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    Just an observation...If you didn't see a vastly improved level of play "post hue", you're a damned blind fool! I apologize for being overly subtle. Mike
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    Answer: I'll have to watch the tape.
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    Kudos for trying...
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    Larry, Hopefully THIS works. I have one hell of a time posting pics. Pic of the shirt I couldn't pass up at the airport when we put Grandson on the plane. Mike
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    Merry Christmas, you Filthy Animals! Kathy says she is going to keep the Board going as Stan's legacy, loved how we came together as a family this year, and it sure is nice to enjoy some WINS with my on-line buds! Zombo
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    Same scenario at my house after 48 years of marriage? .....When I go bonkers, Colleen will shout downstairs to my Cave to find out what the score is. if I'm yellin' "OH YEAHHH (followed by our player's name)" (or something similar) she knows that's great, if I'm cussin' she knows it's not good. If it's silent, THAT'S when she checks to see whether or not I've died. Mike
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    I want to watch these guys every week for the next three months all over again but instead I suppose I will look positively and say I cannot wait until next year It's been a blast since Hue left and having to wait nine months to see just how good Baker can be pretty much sucks This team wins the AFC North next year, BANK IT
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    The significance of 5 black coaches being fired is that black coaches that suck will be fired now just like white coaches that suck.
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    Dime beer night....everybody was there... lol. I think the parts about knifes was exaggerated. No one got stabbed. Oh ya, everyone on Cleveland was there to see large Lenny pitch a perfect game and there had to be at least 200,000 there for the bottlegate game. But the refs did instigate that one. I donโ€™t think the NFL appreciated the fans here keeping the Browns. They hate us
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    You gave me one of the better football seasons Iโ€™ve had in many years. I could go on but thanks guys, you made it a fun autumn and brought lots of hope for years to come. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป
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    Anyone know if Gregg Williams' interview has concluded yet?
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    One quarter of nfl teams are looking for a hc at this moment...perusing the names, there's gonna be a few unhappy franchises in 2 years. My main reason to lock in the status quo boils down to continuity, but for one specific reason...it's a very young team with a young QB. Sure, it's possible the browns can do better. Of course, the 'in' things is get a young offensive coach for the QB. But let's be honest, there's several names of ex- browns coaches, perceived as up and comers, that rolled in here, tried to learn hc and continue calling plays. The hc should be an administrator, manage and allow the staff under him to coach the players. At the very least, current staff is doing this...seemingly get along, and looked to be having fun. Take a macro look on what just happened this year with this team...hard knocks, bakers (and other young players) emergence, the firings...and the important part...the galvanization of the locker room on a nice winning streak, making noise, breaking records, daring media attention, awoke a sleeping giant of a fan base....now, with huge expectations of winning and playoffs. For these young players, this is all they know of the browns....hell, Landry is a vet and even he didn't know the Ravens are the old browns. There's a lot at stake with the psyche of this team, the players and the coaches. There's a lot of things that can go wrong if the next guy doesn't live up to the expectations the players have for whoever replaces 3G...and if the team starts slow next year, a mountain of holy hell is gonna reign down on Berea... With 3G, we know what we have for now. Sit them down and give them 2 years to appear in the Superbowl and a truckload of money. By that point, these young players will have grown up and may welcome a change then. Can't help but think at the moment, it's a unique situation where 3G can be effective managing the team to allow baker and Freddie to work together, learn together, and put the browns on the map. $0.02
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    One of my big takeaways from today's game was how he's grown this year. There was the TD that wasn't (at least according to NYC Replay Central), but even more impressive was how he bodied Humphrey out of the way for a jump ball Baker offered up. Next... blocking... which I think improved thru the season as well.
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    He also thought Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were best for the team. We can say heโ€™d be wrong again. The current crew earned their opportunity to go into next season at the helm. Donโ€™t try to fix what isnโ€™t broken.
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    I'm a fourth generation Browns fans, with Western PA roots. One of the house rules growing up was that only God, America and Family were more important than the Cleveland Browns. Growing up outside Browns Country, our exposure was the Browns News/Illustrated the occasional National Game Sunday or, less occasional, Monday Night Football. The internet has made the Browns more accessible. I get my information from you guys and I appreciate that, thank you. The topics are sincere, thought-provoking, and, most importantly, passionate. Browns fans are starting to pop up around here. I've started two, "Here we Brownies, here we go" chants in big box retail parking lots when I have seen a fellow Browns fan. This season has been the most fun I've had since 1994, I was 12. The future feels so bright that it's weird. When my Dad was in his 20s, the Browns went to three AFC Championships. In my 20s, the Browns were stringing together four and five win seasons. Shoot after 1-31-1, those four and five win seasons looked appealing. The Browns, our Browns, The Cleveland Browns are on to something. They are winning and people are noticing. I'm thankful for John Dorsey. Gregg William's did not help his cause with the loss. I would love to see what Williams/Kitchens can continue but I trust John Dorsey. Thanks again guys. It's so doggone nice not having to think about who the Browns will draft with the Number One Overall Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft!
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    Do it your fucking self next time
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    Hey bro, it is really nice to see a rival's fan come in to talk sensibly about football. Some here just don't have the ability to enjoy friendly banter and see the good and bad in each other's team. You get it, you understand, enjoy the ride? Bravo for you. So, to continue on with the gentlemanly conversation you initiated, I would like to throw my two sents in. Fuck you. Fuck the Ravens. Fuck Joe Fucco, and Fuck your defense. YOU aren't the same team? Sure you are. You dickheads aren't going anywhere. Your defense blows. Your women blow and your stadium blows. Your history blows and so does your choking head coach. Baker Mayfield will expose your defense for the shit pile it is. You homosexuals lost to the Bengals and struggled with them the second time. You lost to us when we were cursed with Hue Jackson. My shit looks like your logo. By the way, please visit again, soon
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    One more win would be a hell of a gift
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    You could here and probably watch both games at once. Theyโ€™re showing the Browns local and with the Redzone channel, itโ€™s all the football I need. Back in the day though it was pretty routine to hit a club with a few TVs, food and cold brew. Thatโ€™s where I learned that stooler fans are the result of anal pregnancy. Nothing else explains it
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    A BrownsBoard Christmas Special Blessing goes out to all the Aten's Family members this Christmas morning.Thanks for letting Browns Nation into your hearts with the best fan forum in The Land. Merry Christmas!! and Thanks..๐Ÿ™
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    Week One Garret hit on Ben, NFL apologizes. Raiders, blown spot plus strip sack blown dead, NFL apologizes. Buccaneers Mayfield hit in the helmet, refs blow it, NFL apologizes. None of those games would have made it to overtime, Browns are 10-5. But you dont hear us talking like that because we are not whiny-ass faggot-ass crybabies like fucking pathetic Steeler fans are. Everyone hates you guys. Bitchiest, faggiest fans in the NFL, bar none. Z
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