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    talking about short memories - albeit 4 years ago washington dc was getting destroyed by the party of peace and security city buildings windows smashed you know the usual temper tantrum and who can forget the onslaught of pussy hat wearing me too feminists who BTW do not know who Tara Reade is? - go figure
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    I sit here in stunned disbelief. I had to actually grab the devil lettuce and take a rip to ponder it again in an effort to just understand. I'm still at a loss.
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    Thanking Andrew is a Process that I'm still working through...
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    The most aggravating thing is that they refuse to even acknowledge that the left, biden voters every one, (the ones that bothered to vote) rioted, attacked federal courthouses mobbed and assaulted people, blocked roads, attacked drivers, burned the flag, openly invited violence and committed more than a few murders for an entire year over and over and over again. They just immediately change the subject. And you know what? It works. Americans are so dumb and their memories are so short because of social media induced ADD that many of them don't remember the details clearly enough. They can just accept what they're told: "mostly peaceful protests" - at face value.
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    https://thenewamerican.com/election-steal-general-exposes-the-real-vote-fraud-the-media-are-hiding-cia-computer-program-flips-votes/ ELECTION STEAL – General exposes the REAL vote fraud the media are hiding: CIA computer program flips votes
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    Sorry. I had to share it.
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    I always thought that back in '17 Trump should have shitcanned his healthcare idea and pushed an infrastructure bill. He would have had Dems over a barrel because Hillary campaigned on that very issue. He could have used it as a political bludgeon if Democrats had tried to wiggle out of supporting it. He could have made Nancy and Chuck stand behind him with fake frozen smiles while he signed the bill into law. Politically, he would have owned the Dems right out of the gate. It would have been a huge win in his first 100 days. But, for some reason, he insisted on pushing healthcare, when it was painfully obvious that--other than "cheap healthcare, beautiful healthcare"--he had no fucking idea what he was talking about. His Congressional Republican brethren did him no favors when, after ranting for 8 years about their superior plan, showed they didn't have a plan. Or rather different factions of the party had their own plan, which none of them could agree on. And if anyone honestly thought that Democrats were going to actually vote to repeal a Democratic president's signature legislation, well... You knew it was a Republican fiasco when Pelosi, asked what Democrats were going to do regarding R's on healthcare, said "Sit back and watch the show."
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    Oh come off it. As if the Democrats would have ever agreed to any health care plan trump put forward. I can't speak for trump but if I were him I would have floated medicare for all out there just to watch them shoot their own pet dog out of spite. Democrats of this forum: stop lying all the time. Just admit that killing trump at all costs was far more important to you and your brethren than helping people at any level. You're not fooling anyone. And...you succeeded. It only cost the soul of the country, and now democrats can pat themselves on the back while america burns.
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    I fill around 25% of it (according to DNA) mi amigo.πŸ˜‚
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    I missed this comment. Thank you for always bringing the comical relief.
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    How true. People who don't try new things miss out on a world of interesting experiences in our case here new GAMEDAY or anyday meals and a lot of things that go along with it.......including me In the past maybe 10 (+/-) years my wife and I have expanded our culinary world -and- cookbook collection ! This has led us to try new things and dishes some from scratch and shared them with guests and I have shared here and in my friends email list which has 20+ friends and ncludes several people here (anyone is welcome). I also enjoy looking at everybody else's comments, pictures and recipes. So try something new or different and bon appetit !
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    Better than you just πŸ’• love me for my good looks.....I guess.
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    You are correct sir, just continue to scroll down on the odds page until you see HOW TO READ NFL LAS VEGAS ODDS and keep reading and it explains it. Just look at my screenshot for guidance.
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    and maybe i'm just baked but i read his little myspace bio under is avatar and it has me in my feelings. I'm ready to get creative!
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    For proven, Championship teams, it's a big incentive to stay and a recruiting tool to attract UFAs at reduced cost. It helped fuel NE's prolonged run. We're not there yet... but... some of the talent on our team hitting FA just might be inclined to stay for a little less they they can make elsewhere. They certainly aren't fleeing the dumpster fire that was us just a couple o' three seasons ago. Plus we have to remember that these FAs have lives. Uprooting a family... kids changing schools... none of these are desirable... and now with the dumpster fire out, they are not necessary.
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    No Safety? No CB? No DE to bookend MG? No way in hell Berry is going all in on one pick when we have starter and depth issues on both sides of the ball... ... not to mention a bushel basket of FAs... not all of whom we will be able to sign due to the cap. We are way more than one LB away... I don't care how studly he is.
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    One will start because he's good and was a top10 DL FA last offseason - Andrew Billings. Of the rest, only Drew Forbes has a shot at making next season's roster. Good thing we have the one-year cap space to spend towards the signing bonuses of those 3 [beckham's not up till 2023-24 offseason] so that their annual salary can be lower. Last season's player salary was right at the cap.
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    Well I see time away from the board hasn't changed anything for PoG. Good lord.
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    Yes. That 1-31 organization is now gone. We are no longer the NFL's Siberia. We have talented players around on both sides or the ball. A solid OLine. A QB. A very professional and intelligent Head coach and GM tandem. Nope. We are now a desirable place to go.
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    His promises were stupid the more he breaks the better. WSS
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    Interesting that no Browns player appears on that list until # 94... Terrance Marshall, CB, Browns. Age: 29. Terrance Marshall was thrust into the starting lineup because of an injury to Greedy Williams. Marshall performed well, tackling particularly well. Good old Terrence Marshall. I hope we can resign him. He’s our top rated free agent.
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    Still waiting for righty to answer the easy question. What evidence is needed to show that there wasn't massive voter fraud? You can't answer because you will never accept the reality, no matter what evidence is provided. Well unless your cult leader tell you something different. Nut jobs.
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