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    Tex is from the Austin area, which is the 'San Francisco' of Texas.
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    Good for GA, but I'm betting other States will buckle and grant them Tax breaks to relocate. PansyWorld. Pretty much like the dumb MoFo's in WA going on strike against Boeing (despite outrageous Salaries) at the drop of a Hat . . . they're (Boeing) slowing relocating production to South Caralina (non Union), and will soon be out of a job. Same thing happened in the East with the Coal / Steel Industries a few decades back : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHnJp0oyOxs
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    Ya know, I expect things to continue along these lines for several more months, and I understand that - no hard feelings. If you're not seeing how things are getting crazier and crazier each day, you're really missing The Show. Step back, take a deep breath, put aside your (perhaps justified) anger at me, and assess the insane BS coming out. Is there any resemblance to "normalcy" in what we are seeing right now ? If you're honest, you can't possibly say these past few years are anywhere near to be "normal", unless you are quite young. The last few month have only accelerated the rate of insanity. Reality is so far off the scales right now that even I have a difficult time coming to grips with it at times. I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else here at this point, I'm primarily going to focus on the "anomalies" to common sense/existence. I've deferred many items to Cal & Vambo at this point (per topics), as I don't have the time to research and post every item I come across. Bash at Will, I will try to clarify/address as time permits, but things are only going to get crazier/worse for some time now.
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    Your first two words are, as we said on law school, the operative terms ☺️
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    I’m in as long as no one takes a Steelers cover. And Im going to SOFI this year if our Governor releases us a bit from the tight restrictions. I’d love to do a tailgate with some of you and argue our depth chart over some beers and whiskey and carne Asada tacos.
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    Sounds like a plan to me. I'd make the trip for something like that. Last time I was at Northfield (like 50 years ago) it was just a harness track. I did make it to Jack a few years ago after a Browns game. Either place would work.
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    Cali. has some of the toughist gun laws in the country don't they?
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    Chicago has shootings every weekend children are kill and not a word from the media, as long as it wasn't a white shooter and they can't blame white supremacy and an AR-15 it's a non-story.
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    Legal gambling and legal weed. The people have spoken.
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    I've only won 2 sports bets in my limited gambling experience, both times in Reno, Nevada... Phil Mickelson at 8:1 at the 2004 Masters, and a 3 game parlay during NCAA March Madness. There's a reason Vegas has skyscrapers lol.
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    I still say they are causing problems and divisions in the miliary to undermine it's effectiveness.... so they can get their ObaMao commie's "civilian security force"
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    I hunt with a bolt action .270 winchester. Definitely not a semi automatic
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    I used to hunt with a semi auto .308. And a semiautomatic shotgun. I still have a .38 Special revolver (it can also be called a semiautomatic). The term “semiautomatic” can be applied to a large majority of firearms.
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    a) With all the rumors of trading up for a rookie QB ..to... (b.) all the rumors, of trading QB's already on teams scenarios.. (the media loves to feed us) I'm not counting out any browns trade up scenario... Look at it this way... If Berry, moved (or bundled) Case Keenum & or David Njoku , in a attempt to move up? teams of the likes of.. (2/23) Jets/( 6)Philly/ (8)Panthers/ (11)NYG/ (18)Mia./ (19)WFT or da Bears(20) They maybe better off, than their starters right now.. 🤭 I like Sdbacker dreaming big...cuz, it's gets lonely down here picking at pick 26.🤓 being the home drafting team... tick tock...
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    Military used to be hard ass. Now its a social experiment for fucking mentally ill progressives. So glad I retired when it was respectful. Fuck Biden and fuck the SECDEF.
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    Just ridiculous. Nothing against them but the military is a different kind of thing. WSS
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    Still amazes me why it's not legal everywhere, baffling
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    Despite evidence to the contrary? Hue seems determined to keep the memory alive in us until out of sheer exhaustion ours conforms with his version. It's a war of attrition!
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