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    Well, The Great Zomboni started off the season three-and-one straight-up in the division, but it wasn't enough for Lola to keep her job, sorry fans. Sure, everyone knew the Ravens would beat the Phins, and the Bungles would ultimately choke. And I have been telling you Pittsburgh sucks for years, I didn't need any help with that one. But she missed big on the most important game of the week, and that's just bad JuJu. So another National Search for an assistant begins, in the meantime we are going to have a celebrity guest this week, Friend of the Board Salma Hayek is putting on her best brown dress and advise TGZ on his picks this week. So, without further ado, here is what The Great Zomboni and the Spectacular Salmas came up with: Arizona at Baltimore 1:00 PM The Rats start their season with their second straight candy-ass team. Let their egos grow ... RAVENS 24 CARDINALS 14 San Francisco at Cincinnati 1:00 PM It's not the 80's, so don't expect anything Super. More like a sloppy win for the Bungles on their home turf. BUNGLES 22 49ERS 19 Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM In honor of our guest Ms. Hayek, I am going to throw you guys a curve here: Steelers can't be THAT bad, and a Tomilin-coached team will rebound against a West Coast team with the game in Pukesburgh. STILLERS 26 SEAHAWKS 20 Cleveland at New York Jets 8:15 PM Monday Night Football After opening in 1970 with Bill Nelson v. Joe Namath, the NFL was hoping to treat us to Mayfield V Darnold II during this historic 50th season of MNF. But apparently Sammy Boy was kissing boys in the bathhouse and came down with something viral. So now we get to watch Baker throttle the Jets in Primetime again and Myles Garrett make lead-footed Trevor Semen into his own personal voodoo doll. BROWNS 41 JETS 14
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    JAX @ HOU here... throwin' the native-Houstonian wife a bone.
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    I HATE IT, when they blow the whistle. Let them play the game and if you have to change the call into an incomplete call, you can do it as every turnover is revised. Damn it, another fumble recovered for TD that doesn't get scored thanks to the referees (NO at LAR) I don't care if it's New Orleans, the Rams or against the Browns. I hate it when they blow the whistle killing defensive TDs or great returns. It makes no sense.
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    Can't wait for that 4pm Saints vs Rams game... Think the Saints have had this game circled on their schedule?
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    Great celebrity choice, Z...
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    Ravens 28 Cards 10 Bungles 24 49s 27 Squealers 17 Seabirds 24 Browns 24 Jets 10
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    Sorry Z. Bungles gonna suck, and ditto them Squealers. Ravens got two winning byes in a row.
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    Browns will win this thing, I just find that if I do my best to think they don’t win then they will win
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    1970 1st MNF game, Jets at Browns on NFL network now.. 80,000 in The Muni..those were the days my friends..
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    Haha maybe they didn’t realize his illness was concussion related. We have some nice options with Murray and Redwine 🍷
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    A team of very good players on PAPER. Yes. That said, a football coach once told us in film review - when you have 11 guys on the field on every play - you're only as good as your last guy. For example, 18 penalties! Ever watch a replay of a TD called back? Sometimes 10 guys are doing everything they're supposed to be doing while 1 offensive lineman has a brain fart and he's down field on a pass play which removes the TD. Starting out a drive with a 1st and 25 or 1st and 20 sure changes a game plan to predictably lean on the pass. That enabled TN's defense to pin their ears back an tee off. On defense, just when it appears you stopped the opponent from converting on 3rd down - all it takes is 1 guy to grab or hold or hit someone late to gift wrap a 1st and 10. The Freddie theory as rookie HC seems like an easy scapegoat to cling to especially if we forget he's been an Assistant Head Coach to Bruce Arians. However, when Freddie became the OC last year - many of the dumb/avoidable penalties stopped. He also got our rookie QB in the habit of getting rid of the ball sooner, which sure made our pass pro look much improved. What's changed beside his title? Players hearing how great this team is by the same media now attacking how soft they looked. As much as I hate typing this - this team looked very distracted like Baker in particular. Right after he throws a pick 6 - I'm watching a commercial of Baker starting a lawn mower. Just a few weeks ago, I'm reading about the efforts he's tried to make to reach out to the back-up Rookie QB for the Giants about a month or 2 after getting married and honey-mooning. I didn't really see the SAME hungry Baker I saw last year. I saw a guy that expected things to be easier (via talent added) than a guy who "WOKE UP FEELING DANGEROUS!" Last year, he always looked extremely well prepared for our opponents. That's what led to his pre-snap intellect that promoted all the accurate quick passes that jumper cabled excitement about the offense with him in the driver seat. After the opening drive, it looked like Baker didn't know anything about TN (who was 9-7 in 2018). Leading up to last week's matchup - Freddie said they had been preparing for TN for the last 3 weeks. It looked like some guys did. This team got punched in the mouth last week. Their reaction to it? "We'll kick our own asss for you TN." And this defense that was supposed to swarm and smother people turned into a limp-wristed careless whisper. Right now, this team is defined as 43-13. If that didn't light their fannies, I can only care as much or as little as they do. All that said, TN's lead was reduced to 15-13 midway through the 3rd quarter to remind us it remained competitive as long as we allowed it to. The last time we got rathoused that bad on opening day Pittsburgh beat us something like 35-7 during a season we finished 10-6 (2007). The fan in me doesn't think we've wasted our time getting excited about this year's team.
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    AB should have stayed in Pitt. They know how to deal with rapist. Just take a page out of Big Ben’s playbook and pay the girl and absorbent amount of money to settle out of court and move on with your NFL career. Actually now that I think about it, just talk to Kraft when you get to NE. Guy is a damn Houdini when it comes to this stuff....
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