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    Hey, we threw snowballs at Santa Claus.
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    The saddest part of this whole thing is that his own (alleged) fans boo'd him. That's a HUGE black eye for the Colts. Mike
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    That I did not know. Thanks. That makes sense then.
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    Perriman requested to be let go as soon as we got OBJ
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    THIS is the reason I thought Kyler Murray made a mistake walking away from baseball.
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    That was Philadelphia fans. We threw plastic beer bottles at refs.
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    When Biden says he was VP and met the students from Parkland in his office we know that could not be true because the Parkland shooting happened under Trump's presidency and Biden was not the VP a t the time...this is not a gaffe. This is someone who clearly has some mental issues. He is remembering something that never happened.
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    Now they can pick up Tua or Sunshine next year with the 1st pick.
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    Lol, I am sure they do amongst themselves, but as a lawyer/judge would you actually be able to be quoted as saying such things? As a coach, I can think someone from an opposing team is doing a bad job with their players. I would probably talk about it amongst the other coaches with me, but I would never say it to the other guys face, in a public forum, or anywhere that I could be quoted as saying such.
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    Yes, I expect to see him a lot....but NO....I don't think for a moment that he is on the bubble. He can switch between DE and LB...and provides depth at both spots. Where on earth are you coming up with this?
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    He's no Kevin Hogan.
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