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    So the guy is mad that people think he's only playing for money, and tells everyone that actually winning is the most important thing to him, specifically with the Browns, and Browns fans have a problem with this?
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    Sorry Larry you have to eat this one. You people have been screaming racist racist racist for the last 4 years. Telling the 'refugees' how compassionate and wonderful you will be and promising paradise fair treatment and a new home With luxuries they could never dream of back in the 3rd world shithole they come from all on a silver platter, just come on up. And don't forget to bring the bambino's. Here they are. The conditions or cages as you called them a few months ago are no nicer than they were when trump was president. Or Obama. Too bad these poor suckers believed Joe Biden's bullshit. But it's actually worse when people spout that crap knowing that it's bullshit just to attack trump. WSS
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    OK, time for the focus to turn from Free Agency to the Draft, so let's see how we line up: QB B.Mayfield, C. Keenum, K. Lauletta FB A. Janovich, J. Stanton RB N. Chubb, K. Hunt, D. Johnson, J. Kelly WR1 O. Beckham, D. Peoples-Jones, K. Hodge, J. Natson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, J. Bradley, R. Switzer, A.Hollins TE A. Hooper, D. Njoku, H. Bryant , S. Carlson , K. Markway, J. Franks LT J. Wills, A. Taylor, G. Senat LG J. Bitonio , B. Hance, A. Fabiano C J.Tretter , N. Harris RG W. Teller , M. Dunn, C. Iwuagwu RT J. Conklin, C. Hubbard DE M. Garrett, J. Jackson, C. Malveaux DT S. Richardson, J. Elliott DT M. Jackson, A. Billings DE T. McKinley, P. Gustin, MLB A. Walker, S. Takitaki, M. Wilson OLB M. Smith, J. Phillips, E. Lee, T. Young, G. Obinna, C. Weaver CB D. Ward, A.J. Green, CB G. Williams, R. Jackson, B. Allen NB T. Hill, MJ Stewart, FS R. Harrison, G Delpit, J. Moffat, E. Benton SS J. Johnson, S. Redwine, M. Meander K C. Parkey, M. McCrane P J. Gillan LS C. Hughlett KR (J. Natson)(D. Johnson) PR (J. Natson)(D. Peoples-Jones) Just my opinion of the 55 (in bold) that would make up our roster as of today and who I see starting after camp ... A LOT of names still to be added and jockeying for position, so consider it just a pre-draft pencilling it at this point to help with draft needs ... When we start practicing it gets real. Biggest Draft Needs IMO: 1. Edge/DE (Find Garret's future running mate) 2. DT (Only Elliot under contract for next year) 3. WR (always need another Burner) 4. CB (Lacking depth/ Greedy insurance) 5. OL (interior depth) 6. LB (Keep drafting mid round guys until we find the right guy) Zombo
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    That is a HUGE get. One of the better DB's in the NFL.
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    Putting Meadow in the bath is a pleasure I’ve yet to experience unfortunately
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    Then how does he blow you??? 😷 WSS
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    You sound a bit like a fucking psychopath. Has trump really deteriorated your mental state to this level? The bad orange man can't hurt you with his mean words anymore.
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    This draft year is focused on getting big fast dudes on our front four. Thats it that’s all. When that happens...watch out.
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/browns-maven-features/takkarist-mckinley-role-on-defense This article makes sense.....Pete Smith warning
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    Can’t quantify it, but Baker is better with Hollywood and Hollywood is better with Baker. It’s just a match and I’m happy he’s back to do it all again.
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    Keep buying and telling your friends and family to arm themselves train and certify. rinse and repeat don’t forget a lot of ammo
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    Gee whiz...you mean the hyper partisan nature of today's politics and the way we've ALL allowed the media to control the narratives not only about the politicians who all deserve every bit of the scrutiny and criticism they receive, but also about how we have been led to create enemies out of our countrymen for having opposing viewpoints - has led to tribalism and all together hard feelings? Who would have thunk it. It's my opinion that the people now in power should be under the microscope in all things. They should get no free passes. While I'm of no opinion that trump was good or stood for anything good his followers do have sort of a point here. The border situation is worse than pretty much ever. The children are still being "ripped away" and put in "cages" and in greater numbers and less controllable conditions. The difference is that the influencers, instead of wringing their hands and clutching their pearls and lamenting the evil of it all are just making jerk-off motions and silly faces when it's rightly pointed out that biden is doing, in fact, worse than the guy they called literally Hitler. If you're not willing to acknowledge that there's really nothing to talk to you about. You've succumbed fully to blind partisanship.
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    I'm not listening to some lecture from dr. Karen
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    ugh?... Jarvis is 28 & will retire as a brown.. book it! #80 Bless'em !!
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    I think Jacob Phillips may have something to say about it
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    Best President in history. Period.
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