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    The Chiefs have Mahomes & they are happy with him. He's NOT here. The Browns have Mayfield & I (for one) am happy with him. He IS here. I see no need to discuss the other when we have our guy! Just my opinion. Mike
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    Making stuff up? Hue said during the presser already that Haley had to get his plays approved by Hue. What if Hue rejected a Haley play? That's control. Any more control Hue would take playcalling back or relegate Haley into being a coffee fetcher. Hue wanted more control and influence on the plays after that day but had influence on them before. Nothing is being made up, those are his direct words. You can't blame every Offensive problem on Haley when Hue "I'm the Captain" was talking down to him, and won one game in two years. Who knows how much he was critiquing Haley's plays? Haley was a scapegoat for Hue to take back the offense and to get another year. Hue ended up doing that and pitching it to Jimmy he needed more control of the offense. Haley probably did the opposite and said he couldn't call his offense with Hue breathing down his neck and having to approve all of his plays. Discord did happen, regardless of what Hue said. Haley sucked for us, but Hue did as well, and both of their Ego's got in the way of us succeeding. I think it's unfair to blame everything of the offense on Haley when Hue was the captain and we have no idea how much influence he had in what they did. I know for sure him and Todd were arguing about what to do and Todd went over him. Who knows if that time he did, it helped our O or hurt it.
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