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    Mark Levin is great - https://www.theblaze.com/levintv/blm-is-marxist Mark Levin: BLM is the equivalent of the KKK And the 'Democrat operatives in the media' keep defending them
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    Here ya go Cal- 1890 map of Oklahoma AKA" Indian Territory". So who took what away? IIRC the entire state was supposed of be one big king sized Indian Reservation....
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    I'm starting to think it will be somewhat of a surprise if the season gets played, fans in the stands or not.
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    Cases trail mass infection events. Hospitalizations trail cases. Deaths trail hospitalizations. Ohio is about to get buffucked by this virus. This thing would be under control if Everyone wore a mask in public Everyone wore their masks properly Everyone decided to stop going to mass gatherings (Trump rallies, BLM protests, church, little league baseball games). The virus doesn't give a shit about your politics.
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    I answered the survey, and thought that a moronic idea. I live 600 miles away. Many times I have a hard time finding someone to take my 1 extra. What the hell am I going to do with 6 tickets? As for me, I don't plan on any games. They will give you a credit or refund your money.
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