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    I understand it is time to replace him, contract-wise and performance-wise (due to injuries) ... But don't let the door hit you on the way out?? This guy has bled brown and orange for us. One of the few good players that had to struggle through 1-31 and gave everything he had. A leader, a fighter, and a guy who outplayed his draft status (rare during this Browns era). He goes down as one of my favorite players. Good luck to him, Browns forever! Zombo --Where has fan loyalty gone?
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    Man, I'm so weary of people in our society spouting total bullshit and when rightly called out only doubling down on their stupidity. Way, way, too much of that in the world today.
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    Whoever the replacement might be I just don't want to spend the same money on a new guy as it would have cost us to keep Joe. Lack of continuity is going to kill us again. WSS
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    Leroy Hoard for me....... loved the way he ran.
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    I've done a ton of sims on three different sites. Each of the prospects listed by each pick have made it to that pick on at least one site. I've watched videos on most of the listed prospects focusing on those in the first four rounds. Here's my summary with the blow-by-blow rationales to follow... 1.10 ( 10) - Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia 2.09 ( 41) - Ashtyn Davis, S California 3.10 ( 74) - Davon Hamilton, IDL Ohio State 3.26 ( 90) - Adam Trautman, TE Dayton 4.09 (105) - Shane Lemieux, IOL Oregon 6.08 (167) - A.J. Green, CB Oklahoma State 7.30 (221) - Benito Jones, IDL Ole Miss Prospects in boldface have been available most of the sim runs I've made. Pick 1.10 - Andrew Thomas (OT-UGA)/Jedrick Wills (OT-BAMA) (assuming Burrows and Young are off the board... a pretty safe assumption) Wills was my top choice until recently when I looked at more of Thomas' work. While now I have Thomas more than a little higher than Wills, I still consider Wills worthy of the pick. If both are gone, then I'd consider IDLs, Brown and Kinlaw, weighing their value vs. a trade down where I'd position for OT, Josh Jones, who while raw is my #3 OT.... plus I should pick up a 2nd Rounder. ATL has the 16th pick and they have made noise about being interested in moving up for Defensive help. Pick 2.09 - Zack Baun (OLB-Wis)/Ross Blacklock (IDL-TCU)/Ashtyn Davis (FS - Cal) Baun is my OLB in this draft... good size... good pass/run balance.. great motor; I see him making it to this pick as less than a 50/50 proposition. Blacklock looks like a helluva consolation prize in lieu of Brown or Kinlaw. Unfortunately him dropping this far is unlikely. Next to McKinney, who likely goes in the 1st, Davis is my fav FS in this Draft. He's long... fast... and is a hitter. He has a shot to be the fastest Safety at the Combine. Should be here and is a good value here. So why not have him higher in this cluster? The falloff at the other positions to the next alternatives is greater. Pick 3.10 - Malik Harrison (MLB-tOSU)/Troy Dye (OLB-Oregon)/Davon Hamilton (IDL-Tosu)/Adam Trautman (TE-Dayton)/Kyle Dugger (SS-LenoirR) This is pretty much the last stop for drafting playable LBs in this class (there is an interesting, Day-3, project pick). My late developing interest in keeping Schobert is because he could move outside were Malik the pick or stay inside, if it were Troy. Malik is the higher floor, safer choice... Troy the more interesting upside pick. Davon's stock has been on the rise. In case we have not drafted an IDL yet, I add him here as the last quality IDL I've seen. (Again there is a developmental, Day 3 prospect.) Hard to know how high Trautman will go. While I like him I would not take him earlier due to low floor. Plus again I have a developmental TE in my pocket. Dugger... along with Trautman... is this Draft's "small school" heart-throb. Athleticism overcomes "competition level" questions. High ceiling... Pick 3.26 - Davon Hamilton (IDL-Tosu)/Adam Trautman (TE-Dayton)/Kyle Dugger (SS-LenoirR)/Netane Muti (IOL-FresnoSt.)/Shane Lemieux (IOL-Oregon)/Brandon Jones (SS-tu) Three repeats here in case I landed my LB and any of the three slide to this pick. Assuming he is medically cleared Muti is the first alternative here. When healthy he is arguably the best IOL in the Draft for any blocking scheme, but... he's missed a lot of time. Shane is not Netane, but he's made to play in the wide ZBS we are going to feature in 2020. He's the last viable IOL starter I see in this draft. Brandon Jones is a very good, box SS prospect. Higher floor, but lower ceiling than Dugger. Pick 4.09 - Netane Muti (IOL-FresnoSt.)/Shane Lemieux (IOL-Oregon)/Brandon Jones (SS-tu)/Mathew Peart (OT-UConn) .. again three repeats. Matt Peart looks like a decent RT prospect. If we whiffed on my top 3 OTs, then he'd be a good choice here. This is the last stop for a viable starter in our draft. It's two full rounds before we pick again. Pick 6.08 - AJ Green (CB-OK St.)/Antoine Brooks, Jr. (SS-Maryland)/William Gay, Jr. (OLB, MissSt.) Green is a nice, tall (6'1) CB prospect worth taking late. Needs to get stronger for press coverage and run support, but has coverage skill due to fluid hips. Brooks is a tough, box SS worth a look if still need a Safety and Green is gone. Gay is a very raw athlete. Good size (6'2, 235) and speed. I've seen him sim'd as high as Round 2... don't see a rise anywhere near that, but he is interesting. Pick 7.30 - Benito Jones (IDL-OleMiss)/Jordan Fuller (SS-tOSU) Benito impressed me when I saw him in a Ole Miss game this past season. Enough so that he is my only repeat position taken. Tough against the run and can keep LBs clean. He add nice DL depth. Fuller might never start on D, but would add depth and should shine on STs.
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    A book. They made a movie about too. It’s about a creepy clown.
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    Dorsey dropped the ball by not re-signing him last year. This is how you lose draft picks that succeed ... you wait until they are hitting free agency to offer them serious money. Another Mitchell Scwartz case. Sign them on their way up through the system, don't wait until they can sniff money from 32 other teams ... you've lost leverage. Hopefully, Berry puts an end to this insanity. That said, Schobert is good, but not great. Mack Wison will be a very good player. We will be dipping in free agency to find another lb that fits what Joe Woods wants to do. Zombo
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    Greg Pruitt the king of the tear away jersey
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    Shit... that's right there with what Bloomberg spent on votes...
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    This isn't going well...
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    Maybe on super Thursday?😄
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    You're a racist. You may as well be because you have no more proof that Trump is a racist than I have of you being one. You're also an idiot, but in this case the evidence is glaring. Only a half wit would derive at the conclusion that because "racists" voted for Trump makes Trump a racist. "Racists" voted for Romney too, and Bush as well. You're extremely naïve. You will see a surge of minority voters vote for a Republican this go around, unlike anything you've seen before. The evidence is there. Are you also forgetting the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in 50 yrs, has happened under Trump? And do you know why Obama sucked at foreign affairs? Starting his first term he would make a priority to embark in a "Apology for America" tour bowing before every leader and apologizing for the worlds problems. To knock us down a few pegs. It is people like that asshole who believed America is why third world countries exist....those were his core beliefs, which became the blueprint for an abysmal foreign affairs record.
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    Played in a Pro Bowl 1 year and led the NFL in tackles another year. That said, some people only want to remember him for the year he played with a bad hammy and missed a lot of tackles. PFF doesn't explain that nor should they have to. A lot of the same guys fussed about Jamie Collins when he wasn't nearly 100% coming off a major injury. BB snagged him immediately; and word out of NE is he was performing like a defensive MVP the first half of the 2019 season. When you surround guys like this with better players - they play better. Make sense? It should... Once upon a time, sucking it up and playing injured was a honorable trait. This is especially so on teams with depleted depth at the position the guy plays. Here's a concept that seems like a lifetime ago in Cleveland. When you spend a few years to develop a player to the extent he makes a Pro Bowl 1 year and leads the NFL in tackles another year - you've already committed yourself. Consequently, you reward yourself by keeping him while rewarding the player for meeting/exceeding the expectation. For example, an undrafted LT like Tony/T-Bone Jones. Instead of locking Schobert up - Dorsey's ego didn't draft him so he's headed for the open market auction that will pay him a higher salary than we could have extended him for a few months ago IMO. Meanwhile, we've created an opening we didn't need for the growing pains of another unknown we'll get rid of as soon as we learn he's what we wanted. Then we wonder why we have so much turnover while we look to too many learning curves explaining our record again. This game counts on chemistry, continuity and leadership. I don't know about anyone else; but I would have rather had us looking to fill only 2 LBer spots to go with both OT spots, both safety spots, 1 dual purpose TE, DL and OL depth. This draft also has some damn good WRs that could help us for less cake than we're paying OBJ, who may or may not want to be here this time around. Best examples of continuity albeit a different era. In 78 we drafted Clay Matthews and Ozzie Newsome in the first round. Both guys exemplified leadership, continuity and excellence at their positions while giving us long careers. Throughout their tenure, we reached the playoffs with 2 different QBs/3 different HCs in the 80s more than any other decade in my lifetime as a fan. According to Pro Bowl vet Guard Joe D, Clay played all 4 different LBer positions better than injured starter (except for the position he was projected to play for obvious reasons). He was the leader by example for so many playoff teams we had in the 80s. He had a much better football career at his position than Joe Namath had at his position. Don't believe me? Post Namath's career stats and we'll chat. He was just a better looking Trent Dilfer that won a Superbowl for the large market in NY (while he also had a much better SB than Dilfer). Ozzie was asked to become a TE here; and he had a HOF career at the position for 2 different productive QBs that counted his experience, leadership and reliability. The next HC/Management didn't come along and say "I didn't draft either guy so we're not wasting more money $ on their asss moving forward..." We've only allowed Joe Thomas that type of tenure and he earned Pro Bowl honors every year to perpetuate it. Nobody on defense and only Bitonio have come close to starting as many games here as Joe Thomas. Sorry for the rant - I just couldn't hold that stuff hostage.
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    I am in for the week. But do have 3 ports of call. Cozumel (doing beach break with buffet/open bar/water sports). Costa Maya (doing some Mayan ruins)....and Roatan....(not sure yet..nature whatever). And at my age a couple or 3 days of in between relaxing may not be uncalled for. But, in addition...I DID get a notice that as of this point, RC could say that they could deny boarding to anyone with certain underlying health issues....including diabetes, which includes me. So, if they did that, I would say to them: Refund ALL of my money NOW, right now, because I would be stuck in Houston, which I would definitely not want.....and I would use that $3500 and that week to like either drive to Colorado, or go to the Smokies, or go to Naples Fla. or fly to like and spend the week near the beach there, or something.
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    While I haven't bought a single extra roll of toilet paper - much less a mask, there is no way I would go to Sin City just to have a good time, much less be trapped in a large hall with 10,000 screaming and spitting neanderthals that haven't washed their hands since they were 10 years old.
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    HG Wells "I created a panic across the United States with a radio broadcast!" World media: "Hold my beer." 😷😷😷😷😷 WSS
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    Right....we talk about the need to find gems in the lower rounds and develop them into players.....yet, seem to dump them as soon as or before they reach that goal of being difference makers..... Then you look at our depth at LB, right now, which is non existent.......and wonder where we land w/o Schob & Kirksey. They can sign 2 FA backers and still end up with less depth than a year ago. I know we cant pay too much to keep them, but feel more effort should have been made to retain these players that we drafted and then developed...... Schobert may not be a run stopping-hole plugging beast......but he is a solid tackler and great coverage guy......and it is a passing league....I look forward to us overpaying a pittbull to plug those holes, only to watch us get picked apart over the middle and in the short passing game......
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    Nope. If the Bengals called and offered this years #1, I firmly believe Bakers ass would be out the door.
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    Jester. I'm actually called Jester at work. No, I didn't, because I work for a living. Can you provide a link to the show you're talking about? Because what you're linking is a month & 1/2 old article that isn't ESPN, Fox or CBS. Basically any outlet with a pulse of credibility. Which is a complete farcry from what you said you saw THIS (3/3/20) AM. And cut with that Cal talk. Shit is weird.
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    oops. have to go make myself some coffee. LOL of course, we all know who the red eyed liar and ignorant hate--monger is - he apparently takes pride in the negative attention. of course, we all know who the red eyed liar and ignorant hate--monger is -
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    1 former board member would have told us he did that in 6th grade with 1 hand while the other hand was taking inventory of Miss Ohio's groin. Then he would have forgotten how many times he already told us offensive linemen are a dime a dozen while Joe Thomas was making 10 consecutive Pro Bowls.
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