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    May have only been the Bengals, but a win is a win... Kudos to both the OL and the DL... especially the OL for doing the unsung work for Baker and both our RBs. Also hats off to Stef for his game-calling..
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    Man... if I hear and read people continue to bitch about Baker and ignore this awful defense...
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    All you guys with sand in your vag about Baker need to shift your worry to this defense..... they couldn’t stop a powder puff team
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    Joe Burrow was interviewed after the game, and said that he can't remember the last time he's lost two games in a row, and that it is a horrible feeling. Oh Joe, welcome to Cincinnati. You have no idea.
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    Injuries, departures of key secondary players.
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    bagels were 8 of 18 on 3rd..and 5 out of 5 on 4ths...glad to help...our back 7 is astoundingly bad..
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    This was pretty damn fun. I thought we'd win like 31-17 or something, but I didn't think we'd give up that many points. There's so many things to discuss about our victory and I don't have time right now, haha. Mayfield was outstanding. His ball placement was scary good and it was the kind of accuracy he was drafted for. It really was excellent. Burrow will be a problem for a LONG time and I don't like it. I hope he survives a terrible OL. Running the ball is fun. That last drive was heavenly. I hate our defense. Like, for real. Why can't we tackle on kickoffs? Thank you Myles Garrett for saving the game after our botched 4th down. That bomb to OBJ was terrific!
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    I thought he was solid. I liked how they rolled Baker out, that's what makes sense. He's not a pocket passer. So don't try to make him one.
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    Play calling from Stefanski was solid. For once we may have a guy that knows how to call a game.
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    I only saw the 1st and 4th qtrs, but the offense looked like a real life NFL offense in terms of play calling vs game flow. Pretty damn impressive when compared to that thing we all had to sit through last Sunday.
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    I was 8 of 12 eating hot Chicken Wings..8 of 12 to empty Landshark beer bottles.. and Enjoyed the heck out of that game... 👍 Congrats Coach Stefanski on win #1.. still more work to do Ice/Ice Cube Baby !! OBJ's wheels with no deals is back! Good! Night! Merica! and WOOOOOFFFF !!
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    260 yards rushing. They should have that amount every game
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    It's nice to see a head coach that actually has a game plan. The offense looked real organized tonight, Baker was on fire minus the pick. Having a two headed monster in Chubb and Hunt in the backfield in Stefanski's offesne is going to be a nightmare for teams if they can make tonight a consistant thing.
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    34 Runs 23 Passes. Not quite 40/30 but that will do
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    Gustin? Seems like a smart DE, like what ive seen from him.
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    Fucking Stefanski. You take 3 points there you moron
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    Are they trying to get Joe Buck to leave by awarding him? I hope it works.
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    Baker looks sharp tonight. If we can get this version of Baker every game, and having that playaction with Chubb and Hunt in the back field, my goodness the Browns will be hard to stop.
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    Yeah.... Joe was good, but he wasn't great and you cannot pay everyone. The problem is not that Joe is gone... It's that we have not replaced him.
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    - The Browns averaged over 5ypc. Turnovers and getting away from the game plan is what killed that from being even more effective. - No, the ARavens lead it with the "lets pound the rock and supplement our QB's average passing ability by using his legs to threaten every level of the defense"... mindset. - A LOT were Lamar runs. - The Ravens offense is so effective because it is crafted around the threat of the running game and the legs provided by their QB. Then you mix in the TE work and the misdirection creating an effective passing attack. Notice what has happened to that vaunted offense when defenses with quality secondaries no longer want to respect their QB? They get blown out in back to back years. - The Ravens have a quality secondary. The Browns have drafted CB's in the 1st, 2nd, brought in FA DB's and just drafted another S with a top 50 pick this past season. So what do you call that? Not investing resources? - The last part is where I knew you were truly full of shit. The Chiefs actually invested stopping the run by involving Derrick Nnadi more in the back half of their season and the playoffs. How do you think they stopped Henry from putting up almost 2bills again? It wasn't Chris Jones, who is actually a pretty big liability in limiting the run. If not for that serious defensive turn around, it's incredibly possible the Titans play for their 2nd Superbowl. Aren't you the same guy who said the Titans should come out and throw 15 of the first 16 times vs the Ravens in the playoffs last year? We get it, you're Mike Fucking Leach. Yes, it's a passing league. But if you can't limit the running game, not get sucked up by play action and not ice the clock then you run into very real problems in the NFL. You preach about the Chiefs, but ignore that they took a RB in the first round who was hardly involved in their passing game week 1. You're shtick is easy to turn on itself.
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