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    Whatcha got lined up? Me? Sat.: Vintage 2002 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, tOSU, National Champions tee with gray sweats... Sun: Vintage "I Hate the Steelers" tee with white, never-before worn Cleveland Browns sweats. Also Sunday will be resurrecting "The Shrine"... my modest collection of Browns "stuff" by the TV. It is only brought out for the biggest of Big games... so it hasn't been assembled for quite some time. Stay tuned for details.
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    Real men watch football naked. At least that’s what l tell them when l get kicked out of sports bars.
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    I love chicken livers including as an appetizer wrapped in bacon with a toothpick,. ummmmmm I can eat a bunch before or during GAMEDAY ! I'm half Ukrainian and half Irish/English and my wife the scratch cook is Ukrainian and Hungarian so we cook hunkie food and anything else. Mmmmm I could go for some good hunkie cooking about now. So a good bon appetit new year to you all !
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    The AFC North schedule comes to end on Sunday with a double header of doubly important interdivision matchups. Two teams that need to get in to the dance, one team already in licking its wounds and trying to stay sharp, and one team "playing for next year" ... And thank you 2021, for that team is not us! Nope we have an all important "Win and You're In" game against our biggest rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, for a double header, I needed some Double D's, so I went back to see who my guest prognosticator was the last time we beat the Steelers, November 14th, 2019 (The Myles Game) and it was Sofia Vergara, so welcome back the Columbian Milf ... So let's give that All New 2021 Crystal Ball a rub and see what spits out ... Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00PM, Sunday Cincinnati has been a little sassy lately, could we be looking at four AFC North Contenders next year when they have their QB back? I think they gaive Baltimore a lot to handle at home, but a John Harbaugh team will survive the scare. RAVENS 23 BUNGLES 20 OT Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1:00PM, Sunday These are not the Browns from the last 20 years, folks. Covid is not going to stop them, the Steelers are not going to stop them, you are not going to get embarassed, you are going to watch an excellently-coached team win a game that they need to win to achieve a goal we all want them to achieve. Kevin Stefanski will have them ready, Baker Mayfield will execute, Myle Garrett will kill. BROWNS 24 STEELERS 13 TGZ
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    He could have at least improved the quality of his stash.🤧
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    I'm not sure the LB in orange last night [skalski?] is anything more than a 2down plugger in the NFL.. we've drafted run-stopping college tackling machines and it never ends well. Clemson's own propaganda admits "coverage isn't his strong suit" - please, no.
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    It's probably a good way to look at life... What it means is the Trump crazies are getting crazier by the day. They have only 19 more left to crazy. Pompeo can't do a damn thing- that is if you actually believe the Constitution means something.
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    Maybe after the final poll, Day can rank Clemson #12....at least below Northwestern who gave OSU a tougher game.....and who kicked the ass off of Auburn today.
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    No. Lawrence will still go to the Jags.
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    I don't think Myles Garrett give a shit about anyone on the Steelers anymore.
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    For me- the most satisfying thing about this win is Da-blow gave the Buckeyes ultimate bulletin board material- if last year wasn't already enough. Your Tigers got their asses kicked by the team you had at #11. You may now eat a helping of crow.
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    He was a 6 TD Sugar Bowl MVP performance, what an incredible game. And one last time: Win Probability100....GO BUCKEYES !
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    Mahomes went to a good team with a good veteran starting QB on the roster with a HOF head coach. That is not typical of QBs who get taken high in the draft.
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    Yeah... what you said... Although tia may actually be winching.
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    ... and somewhere tia is winching...
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    The NFL congratulated Frank Gore for hitting the 16,000 yard rushing mark with this picture from his rookie season with the 49ers.
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    lmao... So the one bestowed by Z isn't all that different.
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    Hilliard backpedaled in the first half, read a screen, split 2 blockers and still put the RB down for minimal gain.. Yeah, if he's still available in rd4, he's a good get. And the TFL to close out Q3. Hot.
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    Nope. Can't have that. If you don't love Trump unconditionally then you're a dirty, stupid libtard Us vs Them and nothing else
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    It's definitely a tight race this year. I'm a contender, woof woof!!
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    Because it makes you feel bad.
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    Taking the moral high ground from a baby killing democrat....even more shocking.
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