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    Just to clue you in to what I've been up to... My 15 month old son Otto had to undergo "minor" neuro surgery to relieve pressure on his optic nerves. They found the pressure was caused by an arachnoid cyst in his brain that had blocked the flow of spinal fluid... It was a tough week that really put a lot of things in perspective. He's recovering and he's doing much better, he's back to being a happy, funny boy. We still have a long road ahead of us, for a few days we thought we might lose him but he's still here and that's what matters. I remember playing the Chargers while we were in the hospital, catching a play here and there on the tiny screen in the corner. We were losing big and I was thinking about how little the game meant to me at that moment. All the tears and not sleeping much the prior three days showed me that at the end of the day these millionaires playing a kids game paled in comparison to the battle we were fighting at that moment. I don't want this to come off as, I don't care about the Browns anymore or anything like that, just that- it's not the end of the world... The Browns are the youngest team in the league, we have some really talented players on both sides of the ball and we finally have a QB to build our team around. We are further along, right now, than we've ever been since I've been a fan. The gloom and doom squad need to pipe down and let's just enjoy the process. The Browns have been EXCITING to watch and they are playing their hearts out, taking teams deep into overtime. Cleveland isn't a pushover team and without the refs intervention they could have one of the best records in the NFL right now! Cleveland is heading over to Pittsburgh this weekend- and with Otto seemingly emerging out of the woods, we'll be there in spirit with them- rooting them on! This division is wide open and the Browns are going to attempt to remain the only undefeated team in the division. They can win this game and they can win the division. I certainly believe after everything that has happened- that miracles DO happen... you just gotta believe. The best is yet to come! I love all my brother that rep the Brown and Orange- and even if we disagree at times(or all the time), you're still my Dawgs.
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    The stories about how Stan created TBB as an AOL off shoot I think have been shared a lot, by more than one of us. I think however the reasons Stan created TBB have not been shared, or at least put up on a pedestal properly. Many think that Stan’s love for the Browns is the fuel that formulated this place, but it isn’t, and it really never was. Oh, for sure, the unfair treatment of our core AOL group helped instigate Stan’s effort, for we AOL posters were being treated the same way NFL refs have treated our team. However, if you want to really learn something about Stan, I hope you will read along as I share my own personal journey with him. Nearly 2 decades ago Stan pulled together a phenomenal tailgate for the Inaugural 1999 return of the Browns. He enabled many cyber friends to cross into the realm of real-life friendship. He enabled me to turn my once online hated rival Rich4Eagle into a beloved friend. Stan’s efforts brought me many other personal and lifelong pals, West Side Steve, Flugs, Chicopee John, I still think Hoorta and Zombo, and many others. Oddly, at the 1999 inaugural, I barely introduced myself to Stan. We were antagonistic to each other. Both perhaps not enamored with the other’s ego. It was not until we discovered our mutual interest in Las Vegas years back that our friendship really grew and soared. How sad it was this morning for me to receive a message from Zombo that my suspension had been lifted. I say that because his message also included the horrible news that is at this moment ripping a piece of many our hearts out. Some might say, “how odd that Zombo would reach out to Ghoolie, I thought those guys hated each other.” Hmm, and now, we can begin to see why Stan created TBB. A few years ago when I wrote an Irish composition for John (Zombo), Stan told me in Vegas that I was gay, that Zombo was gay, and my love song to him was proof positive. All kidding aside, the real story here is that it was TBB that facilitated that song. It facilitates a hell of a lot of our songs. Stan created this place out of his love for people, for knuckleheads, for every odd nut, bolt and spacer that ever cheered for, cursed, and scratched their heads over the Browns. Stan created for us the real life “Cheers”, a place where everyone knows your name. Zombo, Hoorta, Ghoolie, WSS, Stinkhole, Vagitron, Gunz…… To the dismay of many, Stan and I seldom talked about TBB, and it was Stan who asked me to be here, not the other way around. However, Stan didn’t ask me to be here because he knew I was so great that the board couldn’t get along without me, no, he knew that I, me, Ghoolie, could not get along without TBB and my dear friends; friends who know me away from the Ghoolie schtick. On several occasions I asked Stan to change my screen name to Tom. He refused. In fact, Zombo changed my name back from Vesna Kociper, because to my extreme humility he felt Ghoolie needed to remain a part of our place. In recent times, like me, Stan had fallen out of love with the Browns, even saying to me that I was right to want the new team to be named something other than the Browns. The reasoning being so that the new owners didn’t get a free ride and take advantage of our undying love for what had come before. But Stan was wrong, and I was wrong. The “Browns” whatever that is, is us. Pure and simple, it is us, and my beloved friend Stan Aten created a place for us. Stan and I planned to post a picture of he and I wearing Las Vegas Raiders shirts in Vegas this coming winter. Two weeks ago we were each in Vegas at the same time, but missed each other. My God, that is yet another spear in my heart. I was so close, so nearby Stan and Kathy, and we missed signals. However, at the end of the day, Raiders joking aside, we talked about us. You, me, the knuckleheads, the oddballs, the fans who just need a place where everyone knows their name. Stan…………..I know his name……………I knew him and I loved him. God Bless you Stan, us, we, everyone here will never forget your name.
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    CRUSHING NEWS! There's 2 reasons the old AOL board back in 98 felt like THE place to call home were you and Stan (ATENEARS). You 2 knuckleheads never agreed on anything,which brought to life a level of oneupsmanship entertainment I had never encountered. Hilarious from the get-go! Stan hated Tim Couch while you were handing out Guinness Beer to anyone joining you, me and Hoorta in Camp Couch. Stan was one of the funniest smart assses I had ever seen. He attacked my first Tim Couch Makes Sense post with a fine tooth comb; and I knew I was never leaving. Then came the temporarily outspoken male cheerleader from Kentucky with the screen name TOPJOCK and a creepy groinal warming for Tim Couch. Next thing I know half our board was in the penalty box with TOS Violations. Stan vowed to us he was going to start a board some day that gave us as close to anything goes as possible with freedom of speech. And here we are - what it is.... The biggest thing I remember about Stan was no matter how much we disagreed and busted balls in here - he opened his house up to you and me (and a slew of others that lived out of town). He brought a whole bunch of people together from as far east as England and as far west as California. It was great to meet guys like Hoorta, Ed (Roach), Furnier, KSHutchins, Gumbodog34, the legendary FatJeff and so many others. It got to the point where you, me and Stan got together almost every year for training camp visits, scrimmages (ie: Edinboro, Rochester) or weekend road trips home/away games. Unforgettable fun! When he asked me what the game plan would be in our first tailgate down in Tampa in the preseason of 99 - I said "Tell you what - we're not leaving until Zombo's heaving." To which he replied, "I'M THERE!" I'm still meeting and partying with great long-time fans like Canton Mike, RifferX, Calfox, WSS, Gipper and others in recent years. When Stan coached kids in baseball, playing time had nothing to do with how good the kid was. It was all about how HOT the kid's mom was. And he taught sportsmanship the way you'd expect him to with this classic epitome of the guy: "WE DON'T SHAKE THEIR HANDS UNTIL AFTER WE'VE KICKED THEIR ASSS!" The first time he ever mentioned his WIFE - he called her "THE TOOTHLESS HAG." When he got remarried it evolved into "HAG2." Our world here lost a GREAT dude! I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I'll never forget him!
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    Any questions? There will be bumps in the road, but at least we are now on a road.
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    This may be TMI but for the hell of it I thought I would share anyway. I abused drugs and alcohol from the age of about 18 to 28. There was literally nothing I didn't try and I used daily. That and the impact it had on my life made me the very definition of an addict / alcoholic. A couple years of crack at the end helped get me to rehab sooner than many. I've been clean and sober now 28 years. So now to the reason I shared that today. There were many things I had never done without being under the influence of something. Now the TMI, As an example I literally had never had sex without being blasted (yea started late at 18 lol). I remember the first time it was going to happen with a new girlfriend several months into being sober , I was fricking anxiety ridden to the point of potentially cancelling her visit to the house that night. Trust me too, I LOVE SEX. I simply wasn't sure how to act in that situation being sober. I sought the support of a meeting and my sponsor and learned it was pretty damn normal for someone like me to feel like that. Gordon loves football but he has really never played it sober. He hasn't faced training camp pressure, fans, teammates and high expectations for performance clean and sober literally ever in his adult life. As the stark reality of training camp and the impending season set in he probably got more and more nervous about his ability to perform and more importantly his ability to cope. The fear of failure is likely gnawing at him. So now , in conjunction with the team he is addressing the concern proactively. I say this shows growth in his recovery and is a good sign! In conclusion I predict he gets the additional support and lights it up this season just like i lit up that girl after my additional counseling LOL.
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    This last Monday, New Year, has been a special day... In the worst kind of way. Just before lunch, we received a message asking to pray for one of my friends from our parish community, who was heading to the hospital in an ambulance. Nothing else. Hours latter we got to know that she had suffered a stroke and was on a surgery. By the end of the day, we were told that she had been on the surgery for 6 hours and his state was critical, currently in coma. She has been battling, though, because on Wednesday she started to move her legs at the doctors' questioning. Her family asked the doctors if they could stop sedating her during that afternoon's visit, so they could talk to her and ask her questions. She moved even her arms or mouth a bit. There was hope. Thursday she started to breathe on her own (though she stays intubed) and this Friday she was able to directly answer questing halfway moving her eyelids up, confirming that those weren't reflexed but straight conscious answers, though she didn't move extremities as other days. There's hope, but the battle is far from being won. We are worried now because they have seen in the last scanner a lot of liquid, and she has a bit of fever (infections are very risky at her state). She keeps fighting. Her name is Marta, she's 32, married and mother of two gorgeus girls of 4 and 1. It's overwhelming because her mother died in 2001, and her father in 2013, both of cancer. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother. The death of their parents made them bond together as a very united family. I didn't plan or want to post this here, I'm a quite shy guy myself. But if posting this here adds a person remembering her and her family in their prayers, it will be worth it. All the parish has her on their prayers, there are some praying groups that have been created to pray for her, and even other parishes or monasteries have been noticed about this. But there's never enough. Thank you very much for your time.
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    Very emotional win today. These are some of the best posts ever on The Browns Board, and I'll get back to all of you tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to enjoy my beer and Fireball in my "I Hate The Steelers" tshirt and think about the one thing Stan bitched about for 20 years: "I just wanna see the Browns play a solid game for 60 minutes on both sides of the ball" ... He got that today. Z
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    It is very sad indeed. I happened to be there on duty, our best efforts couldn't revive him. Kathy is strong but she may need our help. Prayers to her and their family.
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    Of course it was bullshit. So is every press conference that's ever been held. No one is going to tell you what actually went on. John Dorsey has had success in the NFL drafting football players. That's his only job. I don't care if he doesn't answer a question in a press conference again. Williams refused to answer questions about what was going on as well. Do you hate him too?
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    We like to have fun with our rivals, but that's over for this week. Please keep the city of Pittsburgh and those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts, and let's be respectful and understanding with our rivals this weekend. Z
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    I don't start alot of threads here, but you guys are expecting some great team in year 2 and that's stupid. And if the fans get restless again, then we're just going to start the whole thing. The headline of 2017 is WE HAVE A DEFENSE. This thing is fixed. We are 11th in total defense and I think we can all agree that that number would be even better if our three best defenders hadn't both missed multiple games (Shelton, Collins, Garrett) and our offense didn't suck. IN JUST TWO YEARS WE HAVE BUILT OURSELVES A TOP 10 DEFENSE. Do you care about winning 3 games this year or winning 10 next year? Have some longterm vision. You idiots probably play the lottery and live paycheck to paycheck too. The Browns are the kid from a good home who fell on hard time who works his butt off and is going to pull himself up from his minimum wage job, even though he knows he's on a 4 year plan. He's working two jobs, riding the bus, living in some couple's back shed with no AC where rent's only $275/month, saving $100/week knowing it's eventually going to pay off. You guys are the pizza delivery boys with $425 car payments because you have no patience for anything in life. I fully believe that our franchise QB is currently on the roster. But even if he's not, we're going to have a top 3 pick this year. Our OL is solid. We have a top notch 3rd down back. Our defense is a hair away from being elite. We need a halfway decent RB and a couple receivers and this thing can hum. We have 5 picks in the top 2 rounds next year to make this thing work. IT WILL WORK. Maybe we have to replace the coach after next year if Hue still underperforms WHEN HE HAS TALENT. But we need to give him 2018 for two reasons. A. to get a true evaluation on him and B. to show replacement candidates that he actually deserved his firing and Jimmy no longer has a hair trigger. So please guys, sell your stupid Camaro, move out of the $900 downtown condo, stop being whiny titty babies that must have your wins NOW, and embrace the process we have going on that will actually lead to long term success, stability, and roster health.
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    Dear Stan, As you know, I worked for a company that was mainly a sales organization. As an executive I had to write many many letters of tribute or congratulations to our field salespeople or employees. Letters such as those were always difficult as it is not one of my strengths. This one will come easy for me. I miss you man. I know it's been only one day, but I miss you. I'll never forget how we met. First on the AOL board, then you attending our preseason tailgate party in 1999. It was at that party that we decided to open it up, to include all of our AOL friends. You did the leg work, Don and I did the cooking. Thanks to you, I've met so many wonderful lifelong friends at these parties. I'm not going to mention them as the names are far too many. But, if they're reading this, they will know who they are. The parties grew and were a blast. We entertained groups as small as 12 and as large as over 100. You were the General and we were your lieutenants. Thanks to you I've met terrific people from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and overseas. We met new friends together, we got drunk together, and we even had our cars broken into while we were at the game together. I was honored when you asked Don, Carl and I to cook at your wedding party. We had a blast and that was the first time that I met your beautiful bride, Kathy. The two of you were, and have always been a wonderful couple. I've never met a couple like you that had so much fun laughing at each other and with each other. Our families have shared so many good times from Berea to Panama City Beach. Stan, I know from talking to Kathy, Alexis, Shannon, Trevor, others and my own experiences over the years what a great and caring father you have been. Your family's hearts have never been heavier than they are today. As I walked back from the Stadium today, I thought back to the all the same walks we made together. Today was a tough walk for me because, even though we won, I walked back without one of my fondest friends. I miss you man. Ed
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    Lot's of folks have asked ... Yes, we will set something up for the family. We will collect for for flowers, plant, donation, etc. for the funeral, and then we will also collect some money for Kathy, I don't know their financial situation but collecting some money so she doesn't have to worry about keeping the board afloat until we figure things out would be the proper gesture I think. I will do a Paypal thingie later. Go Browns ... Win one for Skippy ... Zombo
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    You have no idea how long I've waited for this game and this team........Was so lucky to watch it with a group of people at a new bar and they bought me shots and beers and stuck it out to the bitter end with me.. Maybe the game we beat the Falcons in 2002 was better, but since 1999 this was the best game we've played in the new era.... I've waited so long for this feeling.. The people at the bar were so happy for me. Most hated Baker because they were OSU fans. but they all said the same thing.. HE IS THE MAN FOR CLEVELAND.. I'm drunk off my butt, I am as happy as a Shmucking clam... The new era may or may not be upon us, but right freaking now I feel great... Thank you Cleveland Browns for such and incredible win.!!! BobPound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    On paper ... with the potential to be the best offense we have seen since the rebirth: QB Taylor: Solid veteran, best proven starter to start a season since ... Jeff Garcia, 2004? QB2: Baker Mayfield: first overall pick and potential leader of the team in the waiting RB1 Carlos Hyde: Tough inside classic Browns runner i.e. Kevin Mack RB2 Nick Chubb: potentially best of the bunch of best RB room since ... RB3 Duke Johnson :Classic third down back, will catch 60-70 passes, make plays and keep defenses honest. WR1 Josh Gordon: Former All Pro is in the best shape of his life, the potential is limitless WR2 Jarvis Landry: Best underneath receiver in the game, Pro Bowler led NFL in receptions WR3 Corey Coleman: has a chance to reach his potential playing with the above two, Callaway gives us HR threat TEs Nojoku: a 1st round freak and red zone threat, fellow TEs Fells and Devalve very solid LT Coleman/Corbett: only real scary question mark ... If one of these guys steps up this year it is a huge bonus LG Joel Bitonio: One of the best in the business C JC Tretter: Solid Veteran RG Kevin Zeitler: Again, one of the best in the business RT Chris Hubbard: Todd Haley's Road Grader will get the RB stable untracked We could get some key contributions from Jeff Janis, or Higgins or Louis too. Lots of talent, even more potential, offense is FINALLY headed in the right direction. If we get LT solidified and protect Taylor's cockpit, he could pick teams apart with Gordon, Landry, Coleman, Duke and NoJoke ... and then we gut them with the running game ... and don't forget Taylor is a threat with his legs, too. Actually looking forward to watching the games again ... last year it was like dragging myself to a funeral every Sunday. Zombo
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    Given our recent trade down history in the first round. I would pass on the Bills offer, make them make that trade with the Colts or Giants. Then it improves the players we get to pick from at #4.
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    I guess I was right after all!!! Hogan outlasted Kizer!!
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    Earlier this evening, the very best friend that I ever had. A guy with a big heart, who would do whatever he could to help me, before I even asked....passed away. He was a Vikings fan. I got the pastries from the bakery near my house and he brought the coffee and we watched the Vikings / Browns game a few Sunday mornings ago. He said that we had a good game plan. That we knew what they do best and that we did a good job of thwarting them. He had the Sunday ticket and he would watch his Vikings but he would always be flicking over to the Browns game to see how we were doing. He'd send me texts about how, "That was a bad call." or that, "You guys shoulda' scored a TD right there". - Who does that? Who watches the Browns because a friend happens to like them? A true blue best friend that's who. I just got home from his house where I cried with his wife for a while. (his lungs let him down about a week ago and the intensive care unit could ultimately only ease him into the afterlife) I will miss my best friend until I die....but he'll be my best friend forever. Go Browns! Go Vikings!
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    I wonder what Walmart would give for him? He would kill it as a greeter, where his entire job is to meet people and let them go past you.
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    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/denzel-ward-browns-dad My new favorite player on the current team.
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    Josh caught 19 passes the last 4 years. I think Calloway can handle that workload. Z
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    Hi guys. Now that it's no-news season time in football, I think it's appropiate to give you an update on Marta. She was discharged one week ago and is back home. Her status is as follows: she has complete intelectual abilities and understands everything; she can't keep her eyes focused on people, has a lost stare, but keeps some sense of humor. She can walk but needs help to keep balance as she has none on her own, so she mostly goes on wheelchair. She can eat but hasn't fully recovered her swallowing, so it's mostly purées for her I'd say, but can eat solid. She can barely talk and it's like she runs out of air when trying. The thing is that swallowing and relearning to breathe and speak are the processes that take the longest in these cases, so it's not surprise there. Having her back home has given back some "normality" to familys life (daughters were most of the times at granparents') but it's a whole new battle from now on. An ambulance takes her to rehab every day so she's still progressing but this will be a long process and nobody knows when will she stop progressing. Her family is happy but the one that struggles the most (for obvious reasons) is her husband. He takes care of her and is very caring (more than ever, actually) but suffers a lot. Anyway, he has still faith, hasn't given up and rests in his family, so there's something to be positive about. Thank you everyone again for your prayers, we still pray for them to God, so she fully recovers and gives them strength in this battle, so we are grateful to anyone who joins us anytime
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    'Twas the night before Draftmas And all around the boards Browns fans were gathering In large nervous hoards. Refrigerators stocked full of liquor beer & wine. every Browns fan is hoping they don't need it this time. The wives are nestled all snug in their beds While the drafts of the past were still haunting our heads So sitting at the computer In my season tickets cap. I started to wade through all the internet crap On Brownsboard, on Cooler on Reddit I read Then to Twitter for tweets From Adkins, Albright and Fred Lots of posters worrying that we will blow it. While grudges were blooming between the Dutchman and Poet I shuffle off slowly to get in my bed as this final thought Entered my head If the draft goes well We'll give Dorsey his due And if our draft sucks we'll probably blame it on Hue
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    Hi, I am Ghoolie, the most accurate football analyst on the board. I am also the biggest irritant by rubbing my prediction like salt into whip sores. It is considered an honor to be insulted by me, so let me welcome you properly. Welcome aboard you homo.
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