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    If you don't get it, it's not for you. If you don't enjoy it, it's not for you. This thread is for the diehards, and sometimes the division rival trolls, and those that appreciate beautiful women as well, you appear to be none of those things, but luckily we have lots of other threads to choose from, so maybe pick one of them and skip over this next time. Z
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    I love how Baker gets all the blame when our defense couldn't stop my local high school team from scoring!
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    ^ The above was the official explanation. My video exercise was to show that even if the "handoff theory" was valid, then we still would have been short of the line to gain. Me, too... so I let google look it up... Article 3 Fumble.A fumble is any act, other than a pass or kick, which results in a loss of player possession. Not really sure that helps much... but it turns out that there is a 4th-down fumble rule that is clear. Article 5 Fourth Down Fumble.If a fourth-down fumble occurs during a play from scrimmage: (a) The ball may be advanced by any member of the defensive team. (b) The player who fumbled is the only Team A player permitted to recover and advance the ball. (c) If the recovery or catch is by a teammate of the player who fumbled, the ball is dead, and the spot of the next snap is the spot of the fumble, or the spot of the recovery if the spot of the recovery is behind the spot of the fumble. Also found verbiage helping to define a handoff... it speaks of a transfer of the ball with "no daylight", thus differentiating it from a toss or lateral. Bottom line... the call was proper Play was so close that it should have been left to play out. Refs are instructed to do this now. Had they done so, then the field ruling would be "fumble" (and TD Browns) and it would not have been overturned if the review as it happened simply let the play stand. That said... I never heard whether the call on the field of an incomplete pass was confirmed or simply left to stand. I suspect the latter, but replayed the whole sequence and it was never stated in the TV broadcast. Did anyone hear which it was on radio or other?
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    It's true - the Browns have won every single time after a loss - at 11-5... first year, covid...etc.... We should all be proud of them. Stefanski...this entire coaching staff have been brilliant. There wasn't much time, with no practice etc, to change their game plan - no chance to judge how much the game plan should have been changed, if at all, but with different players - as coaches, I figure it's tough to know the strengths and what works best, with all the starters that missed the game not playing. What is really impressive, to me, is that our Browns have come so far - with a secondary with injuries. Baker's timing was way off for good reason - and Lamm isn't any answer at LT, Harris had a tough time against a bigtime dl. With Wills and Teller in the the game, the Browns would have had a win. It is what it is this year. I see the Browns winning the game next week if their players are back.
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    Win and they're in. That's all that needs to happen. If they don't beat the Steelers, they don't deserve it. Everything else is just noise.
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    I don’t doubt that he wants to see us down as long as he’s in Pittsburgh. And He would probably like to get a few things right (run game) and he’s licking his chops at our defense right now. But at what cost.... They lost two of their best defensive players this year Dupree and Bush. Would you push Watt out another week in a game that means everything to the Browns who will try to wide zone them to death? They have some older guys playing big roles on the roster including Ben, AV (who probably would like a break from Myles), Heyward, Tuitt, etc. and no rest since Week 4. It’s Been a long year for that team and others of course. I think deep down they prefer to play us over the Ravens or the Colts. They probably feel they have Bakers number - Ben is more comfortable against are passive no blitz approach and realizes he can spread the field on our porous secondary. You go Vanilla in week 17 but you get a look at another team that is going full go live and in person before the big game the next week. Sounds juicy to Mike Tomlin? I still think we can win if both teams are at full strength.
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    Just one of the many reasons that Washington DC never ranks among the top million safest places in America. 😁 WSS
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    No matter what, we lost & yesterday's game is over. Steelers coming up & we're still in the hunt. GO BROWNS! Mike
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    They said the call was left to stand. I agreed with Trent Green on that one, whatever the calm was, it was bound to be left to stand. Which sucks twice because we scored. This team should be above all of that, though. The sneak was pretty sad.
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    Steelers haven't been able to run the ball for weeks. He's rested players. Case in point was 2017 when in Week 16 Ben and Bell played vs. HOU, but both sat Week 17 vs. their bitter, bitter rivals, The Cleveland Browns. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201712250htx.htm ...................... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201712310pit.htm lmao at how many times can one man can be wrong.
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    I have....can you say "Butt Fumble"? 🤪
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    We had picked up two 3rd and 1 with that exact play earlier in the game. One of them going for 4 yards. Its not a bad play call it was poor execution that time.
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    In simplistic terms maybe even the squad can understand
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    How about we look for the truth ? Nah, you don't want that..
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    I'm too lazy to look it up but the rules define fumble and it's very clear. We fumbled it. I don't know HOW that dumbass fumbled it again, but he did.
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    No it is not. You saying it over and over doesn't make it so. The Steelers and Ravens are THE rivalry of the AFC North. In fact, it's probably the best rivalry in the entire NFL. The Steelers vs Browns rivalry is akin to the bully kicking sand in the face of the 95lb weakling on the beach.
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    Tomlin’s call on who plays and who doesn’t is the biggest report this week. Of course our COVID list too What are they playing for??? Home field over Buffalo if they make second round. The Steelers are pretty beat and haven’t had a bye week since Week 4. They had their “get right” game today. Do they want to press their Health against a rival fighting for their playoff life?
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    no team repeat no team would have much chance of a win missing all there wide recievers
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    The LOS question above is a good one, but I can't find any rule rule that says a handoff has to be behind the LOS. My guess is that as with a lateral s long as the handoff is not forward, then it is legal. But I see something else anyway... The issue I see is that Hunt's knee appears to be on the ground as he gains control of "the handoff" and he's in contact with the DE that caused the fumble. That's Hunt's Nike at the bottom of the first screenshot just left of center. While you cannot see his knee down from that angle the second screenshot clearly shows that his knee is on the ground. In other words... Hunt was down by conduct short of the 1st down.
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    I usually pick upsets and end up around 7th place 😆 Hey, there's only 7 of us playing this year, best odds ever lol!!!!!
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    Riden this down for the January 6 Rally if the weather is nice .
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    Perhaps we should just have defense ranked - because "BPA at whatever defensive position we haven't picked yet" isn't exactly a sexy way of describing a draft board for days 1&2.. but if that's what we went by, I couldn't say it was wrong.
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