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    Hope my try at posting my pics work
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    My dad, the guy in the middle of the top picture below, is responsible for morphing me and my brother John into die hard Cleveland Browns fans. That picture was after his first bout beating cancer some 30 years before he lost to it. Anyway, he raised us in Fairport, NY (a suburb of Rochester). Before there was was DirecTV, my dad used to set up an antennae on the house that got us Cleveland game feeds from all over. 1 time we watched the Browns vrs the Saints in French in a feed from Ottawa, Canada. Other times we'd get them in other parts that used to televise the Browns. He also did this for some of his buddies he worked with at Rochester Telephone Company back in the day. The first game we ever went to in Cleveland was vrs the Steelers when David Mays led us to victory on the same day Turkey Jones slammed Bradshaw. Believe it or not, our tickets were in the standing room only section. Who felt like sitting that day anyway? After that, we made 1-2 road trips per year. Rochester had 4 different Browns Backers clubs (and another unofficial club that got together) when I moved to Nashville in 2006. It's closer to Cleveland than it is NYC. I guess Jimmy Brown and Ernie Davis playing at Syracuse recruited a lot of interest of guys my dad's age. Another guy that drew interest from people in Rochester was Otto Graham who played Pro Basketball for the Rochester Royals and helped them win the Championship. That was my dad's biggest hero and he got to meet him in Sarasota. If memory serves me right he was the golf pro at my dad's country club there. Otto Graham feels like the most forgotten exceptional athlete on the planet. How many other Pro Football QBs in America can say they led their teams to the Championship Game the first/all 10 years of their career and won 7 of them? In the top picture below, I'm the 18 year old knucklehead on the left in all blue. My brother John who was a damn good offensive guard 5 years before I played the same position is on the far right. Back then, he had the same compact build without the belly. He used to be really quick off the ball and always had superior leverage. He taught me the way to lift and how to win in the trenches. I was very fortunate to have played in back to back Championships in High School. We won it my junior year and got rat-housed 42-15 my senior year. Had a great Coach; loved my teammates; and felt blessed with what was accomplished. I was also fortunate enough to end the 80s and begin the 90s being paid to coach High School Football from all my experience and countless football camps attended. LOVED IT! A guy that used to play behind my brother (Dan Enright) who later became a Captain at West Point and snapped for Art Schlichter in the Hula Bowl said "your brother was the best Guard/OL we had on our undefeated team in 77; and then he inexplicably blew off the scrimmage he was supposed to start in to go on a road trip to Canada with some pot heads. I was getting excited to play next to him" He said football and sports came so easy to your brother he was bored with the challenge (ie; Josh "Potsy" Gordon). When it was my time I got the feeling my brother regretted what he walked away from his senior year so he motivated me. He was a free spirit that forever haunted my dad with the phrase "Don't worry about it!" My dad pretty much changed his name to assshole. My brother died in a car accident 2 years after my dad. In his honor, I name my fantasy football teams after him every year "DRINK BEER!" The second picture includes our cousin Mary Ann who is a lot of fun. This was my dad's family reunion and he was the youngest of 9. The last picture is my brother's landscaping crew/business crashing the party. As you might have guessed my dad called my brother's business "Don't Worry About It/DWAI Landscape" for the obvious reasons pictured. If there's a sum of 3 brain cells in that picture I prolly owned 2 of them; and that ain't good. They were trying to figure out how they were going to throw me into the lake without getting hurt. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. F If you made it this far - Thanks! I'm just as interested in reading about some of your family traditions following this team...
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    The scary part of Covid 19 is the unknown. I did a 14 day stay in the Cleveland Clinic after testing positive for the Coronavirus. The Clinic is in data collection mode about the virus, they call me twice a day asking me a long list of questions. I was also asked if I was willing to give blood for research (I said yes).
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    We have all day to gush before round 2, might as well start now. I honestly didn't think the Browns would commit to the process of taking a smooth operator and flipping him to the left side. I fully expected them to do something stupid like Becton or Wirfs. However, Young Berry has won my confidence so far. This was my 2nd favorite tackle behind Andrew Thomas and I'm glad this front office and coaching staff has decided early to go "all in" on the transition. That is the type of way to handle your business. Evaluate, formulate, decide and dedicate yourself to it. Side note, I can't help but feel that our own Joe Thomas has, and will continue to have, a VERY large say in Oline prospects. Whether he is "officially" on payroll for this team or not makes little difference. He commands Berry's respect and has his ear. I saved some time-stamps from when I watched Wills earlier this year. Felt I could share them and hopefully we have a collective enjoyment on what should be a great player for the next 10 years. Really to highlight the complete abilities we're going to be getting with a quality pick. Kid really has the goods to be a swiss army knife. @ 2:11. The pull and trap on the 3tech. Pulling from the backside tackle spot? That shit ain't easy. @ 2:52 - Always "looking for work" on screen that looks initially like a split zone to invite the weakside edge in. Jed see's the playside interior is accounted for and immediately works to the 2nd level. His blocks allows for those extra yards to be had. It's the little things that add up. @ 7:25 Wins with first contact, maintains a reasonably sound base and literally puts his man down. 2nd video Sorry @MLD Woody @ 21 seconds. short sets into the 3tech and then gets back in time to pick up the gap exchange on Josh Uche to make sure there is zero penetration. Outstanding awareness. @ 2:45 watch how fast Jed fires out of his stance and looks for his man at the 2nd level. 5 yards downfield and he's maybe a step behind the Bama #2 running a little hitch. That boy is country quick. @ 4:35. AWARENESS. Knows his backside guard is pulling and see's the oncoming Uche. He doesn't even bother with the chip on the front side edge, he picks off the incoming blitz (maybe a tiny hold but generally won't be called in that scrum) I'm good with this pick. Actually, I'm great with this pick. Wills is the best tackle to come through the Alabama program since Saban has been there. And I mean that with zero exaggeration. He is nasty, heavy striking and technically quite sound. The Browns got the goods this time and for those of you who were looking to see some intelligent moves before lending Berry your "fanhood" again - please consider this... Conklin, Hooper, Billings, Clayborne, and now Jed Wills. An "Analytics" guy addressing this team where teams are forged - in the trenches. I'm on board with this front office so far and I'm hoping you are as well.
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    Nope, I'm all in too. I'm a 73 year old VietNam Vet & don't approve of public demonstrations (kneeling during the Anthem, etc), so I will refrain from watching until kickoff. That being said, I understand that others have as much right TO demonstrate as I have NOT to. Let's just keep all demonstrations non violent & not judge, make fun of, or belittle others for their viewpoints & beliefs. GO BROWNS!!! Mike
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    Well, day 5 in the Stalag and here’s what’s happening. My fever is now non-existent, along with body aches. Congestion is improving, along with my appetite. However, shortness of breath is still a major issue. The doctors seem to think I have tiny blood clots in clusters inside my lungs. They are giving me huge doses of blood thinners via injection through my stomach. The hardest part of this ordeal, is lack of human interaction. I’m glad I have you guys around to hear me bitch! 😀
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    True, that’s what they told me it was for. I just found out that after the doctors reviewed the cat scan, there is NO blood clot!
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    Kudos to this unit. Baker could’ve sipped lemonade on a lawn chair while surveying the field last night. He had all day to throw. wyatt teller is a steal. He was bulldozing bungles last night on run plays. jedrick Wills has been awesome so far. guys on the radio were giving Chris Hubbard the game ball. He played very well. We have good depth on the line. when this unit is healthy next week with Conklin back I’ll be keeping an eye on the trenches. We may have a Top 5 O Line. Could really make a difference this year, especially paired with Chubb and Hunt. RUN THE DAMN BALL
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    Ah .. "The Left". I own my own business, I pay my share of taxes, I obey the law (mostly), I'm educated, I went to Catholic school, I go to church, I've only owned American cars, My Dad was a WWII Vet, my uncle died on D-Day, I like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie ... and I'm voting for Joe Biden. And protests don't ruffle my feathers, they are part of the American Process ... am I a "leftist"? Zombo
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    He's awesome. And he hit a Steeler QB over the head with his own helmet. Let me repeat that ... He hit a Steeler QB over the head with his own helmet. Should never pay for a beer in Cleveland again. Z
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    Great job Alejandro Villanueva... much respect. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/alejandro-villanueva-only-steelers-player-to-cover-name-of-police-shooting-victim-on-helmet-152737375.html "The Pittsburgh Steelers wore the name Antwon Rose Jr. on the backs of their helmets on Monday night to honor the victims of systemic racism. Rose, a 17-year-old Black teenager who was killed by East Pittsburgh police in 2018, was chosen after the team took a vote. On Monday night, one Steelers player did not wear Rose’s name on the back of his helmet. Offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva covered up Rose’s name with tape and wrote Alwyn Cashe over it. Cashe was a Black US Army sergeant who served in Iraq and died of injuries he sustained while on tour there. Wearing Rose’s name was supposed to be a show of team unity, but it appears that Villanueva decided to honor someone of his own choosing despite the team vote. Villanueva is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan as a Ranger, and earned the Bronze Star for rescuing wounded soldiers while under enemy fire. Cashe, who was burned over 72 percent of his body while trying to rescue his fellow soldiers from a burning Bradley Fighting Vehicle, was posthumously awarded the Silver Star after he died of his injuries. There has been a multi-year effort to have him awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor."
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    Unlimited seating... the link near the top of the topics page still works. Free peanuts and/or popcorn (check your couch cushions for these)... BYOB... Check your politics at the door or you get the boot. Don't go crazy, negative on our Browns or you will get a timeout. See y'all tomorrow.
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    My biggest problem is having the stances shoved down my throat. The unity pledge at the beginning, the black national anthem, the countless commercials, and whatever else. It's overkill and it doesn't do anything to stop racism. Heck, I can argue it actually does the freaking opposite. I absolutely detest BLM. They cause nothing but trouble in my town, they harass people on the sidewalk, they shut down traffic, and then they get upset when they get run over by car because they "have the right to protest in the streets and stop the flow of traffic". I hate racism, in all forms. But I'm also beyond furious that my hometown had to put up with "protesters" after 3 cops were cleared of shooting a black man who just murdered someone, said he was going to kill some cops, and pulled a gun on the police as they tried to apprehend him. This piece of shit got shot and we have to put up with broken windows, curfews, and whatever else. Wtf does this have to do with racism? Nothing. I feel like the world has gone crazy. We celebrate the life of a man wanted for sexual assault, who had other violent arrests, who had a knife and fought with police, and people donated $2.2 million to him. Do I feel like he deserves to be shot 7 times? No, absolutely not, but what choice did he give the cops? I know I'm rambling, but I'm just tired of it all.
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    My Great-Grandpa's family landed in Baltimore like many other Jewish Slavs, made their way to Pittsburgh and settled in Albion, PA south of Erie. He worked on the railroad and was the first to take my Grandpa to the city on a train to watch the Browns and Indians. My Grandpa was born in 1938, so he had the thrills of the Paul Brown juggernaut teams of the 1940s and 50s and the Jim Brown era. My Dad was born in 1960 and lived the Kardiac Kids, I was born in 1982, the Schottenheimer through Belichick Browns were my everything. We moved to Central Indiana in 1984. Dad was one of the first of all of his uncles and cousins that didn't work in the mills, foundries or tool and dye shops of NW PA. We watched football every Sunday, but the Browns were never on until the playoffs. The in game updates back then were absolute treats. My Grandma would occasionally record games with the VCR and send them to us and we had a Browns' News/Illustrated subscription. And that's how we got our Browns' information! I'd sit at the kitchen table and immerse myself in that thing. That periodical was truly a gem. Every time the Browns played in Indianapolis we would go and it seemed in the late 80's, early 90's that was a yearly event. The Colts were absolute trash then and many years the Brownies wore their Brown on White uniforms and our fellow Browns' fans traveled so well that those games always felt like Browns' home games. After the game, my Dad would take us down to the player-family area right by the loading docks where the team buses parked. We were in Heaven. We met and received autographs from our Heroes - Bernie, Clay Matthews, Steve Everitt, Eric Metcalf, Ozzie Newsome, Kevin Mack, Ernest Byner, Michael Dean Perry, Pepper Johnson, Mike Caldwell, Vinny, Bill Belichick, Tom Tupa, Leroy Hoard, James Jones, Michael Jackson, Antonio Langham and Eric Turner to name a few. My Dad had a pretty good relationship with a guy that ran a local watering hole and a couple times in the early 90's, I got to go to the bar with Dad to watch some games. He'd order a couple appetizers and we'd sit in the corner and watch the Browns on satellite, which was a huge deal. I remember a few games of note being televised locally, it was sporadic: the Monday Night win vs the 49ers, an opening day loss in NE, Metcalf taking two punts back vs the Steelers and the win in Dallas in '94. On Thanksgiving weekend 1994, we finally got a chance to see the Browns play in Municipal Stadium, I came remember not wanting to leave after the game. They beat the Oilers 39-24. It was awesome and my brother, fours year younger, and I soaked up the experience. Just being around passionate Browns fan that I knew had cheered and screamed as loud as we had and cried like we had until there was nothing in the tank was fulfilling. Oddly enough, a family in front of us did not stand for the National Anthem and the guys around us in Carhartts and the old Orange hard hats let the man of the family know how he felt. Words were exchanged, the guy in the hard hat rolled up his program and hit the man that sat on the head a couple times. He had plenty of words. The family left immediately never to return. The last two decades have been no different as far as our love. However, my outlook has changed from that of a starry-eyed boy ever the optimist, to a man that questions making the same decisions and expecting a different result. We were raised and have remained steadfast Browns fans in the darkest four decades of the franchise. My brother is out East, he's still a die-hard Browns fan. My sister is out West, she's still a Browns fan. My mom, raised in a Steeler home, is a Browns fan and Dad and Grandpa are still going strong. Even my little girls who cheer for "Daddy's Team" are Browns fans.
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    We moved to Cleveland when I went in to 1st grade. Moved in from Detroit. My Dad was born in Toledo, as was I, so he was a Lions and Tigers fan. We went to a few Browns games, but I remember him saying he wasn't going to pay $11 for a football ticket! LOL When I got old enough I took money from my Plain Dealer route to buy my own $11 ticket and went downtown with a friend. There were gameday express busses. My parents were pissed I went downtown on my own. They were really pissed when my buddy and I got on the wrong bus home and it dropped us off out in Parma, we lived in Bay Village. We couldn't figure out the bus schedule to get home, so had to call my parents to come get us. That was a quiet ride, at least until we dropped my buddy off at his house, then it got pretty loud. In those days home games were never on TV. Games had to sell out by maybe Thursday to get local TV coverage. There were always a few seats directly behind a pole, or a few standing room seats created that wouldn't sell. There could be 82,000 people in there, but those last 25 seats kept games off the air. My brothers and I would sit in the large upstairs bedroom we shared and listed to Gib Shanley call the game. We would take out our sleeping bags and stack them, use them as practice dummies. Good times.
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    I was the youngest of 3 kids, and my sister & brother weren't into sports like I was. My dad was a huge fan, although he hated Art because of the Paul Brown firing. Anyway, my dad decided to take me to a Browns game vs Cincy, Oct 1 1972. I was 9 years old. The Bengals botched the opening kickoff and the Browns recovered inside the 5 yard line. The place was going crazy, and I remember how loud it was. Leroy Kelly scored 2 plays later, I was hooked for life...Browns 27-6 victors. That whole season was amazing to me, we went to the game that the Browns tried to blow vs the Steelers, but Cockroft made a short FG to win it 26-24. I ended up getting a Plain Dealer paper route, and eventually became a season ticket holder in 1979, first row of the bleachers under the goal posts. The seats happened to open up after a Browns-Oilers game when fans went nuts and threw bottles on the field after a bad PI call on the Browns (Pastorini to Ken Burrough). Before that, me and some buddies would hop on the 79 bus down Fulton, and would go to the games. Anyhow, I passed on the Browns disease to my 3 sons. My youngest has season tickets, and my older two are involved in Browns Backers Clubs in Houston & Phoenix. Last year we tailgated at the Browns-Cards game for a family reunion. As per usual, the tailgate was better than the game. Great stories folks. Someday, and hopefully real soon, we finally get that dam Super Bowl.
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    First thing you know ol’ Jed’s a millionaire...
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    Has signed his rookie contract ....
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    I hope all of you football board regs are enjoying the HBO free preview weekend of the Pol board.
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    I love sports because it's normally a diversion, a place to get away from all the BS going on. I'm not canceling my season tickets over this. But the constant politicizing of everything is getting real, real old.
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    I noted this in the main thread, but I work at FAU and advised Harrison albeit briefly. Firstly, super nice young man. Always on time and humble. Trust me, that’s not what a lot of college kids are today. more importantly, I went to about 4 ish games (tailgated essentially a whole game so I suppose that doesn’t count). You guys do a way better job than I do about the prospect stuff, so I won’t disagree. BUT, here’s what I saw watching the dude play. Firstly, he was THE dude defenses schemed for. Our running game took a big hit with both motor singletary and his backup both going to the NFL last year. He was constantly shadowed by CB 1 and doubled. Secondly, QB play was well below par. There were so many wounded ducks we coulda started a sanctuary. other thing is that it was just obvious he was the best player on the field. That’s hard to explain but it’s just true. For a 4th round pick, I dig it.
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