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    Signing then retiring. “To have the opportunity to come back home and retire with the organization and the city that I love is incredibly meaningful to me,” Dawson said in a release from the team. “It only seems right to have the opportunity to do this with the fans that have been so good to me and my family.”
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    Here's how the notepad looks from the top down. Forbes - needs a little work on his knee bend, leg drive and lower strength. His height, arm length and weight do make him look like a center candidate. You can tell his arms are shorter than the other tackles just by standing next to them. The 1 on 1 pass pro snaps I saw real quick, he took away the outside then worked his ass off to anchor back in. But he held vs the 2nd team line at tackle drills. Robinson - looks like he trimmed just a bit. Maybe 10lbs. You can see it in the way he walks without having to see the snaps. Perhaps seeing the film vs speed rushers and adjusting/improving his body to the game? Kush - Natural pad level because of his height. Looked like the 1st team RG today at times. Lamm - is an emerging RT option and was 2nd team from what I saw. Got most of his work there and honestly, looked a pinch better than Hubbard a times. Coach Campen - I like him. Hands on and has a bit of fire when he's down lown with his position group. The raw tools for this line need work but the Oline, coaching wise, is in good hands with him. If they are underwhelming, it will be because of the (lack of) talent. Baker was off a bit early in warmups. Missed some passes high. Also, I get that he has moments of brilliance but there were some throws today that just didn't need to be made. I understand you have to live with the good and bad, but avoiding the Farve mentality was something I was praying for. Corbett - I just don't know about this kid. He saw some looks at center and in the 1 on 1 drills. I have no idea how he fits into this line aside from a rotational backup. I don't see full time starter material at any position he has played so far. Possible Center candidate? Mary Kay - spent more time bullshitting and staring at her phone than paying attention to practice. At least, for the first 45 minutes or so that I was in proximity to her. Punt return unit - at the moment, not very inspiring. Couple fumbles - and Callaway is a name that came to mind as a PR man buuuuuut... Callaway - TD drop on a pretty pass to the corner. Wasn't ideal ball placement and he had to elevate just a little, but should be a routine catch for a professional athlete. Hands, hands, hands. Can't have you dropping shit that ends up in the bread basket. Eventually it will come back to bite you. Saw some RPO looks. Or possibly the offensive incorporating more quick hitting alert read off of the gun runs. Good news is, the 2 that I saw went to the man Baker has developed the chemistry with - Higgy. Last year and the off season work now should hopefully pay dividends on ball placement and sight adjustments post/pre snap. Saw a decent amount of cross formation movement from slot receivers. Again, the man was Higgy when I saw. Keep that little theme in mind heading into this season. Hilliard - running low, showing patience, burst and staying behind his pads. Had a nice jump cut to the B gap, planted his foot and got upfield for an 8 yard gain early. Between Chubb and him, running game should be pretty solid to open the year. I don't have many, if any, concerns about those two. 2nd team Oline won inside on the 2nd team dline. And they did it with some frequency. Coley had a nice move in the 11's but that unit is going to need some work. At times though, I couldn't help but wonder if the interior D was holding back a bit? On the edge there isn't as much contact and unless you've been in the middle of those piles, you don't fully appreciate how easy it is to get fucked up by something stupid. Kalis - thought he was the starting RG at first until I saw the number. Took good volume of 2nd string snaps and I think that helped with the interior wins I saw vs the 2nd team Dline. Baker - still needs to work on his drive out from the back foot under center and making the pivot foot a bit lighter/smoother with a more immediate turn. See; Brady, Tom. But better than what I initially remember seeing from last season. Greedy - tall, long arms, lean. Still needs to work on adding upper strength and good mass. Not much, mind you. But he's still very young so that will come in time. Has a natural frame that allows him to sit inside on receivers, squeeze them to the boundary than box out with height and length. He did it a couple times to Callaway vertically and you can tell it caught Antonio off guard. But I did see that glimpse of a DB attitude which was nice to see. Remember - I called (will still gladly call) Justin Gilbert a pussy. It showed on the field and in practice. Greedy doesn't strike me as a Gilbert clone in mentality. At least, not for the moment he doesn't. Chris Smith - mostly looked like the 2nd team weakside end. Had a great bull rush in 1 on 1's but beyond that it was ho hum day from him. A lot of odd/out breaking routes from the #2's in formation. Coaches believe Baker has the accuracy and we have the receivers to continuously attack the perimeter. I'm fine with it. Plus it avoids the middle of the field and that's the place Baker tends to get into trouble so far. #99 - Devaroe Lawrence? Left the field early. Look like he tweaked his shoulder. But no real injuries beyond that it looked like. Linebackers - miiiiiiiiiiiiight still be an issue in the running game. Let me say this - from what I saw today, if I want to beat this defense, I'm going to run right at them. Fuck the runs outside, I'll avoid Myles and at times Vernon. I want to test your manhood. ISO, traps, IZ, power, whatever. I'll work at Jobi until he's spelled, maybe somehow combo Sheldon and then sprinkle in a lead afterwards. Because I don't see the nasty, downhill enforcer on this team that is going to set the tone between the tackles. And week 1 vs 6'3 240lb Derrick Henry. That is a fantasy and football matchup I'm personally going to avoid for the moment re; Browns defense. Chad Thomas - for the tweet I posted about him, he jumped offsides twice other times. You see physical gifts and it's not hard to tell when he's out there. I'm just hoping the physical meets the mental and we have a player that can contribute good minutes. The spin move he put on Hubbard was filthy. Like, the kid CAN do it. Doing it consistently and when it's full team live fire though? We'll see. But Garrett's comments on Wilks letting the pass rushers do their thing and find their moves? Looks like some early truth to that. Hubbard - won a couple times vs Vernon when they were matched up. Quite handily to the outside too. I think he struggles against edge rushers with length. The compact bodies, such as Vernon, make it easier to win against when you land that initial punch. Watching the DB's - Not a fan of some of the off coverage I saw. At times I felt it was too easy for receivers to get into their routes. Granted I understand Wilks reasoning, but I'm just old school yet at the same time, new school. You have to beat the QB AND the receivers today. But we gave up a couple passes with CB's playing off, dropping to a low hip and then peaking back inside (Greedy, I'm looking at you) At this point - I just caught wind of the conversation behind me. These two dudes were gossiping the entire time like catty bitches in the coffeeshop. When I finally took a moment away from the field when the 1st and 2nd team swapped out, they were going on about being enlightened through Jesus Christ - but went on to the topic of the strippers they've hooked up with. Either way, take your asses elsewhere if you're not going to appreciate or even watch what's happening on the field. Great read - Baker had a great ball fake and a nice read outside on the deepo (deep post) which he dropped over the top for a TD. Couldn't tell the DB in primary though. Too many people with their hands up going nuts. BUT It was Callaway that caught the pass. So a nice redemption from earlier. But you need to land the contested stuff. Separates the good from great. The offense - towards the end had the 2 minute drill which the offense won and capped with a TD. Honestly it was the most in sync (90's boy band joke here) they looked all day. I feel like some tempo at the right times will really go a long way towards helping this team when the regular season hits. Should the rapport keep building with the receivers and the coaches increase their trust with Baker making more changes at the line, it can only help to have another weapon in the arsenal. That's what I have for the moment. I didn't pay a shit ton of attention to the two receivers you're most likely asking about because they don't warrant the attention IMHO right now. I know what they bring to the table. The in house, home grown talent, is what I focused on most today. Overall. More talent than last year but with question marks as to how and where it all fits. My concerns mostly rest with the Oline and the linebackers. But feeling pretty good about most everyone else sans the WR's and edge rushers - That is where this team is clearly head and shoulders above most so I and you should feel great about them.
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    Did you develop a mental picture of what you think each poster looks like as you read their posts or respond.to them? I sorted through a bunch of images until I could say "yep that's him" !! Tell me if I'm close. Westside Steve...influenced by your avatar, yeah that's Randy Bachman... DieHardBrownsFan... Cal... Woody.. OldBrownsFan... CantonDawg...cant help it, avatar influenced... I'm imagining someone looking like Baker Axe... LogicforSquares... Cleve Tex...I never envisioned him in a cowboy hat. Not a true Texan. Ok I'm ready for mine.. LOL
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    How about a little perspective on this... 1st, you were responding to Clevs, not Cal. 2nd, it wasn't that long ago the depth chart at RB looked like this: 1) Chubb, 2) Hunt, 3) Duke and 4) Hilliard. If you were disappointed he didn't look like a polished version of Alvin Kamara in our 1st preseason game - that's on you. The lack of overall game experience was reflected in the fumble and the holding penalty. Duke had plenty of fumbles that ended drives while he was here; especially during our stretch of 1-31 football. 3rd, if you looked at Chubb's 1st pre-season game last year - you'll see a similarity with the ypc. I remember reminding someone that it was only his 1st preseason game when someone pointed out he sucked too. This what the preseason is for - learning what guys are good at and what they need to improve on as well as what they shouldn't be doing. If we couldn't score from the 1 yard line at Tampa on 2 consecutive plays last year running behind Zeitler with a bigger, work horse back like Chubb - I doubt we're going to ask the 202 lb Hilliard to do this when the games count. Last but not least, when Baker was our QB the other night - Hilliard played like we needed him to. He had 2 receptions of the 5 passes Baker completed in our 89 yard drive that ended with a TD. Truth be told, he DID look pretty good like Clevsies said. 2 targets = 2 completions. Pretty amazing how easy it looks when there's a reliability of accuracy from the guy throwing the passes.
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    So my view wasn't the greatest at times, I arrived there a bit late. Note to self and to you - get to the gates an hour before camp starts. So not too much scribbling aside from the mental notes but what I have so far... - Greedy got some run with the 1's. Didn't look out of place, but the knock on him at LSU was dealing with longer more physical receivers. His trouble with Higgins at times vs the body of work vs Callaway, while not something I want to overblow, only feeds that mantra. DB, more than anything, is a mindset. But good news is, he battled while he was out there and didn't seemingly walk around like he had been defeated. - Can't speak enough about tempo. Nevermind just getting the defense into a bad personnel grouping - it gets Baker where he needs to be in rhythm. I'm hoping the Brownies use it a bit earlier in games as opposed to the medium or latter stages beyond the 2m drill. Baker had those 3 early inc but once he got going he was decisive and accurate the whole day through. - The Redwine pick. One of my knocks on him in film was his depth, angles of pursuit and field awareness. Can't recall the specific game but I do remember one where he's playing middle 1/3 and retreats to the middle of the endzone, when the initial snap was from the 15. Only to have the receiver catch the ball right in front of his face. That's depth and awareness. He showed better fundamentals and a good opening step when going for a pick today. He will learn a great deal behind Randall. - Njoku looks stronger. Specifically in his legs and lower body. You can tell that boy has been putting in time with the S&C coaches. Which is good because this coaching staff believes in using their big bodies down the seams and in the middle of the field. I'm just hoping Baker is patient and smart when delivering the ball. - Back to Hollywood. Can't say enough about this kid. He's your 3rd receiver and you can take that to the bank. Starts with the chemistry he has with Baker, then you toss in his route command and hands. Very happy to have him with this team. It will be Higgy and Landry that will be the one's the Ravens worry about dealing with the most this year. Side note - aside from Balt. I can't think of a secondary in the AFCN that has the ability to deal with our receivers. Even then, while the Ravens have a very talented secondary, I'm still trying to picture how the matchups work. But if you see Rashard draw Jimmy Smith, then you know the opposing coaches are paying him the respect he deserves. Possibly the most slept on player of this offense not named Chubb. - Callaway's inconsistent hands are going to cost him, if they already haven't. Hands, feet, eyes. If you don't have all 3 then you won't stick as an NFL WR. As I posted before, he's your 4th receiver and 5th in targets behind Odell, Landry, Higgy & Njoku. Might even be 6th depending on the screen game and how Hunt's suspension fares. He's slipping down the depth chart. Worst part is, it's not like he is having a terrible camp. But it goes back to one of my favorite words, consistency. You have to be a reliable target. - Sibert has rookie struggles. Problem is that when you struggle as a rookie kicker, it's incredibly difficult to get the job from the incumbent. Greg should win the starting job based on being a bit more consistent and a veteran presence who has dealt with NFL pressure. - Dline owned straight sets. I guess I shouldn't say "owned", but when Baker was dropping back without the use of ball action, he was doing so frequently pressured. Credit to Baker for getting the ball out all of camp in the manner he did. But eventually those pressures will turn into turnovers, sacks, incompletions etc etc. A testament to our dline and a knock on our Oline. Speaking of.... - The RG spot. I said it was Kush 1a and Kalis 1b. While I'm 100% sure the battle comes down to them, that order may be a bit reversed. Just watch closely preseason. Corbett is finished at that spot save for depth as a swing man. Unless he is getting C or RT looks, he's been soundly beaten by the vets above him. - 11 Personnel. Really nothing more to say. You're going to see this team utilize space in a way it hasn't done in a long time and they'll do so in a variety of ways. One of the many formations I had gone over in my mind to best suite this teams style was the gun trey that I first remember being the staple of the Vince Young Longhorns. Combined with Njoku looking stronger and more explosive down low... this would fit into the hands of our receiver strength in a similar mold to the 05 Horns personnel. (Don't ask why that came to mind, it's a weird association that just did) - Hilliard. He's more than just a 'serviceable' back. The kid could start in a pinch and I wouldn't be scared. He runs patient, smooth and determined. As some would say a very 'intelligent' runner. Kid made the most of his blocking and gained yards he line didn't even block for either. Another home grown depth talent we can be secure with. - Coach Holcomb. No, not Kelly Holcomb. Our linebackers coach. That man DOES NOT fuck around. I don't know who's ear he got into when the 2's were on the field, but whoever it was learned what their mistake was reaaaaal fast. - Chris Smith. Was out there a ton. Unless somebody took his number when I wasn't looking? I still stick with my gut that he makes a roster spot. The battle for the dline depth will get really interesting. I still think it shakes out with the coaching staff biting nails over who they're cutting. Quality bodies but only so many to keep. That's the mental stuff mostly. Kept looking for a few players to stand out but either didn't see them make plays (Whitehead) or didn't see them out there period (Avery).
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    North Carolina gun shop billboard mocks the 'Squad' as 'idiots'
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    This is fishy as hell. Guy should have had 24/7 monitoring.
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    It's Friday, so been listening to 70's funk (and for my dude Myles Garrett - a touch of Marvin Gaye) for the last couple hours while I try to go over this clip with a fine tooth comb. Music always helped me focus. And if you can't get down to some Marvin, then we just can't be friends. Anywho, Coaches tape doesn't usually hit NFL.com until Wedesday and I'm excited. So here's what I've got so far and the first drive was really everything I wanted it to be between what I saw at camp(s) and it translating to the field. @ 0:03 For those who have followed things I've spoken about, you'll remember my carrying on about Dorsey wanting players either speed or bigger bodied that provided YAC opportunities. One of the big staples for this offense from last year, given the receiving abilities of our RB's, is the slant flat combo... mostly to the boundary. I spoke about this at length. Welp, the 2019 season is upon us, my friends. Guess what Kitchens opened up with for Baker and tempo? Exactly! Instead of that being Jalen Strong running the X receiver, that's a much quicker ODB in regular season. YAC, YAC, YAC. @ 0:08. Just in this thread I said our ideal formation for 11 personnel is the gun trips trey with (depending on how the Brownies coaches label the spots) our Y and Z receivers being off the LOS. I posted a sample look from the Vince Young Texas days. I also said it works because Njoku working on his strength to get off the line means backers and safeties will think twice about getting into his face without chip help from the line. Well...there it is. In that play sequence, I count Baker going through 3 reads. Eyeing the seam and outside vertical from the bottom of the screen, moving to Njoku, seeing the double on David and then understanding that the double means the zone underneath has been voided by the linebacker. Finally hitting the outlet option with Chubb on the delay release. This, Browns faithful, is good QB'ing. Quick, decisive, smart. Coming off the primary, to the secondary and then the third option as coverage has dictated. All while drifting away from the edge defender that Robinson was working to ride out wide. (Hubbard needs to watch that potential early flinch though) For all the talk of ODB and Landry opening things up for Higgy and Njoku, this is about the best example you're going to get of our TE's opening up the underneath, checkdowns and designed screen game for the RB's. @ 0:30 Hubbard with, what should be, another false start. Now I'm starting to worry about our RT situation. But it is telling the amount of empty protections this coaching staff showed early. They believe Baker can win with quick decisions, checks at the line, receivers winning the pattern and Bakers mobility. @0:46 The Throw. For as brilliant as this play was, I'll be real... it's not something I want to see more of through the course of the grind that is a full football season. Over the duration of what was a very quick drive, this verticals/divide and driving the ball downfield was the theme. And this looks like cover 3 to my eye. This is putting the safety - #30, in a hell of a bind. Because he has to deal with helping down the seam on Njoku. Something I mentioned this coaching staff looked to be big believers in during camp - attacking the seams with the bigger bodies. He takes a few steps towards David only to see his leverage carrying him to the opposite hash, Higgy sees it and starts bending his route back inside. It's an insane throw into a ridiculous window that requires a QB with the arm, ballsy enough to pull the trigger, and having a receiver he trusts that can elevate while shielding off the backside corner and protecting himself at the same time. Hollywood takes a pretty big shot because of it. In reality, the safety was beat the whole time. The Oline held up nicely giving Baker a clean pocket, so moving forward what you're going to want is to allow the extra half second protection has afforded your QB, to give Rashard the time to square this route at the top and run it between the goal posts. It's a smarter, safer and less injury prone throw/catch combo. A hell of a throw and catch, I grant them that. There will be times these types of things will have to happen to secure a TD. But you want to minimize that, especially in the pre-season where it simply doesn't count towards your record. But that is the foundation work into perfecting that type of concept. The Mayfield/Hollywood connection scored there... imagine what it will look like in another month when the pace it just a touch better? Good God... insanity.
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    No offense, but having a CCW hardly makes you a special forces operator. A one day firearms safety course will not prepare you for this type situation.
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    I see what you did there I see what you did there
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    dude you whine like a little bitch. WSS
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    LOL...usually I go back and read some of your posts and see how you do it.
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    I will be at the Opener, which will serve as a Memorial to Stan, "Atenears", held at the traditional tailgate spot. I will post details soon, if you are in Northeast Ohio and you aren't going to the game, at least stop by the tailgate and meet some folks. And if you are coming to the game ... don't miss the tailgate! Zombo
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    Think Gipper nailed it- there's going to be plenty of FA running backs come cut time.... Duke bitched his way out of town. Like Baker said, you're either on the train, or you're not. Duke didn't want to get on board.
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    You can never go wrong being a strait shooter. Then you never have to remember to whom you said what. Nothing like just being who you are take it or leave it. I think the best players want straight feedback with no frills so they can get better. If you are not that way then leave the NFL and join a powderpuff league.
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    Tex, Clevis, Woody's, reaction after each of Muellers answers.
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