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    Believe it or not....I got into a duel on the streets of Tombstone Arizona just this past week. (about football) So, I am walking down the streets of Tombstone about a week ago, metaphorically jangling my spurs, and wearing my Browns cap.....when behind me I hear this guy behind me say "Hey, you, buddy I am calling you out". So, I turn around, and I see actually 2 guys. There is a big guy with cowboy boots on, and a Harley-Davidson bandana around his head, obviously drunk because we were right in front of Big Nose Kate's, and a little guy with a Chicago Bears sweatshirt on. They had clearly just sauntered out of the swinging doors to that saloon when they saw me in my cap. Mr. Harley says to me: "My Chicago Bears have more championships than your Browns do". And I says, "yes, I know in fact that they do, no argument". And he says "They got 9 NFL Championships, and a Super Bowl". And I say, "they got 9 Championships, but that includes their one Super Bowl win". He says "no, no, no, no, no. They got 10 total including one Super Bowl". And I said, " no, they got 8 with one Super Bowl, total of 9". He says "You're going down! I got 1000 dollars that says they got 10 titles". He opens up his wallet, and indeed he had at least $1000 in hundreds in there, if not quite a bit more. I said, "well, I'm your Huckleberry. I should take that bet, but I don't want to take all your money, so if I win, you can buy me a drink here in Big Nose Kates, and if I lose I will buy you a drink". He says, "Oh no, 1000 bucks"...I said, I am almost certain I am right, but just on the off chance I could be wrong, I could not afford to lose that bet". Well, he never even shook on the drink....but just drunkenly kept rattling on about the Bears 10 titles. So I said, let's prove it...so I got my phone out, and googled the Chicago Bears titles. And, of course, right there it was: Chicago Bears 8 9 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 Super Bowl victory 1986 8 pre Super Bowl titles, 1 Super Bowl 9 total So, I said "there it is, just like I said" 9 titles, not 10. So, what does he do? Big tough guy with Harley clothes and cowboy boots? He turns around and walks back into the bar without saying a word.....and naturally he doesn't give me the 1K....nor even buy me the drink. I mean, the guy was a daisy. He walked off with his tail between his legs. And that is how I won a Shootout on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona And this is absolutely a true story.
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    Stan's wife, Kathy, who owns the Board now, whacked him. I just helped her bury the body. Zombo
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    I knew that you and he both would be so happy together. I travel surface highways for oil and gas and have also been to Cleveland via family. Cool natural scenery and development. Heck even a business owner in a decent sized town NE of Cleveland knew about Oklahoma Football and instantly called me an ''Okie'' 😎 even though I don't only identify as ''Okie'..lol. We just love our underDawg CFB Tradition/Status same as Cleveland Football Tradition: (OU: Accountable for 7 natty's and 7 Heisman Winners plus the longest winning streak in all College Football History at 47 wins (nearly 5 years) without a single loss or tie, that's all..😉 Go Browns-Go Baker! Ahh, there is indeed some fun to God's given life.
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    Mark Slaughter‏ @mslaughter63 8h8 hours ago More True: #Browns GM John Dorsey was in Canton for a meal @benders_tavern Came across a table of Browns fans and 1 Steeler fan. He chatted with them for a few minutes then stepped away. He returned with a round of drinks for the Browns fans & a bowl of onions for the Steeler fan
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    What? FOX doesn't report a story because it hasn't been corroborated? No Shit?...so go with CNN ? Makes sense. You keep digging yourself a deeper hole there kiddo. You started a thread using fake news to accuse FOX of dishonest journalism, and you got punked. Time to own it.
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    If you really think about it, what punishment could be greater than the humiliation & public scrutiny he must endure? All his family, friends, business associates know. I would want to crawl under a rock! Mike
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    Nothing at all. Perhaps he should ask a woman that's willing rather than forced.
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    I've got no ill-will on Jamie Collins.Jamie's contract is what happens when a desperate GM needs to overpay to make a splash. Hell, Jamie had the guts to show up with no foundation,studs nor pool hole even dug..Gave the Pats a 3rd,which they later traded. Who in their right or left mind? turns down 4yrs. 50M with a 5M signing bonus? Dorsey did the right thing, getting out at the big money part of Jamie's contract. G👀d Luck, JC!!
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    Umm...bringing up Bill or Obama isn't about justifying Trumps actions, it's about reminding you leftist fucks of your blatant hypocrisy and double standards. ...and you will continue to be reminded of it . So we gave up the moral high ground did we? Surprising to hear a lib admit we even had it. Your "bombshell" story is a pile of garbage btw.
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    I follow politics but sometimes I have to get away from it as it is depressing and it is frustrating to see politics in sports and entertainment where most of the time it should not be. I thought SNL was better when it was not dominated by politics.
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    I was expecting Murray to weigh in at less than 200. He obviously bulked up. Will he run the 40 at that weight? But Baker is 3" taller. OK, he's Russell Wilson sized- but he sure doesn't have Wilson's build. Just glad we don't have to worry about drafting him. If we were in the QB market this year, I'd be wanting Dwayne Haskins instead, and it wouldn't even be close.
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    We dont need you guys coming in here acting like he belongs to you or something or trying to start some homo fan club. Take your Surface highway back to the poor underdog Sooners Board, we've got men discussing football here. Z
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    But of course that sounds like your typical empty boast. And frankly if you had half the Republicans all the Democrats and 95% of the news media hating your fucking guts we would never get a straight reporting of your supposedly brilliant repartee. Just saying. Just the fact that there are actually Sanctuary cities that let criminals go if they are illegal aliens should be enough to piss off every right-thinking American Democrat or Republican. WSS
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    These women live in the spa and aren't allowed to leave. He's a smart guy, he knows what he is supporting. It's gross, and that goes whether it is Kraft, Jimmy Haslem, or my neighbor Bob. Find a partner that has not been forced into this life. Look out for other people. Or look away if you have to. But don't support this practice. He has brought shame to the NFL. He didn't get drunk and get into a bar fight, he supported a spa which was known for trafficking sex slaves. Z
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    Have we learned nothing from David Boston? If you get too big, you're not explosively quick as a WR and therefore the muscle doesn't matter because you can't separate. I don't understand the fantasy of "big guy playing basketball" because the quicker DB can get his hands around regardless. This should drop Metcalf's draft stock if people were smart - but we'll be drafting front 7 in round 1 anyway. Plenty will be there -- I would avoid Jeffrey Simmons and his blown ACL, though. Safe bets are a couple of Dremont Jones, Polite, Clelin Farrell, or Wilkins will be available.
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    Belly up to the counter boys...I’m buying!
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    I imagine you need a healthy heart to deal with Cal all day
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    I honrstly wish we could have kept him. Thats a great veteran presence to have. I liked the idea of Avery learning the position under Jamie and kirk.
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    It was hard enough watching Corbett get toasted on the ST's line imo.Dorsey's seeing something I just don't see here, if were shipping Zeitler? Corbett was not good at LG when tried Bitonio at LT, so In fact I hate the idea of trading Kevin period.. Dorsey's best ammo is drafting personal,not trading it..Baker never needed a Odel to be a MVP.. so it just makes no sense to pull his protection too..
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    And no penis, I'm sure that bothers you just as much. WSS
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    K. I await the vaunted Mueller report with baited breath. I feel like I can paraphrase it early for you guys. Spoiler alert! "Trump is a big mean ugly dick but...sorry I've got nothing"
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