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    Thanks for making this thread! I was actually just wanting to discuss this game. Not trying to brag, but I've been pretty spot on with the first two games. It honestly has nothing to do with me because either game wasn't difficult to kind of predict, but this game has a different feel. I could see us literally blowing them out, and I could see their DL causing us massive problems and limiting our ability to pass and run. I could also envision a scenario where Baker fumbles or is pressured into picks. Their DL is literally that amazing. My first inclination is to say we win ugly, like 19-16 or something like that. I don't think we're going to simply rely on the run, as there is game film on our attack and Washington will likely be able to figure out some ways to stop us. At least at first. If we can get a small lead and take it into the 2nd half, we can tire them out and pound them to death. But make no mistake about it, I don't see us being able to line up heavy and consistently stuff it down their throat. We are likely getting back some HUGE additions from injury. Kevin Johnson is probably going to have the biggest impact, as he is an infinite upgrade over Tavier Thomas. Yes, we get Conklin back which is also huge, but as you go back and watch that Bengals game it was so obvious they were literally targeting him over and over again, especially on 3rd and 4th down. Additionally, we're probably getting back Mack and Greedy, which can't be understated. I'm not a giant Mack Wilson fan, but he's probably an upgrade and he's definitely a speed upgrade. Our middle defense looks SLOW to me, and Mack can definitely mitigate that. As far as Greedy is concerned, he might not get his job back. Mitchell is playing quite well and it's a luxury having him on our team. Offensively, Washington doesn't have much. This will be a game that will really tell us how our defense rates as a whole. We're as healthy as we're going to be all year, Washington is extremely limited on offense, and we really should win if we can take care of the ball and win the turnover battle. If we can't stop Washington's offense, we're in trouble guys, and that's not something we want to consider. We couldn't stop the MVP, that's one thing, but then we couldn't get off the field against a rookie. Cincy was 5-5 on 4th down and that's unacceptable. I wouldn't be surprised if the game starts off as a punt-fest while we get our footing. We should be able to trust our defense this weekend and put enough points on the board to bring home a W. I would not bet with that spread though...I just see this game being an ugly win. At least I hope!
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    If OBJ is dragging safeties out of the backfield, so much the better for the running game. That long TD gets all their attention on film day.
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    How fucking pathetic..not only is she wearing a bulletproof vest at a peaceful protest...but she isnt even there and is greenscreened. Wtf...the media is crap
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    Gayle Sayers was flat out a fantastic runner... For a guy who was a mudder he had deer like moves.... He was a total class act... I remember seeing the movie Brians Song when I was just 6 years old.... It was probably James Caan's best acting performance. That movie had a pretty powerful message especially because we had just come out of the riots of the 60's... It's strange to think we're reliving that all over with a whole different set of circumstances...
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    No, I am sorry to disappoint YOU. Maybe Dutch will be more receptive to your advances.
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    I have been hit on by gay men before, and I recognize it when it happens. Its happening.
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    I see that you have waived your Confederate Flag:
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    If you had to wager your mortgage on it, who do you take?
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    Worth a listen, fellas. Give it a shot.
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    Good analysis... you are on a roll. Agree on the slow start to the game, but as long as Stef stays patient with our run-game, then I think we wear down the vaunted WSH D. Will need it also to cool the heels of Messrs. Young, Kerrigan, etc... Conversely their run game scares no one. Under 100 ypg... only 3.3 YPC... only one 20+ run and it was 20 on the nose. It ain't on their RBs, as they have a pretty good stable of them (the rookie Gibson, former Lion McKissic, plus one-time TB stud Barber)... again it's their OL
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    Nope, GM is prime example of that. When they built the second generation of the Cruze at Lordstown, the built a brand new state of the art trim shop just for that car. The old trim shop had a conventional chain conveyor in the floor that pulled the carriers down the line. But in the new trim shop, they went with a new "skillet" system that instead of waiting for the job standing on the floor, you actually moved with the line standing on the skillet. This also allowed GM to eliminate MANY material jobs because instead of fork truck drivers delivering parts to your station, a majority of the parts came down the line with each job loaded into bags. You still had parts being delivered line side but not nearly as many. They also eliminated many line jobs like loading seats, installing the front and back glass, and some others were now done completely by robots. They even had a giant robot to unload the trucks and put the seats on the conveyor. Now GM is building a battery plant out there in Lordstown to make batteries to power whatever they will be making in the old Lordstown plant. Those bastards were even shipping jobs out to Mexico because they said they were having trouble keeping up with the demand. Not being able to keep up is a good problem to have, because once you start shipping jobs out of the country, they don't come back.
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    Universal Basic Income is going to become a necessity A good portion of the projects on my plant's 2021 capital plan involve my team implementing automation... ... It's not going away
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    Doesn't the government just print money 24/7/365? The country needs more money, so just make more and hand it out to everyone... what's the fucking problem? When you get that surprise email from HR, or the notice that your lifetime retirement pension can no longer be paid, don't fret everyone, the government will take care of you. ^ and only then will you have the knowledge to comment on the economy being closed, as until this happens and while you are lucky enough to still have those automatic deposits every two weeks, you are simply not qualified to speak on the subject.... even though you think you are.
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    If the browns have any chance of a semi decent season this year, this is a game they win.
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    Mitt Romney? Wow, I can’t wait to hear what John Kasich has to say about Trump.
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    That is why Trump is asking for a drug test before the debate!
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    Woody, please give the video in the the thread I made a listen and discuss. I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on the points rogans guest makes.
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    In this film you can see the "mudder" that Tour was talking about. πŸ‘
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    My son was a middle school coach in Temple, Tx. and assisted the HS in scouting other opponents for them. We got to the state finals one year he was there and got to go to that stadium to watch the game since all finals of each division are played in Jerryworld. I agree. It's one heck of a stadium and the Jumbotron TV screen in HD is totally unreal. The replays put you right down in the lines where all the dirty work is going on.
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    Agreed. Given good health, my all time "dream backfield" was Jimmy Brown & Gale Sayers. Sayers was awesome to watch running a football. RIP Gale. Mike
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    I flew out to this stadium several years ago. We actually should have won, but the refs totally screwed us (plot twist) and gave the Cowboys something like 6 or 7 pass interference and defensive holding penalties. I'm not kidding, it was terrible. It was SO bad that the Cowboys fans were APOLOGIZING to me after the game. Never seen anything like it. Oh, and the worst referee moment came when we stripped a Cowboys player and returned the fumble for a TD in OT but refs called it incomplete and not reviewable. It was either in OT or super late in 4th quarter...I mean it was CRAZY. Brandon Weeden played out of his mind and earned that victory. Oh yeah, the stadium was TOTALLY badass.
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    Anybody else first think "Eric" when you read that? Not related to DK however.
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    Guess he suffered a punctured lung by the team doctors right before the game https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29952469/chargers-qb-tyrod-taylor-lung-punctured-team-doc-sources-say Wonder if he could sue the team if he unable to get back on the field or loses his Starting job permanently because of this, especially if there was any monetary incentives in his contract. I know he sucked here but Baker has nothing but nice things to say about him and he seems like a good person and a true pro.
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