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    Very classy, Tex - it takes a crisis sometimes, to remind us to not take so many things for granted. We have close friends who are fairly liberal. And wanted nothing to do with the idea about prepping just in case, and Pres Trump. Now, they spend over 300 bucks on food in the drive through at the grocery, a very popular drive through - and texted to me she is so sadly stunned that this could happen here. Our neighborhood is generally making sure everybody else is ok. Our niece and family live in Midland, Texas - they didn't have it there - but that was a week ago - hope it's still true. Pretty perceptive to cancel her trip up here the week before things shut down. Wife's Dad in assisted living - going on 98 - says he gets bored, but then walks down the hall with his walker and talks to all his friends. No visitors allowed - packages are disinfected, etc. No cases there. They don't eat together anymore for now, their meals go to their rooms. They are doing well. We dropped off groceries again to another friend - had a hip replacement surgery three weeks ago - they stay in home quarantined... Let's all just hang in there. I truly wish everyone and their families are just safe from all this. I'm even concerned for Woody's well being - his house is only about ten miles from a virus epicenter
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    Slight difference in our takes on Wills, but not Thomas or Wirfs... and my reluctance with Wills is simply due to the even small risk of having 1 of 2 experienced RTs have to flip to LT. But do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes with...
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    Take care, and have a lysol can handy when yer part comes in - I'd spray that sucker but good.
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    I appreciate the fact that Callahan is here to help make the decision. His knowledge will go a long ways in selecting the right guy. IMOP, the only one who seems like he could be a massive bust is Becton...I just have a bad feeling about him. That being said, i know very little about evaluating offensive line talent. One guy whom I didn't see on the list is Ezra Cleveland. He's getting a lot of hype right now and the browns have had him in for a visit. My predicition is the Browns are going to trade back to 12 with the Raiders and still get their guy. The Raiders want a #1 wr and if the board falls the way it is currently looking, the Raiders will want to jump the jets to get their guy. #12 and a 3rd rounder to jump a couple of spots. The browns would take that in a heartbeat. Also, I wouldn't mind if the browns took a 1 year flyer on Peters. Basically, help the young tackle, wherever you draft him, get accustomed to this abnormal season that is going to happen. If Peters is playing at a high level, great. If he sucks after 5 games, you cut him or try to trade him for a late round pick to someone whom has injuries. This also helps to provide depth.
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    Here ya go... I did not have links in another thread (DOH!), but remembered youtube search string... University of Houston Offensive Line vs 2019... turns up 1-1/2 games.
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    You think yer so much better than us wit yer fancy book lernin'?
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    I have to say after hearing him I’m not pissed at all.
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    After listening to him, he does have a point.
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    I thought this was funny so put it in the Humor slot
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    You are probably correct Darren. Tour added some highlights that probably confirm a lot of what you like about him. Keep in mind, a lot of fans, scouts and draft analysts will disagree with my round 2 projection (even I'm thinking I short changed him by about a half a round or so). That being the case, we could trade back to land him - but that could conceivably hand him to a team like Tampa if it's too far back. Another option is if the guy our FO wants goes before #10 we could go BPA and trade back up into round 1 for him (possibly parting with a Kareem Hunt and/or David Njoku to do so). Even though it's a deep draft for LTs, it seems like the demand for them this year is just as deep.
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    If you see anyone wearing a mask this way.... slap them and tell them not to waste masks. The top strap goes high on the back of the head to be sure the mask stays tight to the chin. This is universal for all respirators. Plus the seal around the sides of the bridge of the nose looks suspect, but I'm not familiar with that model and the foam rubber may fill the gap. Most models have a metal strip you pinch for a tight fit.
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    It's all in the wording these politicians are slick..I'll give you partial credit of being right.🌟
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    got my REDS hat on (grew up in columbus) fucking missing opening day
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    And you've done what, besides run your cockhole about the bad orange man?
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    Mark Van Eeghan Lawrence McCutcheon Wendell Tyler
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    Actually if they spread more disease we should learn to say Vaya con Dios. 👍 WSS
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    Really happy we re-worked Hubbard, good veteran to keep around. Good swing tackle who can play inside too. Don't necessary think he's a better guard than Teffler, and we have Forbes there too, but it gives us that vital depth everywhere, especially with a rookie going to be at LT. If he practices at four different spots it saves a roster spot for somewhere else too, solid ... Berry has really impressed me so far. Zombo
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    Am starting to warm up to this Andrew Berry guy.. never thought of it.. fair offer from both sides..Makes Hubbard earn his playable, tradeable or cutable...Evan Brown is a high spars score addition.With Kush gone, we needed a back-up Center.. LT & RG will have lots of eyes on them
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    This page and map from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center blows the bing site away. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html If you click on any of the countries listed on the left hand side of the map, then the data and the plot on the right hand side swap to that country's data. Note: Due to the testing lag the U.S. curve looks very peculiar, very different from most every other country's curve.
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