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    I watched this show the other night, only because it was highlighting the Browns. I thought it was done poorly, and didn't really cover as much as it should have. The one thing that struck me, was the interview with D'Qwell Jackson. I kind of liked him when he played here, but after this, he exposed himself as the loser that he really is. He stated.... not in these exact words, that he was proud to play in the NFL, but didn't really want anyone to know that he played for the Browns. Now, we've all had similar feelings at some point over the past 20+ seasons...even if we don't want to admit it. But...this is different. He's a professional football player....we're fans. I've struggled with the question many times..."How can we be sooo bad for sooo long?" It defies the law of averages. I know we've had bad coaches, bad owners and bad players, but you have to admit that there were some teams over those years that really should have done much better, with the talent they had. This D'Qwell Jackson thing answers that question....well, for me, anyway. Any player...whether rookie or veteran...coming to a new team, with that attitude has no chance to help turn the team around. The stigma that became tied to the Cleveland Browns, has determined the fate of the team since 1999. It probably wasn't that strong with the Tim Couch teams, because those teams showed some heart, but lacked talent. Once the losing set in, players like Jackson determined the fate of the team...at least subconsciously. I have to assume a lot of the players did not want to be here from their first day, and played like it. This explains away all the jinx theories, the curse theories, and the "NFL hates us" theories. We can all debate Baker Mayfield's talent and ability to turn this team around, but from what I've seen, I have to think he has not fallen into that mentality, and never will. Thank God for players like Mayfield and Jarvis Landry. \\
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    can't be seriously denied anymore. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2021/06/17/huge-significant-election-irregularities-exposed-in-fulton-county-georgia-n1455273
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    NOBODY wanted to play for the Browns. Nobody wanted to be associated with the Browns. We NEVER had the right mix of ownership, GM, coaches and QB. Why would you want to come here? Pretty much, you came here if you had no choice. We were the epitome of disfunction. I can't see why anyone could blame the players, coaches, GM's, etc. who avoided us or just plain ran away screaming (Shannahan). Does anyone really want to be associated with a laughing stock? Did Archie Manning really want to be a Saint his whole career? For the answer, look at what he did for his son Eli.
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    I think it was an accident at the lab that let it escape. After it spread in Wuhan China decided to spread the wealth around the world. They should be boycotted by the entire world.
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    Baker should be comfortable in Stefanski's offense now, he sets up behind one of the best OLine's in the NFL, and has the best RB combo in the NFL. There should be zero excuses now if he puts up mediocre stats with OBJ on the field this season. And after this season, there's a good chance we won't have to discuss this anymore. I'd be pretty shocked if OBJ is playing for the Browns in 2022.
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    That whoever would be the great Zombo who does a lot of the seen and unseen work here. Thanks Z !
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    How Mandatory camp ended ? And 5 camp takes https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/5-takeaways-from-browns-minicamp Your all in luck ๐Ÿฌ ...Gumby's off to Kitty Hawk & the Outer Banks.. Enjoy your Fathers Day! ๐Ÿ‘ 6 long weeks to.............Go Browns ! Stay Chill'in ......
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    Yeah, I have no idea how he's coming up with regarding your theory as a "conspiracy", but how and when the Browns cut him did screw him out of the chance of entering free agency at the more lucrative beginning. I also have no idea how Richardson supposedly "stole" money from the Browns. Guy was a solid player.
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    On the flip side I think the lack of continuity at least from the player personnel side is welcomed on defense.
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    If you have a Discover Card, sign up... The next three months (July - Sept.) all PayPal transactions earn 5% cashback. Plus the last three months of the year Amazon is part of the 5% deal. And if you don't have a Discover Card.... get one. Minimum of 1.5% cashback an all transactions with 5% deal every quarter, and at end of first year they credit you double the cashback total you earned that year.
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    His apology for being a "wise guy" like somebody's nursing home grandpa is kind of funny. It'd be better if he apologized for being a "weisenheimer" but I won't hold this failure against him.
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    The official end of slavery was in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. Texas, like the entire slave holding south, simply failed to honor it until they were made to by the force of the union soldiers. I will never recognize Juneteenth because it's fucking ridiculous.
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    Always blessed ๐Ÿ™ to share with this classy Board of Browns Fans....๐Ÿ‘ Prayers to the Gipson Family & Friends ๐Ÿ™ Thanks! to all the members whom posted the great photos..the great post... and to all that kept us updated ... #Bless'em
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    Awesome. Good work whoever set it up
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    Show a picture ID and be a legal citizen easy as can be!
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