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    seems like brilliant play design, and downright excellent blocking/execution. I love the jet fake - if the safety? cheats in to cover the run, he's toast if the ball is rifled to Nelson on the outside, and vice versa. Taking a big step toward Nelson on the outside, he has to try to come back inside - and meet up? with Chubb or Hunt? Traded for Andy Janovich for just a 7th round pick? Wow. and the offense is getting ready to roll - these guys were having fun - Janovich says they could have had far more yards running the ball. He's a huge fan of Hunt and Chubb, and vice versa. They are having FUN....and they credit the offensive line. Great situation to have. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/browns-fb-andy-janovich-on-running-vs-the-bengals-e2-80-98we-could-e2-80-99ve-had-300-or-400-yards-if-we-wanted-e2-80-99/ar-BB19bEQf?ocid=uxbndlbing Browns FB Andy Janovich on running vs. the Bengals: ‘We could’ve had 300 or 400 yards if we wanted’ THANKS for this article !
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    If you repost this thread every 3 weeks for the next 5 years, eventually you'll be right!
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    Kudos to this unit. Baker could’ve sipped lemonade on a lawn chair while surveying the field last night. He had all day to throw. wyatt teller is a steal. He was bulldozing bungles last night on run plays. jedrick Wills has been awesome so far. guys on the radio were giving Chris Hubbard the game ball. He played very well. We have good depth on the line. when this unit is healthy next week with Conklin back I’ll be keeping an eye on the trenches. We may have a Top 5 O Line. Could really make a difference this year, especially paired with Chubb and Hunt. RUN THE DAMN BALL
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    Not having him is telling. We need more of a veteran presence on D. And about the others, it's one game, look at the overall picture. OBJ, Baker, all of them, let them have a chance to prove they can bounce back. And the whole kicker deal is ridiculous.
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    I know that, my point is, he's not tearing up the league since he left here. He was notorious for making the tackle 10+ yards downfield. He was not worth the contract he was demanding.
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    A perfect world to me would be a garage full of tools, Summit Racing, the car of my dreams, a track, and being surrounded by the people I love.
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    Id be willing to bet the TFL was the ball carrier falling down and he tapped him on the shoulder.
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    Not just the rest of the NFL - this lack of investment in the organization also means that your taxes line Haslam's pockets instead of pay the ongoing wages of a larger, more experienced staff.
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    Brilliant analysis. So an offense that has issues struggling to pass block is highlighting their rookie QB's strength, his short and intermediate accuracy, by trying to get the ball out quick. Plus side, saving the wear and tear on his body so he doesn't end up like Couch. That's called good coaching.
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    Ward was brilliant and so was Terrence Mitchell. I have no idea how we managed to keep Mitchell again because he's definitely good enough to start. Technically I guess he DOES start for us because Greedy never plays. Lol. Is Greedy even better than him? I'm not actually sure he is. Our problems on defense don't have anything to do with our outside corners. It's our slot corner, our safeties, and our linebackers. For example, on that first Bengals TD to their TE, our new safety Harrison was about a year late helping out and I'm pretty sure he was benched after that. That Delpit injury really hurts and I just hate it for the kid. But I don't know how much help Mack is going to be. I never thought he was that good to begin with, so I really hope people aren't expecting some massive miracle in the middle of our defense. He was a 5th rounder for a reason, but I guess it's possible we found a diamond. To me, the biggest boon to our defense is going to be Kevin Johnson. That guy can cover the slot and will really be an unbelievable upgrade over Tavier Thomas, who should never be seen again except for special teams. Thomas has been targeted approximately 50 times and has given up 50 completions.
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    Orange and black are the colors of Halloween, orange and brown are the colors of fall. Like the traditional Thanksgiving Day game, the Bengals and Browns should have started a tradition of playing on every Halloween.
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    Bill, Yeah, eat the spices & pitch the "alleged meat"!! As a fellow 'Nam Vet, you should go to hell for even posting a PICTURE of spam!! I will NEVER again eat meat from a damned can!!! 🤢🤮 Mike
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    I asked the same in The Tavern. Given his rugby background I'd think the answer is "yes". Turns out the short kickoffs may have been by design. If you remember kickoffs suddenly started sailing deep into the endzone and shockingly, at least to me, it was Parkey sending them there. Labbe alluded to this in his "Rewatch" column...
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    Did anyone mention how amazing Hubbard was? Conklin couldn't play and Hubbs came in and was brilliant.
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    Bengals were missing both starting DT's Atkins and Daniels.. let's play another team's starters before declaring anything fixed. Yes, good, but one game does not a trend make. They did not play like this last week.
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    Covered it Well ^^ Good post.. a dominate "I'm going to run this ball & you can't stop us" OL can win you games.. The pulling blocking schemes looked great.. even the pulling backsides got blocked.. Kudos Bill Callahan..
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    I loved the offensive line play. I read where Baker, last week, held onto the ball longer than any other qb in the NFL. 2.7 seconds, something like that. Not surprising, since it was their first outing with their new offense. The second game, they ironed out the wrinkles, and rolled, and sure, the ratbirds have a highly talented defense without injuries all over their secondary. Chubb and Hunt - the oline was inspired and having fun like crazy. They were having fun playing the game, not thinking about their assignments first. My guess? is, the previous offense exposed the oline's weaknesses, the oline is fixed, and this offense shows the talents strengths instead.
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    Injuries, departures of key secondary players.
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    You don’t sell low unless you have to...and what “have to” scenario has happened?
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