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    For a businessman recently turned politician Trump is playing these professional democrat politicians like a fiddle..every trap they try to set for him he boomerangs it around on them.
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    I get your point, but no one said they had to. It's an option, not a mandate. It was figuratively said to start with. You know that. Add in these ladies seem to act like this is Nazi Germany. And for some odd reason its just these 4 brown ladies on the immigration/concentration camp warpaths, specifically. Would you want to stay in Nazi Germany? You know why Trump didn't tell Lyin Ted, Little Marco, or Weak Ben they could leave? Because they don't openly protest almost every American institution. How happy can you be? The sad part is AOC is missing her moment to redeem a little value. She could easily go use her abilities to speak to her people south of the border and tell them they're overwhelming the current system. That they would be setting themselves up for rough conditions. That might actually slow down the caravans a bit. If you wanted America to do better why not help? Because our shortcomings vindicate their distaste for our culture. The name Justice Democrat says it all. Which is funny because brown people, unlike the Jews, walk through the doors of the concentration camps under their own free will.
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    We can not stand for this comrade! Time for the glorious state to take over YouTube!
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    No doubt who he was referring to but I get tired of hearing these America hating gals pretty much say they can't be criticized for anything because they are women of color.
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    Those of us who follow politics know this.....the dems best weapon are low information voters
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    You forgot about "lock her up". Short attention span. Now it's come down to you can't say anything negative about a minority (if you don't agree with their POV) without being called a racist. Hey your Muslim Congresswoman had some pretty deafening silence on where she stands with Radical Islamists. It works both ways.
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    Woody- I'll say no to that. AOC and her Muslim pal don't represent what America is about. The same could be said about Trump from your POV? Great. Dems digging dirt on Donald is just hunky-dory- but start bringing up documented stuff on these radical lefties? Foul, not fair. Don't know about that Ag. What has happened is the middle ground has gotten vanishingly small- from both extremes. Credit Politician Pelosi trying to rein in the radicals of her party- because she knows damn well their agenda won't play well in Peoria come 2020.
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    Pretty much man. It's crazy what politics does to people. Or maybe they're like this from the start, and politics is just an avenue. No idea.
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    No, no, no, no, no!....they don't hate America...they want to make America better!
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    does anyone seriously doubt he'd not say the same thing about 4 nasty bitches who were hating America completely and white? playing the race card is really stupid and low. He ridicules, rightly so, higgardly and comey...etc etc etc. they are white. is that racism too, idiots? the race card is being so blatantly used it is crying "wolf" for the thousand time. They are never going to get over the dishonesty. They're all in on it.
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    The mental gymnastics to pretend as if he wasn't referring to those particular congress women is hilarious. Trump followed up in other tweets confirming as much that he was talking about them.
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    That settles it then...Clevis says it didn't happen...it didn't happen.
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    Donald J. Trump 15 mins · The Democrats in Congress are getting nothing done, not on drug pricing, not on immigration, not on infrastructure, not on nothing! Sooo much opportunity, yet all they want to do is go “fishing.” The American people are tired of the never ending Witch Hunt, they want results now!
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    Not only would Cleve defend this fo sho, he'd want to rim job that!
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    Not to steal the river in Egypt hook from Cal but the wood man has trouble accepting the truth in most situations. Rather than to face the facts he will whine and cry that the site isn't a bunch of left-wing hacks or that whoever posts it must certainly be a nefarious Alt. He will also "scream and bitch" about people using hyperbolic phrases but keep his mouth firmly planted on the dick of the worst offender on the board. WSS
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    I wonder what the disgraced al gore is up to these days? https://www.climatedepot.com/2019/07/16/prince-charles-at-it-again-issues-yet-another-climate-tipping-point-deadline-after-previous-100-month-deadline-expires/
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    Can't you be honest for a change? No you can't because it would put you on the same side as Cal on this issue. Racism was contrived. The only possible way you could get racism out of that tweet is to spin it.
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    You and Cleve are infatuated by dick, why is that?
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    Po hasn't taken down the Trent poster yet apparently....
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