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    I think you're probably a punk a pussy and a loud mouth. Just my opinion you could be a lot worse than that but who knows? WSS
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    Tretter set to start. Rookie Phillips at the WILL... interesting. Terrance Mitchell taking Greedy's place this week. No huge loss there, Mitch is a solid DB.
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    Unlimited seating... the link near the top of the topics page still works. Free peanuts and/or popcorn (check your couch cushions for these)... BYOB... Check your politics at the door or you get the boot. Don't go crazy, negative on our Browns or you will get a timeout. See y'all tomorrow.
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    every time neo-woodpecker posts, he craps on hiimself. weird.
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    Browns' star explains changing his mind on anthem kneeling
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    Terry, woke up feeling .500 today 🧔... but with his usual good take's .. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/09/what-can-cleveland-browns-deliver-this-season-how-about-a-likeable-team-terry-pluto.html
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    I'm more concerned about the Browns going into the season unprepared with a new system. I have zero respect for Colin Kaepernick or the BLM movement. I probably wouldn't do it because it's my team but I really have no problem with the fans booing the protest. I think wearing the name of a child molester on your helmet is probably not a positive message. I still love Barbra Streisand. WSS
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    Ah .. "The Left". I own my own business, I pay my share of taxes, I obey the law (mostly), I'm educated, I went to Catholic school, I go to church, I've only owned American cars, My Dad was a WWII Vet, my uncle died on D-Day, I like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie ... and I'm voting for Joe Biden. And protests don't ruffle my feathers, they are part of the American Process ... am I a "leftist"? Zombo
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    [Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens 2020?] Or are we not doing that this year? 🤔 12:30 p.m. - Whoops, I guess I wasn't the only one wondering 😁 Currently 75F and mostly cloudy at M&T Bank Stadium with light winds at 3-7 mph so weather doesn't look like a factor. The Ravens are generally seen as a 7 to 7.5 point favorite but with everyone both rusty and eager that won't matter much. Inactives are listed further down in the thread. But whatever, blah blah blah, it's opening day for the Browns!
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    I hope that everyone has a great day. GO BROWNS, 1-0.....baby !
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    Anybody that's worried about the Russians is probably a moron. But don't worry I'm sure Joe Biden will be a lot tougher on Khrushchev. WSS
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    Jackson goes down with the Madden jinx!!
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    we were driving around the other day, and the residence of a state patrol car was in their driveway. I can't imagine the stress of fearing attacks on police folks' homes. White folks, conservative folks, Pres Trump voters, police everywhere - are becoming targets. Like the nazis targeted Jews.
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    🎼We got nothing to be guilty of, my love.....hahaha
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    Yes, the Kenosha perp. According to USA Today: "Blake has a charge pending for sexual assault, but it involves an adult woman, not a child." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/09/03/fact-check-jacob-blake-sex-assault-charge-tied-woman-not-child/5700351002/ ^ I myself have not said a word about his prior convictions or pending charges, as I'm sure he's a swell guy, I only commented on what he did the moments before he got himself shot by law enforcement. Just know he's a hero in the eyes of the NFL and its players...... You can just feel the pride oozing from Drew's face.
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    and for those with short memories, I'll leave you with this awesome display of hypocrisy from the NFL as we all get to look at the SJW decorations all over the players' uniforms this season...... "Running back DeAngelo Williams had his request to wear pink in recognition of his mother’s battle with breast cancer rejected by the NFL earlier this year and Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media reports that he has now been fined $5,787 by the league for wearing “we will find a cure” and a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on his eye black this month." https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/10/28/deangelo-williams-fined-for-breast-cancer-message-on-eye-black/#:~:text=Running back DeAngelo Williams had,a pink breast cancer awareness ^ Read that shit again.
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    He was fun to watch. Never took a solid shot either which was good he was maybe 150 pounds... being generous. Natson was definitely under the radar signing. We haven’t made it a priority recently glad it’s finally a priority
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    Yeah, I have waited a long time to watch a Browns Team methodically march downfield rather than throwing the ball up for grabs. I'm hoping I'll see a new "M.O." starting this week. Mike
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    I'm not trying to inflame passions or make enemies but there is a real question here that I think is important to consider. I understand the point of view of those who think it's un-patriotic and wrong to burn the U.S. flag. What strikes me as curious, is that these the same people who desecrate and co-opt the flag by coloring is black, white and blue. The don't like kneeling at football games when the flag is presented, but they are in favor of displaying the flag held flat on the football field which, you guessed it, is another violation of the U.S. Flag Code. Is it that these "patriots" think it's only proper for them to dishonor the flag for their own purposes? Are they simply ignorant that this treatment of the flag is dishonorable and unlawful? If you stand for the flag as a symbol of the United States (which I absolutely do) would you change your view of the those who co-opt the flag for their own purpose and dishonor the flag by displaying it flat at football games? Or would you just not care?
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    I sure as shit did, short attention span. Now you got me riled up... You suffering from acute memory loss? You may well need a cognitive assessment- You're worse than the guy you love to dis- Joe Biden. Fuck your lame shit.. I posted Obama's timeline of at least a dozen positive things, in another thread, and you fucking ignored it LOSER. You're the one with ODS- who can't admit Obama and Biden ever did anything good for America- and by extension- you're the anti-American who is willing to put political prejudice over what's actually going to benefit AMERICA. Pound salt... To quote Darth Sidious from Star Wars- "Your hate has made you strong'.... You've yet to come to the realization (me and Tex are working on it) - but Trump is "The Dark Side" incarnate.... Tens of thousands of folks depend on Obamacare- that you and Orange Man want to eliminate, with no replacement in sight... A short sighted environmental loser... Start counting those 50,000 avoidable American deaths in Dump's "accomplishments"- lemming.... And if you'd bother to listen to Woodward's tapes- Xi warned Trump about the potential problems, but Trump as is his usual horseshit response to a problem- thought he could make political hay out of it. Too bad so sad Cal... Keep hugging that Trump poster....
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