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    Okay, to be honest she is kind of hot. WSS
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    We moved to Cleveland when I went in to 1st grade. Moved in from Detroit. My Dad was born in Toledo, as was I, so he was a Lions and Tigers fan. We went to a few Browns games, but I remember him saying he wasn't going to pay $11 for a football ticket! LOL When I got old enough I took money from my Plain Dealer route to buy my own $11 ticket and went downtown with a friend. There were gameday express busses. My parents were pissed I went downtown on my own. They were really pissed when my buddy and I got on the wrong bus home and it dropped us off out in Parma, we lived in Bay Village. We couldn't figure out the bus schedule to get home, so had to call my parents to come get us. That was a quiet ride, at least until we dropped my buddy off at his house, then it got pretty loud. In those days home games were never on TV. Games had to sell out by maybe Thursday to get local TV coverage. There were always a few seats directly behind a pole, or a few standing room seats created that wouldn't sell. There could be 82,000 people in there, but those last 25 seats kept games off the air. My brothers and I would sit in the large upstairs bedroom we shared and listed to Gib Shanley call the game. We would take out our sleeping bags and stack them, use them as practice dummies. Good times.
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    Great topic!!! The 86 Browns were my first recollection of the Browns. My dad and I watched every game (Youngstown area) we would listen to the radio during the game to hear play by play with Nev Chandler. I remember My Cousin collected these Browns Digests 70s-80s not sure what they were called He had stacked high in a cabinet. I remember being 7/8 and reading most of them each time we would visit. First game at Muni Stadium was a Monday Night game against the Colts with Mike Pagel as the QB. I was 8 I had school (2nd or 3rd grade) the next morning my mom was pissed. Now being 2500 miles away I usually call Sunday evenings and we talk about what the Browns did wrong
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