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    Maybe in communist countries they have "justice" systems where a person must prove their innocence but that has never been the case in the United States where the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove guilt. Many democrats would make great communists as they want Trump to prove he is innocent the same as they expected Justice Kavanaugh to prove his innocence and not the other way around. The only thing constraining these communist democrats is the wisdom of the founders of our country and the constitution and it is almost always the democrats who are wanting to either eliminate parts of the constitution or modify it. https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-impeachment-doug-collins-mark-levin-steny-hoyer-innocence
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    Not at all, but it sounds like yours is. Because it appears as if you fail to look at past statistics. I believe from your argument that you are comparing apples and oranges. Because just saying that if TB12 leaves and Patriots are SB contenders means you are right and it was about BB, then that would equate to Montana not being good because Young won after he left. Or that the entire reason for Montana's success was because of Walsh. Along those lines, I also don't think that its comparable when discussing a 43 year old QB. If this were 10 years ago then maybe, but TB12 has regressed, and that has zero to do with Belichick. But ultimately, if TB12 does leave and for example goes to the Chargers and they become contenders, does that mean that it was ALL Brady? I don't think so. I think what it means is that TB went to a team who had some good players. And if the Patriots fall on their face without Brady, I don't think that is an indictment of Belichick. The whole point I was making is that no single season result is conducive of giving the responsibility of the Patriots success.
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    Like let Freddie sink under his own incompetence? And then Dorsey still gets to pick the next coach? Haslam was 100% correct in telling Dorsey- that was such a monumental screw up, you don't get a mulligan there.
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    It's as useful as any of his posts.
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    it's a disease, that surely must be it. They catch it, and want power so desperately, so much, that they can do whatever they want, accrue all the wealth they want, and ruin anyone with any dishonest process anytime anyone gets in their way. The ruthlessness and abuse of power lends itself to historically proven examples of cruelty, oppression, tyranny, and dread/fear across an entire country - even across an entire continent. Maybe all this lawlessness was inevitable - to start out after that much power - to where you never have to lose it - you have to stop teaching about God in schools - demoralize American families, train a new generation into never believing in America, never teach American history, never teach our Constitution/Bill of Rights.... that way they can take our precious freedoms for granted. that way, they can be ego-driven on emotion and manipulated. that way, they can be manipulated into losing their freedoms and their security. and their guns. and their families. and their God. and their Country and their way of life. Their Flag. Their Constitution/Bill of Rights. Right to own a farm. Our electoral college. But here in Real America - there is no other bastion of FREEDOM to run to. There is no escape to America anymore. and that, has been the rest of the dishonest world's greatest desire for at least a half century. Look at the U.N.
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    Former Dolphins OC Chad O'Shea becomes 1st hire to Stefanski's staff as WR Coach & Passing Game Cord. Not a bad choice from a front office in Miami with Tanking on their mind.. here's more coaching staff rumors from Rapsheet.. https://nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001097523/article/conference-title-games-feature-desirable-coaching-candidates
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    Thank you, I respect yours as well. My feeling is sometimes there is addition by subtraction. Can they get anyone as talented as OBJ? Doubtful. But these little "look at me" moments just don't contribute to "team." Look at TN, are they super talented? Mostly not. But they are a "team." I don't think a team this young can handle the OBJ distractions and turn the corner into a team.
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    Nice of him to steal the spotlight from LSU and the players... Overpriced....a whopping 4 Tds... Dump him
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    Dorsey should have stepped in at some point and told Freddie to relinquish the play calling. It may have saved both of their jobs. Dorsey had to know about confusion and us looking like idiots. I guess he thought it best to let Freddie dig his own hole and he would get a chance to correct it after the season. The Doofus thought wrong.
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    This looks more like last August than it should now. Didn't we win the SB last August?😜
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    I know Brian Billick is a disliked person around here....but I recall him saying once...."need is a terrible evaluator". He was referring to QB's but I think it fits with any position.
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    this isn't about a bet on one situation....not really "who are you watching".... if it needs to be merged, okie-dokie. I just wanted to concentrate on draft rumors. It occured to me because I've been working on a mock draft. Slightly different subject, ya? (btw, Congrats on winning Bowl Mania, how the hell did you DO that?)
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    No problem with any of this whatsoever. If my team won I'd be handing out cash and slapping cops asses too ... albeit less cash and female cops. Z
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    In that case I do not want to know how it ends...
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    Made a fresh pot of my famous green beans cooked with cherrywood smoked think cut bacon that has been semi-fried before inclusion. Now all I have to do today is think of some dish to go with them. Been thinking maybe chicken tenders baked in a basil & leftover cabernet sauce with just a hint of blackberry jam added in to baste it with. And now that my gastroenterologist has cleared me to resume consumption, think I'll have a nice small glass of cabernet port by Deaver Vineyards of Amador County, Californicate to go with it.🍷😋
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