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    Joe Schobert is going to be one of those guys that quietly has a very good career.
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    They like Beathard, I think they will find a vet to back him up. We kinda need Taylor unless you guys want to be one play away from a Drew Stanton season. Z
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    The first time I lived through a changing of the guard, Jim Brown retired. The emergence of Sipe was a big change for us, as was his leaving. Sam and Sipe in exchange for Bernie and Marty was another, but whew....we wound up being okay. I think the next one was Modell moving the team. I personally believe we are living in the age of a new Browns franchise, and me, not being blinded by fanaticism, believes there is good reason for this. In the division and Ben, Flacco are getting long in the tooth. I am not sure yet about Ben, but his miracle throws have almost vanished. He is still a physical bastard and his team is in a weird place. I AM however sure about Tom Brady. Only 80's Steeler-type miraculous luck allows Brady to beat Atlanta, and last year, he wasn't enough. This year? He is a ghost. His mental quickness has declined. He is getting hit more and it is NOT the OL. Defenses are not as quick to adjust as I am, but mark my words, this year will be total crap for Tom and the Pats. But I digress. Fan-masturbation aside, do you think this is a moment in time that is going to mark a new era for the Browns? I do. 2018-19 will be more than just a year in the records. I believe it will be memorable for fans of all 32 teams as it applies to the Browns. COming in 2019 - 20...............Brownsania (collectable material) in mall stores near you.
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    Any questions? There will be bumps in the road, but at least we are now on a road.
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    I know I am jumping the gun on Baker, but even without him we have 3 bonafide stars on our team now... Garret and Ward on Defense. Absolute game changers who elevate the play of those around them. And on Offense you have the sure and steady hands of Jarvis Landry. Again a person that seems to elevate those around him.. And depending on how he does against the Raiders, At least in 1 game Baker Mayfield elevated an entire team with his play and presence. The team was going over the edge and we were on our way to another loss.. Baker took the field and with a combination of great play, but more importantly, the fact that people elevated their play merely because he was on the field, was beyond obvious. There is an IT factor when it comes to having superstars on your team.. We've had good even borderline great players these past 18 or 19 years of the new Browns, but no superstars... We are on the cusp of having 4.. The potential positive affect this can have on our team will be incredible to watch if it comes to fruition... Only 1 game under our belts, so this is just wishful thinking at this point, but the potential is there. BobPound!
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    I remember that play like yesterday... When they handed off to Metcalf I screamed: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE HAVE NO TIMEOUTS!" because if he got tackled, the game would be over. Then he scored, and I was all like: "Hey, good call." 😁
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    And the triumphant return of warm and fuzzy Ghoolie… 🙄
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    Who in the Wide Wide World of Sports built Brandon Weeden up? His career literally started with him stuck under the American flag during the anthem in his opening game, and went downhill from there. Nice guy, but yet another pick you didn't need 20/20 hindsight vision to know was dumb.
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    https://www.dailywire.com/news/36229/10-serious-problems-new-accusations-against-ryan-saavedra Y'know? in the past, I have voted both Dem and Rep in elections.. I've always voted for who I thought was the best person for the job.. But I swear with God as my witness, I will NEVER vote for another Democrat in either local, state or national elections again as a result of their actions in these Kavanaugh proceedings..
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    He honestly looked like a guy who knew his fate and accepted it. All the stuff that made TT good went down the tube here in Cleveland (accuracy, low turnovers/sacks, etc). My best guess is having the #1 pick breathing down your neck was pressure the guy wasn't used to and it got to him. I think after that last hit though he realized he might as well slide into the reality. TT is a strong back-up, and I'm still very glad he's on the roster. I think if needed and without the pressure he could come in and be the Tyrod that led Buffalo. Hopefully TT can appreciate being a back-up because I'd be happy with him as #2 compared to about any other team in the NFL. He's about to be 30 after this year so I strongly doubt someone will bring the guy in for a starting competition. I suppose we shall see though.
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    Not what you're looking for in this thread I know, but my favorite Browns vs Raiders trivia was when I was at the LA Coliseum in '93 and watched Eric Metcalf take the pitch from Vinny and high step into the end zone as time expired to complete the Browns' furious comeback...... Still the best football game I have ever seen in person. https://www.si.com/vault/1993/09/27/129400/unbeaten-unbelievable-how-can-the-cleveland-browns-be-3-0-and-how-about-that-vinny-testaverde
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    There really was no doubt... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/09/baker_mayfield_named_browns_st.html
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    Well have to remember that if he were traded tomorrow that 3 million would be off from 1st 3 games. Still don't think a team wants that.
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    If Ogunjobi keeps up his current level of play he is legit in the conversation as one of the top DTs in the league.
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    Poe this is one thing I have to respectfully disagree with you on.. It would have cost us alot to move two spots to draft Mayfield and Saquon.. I really do like the Denzel Ward pick, I believe he is going to be a great DB in this league, and he has been showing that so far early in the season.. We would of had to trade a few second rounders, possibly a 1st next year to move up.. Chubb is a servicable back, and Hyde has been spectacular as the featured back. Saquon is a good back, don't get me wrong, but so far I am impressed with Denzel Ward, I wouldn't want to lose his production for Barkley.
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    I'm seeing Dorsey moving up into favorite son position. And this was not the first game ball for the haslams. Just the first in a long long long time. That still doesn't make Tennessee Jim a football genius.
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    Apparently there is a rivalry on our defensive team. A good one!!🤩
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    When Baker came in, it was like someone flipped a light switch on. BOTH his Teammates & the Fans came alive, reaching levels of excitement & performance I haven't seen in many years. The Baker era is HERE!!! Mike
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