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    So your gonna go full on troll till the election? there is no way your as stupid or naive as birdboy and ms.tex.... you don’t need to even like him, just know that your not letting pure evil ruin our country.
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    Do you and Woody have some sort of dumbass contest going? You just took the lead albeit briefly.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2020-07-31/houston-consulate-closure-deterred-china-but-not-before-it-meddled-with-vaccine-efforts-us-intel-sources%3fcontext=amp Anything you'd like to say, Lebron? Nevermind, fuck you too.
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    Any medication should be discussed between the doctor and patient, not some fucking government agency.
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    BINGO! At any level in the game of football, if you want to win/succeed - you better start at the heart. In a game where adversity defines you, if you show up without passion - you earn the negative labels. I wish I knew how Greedy was going to turn out. That said, I think we have a very, very underrated corner in Terrance Mitchell that I would like to see be allowed to compete for the starting job. Let's get back to making the better player earn the starting job and we'll be okay with the position. There's always going to be someone bigger, stronger and faster than you; so you better know the ways you WILL win. You only have 60 minutes to get it done; so you better do your research and have a plan. As an OG, here's the ways I learned I could win consistently: 1) I knew the snap count my opponent didn't so I was 1st to contact 100% of the time. 2) I knew where the play was going so winning the area and position was MY advantage. 3) I was usually shorter than the guy I went against, which very often rewarded me with superior pad height, better leverage and more usage of the legs, hips and lower torso in battle. What else? The heart and passion I put into my football days was in my off season weight training and conditioning as well as the countless football camps I went to over the years. Why ALL that? When it's the 4th quarter of a close football game and the Coach calling the plays keeps choosing to run behind you because the opponent can't stop it - there isn't a better feeling in the world. As I said, I was rarely the biggest guy in my trench wars. I know David had a sling shot as his plan to beat Goliath. I didn't have a sling shot but I had the plans that made me confident. Meatball on spaghetti, I knew there wasn't an opponent ready to outwork me especially in the 4th quarter (based on the fitness commitment I put in year round). I felt that was confidence I deserved so there was no way I would allow anyone to take that away. Again, when a coach is running the ball up your dumpster and down your opponent's esophagus for all to see - all your passion committed has been rewarded. Even better, when future opponents see this on film - and you close the next games the same way? You're addicted to the high; but well aware of the reasons you've made it happen while remaining cognizant that it could easily end the second you're satisfied/complacent. Like anything in life, you only get out of it what you're willing to put into it. Guys like Justine Gilbert and Josh Gordon who were nightmares for their college and pro football staffs to work/deal with - never learned to appreciate the feeling of a great outcome from a strong commitment/work ethic to achieve it. That said, we've had plenty of guys on the Cleveland Browns with gigantic hearts that left us no other option but to appreciate them. Brian Sipe was a 13th round draft choice rumored to have the arm strength of a Barbie Doll. That said, he's the Cleveland Brown I've seen earn the NFL MVP honor. If you saw what he overcame, he gave you no choice but to appreciate all of the excitement he orchestrated. LOVED him and Kosar. Earnest Byner was a 10th round draft pick (which would be undrafted in today's 7 round draft). He teamed with Kevin Mack to be the only backfield here to have 2 different RBs gain over 1000 yards rushing in the same season for a franchise with a storied tradition of great RBs. Both guys were also devastating blockers also equipped with reliable hands when needed. RT Cody Risien made 2 Pro Bowls as a 7th round pick. Tony (T-Bone) Jones was a very reliable LT from the undrafted ranks that didn't start to get the league-wide cred until he won Superbowls in Denver. ILB/MLB Mike Johnson was only 6'1" and 220 lbs when he played like a bad asss worthy of 2 Pro Bowl honors; and I also liked former Louisville LB Eddie Johnson that hit like a freight train. All these guys were very easy to appreciate as well as the many others I didn't even mention.
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    Media Largest Florida police union backs President Trump: 'Tired of being a punching bag'
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    Indeed, UCSF.edu is a bullshit website and the peer-reviewed Journal of General Medicine is a bullshit magazine!
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    And to make our at home GAMEDAY or anyday pizzas besides the BEEFY GARLIC PIZZA and the DEEP DISH PIZZA CASSEROLE we add our CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA without the delivery charge ! All easy to do yourself or with the family at home. Next will be a great DIY for pasta or pizza homemade CAESAR SALAD WITH THE DRESSING and homemade CROUTONS, ummmmm. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, maybe not exactly a Chicago pizzeria style but good for at home....from Mr Food. SERVES 6 COOK TIME 30 Min Whenever we're in Chicago, our trip isn't complete until we indulge in a traditional Chicago-style pizza. Since we can't get enough of it, we came up with this Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza! What You'll Need 1 pound hot Italian sausage, casings removed (see note for mild sausage) 1 green bell pepper, cut into 1/4-inch strips 1 small onion, chopped 1 pound store-bought pizza dough 3/4 cup pizza or spaghetti sauce 1 1/2 cups (6 ounces) shredded mozzarella cheese What to Do Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Coat a 12-inch deep-dish pizza pan with cooking spray. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook sausage, pepper, and onion 6 to 8 minutes, or until no pink remains in sausage and vegetables are tender, stirring constantly; drain and set aside. Using your fingertips or heel of your hand, spread dough so it covers bottom of pan and comes three-quarters of the way up sides. Spread spaghetti sauce over dough; top with sausage mixture, then cheese. Bake 20 to 25 minutes, or until crust is crisp and brown. Cut and serve. Just a Suggestion! Not crazy about the hot stuff? Use a milder sausage for the same super Chicago taste. If you liked this recipe, be sure to check out all of our cheesy favorites in The Cheese Lover's eCookbook: 34 Easy Recipes with Cheese. For more easy pizza recipes, make our Basil Pesto Focaccia, our School Lunch Square Pizza, or our Slow Cooker Pizza Dip!
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    the left has overplayed their hand in the worst possible ways. demoquack corruption and violence against America - is not going to be the "new normal". https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/07/31/poll-huge-number-of-americans-concerned-about-the-violence-who-they-blame-is-not-good-for-biden/
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    When DeWine realizes he’s gonna lose a lawsuit he folds... just like the daycare issue he gave up on... DeWine like to portray himself as a country bumpkin but he has an agenda and it’s not about “saving Ohioans”
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    With the troop levels in germany it is not for German defense. Its mainly a staging area for troops heading to Africa and the Middle East. Also Ramstein is where severely wounded military would be evacuated to first. During the coldwar when I was stationed there at Ayers Kaserne (Kirchgoens) the US had almost 500,000 troops in Germany. We would patrol the East German border by the Fulda Gap (the place most likely to be invaded by the Soviets (Russians for you millennnials).
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    Good stuff man. Some solid recipes there. The white clam sauce is pretty spot on with how I make mine. Maybe that Italy training. I use fresh when I can, say in a salad, but really, for a sauce, or help flavor a chili, San Marzano's just can't be beat.
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    https://www.dailywire.com/news/aclu-sues-portland-police-to-block-them-videotaping-protesters We want body cams to protect citizens from police, but the police can't use video, in public, to prosecute criminals? These people are nuts.
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    Caffeinated cat piss. WSS
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    There's a whole board for moronic takes and that's the Political Board. Please join the others. I will insult you there as necessary.
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    Imagine if you will, If Trump used a funeral to push politics? 😲
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    Athletes who voluntarily opt out must be under contract or subject to a tender. The contract will toll to the 2021 season, and the player will be eligible for a stipend of $150,000, treated as a salary advance against the tolled contract. ...so, is opting out a smart move for an undrafted guy? (like Drake Dorbeck) Assuming that he was just gonna get cut anyway.
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    Browns problem is that the really, really have not had quality Linebacker play since those two guys. We have had just 2 LBs make the Pro Bowl since 1999: Joe Schobert in 2018, and Jamir Miller in 2002. And we lost both of them almost immediately: Schobert gone in Free agency; Jamir Miller lost to injury the next year. Prior to 1999 back to 1960 here is the list of Browns Pro Bowl LBs: 1995 Pepper Johnson 1990 Mike Johnson 1989 Clay Matthews 1988 Clay 1987 Chip Banks 1986 Clay and Chip 1984 Chip 1983 Chip 1971 Jim Houston 1970 Houston 1966 Houston 1965 Houston 1959 to 1963 Jim Ray Smith
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    Great post Flug! and i got the best at the end... If we have any Newbie Brownies fans? If ya never saw Johnson & Johnson play? find them on youtube 💪 2 grown ass men and Eddie was a 7th round pick & Mike earned his way from the USFL....2 no-neck's with Heart & passion for the game..
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    Yep, times have changed. An old favorite of mine, Browns' safety Don Fleming, was electrocuted in the early 1960's working his off season construction job. Mike
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    Sadly, usually a team with two 1st round picks is generally a horrible team. And then to blow those high picks....what a giant obstacle. And, wow...Trent and Weed...what a bad, bad waste.
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    A lot of times, family members of an infected person have been exposed to the virus - so hospitals had/have to be protective of this in terms of who they can let in. On the news, I saw a wife and daughter drop the 39 year old husband/father off - and they weren't allowed in. The guy ended up dying without ANY immediate family members at his side during the very brief length of stay. THAT SUCKS! Even worse, a similar scenario has probably happened to a lot of families.
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