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    When I lived in Middleburg Heights, I would get my neighbor’s mail and he would get mine 2-3 times a week. Fortunately, 90% of the time it’s just junk mail.
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    Social media forums also cost people jobs Cal...it's a new world boys & girls... PM me any of your concerns with your mail delivery.. but here's a fact.. You have your regular* route carrier.. He/she may get sick/Covid? Take Vacations? hell, they might even see his/her scheduled day off... I was a Substitutes carrier for 8 years. And sure enough.. i was not perfect with every piece, not doing the same route everyday ....It's a matter of whom's taking pride in their work.... and yeah, those video's are out there too, and rarely your career carrier...It's been 47 hours of hell for carriers since Covid folks.. what the suits do above us carriers we can't control.. but i see the sweat we put up with everyday..For the majority...their damn good people on the streets
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    Frankly with all the vile personal phraseology nasty names and vulgar pictures being thrown about concerning the president I have a hard time getting heart sick over a parody of Senator Harris's name. I realize that's part of the reason she was picked. That way anybody who fucks with her will draw accusations of sexism hate speech and racism. She shouldn't have to be protected to any greater extent than a male running for the same office. Also I assume you're bright enough to see the double standard especially in the left-wing media concerning treating her with kid gloves while ripping Sarah Palin were Michele Bachmann or the First Lady to shreds. But I suppose it gives the left a way to avoid actually defending the shit she's done or has said. WSS
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    So here's what I saw after cutting up on Browns Daily Camp day 1 👀 1.) Wills has the tree trunk leg view over Conklin.. With Baker under center..LT-Wills LG-Bitonio C-Harris(tretter was out) RG-Teller RT-Conklin//// Two's= With Kenum under center..LT-Hubbard LG-Willie Wright C-Evan Brown RG-Dunn RT-Lamm ///Fair played LG3 with Gilbert under Center. And for what's it's worth? Carlson & P.Brown played TE3's 2) Hooper & Njoku TE1's//Njoku & Harrison Bryant TE2's with Keenum//TE3's P.Brown & Carlson.. Having a good look at Njoku, imho.. WR DPJ, had a nice high point of ball thrown by Keenum with the 2's 3) Sandejo & Joesph ran against the 1's..Delpit & Redwine saw 2's..Mack Wilson & Taki shared reps with both.. 4) Misc? CB Kevin Johnson had a nice press coverage pick. Than got beat deep by Keenum throwing a bomb to Hodge. Tavierre, Hodge, JoJo, DPJ & many other DB's & Lb'ers, may make this squad by ST's?..The extra bonus of position of need? Is what Josh Cribbs will find interesting at cut time Only Day 1..Things can Change & more likely will...Were off today & back at it Sunday for Day 2...
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    You said you had no intention to reply to my posts nor did you wish me to reply to yours. It is now established you are a simple liar.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/08/browns-waste-no-practice-time-establishing-an-offensive-identity-early-in-training-camp.html Interesting article on how the offense looks early on. Can't believe it is only four weeks until the season begins, in Baltimore.
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    You said you had no intention to reply to my posts nor did you wish me to reply to yours. It is now established you are a simple liar. And an ignorant and uneducated one to boot. I like it better when you try to be a grammar Nazi while misspelling words in the process. But, let me attempt to educate you (this won't be easy). https://www.brighteon.com/96b4497d-451a-47b7-9086-bc7ff865007b
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    I'll ask this the best way I can and try to put your political bias in the closet for just a single post..... but don't worry, you can come out of the closet after replying. I and we have heard the reports, seen the pictures, videos and memes of USPS drop off boxes being removed in large amounts from basically all over the country. I'm 52yrs old and can not remember a single report of anything like this..... Sure, even in my own town the USPS would rearrange, add, relocate a few boxes here and there, but they would do so 1 at a time and over the course of a decade. It was usually because of changing neighborhoods and/or continued vandalizing from some of America's finest good boys.... Shit, my bad... Ignore that last part. So my common sense screams, WFT is going on? I would love to hear some honest, common sense based theories (and not what you've been told to think by your beloved propaganda machines) as to why this sudden, and unprecedented (at least to me) action is being taken in this already fucked up time period we all exist (not truly live) in. If this isn't happening for some political reason, then give us your best logical, common sense driven reason why it is happening. The thing about common sense is simple... When something smells like a turd, looks like a turd, acts like a turd and talks like a turd....... It's a Steeler fan.
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    You may as well have said CNN verified it...🤣
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    DOUBTS ABOUT BIDEN? ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up,’ Obama reportedly told insiders
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    I think we may have a toss-up on the best Browns mid-round pick? Peoples or Bryant.. https://brownsnation.com/why-did-donovan-peoples-jones-drop-to-the-sixth-round/ Peoples has the best two tutors in Landry & OBJ to learn from his faults. But the physical tools can't be packed in his lunchbox.. Both should bring much needed vertical size to the redzone.. Peeps Jones jumped a 44.5" vertical from a stand still at the combine👀 .. Chuck it up & go get it! 🏈
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    Don't ever come here again saying you aren't a liberal. The real issues you guys sweep under the rug.
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    Markets UPS, FedEx warn they cannot carry ballots like US Postal Service
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    Cal you have immediately channeled all of your energy into attacking Kamala. Just like a good little boy you follow all of your biased media in whatever it says. Led around like an obedient dog. Amazing how easy it is. No hesitation from you, just right away parroting and posting. I think the best part of a Trump loss would being seeing your mental implosion on here.
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    The problem is liberals think this case is rare (which is true) and the george floyd case is common (which is false). The reaction should be louder in this case not because a black person killed a white person, but rather it was a kid that never pistol whipped old ladies for dope money.
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    Day 1 recap https://dawgsbynature.com/2020/8/14/21369223/cleveland-browns-training-camp-recap-day-1-welcome-to-2020 media tweets (stroll bar down) https://cleveland.com/browns/2020/08/cleveland-browns-training-camp-2020-live-updates.html Browns Daily full Camp video is up on Youtube.. over 2 hours! and I will not be posting that kind of long bandwidth Daily...
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    Donovan Peoples-Jones could be a great find. Return man, good hands.
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    Not a good look for sure. I will be handing my ballot off somewhere, but it won't be in a USPS slot.
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