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    this is also true, but better talent, to a degree, can make play calling far easier.
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    If you look up the meaning of Lady's Man - there's a picture of your buddy Flugel getting kicked out of Cub Scouts for eating too many Brownies back in the day. And I love the smell of this new glue so keep your refreshing sense of humor while you read... As bad as last year was - we lost 4 games by just 3 points and another game by 6 points in OT. On top of a rookie QB playing Santa Claus with just 11 TD passes to 22 INTs (plus what he gifted in fumbles) while he struggled with accuracy - we didn't have very many play makers to make the difference in close games like the 5 games I mentioned. So, what's changed in the off season? Offensively, we added 2 players (Hyde & Landry) that made the Top 100 NFL Players as voted by their peers/competitors. The WR Corps was a previous weakness especially knowing we wouldn't have Gordon for about 12 weeks. Aside from getting Landry - we drafted a potential play maker and ST standout from Florida. We drafted RB Nick Chubb to team up with Duke and Hyde. We also added a QB (Taylor) that made the Pro Bowl in 2015 and led his team to the Playoffs in 2017 with his greatest asset of not turning the ball over (think of how many trips to the red zone that ended in turnovers). We also drafted a QB that could win AT Ohio State and he had completion percentages in 70s a couple times from the only school in the Big 12 that had a QB earn NFL Rookie of the Year honors (Sam Bradford). We drafted a corner from the Ohio State program that's been racking up a pretty good tradition at equipping NFL teams with reliable coverage help like last year's Defensive Rookie of the Year in New Orleans and others. We added secondary help in trades and FA. Both of our promising young DEs have had an off season to recuperate injuries. We've also added help and experience to our LB Corps. The biggest question we have is LT, which is significant. That said, Fells is the first TE we've brought here to help set the edge. If that has to be on the left side - so be it. Aside from that, we have a really agile QB that got his NFL potty training running the scout team QB behind a backup LT taking on T Suggs while guys like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis gave Taylor high praise for the challenge/fits he gave them every week in prep. Is he the next Alex Smith moving to the right situation or just the next Derek Anderson that will play himself back into a backup role behind a 1st round QB? Either makes him useful to an extent. I see enough changes in the play maker departments to the extent we can start winning the close games. As much as I'm coming across like a fan that only sees things through rose colored glasses - this off season finally leaves me feeling like I don't have to get creative to find the game face. I think we've upgraded all of the right places that were weaknesses (WR Corps, Secondary, and a TE who can actually set an edge) while we now have 3 different RBs that can help us. On top of that, we get Meder, Collins, Ogbah and Garrett back healthier after injuries shortened their season last year. This is a completely different team that can win those 4 games we lost by 3 points (that our opponents had to win ugly in) as well as the OT loss to GB. That's 5 games teams with more player makers than we had pull out even if by accident. I don't think adding 2 wins to the 5 shoulda's is as big of a stretch as the stench of our 1-31 record implies it is. I think we should win at least 7 games with the changes we've made plus important players coming back healthier. I'd prefer at least 8 wins so I'm going with that. Yuz all can laugh at me later if I'm wrong again.
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    We just need to work on two things. Offense and defense. We can punt very well.
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    YES, lesson #1 treat every gun as if it were loaded and ready to fire, what ever you line up on is your target -and- NEVER, EVER pull the trigger unless you want it to FIRE! Lesson #2 use a pest spray for ticks next time.
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    I’m an isolated Browns fan in Omaha, so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed it; but Browns “fans” actually switch to the Steelers?! I’m not sure why, but there is a Sheet ton of Steelers fans in Omaha; every time I see someone with a Steelers license plate frame, I’m doing well to just honk and flip them off. I really want to shoot out their tires lol.
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    The hard left has always been that way, Cal. It's the 'centrists' that can't muster the outrage or empathy when their victimhood hierarchy gets naturally and unintendedly questioned. They exonerate themselves with silence to leave the most common defense of "I never said that". Rest assured though, under the proper demographic arrangement they will be very loud.
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    Yep-I already said my dad became a WW II small arms trainer because he was such a dead shot. The lesson we learned about "all guns are loaded and off safe" came from his own experience with his first shotgun. He was fooling around inside the house with his shotgun thinking it was unloaded when he spotted a tick on his arm. So he pulled the barrel around in front of the tick resting it on his arm and stretched his other out to reach the "safe" trigger for grins only to have it blow the tick off his arm and singe arm hairs. LOL! Lesson passed on to kids for free.
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    Come on guys let's be fair. In his own third world shitthole he wouldn't have had the money for a chainsaw and would have had to hack her up with a machete. WSS
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    No you are right Senator McCarthy. Let's go to war immediately. By the way if the Russians wanted to disrupt the US government you guys are making that happen for them. And if Hillary and her party, and your party I guess, weren't dirty there'd be nothing to expose. WSS
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    Dontrell Hilliard 25 RB 5-11 202 23 R Tulane Carlos Hyde 34 RB 6-0 229 27 5 Ohio State Nick Chubb 31 RB 5-11 227 22 R Georgia Duke Johnson Jr. 29 RB 5-9 210 24 4 Miami (Fla.) Matthew Dayes 27 RB 5-9 205 23 2 North Carolina State ------------------------------------------------------- So Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb and Duke are all pretty much locks to be on the team. Mathew Dayes and Donttell Hilliard need at least one of the other 3 to get injured. Basically it's Hyde & Chubb replacing Crow. In this way if Hyde or Chubb get dinged, Duke doesn't absolutely have to come in and run a 3rd and 1 or 2 play. - I see our backfield as having been upgraded with sufficient talent for the position. I hope our OL can open holes that any back can run through
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    Well said Gumbs. I like the old fashion FBs that had Coaches wanting to give them the ball perhaps even more than they wanted them blocking at times. If I'm gonna say such a thing - I better give some examples. Here goes: Jim Brown (Anyone ever see him block anybody?) Well, he does have 9 years without missing a start/reps to injury to show for it). Larry Csonka (Poor Jim Kiick had to do more blocking for Larry and Mercury Morris when they both rushed for over 1000 yards in 14 games.) 2 Syracuse guys? I wish I could add Moose Johnston but he needed to be an All Pro blocker for his backfied mate in Dallas. Kevin Mack (who rushed for over 1000 yards with is backfield partner Earnest Byner in 85). If Earnest was 3" taller we would have been asking "okay which one one's the FB?" To further confuse things Mack was the one running 4.5s at 240 lbs while Byner was the one running about a 4.67/4.68. Greg Lloyd is getting another round of smelling salts as we speak... Mike Alstott (I think he did most of his blocking on 3rd downs when they threw passes to Warrick Dunn out of the backfield). That said, they often took Alstott off the field when it wasn't 3rd and short. Franco Harris (While Rocky Bleier was the RB - Franco was the one that liked to run out of bounds to avoid contact). Why do I get the feeling Ghoolie is going to put on his Lancelot armor to defend his favorite team again? All that said, Lydell Mitchell's former blocking back at PSU had a HOF career running behind the Stee-roids up front. Not that any of us will mistake Hue Jackson for looking like Olivia Newton-John in air tight spandex; but his version of "Let's Get Physical" had a very similar lack of intimidation to it. More specifically, it wasn't coming from Marty's #1 pupil Bill Cowher on the sidelines attempting to re-invent the Mack & Byner down your esophagus approach. And all those blades of grass tackling Crow brought back memories of Owen Marecic getting knocked on his dumpster by the blade of crab grass our grounds crew missed. Looking at the builds of Hyde and Chubb - these guys look like they can provide some ideal dual purpose (resembling that of Mack and Byner). If everyone stays healthy, it should be fun watching it unfold...
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    not sure you were around when Pettine thought rostering 6 useless H-Back TE's was a good idea? this board went nutz. But if Huejax keeps 2 FB's for 3 carries a piece? lets try finding a head coach with hair on his head next time..Bald & brainless ain't working
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    You read that...wow...the Browns are really going to shock the NFL this year. No weaknesses (ok, maybe at LT ?), but serious talent and depth all around. except LT. dammit.
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    Yes as soon as the Browns move out of the cellar. 😜
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    What football stuff? And I thought this board was totally going to hell. Barbeque, booze and broads.....well maybe not all bad.
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    another favorite, a bit more work involved: https://duckcommander.com/recipes/boiled-squirrels-and-dumplings
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