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    Trump gets backlash for pardoning the hamburgular.
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    A blowjob and a bag of Sliders? I'm not seeing the downside... WSS
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    Late to the party on this but an article I read claims a similar incident happened with another chick in Dec 2018. High risk behavior because he could be arrested for an indecent act in a public space. Doing this a month after getting married is pretty duplicitous though, I suspect he'll lose some endorsements and Browns management will have a talk with him. He'll have to prove his value on the field this year as he's accumulating negative pub.
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    If what you say is true and not more trumpian propaganda like most everything he says, then we will see heavier than normal black voter turnout for him in November. It doesn't even have to be majority of black voters to make that bar. Just statistically far higher than normal for a Republican. Fair enough?
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    Well....that is not how it works. I agree that this should never be placed in the hands of a judge.....but IF for some reason it were....If he/she were obligated to make a decision on it (which is what judges are obligated to do).....it is not divine powers....it is the application of those principles I outlined some above. If it were placed in the hands of a judge.....then it would be like some of those replays: insufficient (visual or otherwise)...evidence to make a ruling. That is why Rudolph would be an asshat to actually try to bring an action on this matter. It would just be his way of grandstanding. A nobody (or at least...just a 3rd stringer) wanting to keep his name in the news.
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    You couldn't follow logic if it came in the form of instructions on how to untie your dick that was twisted in a knot. I really wonder why you are so eager to defend Rudolph. Did you like meet him at a Klan rally and really got to like him?
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    I've been tabbing him in the 2nd in draft sims lately. RG for a couple seasons then can move to Center.
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    It was loud enough... It was my incredulity at your ability to divine degrees of likelihood spilling out.
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    There's also the possibility Rudolf could have whispered it in Myles ear.
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    Maybe he thinks it is nobody else's fucking business except he and his wife. So, how about we all show some maturity and shut the fuck up about it.
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    Maybe he doesn't think it deserves attention or a response. Imagine that, somebody shutting the fuck up about something ridiculous. I would say that shows the maturity you are all begging him to show. Fair to say?
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    Am thinking the best RG candidate might be a guy playing Center at LSU. Cruisenberry? Watch his senior bowl tape against Kinlaw and get back with us. He took off up to 2nd Rd. Grade but could fall to 3rd after combine?
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    Mayfield had a great rookie season than he regressed this past season. I am hoping much of that regression was due to our former HC. I think we will know more this season.
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    What kind of person and man is Baker? It's nothing illegal, but, honestly, are you OK with this kind of sordid behavior from your team leader? Are you now comfortable with wearing his jersey? How will/did you describe this behavior to your 10 year-old daughter? Do you tell your son this is OK behavior? Will you allow your children to wear Baker's jersey?
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