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    He should have been used to that because in the SEC they used to get away with arms around the neck as he ran by them, often all the way to the ground and not called. They would pretend that their hand just slipped off his chest and inadvertently hooked around his neck. It's an old OL trick that still fools even NFL refs.
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    Great response, Flugel. I will say there were definitely times when I'd watch Myles and I'd be so frustrated that he repeatedly did his super wide edge rush, only to be nowhere near the play. The other teams seemed to know this and just drifted to the other side. I didn't see a ton of inverted spins, and frankly, his bull rush might be his best move against certain OL. I've always felt the biggest hurdle to Myles' sack numbers was the opposite DE. Too often Myles got double and triple teamed, the QB drifted away from the left side, and Myles wasn't a factor. If Vernon gets consistent pressure, I'm not sure WHAT the ceiling is for Myles. He could be a 16 sack guy if healthy.
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    I like Myles but I don't think this was necessary at all. Do we really have all the information here in terms of why? If anything, GW gets more criticized for being too aggressive and blitz happy. Hear me out before we accept GW just woke up stupid under Ohio skies. Although I will accept occasional bouts of senile (ie: all those teams that wanted to hire him as HC). First, GW took another guy named Jevon Kearse that began his college career at Florida as a Safety before transitioning to a standup OLB in a 4-3. In 1999, GW was the DC when Kearse was a rookie that changed his position 1 more time to DE. As a result, Kearse became NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, First Team All Pro and AFC Defensive Player of the Year all in the 1999 rookie season GW was his DC. He had 14.5 sacks, 8 forced fumbles and 15 tackles for a loss. Coincidentally, that was the same year TN made it to their only SB. In 2000, he had the 2nd highest sack volume of his career with 11 (in GW's final season as his DC). After GW's departure, Kearse dropped to 10 sacks - and then he proceeded to never reach double digit sacks again in his career under different DCs. Needless to say, it wasn't GW that put the muzzle or a leash on the Freak. Next, the ONLY year the Saints won a SB, GW was their DC. This was the same season former Buckeye DE Will Smith had a career best 13 sacks in his 9 year NFL career. Again, I see no muzzle or leash on GW's best edge rusher. Understanding this so far, my guess is there were sound reasons GW simplified some stuff for Garrett. If memory serves me right, GW hooked him up with HOF DE Bruce Smith to work with MG on his pass rush moves and fundamentals. One of Bruce Smith's unique/patented pass rush moves was the spin move that Dwight Freeney would later duplicate with great success. Of course what sets up such success, is that first step quickness and explosion that can bust a LT leaning/committing to stop it (which MG definitely has). That said, do we really want a promising young pass rusher that had a 2 year high ankle sprain at TAM and throughout the rookie season in Cleveland re-aggravating it again? I'll bet this was a big reason GW wanted him to focus on the essential fundamentals (rip/swim/etc) before adding to the repertoire (he has the rest of the career ahead of him to build upon). While Bruce Smith had great fundamentals to share - MG's position coach Clyde Simmons (19 sacks in 92 and 13 sacks in 91 making 1st team All Pro in both years) also possessed pass rush expertise from his 15 year career as a DE. My 2 cents, there was a lot of smoke and mirror in that defense last year and the talent/depth/injuries at LB as well as how far into the depth chart we often had to go at CB as well as talent/depth issues at DT. Our personnel dictated what we did as we contemplated why the defense that previously shut Baltimore down suddenly couldn't tackle anyone in the Rats' offense throughout the rematch. That said, we did have a pick 6 called back within the smoke and mirror. Hurrying passers wasn't the problem most of the year. Our biggest problem on D was establishing consistency at stopping the run. Kind of like what the Buffalo Bills struggled to do in the SB where the Giants had 2 recording setting scoring drives exceeding 11 minutes and 13 minutes largely behind Jumbo Elliott and right AT Bruce Smith's swim moves and spin moves (that took himself OUT of the play). They ran at the olay all day said the poet that didn't know it.... And maybe this is something the experience volumes of GW and Simmons worried about while they had to frequently start/play band aids in the LB Corps and secondary behind MG. We DID draft 2 LBers right? We also added a veteran DT to upgrade 1 glaring weakness inside. Anyway, Myles Garrett had a Pro Bowl season we hope he builds upon. Meanwhile, at least on paper, we addressed weaknesses and depth while we hope we have better luck at keeping corners healthy. Stopping and slowing the run at the line of scrimmage can definitely prevent some additional wear and tear to our DBs.
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    Why that is even considered a debate is absurd. What I also find absurd is this often repeated idea of "pardoning" illegals who murder just because "U.S. citizens commit murder too ya know"...as if extraneous. Fuckin-a I feel more strongly about the murder of these women because an illegal committed it. They're illegal. THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. Whether or not U.S. citizens commit more crime is irrelevant. Sorry but illegal alien added crime doesn't get a pass. We have enough home grown crime to deal with. Crime by illegals is a valid argument against open borders.
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    And watching Garrett line up over the center and beat the RG and C to the gap at the snap and hit the poor slow QB was pretty damn athletic and fast. LOL🤗
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    Good point. Stalkers aren't stalkers or individuals with dangerous obsessions - they're just somebody who admires a particular person so god damn much, they just can't get enough of them. There are no "opponents" and shouldn't be. This isn't a fucking soap opera. It's a community to share collective ideas, thoughts and, in the browns case - sorrows. I can't stand when people pretend to be something they're not. In this case - Ghoolie pretending to be some kind of high class badass.
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    The newest trend is that criticizing the source material someone uses in a debate is synonymous with a direct personal attack, if you wanted a small taste of what goes on over there.
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    I try not to play favorites. "These aren't "villains" - they're trolls. They offer nothing in terms of intelligent contribution to advance the board as a whole. It sucks having to sort through threads for reasonable content let alone entire pages." Here's my POV as a Mod, and for those who don't already know- the reason I'm a Mod in the first place is I'm the Night Watchman, making sure some pissed off opposing fans aren't posting porn on the board at 2 AM. ^^^ I'll agree with Tia here, but to split semantic hairs- they aren't technically "trolls", they're flamebaiters. As a Mod, sometimes you have to draw the line between a dissenting opinion- and pure flamebait, that has no basis in reality. I like to deal in reality, not with guys who are one step away from the Flat Earth Society- should we let those guys post here too, contrary to all evidence to the contrary? Baking got shown the door- and AFAIK, he's not permanently banned- because he copped a very unrealistic attitude that unless you're holier than a saint, I can't support you. Great- but the NFL isn't a collection of choir boys. Let's take as a prime example the departed Ghoolie's trolling assertion that offensive linemen are "dime a dozen". He never could come up with a counter argument as to why NFL GMs who get paid millions of dollars to assess talent- routinely draft offensive linemen in the first round. If he was such a f**king great talent evaluator, he'd have a job in the NFL instead of playing the accordion on the Vegas strip for tips. There's guys who post here who have ten or more times the football knowledge of a certain board hog egomaniac who can't ever admit he's wrong- they just don't draw attention to their posting "hey, look at me, bow down to my incredible football brilliance." Check your ego at the door- one of the most humble guys I ever met in person was Ozzie Newsome, and he just might make the HOF again as a GM.
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    These aren't "villains" - they're trolls. They offer nothing in terms of intelligent contribution to advance the board as a whole. It sucks having to sort through threads for reasonable content let alone entire pages.
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    that deer in headlights was pure gold. And immediately to the water bottle. LMFAO
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    oh I know, my only point was this guy could lead the team in sacks with or without myles on the other side. He's that freakin good. He rushed in NY with JPP who was already on the down side of his career and they also had no help inside on that defense. Now that he has the front 4 that the browns do, I agree with you...left most 1v1 he could have a career year. Honestly when you see his tape im shocked he never had more than 11.5 sacks in a season. The dude is not just crazy quick but also ridiculously strong. Maybe he's just the product of having played on bad teams I dunno.
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    I don't. I'm very good at separating the two. I didn't even use the "p" word in my post.
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    Or....it's possible Williams was the reason for Garretts improvement to 13+ sacks last year.....maybe Garrett was wasting plays trying to get fancy and Williams coached him up cause he knew just what Garrett had to do to succeed. Know what you do well and master it.....I think that might have been Williams point.....
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    thats alot of words, most of which are projections and rambling...lol..like, GW is 'arrogant' as a reason for this decision. not trying to bash ya c4l...but thats it? arrogance? you think that the level of nuance here?
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    DPOY??.....who knows....but... He should perform better because: Less reps due to stronger offense.....rested stronger faster etc Help on the DL, diminishing double teams..... 3rd year player coming into his prime.... Playing from "ahead", meaning more opps to free lance and step on some throats..... His numbers may NOT be better because..... Less reps due to stronger offense......(cant get sacks from the sideline)(less tackles on 3 and outs) Help on the DL may be diminishing opps for Myles Never on the field, because the O will own the TOP going fwd Might see a lot of late game prevent.....(would rather see us grinding it in, stepping on throats, running the score up)
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    Not a QB room I would trade ours for. Not even close. Mike
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    What is a has-been, a rookie, and a never-was, Alex?
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