsburgh 4:25 PM, Sunday The Rams are a Sleeping Giant at 5-3, they are ready to roll down the stretch and Pittsburgh is due to be reminded that they suck this year. RAMS 35 STEELERS 19 You SUCK Steelers ... Go Home!
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    I have a question. Are the red zone problems caused by the playcalling or the player's inability to execute? It's obviously gotta be a combination of both, but to what degree? And it's difficult to blame EVERYTHING on Freddie because Baker has missed so many TD pass reads in the red zone. Freddie didn't make Demetrius Harris jump for no reason in the end zone, or drop the pass against the 49's that got picked, or miss wide open OBJ in the paydirt, or throw it behind an open Landry for a pick. It's just really difficult to blame Freddie for ALL our problems when plays have been there for us. Lemme tell you something else. Remember that incredible throw and catch to Landry on our final drive that got us to around the 15ish yard line? Well, Baker missed yet another touchdown pass. Granted, he had NO time to scan the field, but Kareem Hunt snuck out of the backfield UNCOVERED. Baker could've blindly tossed up a punt and Hunt could've moonwalked into the end zone. Go back and watch the play. He's so open it's nauseating. What am I saying? I'm saying Freddie has called plays that result in opportunities. Do I LIKE him as a coach or playcaller? Fudge no. I'll never forgive him for a 4th and 9 draw play. Ever. We almost NEVER have timeouts at the end of the game. And his fault or not, it was completely humiliating not to score after 8 plays from the 3 yard line, and the only reason we kicked a FG the NEXT time was because Hubbard saved our asses with the miracle false start. I'm certainly not bitching. I'm beyond floored we got the win, and I hope it carries forward this week. Something is definitely not right with our offense, but we looked a LITTLE better at times today. Let's finish more drives Thursday and actually beat their ASSES.
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    So, you too advocate cowardice. Fair enough. Gosh I wish a lot more women would join this board to show some of you what a set of balls looks like.
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    LOL Hubbards false start on 4th down our best redzone play of the day
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    The only thing that has gotten worse under the Trump Administration is the Democrat's behavior.. Everything else has improved
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    I always wondered what happened to Miktoxic.
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    Where were the whistle blowers during the 8 yrs prior to Trump? November 7, 2019 Where were the whistleblowers on foreign policy during Obama’s terms? By Jack Hellner Somehow, during the Obama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry eight years we never heard of journalists, career diplomats, FBI, Justice, intelligence agencies and other Democrats being concerned much about any of Obama’s foreign policies. Where was the outrage by the media and other Democrats when the Obama Administration prosecuted eight whistleblowers for spying? There was little or no concern when: Obama reneged on a commitment to put in missile defense shields in Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Russia. Obama said he would be flexible with Russia if he was reelected. Obama pulled troops in Iraq despite being told that was not a good idea. Obama called ISIS a JV team. Obama/Hillary left Democrats unprotected in Benghazi. Obama/Hillary didn't lift a finger to save Americans under attack. Obama, Hillary and others concocted a lie about a video that they told to the public and to the families of those who died to protect their political power. Obama lied about terrorists being on the run. Russia and its stooges paid huge kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation and got Uranium One in return. Hillary’s family got huge donations and speech fees from foreign countries. Hillary and many others violated the nation’s security laws with her private server. Obama dictatorially stopped an investigation into drug running by terrorists to appease Iran. Obama refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons when they were attacked by Russia. Obama didn’t enforce his fictional red line in Syria. Obama/Kerry assigned responsibility to monitor Assad’s chemical weapons to Putin. Obama gave the tyrants in Iran who spread terrorism around the World and pledge death to America and death to Israel hundreds of billions of dollars. Obama paid $1.8 billion in kickbacks to the Iranian tyrants in unmarked bills. Biden’s son got huge kickbacks from a corrupt Ukrainian company and also got money from China and Romania. Biden/Obama threatened to cut off over a billion dollars in aid if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company that paid Biden’s son. Ukraine colluded with Democrats to destroy Trump and elect Hillary in 2016. But they became very concerned and Trump was dangerous on foreign policy and should be impeached because he wanted to abide by a 1999 agreement with Ukraine to investigate the clear corruption of Biden and the DNC with Crowdstrike, Ever since Trump started running against Hillary, bureaucrats and other Democrats have searched for a way to defeat and then impeach him. The truth has not impeded Schiff or any other Democrat for the last three years in their goal to reverse the election. Instead of the media being unbiased observers and reporters, they have been active participants in the indoctrination of the public that Trump is a lawbreaker, ignores the Constitution and is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, dictator and fascists among other names as they say Trump is divisive. The meddling by the media to destroy Trump and elect Democrats is much more dangerous to the integrity of our elections than anything Russia or any other foreign country has or is doing. When the media is intentionally peddling false stories about Russian collusion, lies about what Trump said about Charlottesville, blocking opposing views on climate change, attacking Kavanaugh with no evidence or burying the Jeffrey Epstein story they are campaigners, not reporters. They are anything but fact checkers. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/20 ... terms.html
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    I don't understand on short yard situations why we seem to run a lot of pulling guards stuff with Chubb running laterally instead of having a hard runner like Chubb running hard going north and south? Many times I see defenses slice in and tackle Chubb behind the line of scrimmage. And then there are critical running plays that our best runner is for unknown reasons not being used? Rule of thumb for me in critical plays always go to your best players. I agree with you we should play against the other teams weakness and we should be running the ball against the Bills. We have a great runner with Chubb.
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    Yep! I'm a happy OLD GEEZER who just had a physical & is STILL un-medicated, with no diet restrictions. My Bride tells folks that my body is preserved with salt & alcohol...I tell ya, it's fresh ground sea salt & peppercorns, chased with Old Leghumper & Labatt's Blue....topped off with plenty of laughter!! Mike
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    Got signed into law by President Trump last Friday🏆 Well deserved and long overdue. Too bad two of them are deceased. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/women-hidden-figures-congressional-gold-medals-nasa/2019/11/10/id/940992/?ns_mail_uid=6d52df85-236f-4a8f-8332-d84fdb5d6ebf&ns_mail_job=DM66081_11112019&s=acs&dkt_nbr=0105021l31w2
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    I suppose you do realize you’ll be expected to start the official game day thread from this point forward and any failure to do so resulting in a loss will be on you. It’s a heavy burden. Godspeed.
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    Look Ice! Every time the Browns have a problem - Colin Cowerd gets another under wear change! You see, he really has a Wonderful Life...
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    or like diehard asking to be banned hahahahhaa
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    She did lie and here is the thing that bugs me Cal. We always have selective prosecution of those caught lying to congress. Some face charges and some don't depending upon who you are. Everyone caught lying to congress under oath should face prosecution and that is not the case.
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    I heard on the sports - he had a bump on his head, it was midiagnosed? It was cancerous, something like that. The sports dudes were saying they just hope he ends up alright. and they wanted a #1 pick? here it is: https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/ny-trent-williams-cancer-washington-tackle-20191031-es2uihdh2nb7rlckjexmpq7jty-story.html
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    From Cornell Big Red!! The only guy in the league from there. And as I may have mentioned before, my son's lab basically overlooks their stadium.
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    I just don’t think the PA bootleg game is safe due to how badly the offensive line has been out matched. But I would rather see that than any more plays wasted on a trick play. After Todd Haley I figured Kitchens wouldn’t be a trick play kind of guy.. Quick shotgun PAs instead of relying on RPOs may help out.
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