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    With the first preseason game featuring all the backups on the Oline l thought it would be fun to get into the nitty gritty on their performance. I did a deep dive into the first 3 possessions and did the slo-mo rewind routine to break down their play. I’ll try to hit some highlights and observations here. Hubbard: if anyone thought he might become a cap casualty this year l would disagree. I think his spot on the team is about as secure as can be, not so much because he dominated in his 17 snaps (he played RT the first 2 series) but because he looked like less of a liability than the other OTs l saw. I counted 2 negative plays. On S1P2 (series 1 play 2) l think he drove his man the wrong way then lost containment near the end of the play, and S2P9 he overstepped expecting a rusher to go outside only to have him deke inside and past him to allow a pressure. He’s a known commodity and l recall 1 game last year that he looked really good filling in for someone. I think he’s the best we got for a backup OT. Hudson: on the other end of the line Hudson had himself a rough night. He played all 26 snaps of the first 3 series, and of those 26 l counted 9 negative plays. S1P2, 3, 5, 8, S2P7, 8, S3P2, 4, 5. He got beat outside, he got juked by a blitzing DB, he got beat again outside and pulled the guy down by the arm (uncalled penalty), he got hand fought off, he got run around, he false started, he overran his target, he got beat inside, and he made a mental error in blocking the wrong guy. He strikes me as a decent run blocker but a really questionable pass blocker. When he makes solid contact with a defender better things happen, but l saw too many times weak contact, or a shove or a stiff arm to try to keep a rusher at bay. Harris: not a great showing for him either. He played 26 snaps too, and l only knocked him twice for negative plays (S2P1 where he got pushed back too close to the QB and S2P3 where he completely whiffed), but my notes are littered with things like “thank goodness it was a quick pass” because the guy was getting bent backwards. Bull rushes seem to be his achilles as he has neither the strength nor technique to hold them off for very long, and that’s bad for a center. He does this thing where he hops backwards, like if a DT squares him up and starts the bulldoze process, he pushes and bends back, then hops back to regain leverage and pushes and bends back again, and keeps doing that as long as the play is still going or he reaches the QB. I did mark a few positive plays, mostly when he’s assigned to move up a level for some downfield blocks. He did pull once which you don’t often see from a Center. Hance: he played all 26 snaps and my impression is mostly favorable. I did count a couple negative plays (S1P2 where he got beat inside and his man blew up the run, and S3P4 where he got overaggressive trying to chuck his man back and got beat outside), but l noted 3 plus plays too. It’s his aggressiveness that l like. The guy likes to initiate contact. Even on a few pass plays where other Olinemen are dropping back to pass protect, he’s moving forward like he’s run blocking. He can pull a little, and he’s got good instincts and a quick processor to pick up a stunting blitzer or hand one off or bail out a teammate. And he’s got the oomph to stand his ground. I think the guy’s got a future and discipline is all he needs to start one day. Dunn: also played all 26 snaps of the first 3 series, and l got a favorable impression of him as well. 2 negative plays noted (S2P6 where he really didn’t have a Jag to block at first so he turned in and committed a blatant block in the back [uncalled] and S3P7 where he got turned around by his man allowing him to slip past him for the tackle), but a whopping 5 plus plays too. He looked pretty good blocking in space and l counted a couple times he pulled or shot through the line to block at the second level. He also seems to have a good processor in picking up and handing off rushers, and at one point found himself fending off 2 Jags when a play broke down, so he can improvise a bit. He seems to rely a little bit on that Kevin Zeitleresque move where he gets a hold of the front of an opposing player’s jersey for a little help in keeping them close, but l think they all do a bit of that. Senat: he replaced Hubbard at RT in the 3rd series, so 9 plays noted on him, of which l counted 2 stinkers (S3P5 he just couldn’t move his feet quick enough to keep his man off the ball carrier and S3P9 where he over stepped expecting an outside blitz and allowed the guy to deke inside) and one plus play where he delivered a great looking sustained block. He looks like he should have the length and athleticism to play the position. That’s all l got. As a disclaimer, l’m no expert at this stuff but l like to play Oline analyst sometimes. I also like pot pies.
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    Contract extension after 4 years of PFFFFFT??? He has a LOT to prove. Let's see what he does this season. Mike
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    the size difference will jump off the screen at you, whenever you start the 3rd.. Dunn is 6/5..Tretter is 6/4... Harris is all of 5/11.. Harris can move bodies with a running start blocking..Harris gets stonewalled backwards in pass pro.. I'm not seeing a tackle. I'm seeing a PS C/G.. Harris left practice today(rolled up on) Dunn was resting a back (off day)..Blake Hance played Center after Harris exit today... stay tuned..
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    Politics Former Army Ranger: Biden's Afghanistan speech was 'a bunch of diplomatic catchphrase bingo'
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    Honestly, go away Larry. I've seen your pictures.😄 You are a joke, and the worst example of a moderator I've ever seen on the interweb. I've no desire to interact with you... It's a shame we can't put you on ignore.
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    @JAFBF you blindly believe an ex crackhead pillow man grifter because doing so makes you feel special... You don't have some hard truth people won't accept. You have blog posts by fringe, non experts and tweets. And billionaires don't give two ducks man. They're loaded. They want the luxury of living on the coast now. They'll move if it becomes an issue. "The hottest July on record" isn't an outlier. It is another data point in a trend. All you care about though is doing the opposite of whatever the experts think. They don't know nothin with that fancy book learnin! It's snowing, damnit! I know what's really happening better than these so called experts! And Trump is taking office again August 13th!
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    I've heard that this winter is supposed to be pretty bad. The polar vortex's will return, etc. We'll see.
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    ^ MSM (Reuters/etc). ^ Food for thought. Why is "Flu" Season in the Fall/Winter ? What do most people do in the Fall/Winter ? Where is the Sun during Fall/Winter, are the rays from the Sun optimal during this time of year (depending on Latitude) ? Isn't it odd that the "Flu" Season just so happens to coincide with low(er) Vitamin D levels (Sun / Skin produce Vitamin D, and Race pigmentation affects absorption) ? What if "Flu" Season is really just a low Vitamin D level disease ? Does the fact that there are "breakthrough" infections during the middle of Summer seem normal too you ? That is, do you "normally" see "Flu" in the middle of Summer, or is it primarily an occurrence of lower Sunlight/Vitamin D ? Did you know that no one has been admitted to the Hospital during this scamdemic with a Vitamin D level >= 47ng, and no one has died with a level lower than 40ng ? How freakin' odd, it's as if Vitamins actually did something for your Immune System. That's weird AF . . . Vitamin C has an impact as well (1000mg / day, in combination). Then again, WTF do I know ? Casualties of War, and we are currently in WW IV, even though people are too comatose too realize it. Thankfully, that is changing.
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    The "authenticate" versions anyway.
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    Not all who meander are lost. And the corresponding move: JoJo Ward and Corey Taylor waived. Get back JoJo…
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    Afghanistan was a screwed up country before Jesus Christ put on his first pair of sandals. I was in favor of pulling out of that god forsaken place for years, but the way Biden did it was Mickey Mouse.
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    The athleticism has never been questioned. Baker made an interesting statement today high praise for him in most parts but the following was said too “if he sprints and runs on vertical routes” WHAT year 5 now? I tend to watch the WRs TEs more. He’s never selling routes. There is sort of this aloof nature to his play. That’s gotta change if you are giving him a big paycheck.
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    He has the tools... He needs to put everything together first before I hand over a long term deal...
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    JoJo x 2 - Square = JoJo squared
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    https://www.breitbart.com/health/2021/08/13/communist-china-indefinitely-closes-critical-port-terminal-servicing-north-america-over-one-coronavirus-case/ I think this is going on in a few other Western area States. Also hearing talk of Railroads getting ready to lay off workers. Actually the stopping Business / Transportation is one of the things the DS are working on (food shortages & inflation). Also, the date for this is one of the their sick Holidays. This leads me too think there could be more going on here (lock downs, riots, ?) than he (Lin Wood) is saying, and he is covertly warning folks to stock up. Just the messenger, make of this as you will.
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    Meander certainly not going in first cuts. Z EDIT ... Whoops!
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    Found this one posted by Nickers in the Barber Shop... Sadly, It's to awesome not to post it here^^ Thanks Nickers!
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