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    Took my wife today for her first shot at a local drug store chain. Moderna.
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    I received an e mail today- my Browns seats are going up $300 ($150 per seat, I have 2 in the Upper Deck, section 536). While I'm not totally shocked, I think it's a bold move during the tough economic times. To be fair, the Browns really haven't raised ticket prices much the last 10-15 years. Well my stimulus money is just about all gone....
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    Hallelujah ! For 2 years now, I've been turning the station on Dak's 'old & stale' new contract news..I never thought this would happen in Big D.. Good for Dak..Out played his draft slot to some serious bucks 💲
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    Thank God for the TRUMP VACCINE! 👍😁
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    I don’t see Ray Lewis. Im Seeing Lavonte David. Cox would instantly become the best coverage backer we have and he looks like he wraps up better than most of our guys. He plays like a safety.
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    When I finish up with Jones I'll get Basham per @Dutch Oven then move to Collins. Edit: kind of lonely in the film room, by the way. Figured we would have more interested eyes while creeping up on Draft day.
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    Starting to heat up... https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/08/browns-free-agency-terrance-mitchell-performance-market-value-future-in-cleveland/ Need to start seeing a few CB signings, to see where this new market value moves to slot Money Mitchell.. Hope he stays 🤞
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    Regardless, I'm still also a big fan of Jabril Cox. He might break a 4.6 forty. I've compared Cox to Ray Lewis, and have compared Collins to Clay Mathews of the Browns. I don't know his eval at man to man, you betcha - but he's still my first round draft pick - I think Zaven Collins goes well before the Browns' pick at 26. And Jabril is gone by the Browns next pick. We'll see ...
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    trying to get ibb woodpecker to understand anything is like..........
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    My wife is a nurse and she has had both doses. She got a little achy after the second dose I am signed up to get the vaccine here in WV. They lowered the age to 50, so I’m good.
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    ah the "fact check"again supposed to quiet down the dissent? sorry here is my reponse to the libtards thread hi jack pic enjoy -
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    Another one of the Boomer Rockers has left us. The beloved musician-turned-DJ had been battling a serious illness for some time, and his former manager and best friend David Spero confirms to 3News the local entertainment legend passed away in his sleep Friday night at the age of 72. WNCX latter wrote that Stanley had been battling lung cancer for the past seven months "with the same strength and dignity he carried throughout his life." Born Michael Stanley Gee, Stanley grew up in Northeast Ohio, graduating first from Rocky River High School and then Hiram College. Although he went to Hiram on a baseball scholarship, Stanley quickly found his calling in music. He played in a band that was first called The Tree Stumps, then Silk, and was able to secure his first record contract in 1969. Record executives soon changed his name from Michael Gee to Michael Stanley. In 1974, Stanley put together the band that would take his name and catapult him to success. The Michael Stanley Band, or MSB for short, would record 11 studio albums and set concert attendance records at the Richfield Coliseum and Blossom Music Center. "I didn’t get into this whole thing to be the front man of MSB or whatever," Stanley told 3News' Monica Robins in 2014. "I got in it to be a songwriter. That's what I wanted to do."....... RIP Michael Stanley and the MSB.
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    Patrick Jones v LOU 2020 @ 0:11 - Keep outside shoulder free and eyes up with inital job to get outside of that stretch guard. Extends arms when generating contact, eyes working, uses contact momentum to get off block and works to the QB. @ 1:05 - Still feeling like he comes out of his stance higher than what he should be. Initiates contact with arms, lower pad level then chest and shoulder contact. Leg drive acceptable but still needs to work on remaining lower, great upper body strength and walks the tackle back to the QB trying to free inside shoulder leverage. OT play is average, not a natural waist bender and overset to the edge. Good on Jonesy for capitalizing. @ 1:25 - LT and LG on an X (cross) block. Nothing really special here, plays his assignment right getting outside of and holding a hard edge. X block is when a tackle and guard (usually weakside) exchange assignment. So you'll have a tackle move for a downblock while the guard peels and looks for the edge. Really just meant to give your tackles a better blocking angle and first step to take on bigger assignments. @ 1:45 - I know I can't be the only one who see's his first few steps. I swear, I need a speed coach in here to better articulate what I'm seeing and trying to say. But there is a good reason Patrick has a nice first step but doesn't have that elite speed to the edge. @ 2:17 - Stance, to first step to that initial dominant lead foot push. This rep was a piss-poor example of bending around and turning the edge. I don't think PJ is a bad athlete and I'm sure his pro day numbers will look good. But I can't help and feel his technique is costing him his burst that actually would allow him to really attack, dip/sink and bend. Instead of his hips sinking and his body turning to minimize contact, Patrick really just lowers his shoulders and his head (eyes low, can't see target) into the tackle, hands behind him like he's some kind of sprinter, and his upper body weight too far out in front of his base. Therefore beyond being compact and in control. @ 2:47 - Locked up, slide to his side. But does a good job keeping eyes on the QB, shedding the tackle and reading scramble drill at least. @ 3:12 - Protection bust on a slant. Guard is expecting the center to pick up Jones, free path to the QB. @ 3:35 - The 3-3 looks like Pitt uses on passing downs. They do a good job of slanting and opening rush lanes for their designated pass rushers. The movement from the 2pt rushers has a decent effect confusing blocking assignments pre-snap. Here with the nose playing a bit of a shade and the LB on the Noses' hip, The center and the guard have to account for them if they're both attacking. Free's up Jonesy on the RT. Rt oversets just a couple steps and again leans into the contact with his eyes down. Jonesy see's this similar tech (or at least the coaches did and were probably in his ear about it on the sides) show's that spin move, which is by no means polished, but at least It's a glimpse into a younger player working to have a counter move. Want to see what a spin-move should look like? Youtube Dwight Freeney. Best spin move I've ever seen IMHO.The hip sink needs improvement. What PJ DOES do great here with the spin is the club with the right hand, which naturally turns your shoulders and torso outside, then uses the left arm for momentum/push off and further balance. I like seeing the machinery, but the tools themselves need refined. Hey, that's better than a lot of these kids that don't even display this much at least. QB does a decent job being an athlete, trying to get out of the rush. Jones never gives up and finishes off the pressure after missing the sack at first. Side note - #17 has flashed a few times over the last game and 1/2. @ 3:52 - Good example of his raw strength, playing as the "closed" end here. Toss in the guard not playing technically sound, opening his shoulders and getting slapped around. Arms and contact working to keep the guard to his inside shoulder. Eyes up pushing upfield into the gap, shows up out of control but the length he has allows him to disrupt ANY running lane the RB had on the IZ to that call. Rest of the defense rallies to the ball. Ideally that's a play I need to see you Make when you win like that so clearly off snap. But at the moment I'll settle for the fact I see a ton of developmental potential. @ 4:23 - I can't tell if this is a really shitty short-set by the OT, which given what I've seen so far wouldn't surprise me. Or if this is a technique by design from the LOU coaching staff to take advantage of PJ's willingness to fly up field at times and taking himself out of plays. Either way, he doesn't go for it and does a decent job stacking on and rolling around the tackle while trying to keep the ball carrier in reach to disengage. @ 4:39 - #17 - getting ahead of a sift block and generating pressure. This was the play LOU housed from earlier in the game, minus the fact they didn't bring the upback through the hole to the zone side. They tried to use him to throw this sift at the WDE. @ 5:10 - Leaving your feet is exactly how you get fucked up. I have zero idea what this was trying to be. @ 5:47 - Good "feel" with the release of the lineman trying to work this screen. Get into the throwing lane and make life hell on the QB trying to float it high to the perimeter. Opinion really hasn't changed after 2 full games. Physically a wonderfully gifted player but limited, if not outright handicapped, by his lack of polish. Once again saw a couple tools here or there, I'm sure some coach(es) somewhere will always believe they can take those one or two things and turn them into an arsenal. And they may be very right about that. But there are many worse prospect, physically gifted, that you could have to work with to mold into a decent NFL player. Still rather muddle on a greater assessment that will be more clear with the later season watches. As of the LOU game? I'm not putting a 1st round pick into this kid if I'm Barry. Not because I don't believe he could be a contributor, but because if the Browns want to open and keep open a Superbowl window for the next 3-5, then I need immediate players/starters with my 1st round picks. Right now Jones is a rotational player while you work with him to grow a more consistent skill set and playing style.
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    troll a : to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content … trolls engage in the most outrageous and offensive behaviors possible—all the better to troll you with.— Whitney Phillips b : to act as a troll (see troll entry 3 sense 2) on (a forum, site, etc.) … is also notorious, for trolling message boards on the Internet, posting offensive material he himself has written and then suing anyone who responds in agreement.
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