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    Just to clue you in to what I've been up to... My 15 month old son Otto had to undergo "minor" neuro surgery to relieve pressure on his optic nerves. They found the pressure was caused by an arachnoid cyst in his brain that had blocked the flow of spinal fluid... It was a tough week that really put a lot of things in perspective. He's recovering and he's doing much better, he's back to being a happy, funny boy. We still have a long road ahead of us, for a few days we thought we might lose him but he's still here and that's what matters. I remember playing the Chargers while we were in the hospital, catching a play here and there on the tiny screen in the corner. We were losing big and I was thinking about how little the game meant to me at that moment. All the tears and not sleeping much the prior three days showed me that at the end of the day these millionaires playing a kids game paled in comparison to the battle we were fighting at that moment. I don't want this to come off as, I don't care about the Browns anymore or anything like that, just that- it's not the end of the world... The Browns are the youngest team in the league, we have some really talented players on both sides of the ball and we finally have a QB to build our team around. We are further along, right now, than we've ever been since I've been a fan. The gloom and doom squad need to pipe down and let's just enjoy the process. The Browns have been EXCITING to watch and they are playing their hearts out, taking teams deep into overtime. Cleveland isn't a pushover team and without the refs intervention they could have one of the best records in the NFL right now! Cleveland is heading over to Pittsburgh this weekend- and with Otto seemingly emerging out of the woods, we'll be there in spirit with them- rooting them on! This division is wide open and the Browns are going to attempt to remain the only undefeated team in the division. They can win this game and they can win the division. I certainly believe after everything that has happened- that miracles DO happen... you just gotta believe. The best is yet to come! I love all my brother that rep the Brown and Orange- and even if we disagree at times(or all the time), you're still my Dawgs.
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    Of course it was bullshit. So is every press conference that's ever been held. No one is going to tell you what actually went on. John Dorsey has had success in the NFL drafting football players. That's his only job. I don't care if he doesn't answer a question in a press conference again. Williams refused to answer questions about what was going on as well. Do you hate him too?
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    We like to have fun with our rivals, but that's over for this week. Please keep the city of Pittsburgh and those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts, and let's be respectful and understanding with our rivals this weekend. Z
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    It's none of MY business & it's none of YOUR business. ANY manager who talks about employee(s) & their situations to others is CRAP! Having been a successful manager for years, and hearing others TALK about employee(s) to others, I can tell you this...what they divulged cost them the trust & respect of their CURRENT staff (and I might add, the trust & respect of peers, including me). Mike
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    Quote from Hue Jackson.........."Not sure if I've really been fired, I'll have to go look at the tape." LOL
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    Its comforting to know Kitchens has a Baker .....
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    Greg Williams has locked himself in his office and refuses to come out ....
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    This thread exemplifies the TRUE spirit & CLASS of this Board & football. We are one big TEAM & FAMILY. Even though we sometimes disagree (vehemently at times)about football matters, a child's life & health is far more important than football. Now let's support our Browns so Otto & Logan can cheer for Cleveland's Super Bowl WIN!! FANS that fought as hard as they have are deserving of nothing less!! Mike
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    Yes, we will look more attractive to a potential head coach, and potential free agents after this season because of the talent we are accumulating and a potential franchise QB. But winning breeds winning. We've got four threads about when to fire Hue and one thread about this week's opponent, which is basically a bunch of funny pictures. We need to win football games. We need to win this week. We need to be relevant in our division. We need Mayfield and Garrett and Ward and Landry (all under long contracts) to show the world that things are different in Cleveland now. And Chubb, Ogunjobi, Ogbah, Peppers, Nojoku, Calloway ... Make plays, win football games. Did Hugh make the right decision starting Harrison at LT? Did Dorsey make the right decision acquiring Chris Hubbard for RT? I'll let you know when we start winning. Were the early season turnovers an anomaly and our defense is going to start getting hosed like it did against SD and the first half against Tampa, or is going to rise up like it did in the second half of Tampa and the first time we played Pittsburgh and Baltimore? I really don't care if and when Hue gets fired ... He's the coach right now, and right now we need to win football games. Is it better to go 2-13-1 and attract the "next big name" to come in here and do things "his way" and change the coaching schemes and churn the roster again, or is better to go 8-7- 1 and keep moving forward? Or are we hoping for 6-9-1/5-10-1 ... good enough to show talent, but bad enough to get Hugh fired? Who gives a fuck. Win the football game. Because you are all fucking losers if you don't win the football game, not just Hugh. Zombo
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    Those losses are going to haunt us... I can deal with almost beating New Orleans in their house. And I can deal with our young team getting hammered by talent-laden San Diego, bound to have one or two games where we just can't hang. And I can even live with a tie with Pittsburgh in the first game of this era. But we should have beaten Oakland and Tampa Bay. We should be 4-2-1 and tied with Pittsburgh for first place with the biggest game in over a decade lined up this week. Dreadful officiating in both of those games. But we have to get good enough that we can overcome that shit when playing the likes of Oakland and Tampa Bay. We just aren't there yet, and there are probably a few more tough losses coming, and it may cost Hue his job ... but Please just promote from within (Haley) and don't disrupt the offensive and defensive systems we are putting together ... we finally have talent and we are finally good enough to make 6 out of 7 games exciting to the finish ... no more starting over. I enjoyed seeing everyone in Tampa: Larry, Larry's "Nephew", Flugels, Flugel's date, Russ, and all the Browns Backers ... it was a great day in the sun ... til Fucking Peppers fumbled. Go Browns!!
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    Yes their backup just got arrested and Paxton is now living with Ghoolie as his live in Nanny
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    See ya in February. Don't let the door hit you on your negative ass on the way out.
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    We should find a way to stay excited. This is the BEST place this team has been since almost making the playoffs in 2007. Sure, the team is only 2-4-1...and could be this, or could be that. This team has competed every week besides the one yearly “bad week”, which every NFL team is susceptible to during the course of the season. The defense is the foundation, with EXTREMELY promising players across the board. The offense is finding its identity, and we actually have a true competitor for a quarterback. It’s hard not to get caught up in whether or not the coach/coaches should be fired, I get it, nobody likes losing. The fact of the matter is that these talented young players are learning and growing every week.... and the future is VERY BRIGHT. Stay positive, folks. F7782260-70C3-4AC7-8989-D0A81026B6D3.mov
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    It's obviously the fans fault for showing up for games.
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    Prayers for you Otto and the rest of the family PoG. Really not to "piggyback" on a great thread of how resilient and strong the little ones are. I had a similar situation with my nephew February of this year. Two days before his first birthday they found a tumor on his brain and diagnosed him with brain cancer. Logan had to have his 1st birthday party in PICU. Luckily Children's hospital in Columbus is fantastic and they let more than 2 of us back at a time for that one day. After a 14 hour surgery (longest 14 hours of my life praying watching my sister pray and worry) and 60 days of proton radiation treatment, that split my sister's family up because her husband stayed in Columbus with their oldest and my sister and mother stayed in Cincinnati with Logan, we just had his 3 month scan and he is tumor free. It was a difficult and trying time but we had each other to get through it but every time I walked back in picu to see him my heart broke. There were so many kids in there that never had any family visiting a couple of rooms didn't even have names on the nameplates because children we're brought in for trauma cases with no id and no one had come to claim them it just put things in perspective. We were all there as a family trying to get more than 2 people back in the room (ended up with 8 )and there were kids who had nobody. Little cool story here. My sister who is a teacher works at a school were other teachers can donate their sick time and they donated enough to my sister to take the rest of the year off to be with Logan. We were truly blessed. Edit: the radiation treatment split my sister's family up temporarily as they lived apart for those two months except on weekends.
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    This should just be the beginning of getting rid of the incompetent refs. I would like to see an independent sort of grading system similar to PFF instituted for these crews rather than just the league itself. They need to be held accountable rather than just vague apologies and admissions before moving onto the next game and raping of the Browns. The reffing is as bad as it has ever been. These guys are making arbitrary decisions and creating rules as they go while missing glaringly obvious calls. Despite all the rules changes and deviations, these players nowadays are basically committing penalties on almost every play. Football is now played by grabbing people rather than delivering forearms, and the habits are so ingrained in these guys that they are perpetrating some form grabbing and pulling on every play. The most penalized teams is an ambiguous stat. It is not the amount of penalties, it is the timing and severity. Teams like Pitt basically are coached to push the limits each play since the refs can't throw a flag every play, therefore they are going to be among the leaders and Tomlin will be crying while he is on the committee lobbying. The NFL has been sweeping this stuff under the rug for a long time, but it is getting so bad now that fans aren't just letting it go by the next game. What Hocker-lee and his crew did to the Browns this week was egregious. They literally said it was okay to go head to head, which completely belies what the league is trying to eliminate. They did that while reversing a call they already made. There should be discipline for that, but he is a disciple of nepotism so he will surely get a pass.
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    This Atom fella is a lot smarter than syd ever was...
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    If only the Browns would've given him multiple chances over a period of half a decade...... if only.
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    It is amazing that no one in her camp could convince her that doing this is a stupid idea.
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    I am already pissed at whoever our next coach is!!!!! I guarantee you he is already responsible for most of the worlds diseases, caused the last two and the next stock market crash, forced Josh Gordon to get high, secretly tripped Baker yesterday, boned half our Mom's and made Lebron leave Cleveland 🤩
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    The man puts true effort into his accuracy. He is also a very good writer. That combination makes for the best sports reporter in the region. We're lucky to have him.
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    I guess the world needed another "deja vu'... fire Hue" thread...
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    Let him have this season. We've played 6 games. After 12 games I think we'll know if he is coming back or not. Zombo
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