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    Ironically it was Einstein who said that God did not play dice with the universe in his arguments against Quantum Mechanics. He just could not accept that chance could be a part of a major branch of astrophysics as is the case there. All that being said, the only thing I need to do is go outside on a starry night and realize that my vision is so limited that I can barely see one little part on one little galaxy in a universe populated by trillions of galaxies and all began with a bang that no one can hear because there was no medium to carry the sound of "let there be light". As for Jesus? He had a better philosophy on a guide for my life than any other person that ever lived. Of course at times I fail to read the guidebook, but he knew that too and left us all a mulligan. For that I am thankful and truly in awe. Amen.
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    We are quickly losing the Great 1964 Champions. Time for another generation of Champions... Zombo
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    You've been on the board wanting to share your passion about football and the Browns since I arrived back in 98. It doesn't matter to me that you never played. The common bond we all have here is our football team and the passion we devote to it. We all learn this game one way or another. If I can share an experience to a situation - I try to do so. I've always enjoyed your particular interest in the offensive line and sense of humor that first captivated me way back when Shep was rating QBs based on how good looking he felt they were. That sure led to some entertaining discussions. You've always done a great job of keeping your political views out of the football forum discussions!
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    Visited Cincinnati for the first time last summer, thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Caught two Indians/Reds games while there. Stopped in an Irish bar to have a drink on the way back to the hotel after both games (O'Malley's in the Alley) and had a Rheingheist Truth the second night, because when in Rome.... Grossest beer I've ever had. I can drink some Summer Shandy, Blue Moon, etc, but Truth was disgusting. Fucking grapefruit. Ugh. And Skyline tastes like someone tried to make chili, had a stroke, and then thought they were trying to make a pumpkin pie. Seriously, what the fuck is that shit?
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    The "so he isn't allowed to have fun like every other adult?" argument is the same one we got from JFF apologists while he was partying in Vegas and all points west. No, he can do whatever the fuck he wants---it's just that he has a suspect history and he's willingly putting himself in positions where bad things can happen. Sure, you have every right to go to a bar like any other free man in America. If memory serves me correctly, Hunt wasn't charged in any of the previous incidents but the NFL broke it off in his ass, anyways. Dorsey has already told him he's on a zero-tolerance policy and he's at bars putting himself in situations where the police are being called. It's fucking stupid.
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    I know it's early but have a great day stay safe!
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    Ex-Calif. State Sen. Leland Yee, gun control champion, heading to prison for weapons trafficking https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/02/25/ex-calif-state-sen-leeland-yee-gun-control-champion-heading-to-prison-for-weapons-trafficking/?fbclid=IwAR0F2WqSOWEvi5CoCPzl9tiL7IqlPET9_bDx_6ceDFUAEX7wxJz4OusY81A&utm_term=.f09bfab32110
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    https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/bernie-marcus-plans-to-donate-majority-of-his-fortune-trump-re-election Billionaire Bernie Marcus Opens a New Window. has already given more than $2 billion to upwards of 300 organizations, and he said he plans to donate the majority of his fortune while he’s still alive and support President Trump for re-election in the 2020 presidential election. The Home Depot co-founder told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Opens a New Window. over the weekend that he will continue to look for worthy causes to donate to in the years to come. Marcus, 90, added that 80 to 90 percent of his wealth will go to the Marcus Foundation when he dies to fund other organizations such as medical discoveries, helping children with autism and veteran support. “I want to live to be 100 because I want to be in a position to give it away to those things that I really believe in,” Marcus told the newspaper. “I’ve got all the houses I need. I live very well. My kids are taken care of. Everything I live for now is finding the right things to put my money into and that can give me a rate of return in emotion and doing good things for this world.” Marcus has an estimated net worth of $5.8 billion, according to Forbes Opens a New Window. . The billionaire has donated more than $2 billion to philanthropic causes, including $250 million to build the Georgia Aquarium. The businessman could donate up to $6 billion in his lifetime. When asked about his net worth, Marcus said he doesn’t “have a clue.” “You know when I find out what I’m worth? Once a year, I go through it with my accountants. I don’t have a clue. My key is how much can I give away this year?” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Marcus was also a top donor to President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — and he plans to support the president during his 2020 re-election bid, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. “[Trump’s] got a businessman’s common sense approach to most things,” Marcus said. “…Now, do I agree with every move that he makes? No, I don’t. But the truth is he has produced more than anybody else. He has. If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago.” Marcus said Trump’s biggest flaw is his communication skills. “I’ll tell you what he has not done well: His communication sucks. I mean he takes on every battle. He’s fighting. He does things he shouldn’t be doing,” he said. “As president of the United States, I’d rather him do things that are meaningful.” Marcus said how much more he will donate to philanthropy depends on Home Depot’s success. Marcus still holds a large number of Home Depot shares. “Home Depot is doing well because they understand the philosophy of reinventing themselves,” Marcus said. “At one point, we had real concern that Amazon was going to put everybody out of business. I don’t feel that is true today…They are not going to run away with our business.”
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    Too bad politics gets involved in sports. In any sport. It didn't used to be that way, at least not to the degree we see it now. I follow politics and like to talk politics much of the time but to me I like to see sports off limits to politics and all the focus just being on the sport itself. I get enough politics already and sports is an escape from it. It was uncalled for Rapinoe to make her unsolicited comment about not going to the "blanking" White House. Her comments only takes away from the team's victory as a victory for the whole country and was divisive IMO.
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    lefties feel nothing is greater than themselves, so they have to diss America, Real Marriage, our Flag, our Anthem, our Founders, our Bill of Rights/Constitution, and our God...family values, Real America.... https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/if-you-dont-understand-the-declaration-of-independence-you-will-never-understand-american-exceptionalism
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    Trump got the Dems to oppose the 4th of July 🤣
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    Just think, if the Dumbocrats didn’t fork over billions of $$$ to N Korea to subsidize their nuclear program...we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we??
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    Like Bob Dylan said 'when you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose.'
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    No idiot I'm not lumping Woody and you together because of the fact you have tunnel vision in politics it's because you're a supreme loudmouth asshole and a dishonest one at that. That's it. WSS
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    Each of the people who others would throw into that category, however, are the single most thin-skinned crybabies on the forum. 100% of them absolutely cannot handle being told they are wrong and to shut their piehole - with precisely the same vitriol and wild fact-free assertion that they attempt to claim as somehow their right. [This trait always fascinated me.. you're going to swing at someone and then get shocked when they swing back? That's not how any of this works..] As is expected from a person who crumbles when they're not in control, they don't defend their position with anything resembling objectivity - all of their "defense" is pure attack on the personality/grammar/wit of the person who has the temerity to respond. You know, like an @ hole. The reason they are trolls is that they do not advance knowledge/understanding/discussion in any way... they're just annoying. "Villain" would actually be an upgrade because a villain has a plan. These mongrels don't have a position.. they just want to find an excuse to type angry personal attacks. The forum is better for all of those accounts [Ghoolie, Shorts etc] being perma-banned. Also: Don't get caught up into the "But they have a single nugget of objective point!" notion.. No, they don't -- never did, never will. The appropriate comparison is to consider how a different forum member would act if they actually wanted to contribute. If hoorta sincerely wondered "Are OL all fat and easily replaceable?" the way he would move forward would be: Make a thread with the question as OP, sit back, and learn something as Tour and Tia and Mud and several others show why an OL of 5 Desmond Harrisons is a quick path to 1-15. But trolls don't... because the people doing the trolling PERSONALLY cannot stop themselves from continuing with the ad hominem attacks. [or you could watch a video of last season's cam newton showing that all cam's problems were the lack of time to step and point his front foot because of pressure up the middle which led to inaccuracy, nothing to do with "his shoulder"] Yes, the trolls are that bad - and yes, they deserve to get the banhammer.
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    Totally agree and this is why I am really looking forward to our front 4 this year. Whole new defensive ballgame when you have so much up front quality pressure to dial up. Getting the ball to an improved offensive team a lot more will add a lot of wins this season.👍
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