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    Those four officers were specifically chosen and rehearsed by the democrats. They were all reading from a script.
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    What Republicans are able to ask questions at this sham of an event?
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    And in come the attempts at deflection... No surprise Facts are gone. Hundreds of hours of video of something that happened 6 months ago and the MAGA faithful deny it. Pretty damn concerning social media and a political cult leader can drive that kind of false reality. "Nothing happened* "It was antifa!" "It was the FBI!" "No, wait, it was nothing again. Just a tourist group." Republicans are either as dick less and spineless as their Dem counterparts as they refuse to do anything even slightly critical of trump.... Or they support this shit and actually believe it.
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    Hey Woodrow…I’ve got news for you. If you think 200-300 people can topple the U.S. Government, you’re a special kind of stupid.
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    They can't be serious.... It's all about diaphram development... the rest is pure bunk...
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    Doesn't matter who you didn't vote for, who did you vote for? WSS
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    You know I'm down, Tour! I know everybody is so excited to see me. 🤣
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    when posts in support of your thread turn it into another batshit Qanon / anti-vaxxer thread....
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    I said IN RED. Yes, I missed "treason" in the entire document - but just because he SAYS "treason" doesn't mean it's true per the actual definition of treason. If I were president and granted you a pardon for being from a distant galaxy, does that mean you are from a distant galaxy? of course not. It is NOT treason. It was a rebellion to LEAVE the union, not to overthrow the union. If the south were to have given help to the British during the revolutionary war, that would have been treason. Were it treason, it would be treasonous to grant a full pardon to all those who committed it.
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    I'd add, "Let's get this party started, but obviously based upn all the "fun posts" above, I'm too late."
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    Somebody wants to keep the panic at fever pitch so they can mess around with the votes again. WSS
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    Absolute horse crap. This has nothing to do with science or even the virus. What has happened to real people that they will sit back and accept this theft of basic rights ?
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    Masks don’t do shit! proven over and over again. absolute sheep wake Up people
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    Was waiting to see this one on here...
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    Did you ever stop and think why they made Auschwitz a memorial and museum? There are reasons you don’t destroy history.
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    The joke is you woodpecker. First of all like with so many things you didn't give shit number one until the Democrats started leading you around by your weenie. You didn't care about the Battle Flag on a TV show or a Lynyrd Skynyrd album and you didn't care about any of the Confederate memorials. And yes it was Abe Lincoln's idea to heal the country. You pretend to revere Lincoln but I you know your ass from a hole in the ground about him either. And while you blather about civil rights you let mass murder of civilians go on with a big thumbs up. WSS
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    Fully agree with Dutch, also get it done before we beat kc week 1 or the price of poker takes a trip north.
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    Lebron is the best basketball player of his generation, an awesome Dad and philanthropist, a good man, and delivered Cleveland it's only championship in 57 years. You guys are fools. Z
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    Imagine being so wrapped up in misinformation that you leave a successful, high paying job youve spent your whole career working towards.
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