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    In other news, I am ready to beging the season in full gear! One of my friends got married this summer and I organized his bachelor party. He enjoyed it that much that he said that I would be rewarded. Two months later, in the wedding I was surprised with this gift, as he knows I'm a Browns fan. Today my incipient NFL fans and I will watch the first Sunday gameday (no Tavern for me today) and I will finally be dressed up properly!! Go Browns!!!!!
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    That is why we pay Ghoolie so much around here ... for his expert insight. Zombo
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    We still have the WORST COACH IN NFL HISTORY
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    London got some free food and beer on the Browns for being club of the year all set for the game
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    I honestly do not think I can keep coming back here while you guys continue to let Ghoolie sabotage every single thread. This is disgusting. I dont whose d!ck he sucked to have that ability, but he must give some mean head. I took a break from here for a couple years and have come back to this. This used to be a great board with good discussion. Now it is the bipolar, narcissistic "look at me" Ghoolie show that sabotaged every single thread. I'm done. Grow some Shmucking balls admins and shame on you.
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    I really miss that Kevin Hogan kid- I wish him the best in Denver. He has some big shoes to fill replacing Paxton Lynch.
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    Not saying Hue is a great Coach, but when was he the GM????? Mike
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    Out there with the starters, Allen's stats: 6-12, 34 yards, 5 sacks. His near-concussion at the end of the first half was described as the best play he made all day. Someone named Nathan Peterman came in and immediately went 16-21/200 with the same players. Mayfield was the right choice..
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    Where’s the “hopefully” option?
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    Did y'all name that place after the one in Alabama?😁
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    Fuck ... who are you? You are supposed to wait until 12:01, it's not game day yet. Zombo
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    How can someone claim to know so much about football make such an ignorant statement that Joe Thomas is anything but exceptional. And if this kid comes in and is as good as Joe Thomas, it's because the consensus of nearly all NFL scouts is that this kid was a top 5 pick in the draft had he not had the off field issues he had... I like this move as it puts Bitonio back at his natural position and will allow Harrison to gel with the O-line from game 1.. I think with the torrential rain predicted for Sunday, his immense size and speed will help with the run game and he won't have to protect TT nearly as much as he would on a perfect day... It's all coming together... Great move Coaches!! Bob Pound!
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    It absolutely blows my mind the amount of shock by some on here about this... the conspiracy theories... the Josh Gordon is somehow a victim narratives. The guy is in no way, shape or form someone you can depend on. How this hasn't been made crystal clear by now for some of you is utterly confounding. I highly doubt he ever plays a full season in the NFL.
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    Which to me is the reason to view the tie as a positive, even if its a disappointing (to some ) result. This team was down 21-7 with 8 minutes left in the game. When was the last time a Browns team came from 2 TD's down (at any point in the game) to force overtime?? I certainly can't remember it off the top of my head. At 21-7 and just giving the ball up on downs, my thought was this game will end 31- 14. So for them to come back and tie the game and force overtime was a positive thing and a step in the right direction.
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    Totally agree, Flugs... Yup... and as impressive as his two INTs were (especially the first one) the TD "he allowed" to Brown really impressed me. His position was perfect. Just got beat by a better throw and a really strong catch.
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    I had to return my Nike shoes to the store. They hurt my feet while I stood for the National Anthem.
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    Two things: I thought Hard Knocks ending with Baker walking onto the practice field was the perfect ending. Turns out the perfect ending was actually Williams pointing at his crotch yelling "Put your testicles in the C gap!" Williams and Hailey are made for one another. The offensive and defensive side of the same coin. We just need a general HC that can let them do their thing. That might be what Hue is.
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    Last year our starting wide receivers were Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt. We started a raw second round pick at QB. And we still almost beat the Steelers. Let's not even speak of the new secondary, the revamped running back room, improved depth all around and maturity of guys like Njoku and Garrett... The difference between Kiser-Coleman-Britt and Taylor-Landry-Gordon alone is mind blowing. No I don't have a bad feeling. Let's take our best shot against those Motherfuckers in our house and see what happens. Z
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    In response to this thread title... anyone else starting to have a bad feeling about the opener? NOPE! Mike
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    Browns win 4 games in 3 years and you guys miss players that get cut WTF. LOL
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    We claimed Paztor... Welcome back, Paz... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000523476/article/waiver-claims-tracker
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    Moral of the story, if you make a bunch of different predictions in the same calendar year - you're bound to find one worth remembering when it's all said and done. You're about as predictable as Norman Bates was with which personality was going to show up next. He had a "just call me Norman" side to him too Tom or am I speaking to Ghoolie?
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    Good stuff! Nassib's biggest asset is his hustle. He does look like he's improving quite a bit. It doesn't hurt that I get a kick out of him. Who names their pimples? If he gets one on his asss - he'll probably name it Ghoolie. Maybe, it's just me but I expected more out of DeValve. He hasn't become who I thought he'd be. He's sitting out with injuries while Cajuste is player through a bad shoulder impressing us while doing so. I can't help but like what I'm seeing from Cajuste.
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    The billionaire owners will probably schedule a parade in his honor, officially welcoming him to their club.
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