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    I hope all of you football board regs are enjoying the HBO free preview weekend of the Pol board.
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    I love sports because it's normally a diversion, a place to get away from all the BS going on. I'm not canceling my season tickets over this. But the constant politicizing of everything is getting real, real old.
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    Dude needs to worry about kneeling 3 times in a row at the end of every game.
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    This guy gets it.
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    Testing?....what difference does it make if the numbers are inaccurate? I've heard more than one medical professional say that if you've had a flu shot recently, you're going to test positive for this Corona virus. Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist, but everything that has transpired over the last few months has confirmed to me, that this has always been 90% politically motivated. Trump probably has a lot more information to confirm this. That's why he comes across as so unconcerned about any real health threat. Recent reports indicate that this thing is diminishing by itself. Of course, you won't get that info from Faucci or the WHO. They have similar agendas...MONEY. Why do the daily reports tell us the total number of positive cases reported from day one? This thing runs it's course, then people recover. Why are the reports stated in a manner to let you assume that the total is current. They never say..."...45,000 people have tested positive over the last 4 months.".....they would rather mislead you by saying..."...we have 45,000 active cases in Ohio". That is a blatant lie.
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    This is a complicated topic to weigh in on. I don't want to appear to be racist, but I consider myself to be patriotic, having grownup in the '60's, saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school, then vacationing in South east Asia for 12 months after high school...courtesy of Uncle Sam. Every 4th of July, at 1 p.m. I have a tradition of cranking up the volume on the Jimi Hendrix version of the National Anthem, probably to the dismay of my neighbors. I respect all veterans for their service, and will never kneel during the National Anthem. I'm not a member of the KKK, but I'm also not one to applaud looters who use a cause like BLM as an excuse to get a new big screen tv, or destroy communities. Baker Mayfield has every right to kneel during the National Anthem...as does Colin Kapernick, or anyone else, white or black. I won't be forced to participate, though, by being told I'm unaware of the message being sent. The message to me is loud and clear. I translate it as being...." I hate your country....the one your ancestors died defending.....the one that rolls out the red carpet for immigrants, so they can achieve goals beyond their dreams." I've known many black people throughout my life. Some I consider my brothers, and would do anything for. Others....not so much. Exactly like the relationships I've had with white people...some good...some bad. But...the numerous occurrences of unarmed black men being killed by these stupid ass cops, who think they are Dirty Harry, makes me want to puke. If the local government officials are too dumb to hire responsible people as public servants, to PROTECT our citizens, then changes are needed. We all talk about the racial tension with the riots in the '60's. It was bad, but not like today. Things have not improved over the years. They're much worse now than ever.
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    If you only want to hear people opinions that agree with you use the PM function why post in an open public forum?
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    BUT LOOK who landed here!!
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    https://www.dailywire.com/news/atlanta-police-officers-not-responding-to-calls-in-multiple-zones-comes-after-d-a-charged-officer-with-murder-in-rayshard-brooks-case Can't blame them one bit.
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    The coaches shirt hurt my feeling whaaaaaaa!
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    What is so hard to understand?? A person can be both against and for abortion (I am) A person can be both for tight boarder security and for legal immigration (I am) A person can be both for the police and against the bad cops (I am) A person can be against racism while not supporting the BLM organization (I am) A person can be both for the right to bear arms yet wants tougher gun ownership regulations (I am) A person can believe in a higher power (God) yet believe we are not alone in the universe (I do) A person can be a Browns fan and still pick them to go 6-10 and win the preseason prognostication pole most years (I do) ^ This message was sponsored by neither a republican or a democrat and shows what a registered Independent thinker actually looks like.
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    Glad to help. Baker may as well be kneeling before black people asking forgiveness for his "white privilege", and perhaps that is what he's really doing.. Isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing now? Fuck all you ignorant liberal (redundant, I know) form of white trash who have been nurturing this false narrative. The facts don't matter, only your feelings do. Hail to your Moses, Colin Kaperdick chosen by god to deliver his people.
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    Left's playbook 1. Accuse Racism ( Racist, bot, Alt ) 2. Deny your right to speak ( close forum ) 3. Using the mob mentality ( I left for a short time until others with opinions different from that ) 4. Play the victim ( those mean Trump supporters posts things hurt our feelings ) 5. Appeal to authority fallacy ( CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, MSN, Yahoo )
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    I would suggest go to a range where they rent guns to fire there, try out different models and find one that fits you. Don't cheap out on it if the SHTF you want to have a reliable weapon and not have to worry about jamming or misfiring. Look for one that you are able to be consistent as in grouping pattern. Most important safety first and foremost good luck and hopefully as you say you never have to use it.
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    She would make Biden look smart and make Trump look thin.
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    That’s the thing about respect, it’s a 2 way street. There’s a rather large segment of our population who aren’t feeling it, and they’re making it known. I can’t claim l know what it’s like to be black in America. You can’t either. But l can listen. I can try to comprehend, and at the end of the day l want to bring us all into the fold. So what can WE do to enable people of color to feel the same way about America that we do? That is the question. That is the goal. Protests, riots, kneeling at a football game? Those aren’t solutions. Those are just a bright blinking SOS. We’re mentally moving past that now into solution phase, and l’m happy to hear you speaking about solutions too. Solutions start with understanding the mindset of the opposition, or at least an attempt to do so. Where are they coming from? Why do they feel this way? What do they hope to accomplish? Embroil yourself in that shit. Hopefully at the end you’ll see it’s not “they”, but rather a part of “us”. Then we can move forward.
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    Somehow, this seems fitting in this thread..
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    The board June 2020 So here’s what I think. First and foremost if you don’t like it here this absolutely no reason for you to log on and read the opinions of people you disagree with. If it frustrates you or angers you why do it? If you don’t care about politics why bother? I hate basketball so I never log on to the Cavs board. But if I did like basketball and I was a Pistons fan how stupid would it be for me to keep demanding that they take down the Cavs board? Or the high school football board? That’s kind of a waste of time because everybody here went to a different High School. I don’t care about the Mentor st. Ignatius game. I care about the Carrollton Minerva game, or the Norton Wadsworth game . Nobody else does. So should I demand the board be taken down? Here’s another example. If you don’t like liver, don’t order it when you go to the restaurant. If you do order it and then bitch about every bite you take and demand it be taken off the menu, you’re an idiot. This is politics there are some people that like politician Smith and some people who like politician Jones and for that reason they hate the other one. The Browns board it’s not comprised of both Steelers and Browns fans. If it was it would be just as rancorous is this place. Worse I would imagine. Mr. T was a terrible moderator even though I probably agreed with him on most subjects politically. He was constantly deleting posts from the left and giving them warning points or booting them off. I don’t do that. I expect everybody to be man enough to deal with the people that don’t agree with them. But even though I have my own political opinions it’s not my job to punish the people you disagree with no matter who you are. I don’t love Trump and I don’t hate Obama. And I know that bothers some people. On the board and in Society it seems to me that it’s usually the left who wants the opposition shut down. It’s usually the left who shout down speakers that don’t agree with them on college campuses attitude really people on the left who demand that people on the right be kicked off this board or the board shut down. That being said there are things on this board that annoy me, some of the guys just post too much shit for anybody to read or care about. Some guy think it’s funny to troll everyone a dozen times a day. Some guys get just too damn nasty with each other. Some guys spend too much time crying that some other guys are picking on them. I checked the Browns store and I couldn’t find any of these but I think it would be a proper item of clothing for a lot of people. Maybe we should contract a sports attire company to make some brown and orange big boy pants. WSS
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