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    NBC NEWS – In an interview with online magazine Paper, Kaepernick said his protests were a response to a deadly December 2015 confrontation between San Francisco police officers and Mario Woods, 26, in the city’s Bayview neighborhood. Woods, a suspect in a stabbing attack, died after being shot 20 times after he allegedly refused police orders to drop his knife. Woods’ family sued the city in a lawsuit that was settled for $400,000. "You might be thinking that since the family settled, the police probably screwed this one up. Since NBC News doesn’t tell us much more about it, I decided to take a look for myself and see if my assumption was true. I quickly found a report from June of this year that begins by saying the “San Francisco Police Department’s Internal Affairs unit found five officers acted within policy when they shot and killed Mario Woods in the city’s Bayview in 2015.” ........"In short, Woods had just stabbed someone who was rushed to the hospital. When police finally found him, Woods pulled a knife on the officer who confronted him and then proceeded to try and get away. Other officers showed up and surrounded Woods, ordering him to drop his knife. They used pepper spray on him and bean bag rounds to get him to comply. The report says “None of these options achieved the desired effect; Woods continued to brandish his knife [and] did not surrender.” Woods then began to move toward a populated bus stop, but an officer stepped in his way to prevent him from doing so. Woods was now moving toward the officer, who began walking backwards. It was only when Woods got within ten feet of the officer that he and the other officers fired their weapons, killing Woods. The way I read this, these brave officers didn’t do anything wrong. They tried non-lethal means to get Woods to comply and yet he still refused to drop the knife and surrender. It was only when Woods got close enough to a police officer to threaten his life that they shot him. And yet this is what Kaepernick heralds as the shooting that caused him to want to begin kneeling? Good grief. I’ve said this was a phony movement and I was right. Completely and utterly phony." https://therightscoop.com/the-police-shooting-that-led-kaepernick-to-kneel-is-gonna-make-you-facepalm/
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    I hear that a lot Bob; but he rarely sets a great example as a QB when he gets game action IMO. I've seen him in previous fill-in duties looking very Blaine Gabbertly; and that ain't good. We already have a QB Coach who seems to like Stanton being around for that presence you mentioned; but we're just a twisted ankle from starter away from being sentenced to him at QB. For all that experience, he still processes things way too slow to be successful. If we cut him, maybe we can just make him the Assistant QB Coach or something. Sometimes QBs that struggled like Trent Dilfer, Jordan Palmer, Kellen Moore, and Ryan Lindley (our current QB Coach) make good QB Coaches or even OCs. They know the challenges they couldn't overcome with any degree of consistency while they've practiced the fundamentals throughout high school and college (often attending many QB Camps along the way) to have the background and knowledge to teach the position. We're at a point where we have to have a backup QB that doesn't drop anchor on every drive. Nobody will equal Baker's pre-snap intellect that leads to all the quick-decisive throws that made our offensive line give up far less sacks than we had been used to seeing here. I think Gilbert gives us a better chance for scoring drives at #2. I guess we can always keep Stanton as the #3 and stash Blough on the practice squad.
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    Yeah, I've heard we weren't the only team that would have drafted him in round 2. That said, I still find it a head scratcher that we drafted him with our 1st pick in round 2 based on the level of competition change he was heading into. Even though Bitonio went to the same school, he's really the only exception to the rule I see from that program that adapted quickly to the NFL trenches. Corbett didn't draft himself so the expectation of emerge quickly or bust still seems unfair. Then again, NFL poverty is a 6 digit salary many of us can only dream about... People in here have accurately equated his turbulent beginnings to Cam Erving. Today, Erving is the projected starter at LG for the Chiefs after filling in as a starter for a good stretch on their playoff team in 2018. While Erving still doesn't look like a 1st round pick - he's found a very good offense that considers him reliable enough for keeps. Anyone remember Tony Mandarach? He was an early disaster at LT in Green Bay for Lindy Infante. When Infante went to Indy, he gave Mandarach another chance as an OG and it paid off. He started on their playoff team and held that job down for a few years. Robert Gallery was also a trainwreck at OT for the Raiders but later settled in as a reliable starter at OG for the Superbowl team that lost to Tampa. Some guys just take longer than others. Right now, Corbett is still pretty new to playing Center so I expect some bad snaps in the shotgun early on. I think we'll all agree Corbett isn't ready to start yet. That said, I would understand it if we DON'T cut his asss just yet. I agree great talent evaluators can make mistakes. Even a Bill Walsh can draft a Gio Carmazzi (out of Hofstra) over a local boy like Tom Brady while 31 other NFL teams also saw nothing special in Tom Brady as well. BTW, that Hofstra program that once had WRs like Wayne Chrebet and Marques Colston - no longer has a football program fwiw.
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    I don't disagree, but Colquitt has been a top 7-8 punter in the league for a long time. He was exceptional last year getting them pinned deep too (32 punts inside the 20). We have a very strong squad this year, I take that steady player all day. The money is likely very inconsequential for the short-term. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gilliams ends up on the 53 for another squad, though.
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    Folks, it's exhibition season, which means nothing other than finalizing decisions & seeing what player combos work best. Case in point: 2017 Browns were 4-0 preseason. Remember what our regular season record was? Yep, that would be 0-16. Mike
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    How this works is what is happening in California the dems want for the rest of the nation..no thanks.
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    I dont see that at all......In fact, I think he is a slam dunk #2 and am curious why the Browns are just handing Stanton the job.... If it was me, I might cut Stanton and keep Gilbert and Blough. Stanton has established he wont get any better, but the 2 young guys already are better and both have potential for growth..... Baker 1 - Gilbert 2 - Blough 3..............Stanton gone......
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    Maybe not consciously. But let's try a little self-awareness like you always urge others to. Just a few posts back you delighted in sticking it in the eye of the Boomers that there would be a rap halftime. Not because I assume you have anything against the who or Paul McCartney or whoever just as an act of hostility against that generation, because it gets under their skin. I don't expect you to admit it. We asserted ourselves, our generation, with long hair and weird clothing. WSS
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    surely she isn't smart enough to have been a good bartender. Poor customers probably ended up sick and got her fired. She's a stupid, nasty, belligerent opportunistic hatemonger. If you didn't have the electoral college, it would negate the votes of every state that doesn't have a big population. Every time the left sees what could be an advantage to them, they go all hell and high water for it. Their trouble is, when the advantage changes, so does their phony stance on any issue.
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    This is why so many players give canned, generic responses. It's really sad and probably frustrating as hell. I bet money Baker calls him to clarify.
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    Exactly. Why should I hve to pay for schools when all my kids have graduated? Should only tax the ones who have kids going to school or charge them a tuition.
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    Not just Woody but where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins in the MSM covering one of the biggest scandals in our history? I guess you have to remember that many in the MSM were active Hillary Clinton supporters. This was a coup attempt to keep Trump from being elected and then take him out after he was elected. Once the IG report is released I have no doubt the facts will come out especially now that Barr has replaced Sessions as AG. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/conservative-host-mark-levin-claims-silent-coup-prediction-justified-by-mccabe-rosenstein-reports
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    The point is less about the numbers and more about the fact that the Trumpster continues to pack arenas....and since this phenomena gnaws at your anus your only pain relief is to marginalize it any way you can. Good work with you arena size research. These crowds are unprecedent for a politician, even if it is New Hampshire. You know it is but will never acknowledge it. Right?
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    I agree, it isn't looking good for Dorsey on this one. He'll probably stick around for another season because he was a Dorsey pick...
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    am no kicking guru.. but Phiefer needs to find one holder on this team & quit having reasons for kickers to use holders as excuses..Jamie Gillan is a fun 'all about team player'..but he was never asked to hold for kicks till this past mini camp..make a choice of one holder that's making the roster..Seibert is being coached to lose 1 step from his approach.(not as easy as some think). he's young still hitting some over 50 yards..As for QB, Gilbert just made Freddie a no fool for keeping 3 on roster. Gilbert won't get to PS..and After what we been through at the QB position? 3 QB's seems like the right thing to do with 1 inactive..
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    Maher: "sometimes this other side never gets reported in the American media, it's very odd"..lol..no it is not very odd Bill..we have a biased corrupt media that many times will not report both sides of a story when it does not fit their narrative.
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