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    Iā€™m glad that Haden hangs onto interceptions at this point in his career and got all the drops out of his system with us.
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    Officially not over until the Stoolerz/Gutter Birds game is over today, but all active players picked correctly and they all move on...
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    Our facility is shut down again after a staffer tested positive... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/browns-shut-down-facility-staff-member-test-positive-covid-19
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    i noticed bryant for all the wrong reasons and hoop I must have been getting a beer out of the fridge when he made those blocks
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    Here's a T Shirt for Tex and Hoorta to wear:
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    I let the DVR record the first 45-60 minutes of a game before I watch it in order to skip over the commercials and other bullshit. It usually catches up to the live feed late 3rd-early 4th quarter.
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    aging well? The Great Zombo has spoken ^^ ... šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø.. can I get some lotto numbers to play with in Tennessee? šŸŽ° Finally ! ! It's game week Hump day! šŸŖ The white #95 and #24 Jerseys are ready to go win this game... GO BROWNS !!
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    But speaking of voter fraud and 180s you guys have certainly pulled the old switcheroo when it comes to the witnesses describing their own observations voter malfeasance compared to your support for the bullshit that Blassie Ford spewed about Kavanaugh. WSS
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    Trump 2024! MAGA!
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    Honestly at this point the rats should be forced to forfeit
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    Just when I think you can't be anymore of a dumb ass...you post again!
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    2. Will both Chubb and Hunt carry for 100 yards each on Sunday v. Jags? Can both of them get to 1000 yards for the season? By the way: Chubb 19 carries for 144, Hunt 10 for 62. For the season: Chubb 719 yards Hunt 706. With 5 games remaining, its possible they may both make 1000.
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    Kids today...Instead try: Just shut your mouth. Do your job. Point to the score board at the end of the game. Go back to having your face 7" away from your phone every waking minute.
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    "You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind............................................"šŸ˜±
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    This is going to be a Tale of the Tape game for sure. We are all about to find out just how sturdy that shiny 8-3 number really is. I'm confident that Kevin will have a good game plan offensively and he'll have the team ready, but I'm a lot less confident that we can actually go toe-to-toe with the Titans for all 4 quarters. If the Browns can contain Henry, make 2 huge plays on defense, run the ball well on offense, play turn over free football, and most importantly, Baker can't leave any points on the table with head scratching misses of easy scoring and 1st down passes, then we have a chance to show everyone what our 8-3 is really made out of... but if we get blown out somewhere in the 38 - 7 ballpark? Well that would be quite the confidence beatdown with the Stoolers and COVID spreading v1.0 both lurking in the weeds.
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    After 12 weeks, the Browns are 8-3 and seeded #5, the top 7 teams make the playoffs. Currently the Browns would be playing at Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs This week the Browns travel to Nashville to take on the Tits in a big matchup. Tits are early 4-point favorites. We still await the Steelers/Ravens Week 12 Match, here are the Week 13 matchups: 1. Dallas @ Baltimore: Supposedly. Go Cowboys. 2. Washington at Pittsburgh: Go Skins! 3. Indy at Houston: Go Texans! 4. Cincinnati @ Miami: Go ... um, Bungles. 5. Raiders @ Jets: Go ... um, Jets. 6. Denver @ KC: Go Broncs! (You root for the Browns homefield, as far fetched as it seems, as long as it is on the table.)
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    I was pleased when they drafted him, but I was wrong..... David Njoku is NOT a football player! He's a superb athlete with no heart. If they cut him NOW, I would cheer! Mike
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    I played TE..I utterly cursed out my TV set after watching Njoku run to nobody inside in particular šŸ™„(touched no-one)...Giving up.. on two outside ends to a free release straight at Baker... I forgave Harrison Bryant instantly...Stef did too!! ... God I hope the coaching staff see's this play on Joke's tape review...
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    What the fuck is your infatuation with big ugly tits anyway?Jeezus those women weren't even pretty.
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