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    I understand it is time to replace him, contract-wise and performance-wise (due to injuries) ... But don't let the door hit you on the way out?? This guy has bled brown and orange for us. One of the few good players that had to struggle through 1-31 and gave everything he had. A leader, a fighter, and a guy who outplayed his draft status (rare during this Browns era). He goes down as one of my favorite players. Good luck to him, Browns forever! Zombo --Where has fan loyalty gone?
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    Andrew Berry has had one HELL of a day!!! Kudos to him & his staff........Hooper, Conklin & Keenum...WOW!!! I know the acquisitions aren't official until Wednesday, but the "bashers" look like shit after all their 1-31 BS. As many of us have said, Berry came into a totally different circumstance now than before & we had no idea what might happen, but today should show you that judging him on the past was wrong. He has certainly been aggressive in free agency. Mike
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    I got home tonight and found my laptop had a virus. So I put it back in its box and in the closet for 14 days
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    Well, I finally lost it 🤬🤬...Was just in CVS.. Saw a man whose cart was FULL to the brim with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him a selfish @$$hole, and gave him a low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be freaking ashamed of himself! He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now...” -Don’t know who wrote this, but it made me 😆!
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    Leroy Hoard for me....... loved the way he ran.
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    I have noticed with wealthy politicians there are two types. Those who were wealthy prior to entering politics and those who became wealthy after entering politics. The latter group were the ones I had the most concerns about.
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    Feeling around 90%. No fever and headache is almost gone. Personally, I don't think I have COVID-19 and this was just seasonal hay fever, but I can't go back to work until I get a negative test. Really hoping that my doc gets back with me today about getting tested at UD.
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    On another silly note, not worthy of starting a new thread for. Found this on Facebook. Reminiscent of You Know Who? (Our own Voldemort who has been vanquished from here). Corona virus rationing:
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    We're all wrong.... Gipper's right... even Gipper says so... incessantly... Matters not that it's a debate of opinions... which Gipper labeled Gorka's articles as being.... because Gipper's opinions are fact... cause math.... or at least numbers... Engineers love numbers... I was an engineer and I still love them, so I want to play, too. It was easier for Otto because there were fewer teams and Paul Brown only coached one of those teams. There... I said it.... and if we still had Signatures, then I'd put it in my Sig. Now for the "fewer teams" numbers... In their first three, AAFC seasons there were only seven other teams divided into two, four-team divisions. In the league's 4th and last season there were six others. Each of the first three, regular seasons were 14 games long. The 4th was 12 games long. In the AAFC's first two seasons there was a one-game playoff. In the 3rd there were two playoff games because two teams in the Division opposite the Browns finished tied for first and had to playoff for the right to lose to the Browns, who had a Bye week. In the 4th and last there were 3 playoff games, two semi's and the Championship. The NFL's regulation seasons were 12 games long. There were one-game playoffs. Now some Paul Brown numbers... During Graham's 10-yr career, spanning '46 thru '55, Paul's Defense ranked first in the league (AAFC or NFL) in fewest points allowed 8 times. The other two years it ranked 2nd. Both of the latter were NFL seasons By contrast Paul's Otto-led Offense ranked 1st in points scored three times; 2nd three times; 3rd twice; and 4th twice. All four times we ranked 3rd or lower were NFL seasons. For those who prefer total yards as the measure of an Offense: 1st thrice; 2nd once; 3rd twice; 4th once; 5th once; 6th once; and 8th once. The 8th place season was the only one that Motley did not lead the team in rushing during his Browns' career. Miscellany... Excepting his final season Otto's receivers were Dante Lavelli and Max Speedie... both are in the HOF. For eight of his ten seasons Otto's FB was HOF'er, Marion Motley. For his final eight seasons Otto's HB was 2-time, All-Pro Dub Jones... the player that lead the team in rushing the season that Motley did not. Jones was a very good receiving HB. Four of Otto's six highest Passer Rating seasons were in the AAFC and those four included his two best seasons. Bottom line... Browns were far and away the class of an inferior league in it's AAFC days. Throughout Otto's career the most consistent facet of the team was it's high-performing Defense. Throughout his HOF career Otto was surrounded by HOF skill players and the team was coached by a HOF coach. Otto was great... no doubt about it... and there were things that worked against him, e.g., a less than pass-friendly ball and slower travel, but the game was much simpler and he faced defenses that were far less sophisticated than what we see. So best of his era? Sure... GOAT? Nope... for me that man ison his way to Tampa. I can hardly wait to see how wrong my opinion is...
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    If everyone would just buy the normal amount they usually do this wouldn't happen. They are restricting it whrere I live to 1 6 pack per person, which they should have done a couple of weeks ago. Seeing women with 4 shopping cars crammed with it. I should have just grabbed it from her cart.
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    Greg Pruitt the king of the tear away jersey
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    Fuck China though. The world needs to re-think their relationships with them.
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    Good luck , Schobert.. You're one helluva great kid.. I gonna miss ya!!...
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    Joe is a glutton for punishment.
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    Because he's a winner and you were envious that the Browns couldn't find just 1/3 his equal for even a single season. It doesn't matter how he finishes his career. He'll always be remembered as the greatest to play the position and those that "forget" that fact, simply don't understand the game.
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    Tretter is taking care of his long term future beyond football. This was a good decision by him to utilize his other talents.
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    You didn't put any words in his mouth he's just bickering. He did mention that there's a group of people who wouldn't vote for any woman. I believe he's completely wrong and that most people would be happy to vote for a conservative woman if they are conservatives and gave him examples. Sarah Palin Michele Bachmann and some others are also examples. Hillary didn't get beaten because she's a woman she got beaten because she's Hillary. WSS
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