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    Well, uhhh, I think we all learned about slavery without special training. You're advocating for teaching kids to feel guilty about it. And that's gutter trash philosophy.
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    Funny I didn't see one person dragged out of his store and beaten to death. I didn't see one department store looted. I didn't even hear any really hateful or incendiary rhetoric? WSS
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    I did not think his style and short career set him up to for concussion related dementia. Can't recall ever seeing him take a big hit, but then I mostly saw highlights plus a few full games sprinkled in... Certainly one of the best "mudders" I've ever seen. Dangerous on any day, but give him a sloppy field and fugeddaboutit. Read report once that besides having big feet he also ran flatfooted... and thus his mud advantage.
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    Time to repeat. Anybody that compares any United States president or Administration with Nazi Germany is a fucking moron. WSS
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    Analysis of Hawks-Pats Newton picked on.. Jamal Adams. He would not be "the solution" - and it's probably good we didn't blow our cap to sign him. Speaking of changes to our defense, I'm fully on the "Start Porter Gustin" train.
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    One of the greatest of all time. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/09/23/gale-sayers-death-chicago-bears-legend-hall-of-famer
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    I'd be real hesitant to give up 7. I'm not even sure if I'd take Browns even (but I probably would). Washington beat the Eagles, after being down by 17, and who look bad, and lost to AZ soundly, who look at least decent if not good. The Browns should win this game, but I'd be real nervous about having to give up 7 in this game. Quite honestly, I pass this game all together as far as betting on it. Haskins is only throwing for 56% completions, which pretty much sucks in the modern day, but he also has zero picks thus far. If the Browns have any chance of making the playoffs, they must win against teams like this.
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    Cause you would have already corrected us ("Go and sin no more"). LOL!🙏
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    Beat em down and lock em up. MAGA!
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    As a pro motocross racer I have had 4 big hits to the head. For 2 of them I looked like a boxer taking a standing 8 and was able to get to my feet, find my bike and get back into the race. The other 2, I was out cold... nite-nite. The short one was about 7-10 seconds before 1st movement (still have the video that my mom took.... never taking the camera off me) and the worst - and ultimately last one, I was out for close to 12 minutes..... Long enough for a car on the 14 freeway to see me laying unconscious in the SoCal desert and exit 2 miles up and work their way back to help me. (I still wonder how many people drove by and saw me laying there but didn't want to go out of their way to help.... I was only 17 years old and easily seen about 150yds from the freeway) The 1st hit I was 12 and the last I was 17. I remember nothing before or after the 2 big hits and I remember most everything before and immediately after the 2 smaller hits, but what I remember isn't what my mom and dad remember, so I'm not 100% sure if I or my 80 year old parents are correct. I'm now 52 and have been battling anxiety for the last decade. My therapist (I go see help and am damn proud to admit it) thinks it is because of my daughter first going away to college, and then moving to Melbourne Australia for Grad school, but I worry that it is something else, and stories like this scare the shit out of me. RIP Mr. Sayers, and thank you for the highlights that will live on forever.
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    Rams, Cards, Colts, Oilers. Check. NO on Ravens.
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    Yes in front of 6k Brown and Orange Mob
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    Machetes seem pretty efficient when dealing with Zombies. Good thing Dutch did not have one of those with him on his hay ride.
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    If Jack Conklin is back I take the Browns. Hubbard vs. Sweat while worrying about their other pass rushers is going to spell a long day for our offense. That’s my key this week. Sweat is the kind of guy that Hubbard has a hard time with. I’m not terrified of their Dline. Our Oline has good practice in front of them each day with our line, but we can’t be 3rd and plus 5 against them and I’m confident we can run on them this is an interesting matchup overall though. Their big weapon is Terry McLaurin who will matchup against someone that knows him really well Denzel Ward. Advantage Ward. The Washington plays call could give us problems. They seem to love crossing routes. Haskins can hit a slant better than anyone, but he makes a lot of rookie type mistakes downfield. We have a penchant for giving those up crossers and slants too easily and those routes expose our personnel flaws. They have a 3rd down back that is pretty good McKissick. He’s a matchup problem for us. Haskins in many ways is like Baker. Looks fabulous one week throws are off the next. He misses high a lot. They have major line issues and will lineup a guy against Myles that may not be on NFL roster next season. Think about it That alone could Be worth 7 points. they have started slowly both weeks. They can’t do that this week. Facing Chubb and Hunt with a deficit is lights out for you. If it weren’t for a few of their dudes on the Dline this could be arguably the worst roster in the NFL and they are getting used to new system as well like we are. If Conklin is back I’m thinking we are 27-17 winner. And I’m being nice
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    Apparently silver bullets only work on werewolves and paint balls work on zombies.🧐
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    A few years ago a farm in Brunswick had a "Zombie Hunt'. Basically you rode a hay ride rigged up with paint ball guns and shot "zombies" that came out of the woods. There was one zombie who just kept creeping towards us no matter how many times he was shot, so I just aimed at his balls and opened up. I do know something is wrong with me, though. 😋
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    Having cap space is a byproduct of our many years in the wilderness.. Two years of 50M under a 140M cap means "cap space" of 100M for one season -- any one year gap gets rolled into the next. Cap the following season after spending that 100 is right "back" to the cap before the overage was achieved. From OverTheCap: Total Cap Liabilities: $195,722,507 From Google: Total 2020 NFL cap: $198.2 That "cap space" number isn't real. Actual salaries are right at the cap and have been for a while. Instead of lighting it on fire via a bunch of over-the-hill average FA's looking for a payday.. let's use that space to resign top draft picks who become good.
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    BLM should be focused on helping their community learn to raise their children properly so they grow up to be productive members of society instead of criminals...… but what do I know?
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    Honestly, I really like Adrian Clayborne. I hope he's healthy and ready to go. Perhaps the little bit of extra time will be enough for him to get there. As of right now, he's not practicing, but he's got a little time. Oh yeah, Porter Gustin has been flashing, too. That facemask penalty really hurt, but he had a couple of other very fine plays, especially at the goal line.
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    Wow, Gayle Sayers the "Kansas Comet" one of the best I've ever seen in the NFL. Only 77. Died from football injuries. In 2017, Sayers' family opened up to the Kansas City Star about his battle with dementia. He sued the NFL in 2014 over concussions that led to "loss of memory, dementia, Alzheimer's, neirolohical disorder, depression, sleep problems and irritability" in his life after football. RIP.
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