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    We made it! To at least a start of the Browns Training Camp of 2020 😷... https://cleveland.com/browns/2020/07/baker-mayfield-and-jedrick-wills-among-browns-players-reporting-for-testing-friday-despite-nfl-nflpa-still-negotiating.html Where this season all ends up? Nobodies got a clue! But Stay Safe, to our NFL football Families... So if we do see some browns training camp news? Stay Masked & 6 foot apart & post it here... Go Browns!
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    First of all I think aptitude and not degree makes a teacher a good teacher. Second I think anybody of average intelligence could learn to teach a particular class in a relatively short amount of time. Third with a set curriculum and lesson plan all you need to know is a little bit more than the kid. 4th I'm sure homeschooling works fine in a small amount of situations. 5th the social isolation I believe will fuck kids up more the the lack of understanding of the Sciences or English literature in the long run. And 6th, last but not least, going back to the first statement I don't think there are too many stay-at-home moms out there who actually have the aptitude. It takes a shitload more than sitting on the couch with your kid watching Springer and answering when the kid asks "Mommy what's a whore?" With "A whore is like Darlene over to the trailer park where your father says he's been working" WSS WSS
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    So will their arena be known as the "Krak House"? Making their fans "Krak heads"?
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    Maybe the "Cleveland Baseball Club" next ?
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    The odds aren't 30,000,000 to 1 like the Lucky for Life or about 300,000,000 to 1 like the Powerball or megamillions but 575,757 to 1 to hit a progressive jackpot, if nobody hits it it goes up and up starting at $100,000. It draws everyday. I've hit $300 (so close!) a couple of times and I only play $1 a day, $14 for 14 days. Payouts 4 Ways To Win Drawings are held daily, seven days a week, at approximately 7:05pm. Pools close at 7:00pm. Winning numbers will be scrolled on your local TV stations soon after the draws. Winning numbers will also be displayed here after 8pm, and the drawings can be viewed from our Daily Drawings page at that time as well. There are four ways to win in every draw! Match Win Odds All 5 of 5 winning numbers Jackpot* 1 in 575,757 Any 4 of 5 winning numbers $300 1 in 3,387 Any 3 of 5 winning numbers $10 1 in 103 Any 2 of 5 winning numbers $1 1 in 10
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    Columbus is also in more than 1 county. It’s a huge city I grew up rooting for the New York Rangers. We got cable TV when I was 12 and the Rangers games were all on MSG network. So that’s how I became such a big NHL fan
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    This is correct. The NHL Barons were only here like a year and a half. And if you were around....be aware that there was almost NO promotion of their existence even. I suspect attendance was a bit below league average....but hell, when no one knows you are there....who's gonna come?
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    No more than you always having a thing for Cal. Stick to the topic dipshit. You think Biden is gonna win?
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    It's more about traffic and highway patrol. I drive up from Tennessee for Browns games. From the stadium in Cincy up to say OSU stadium takes about a hour and a half. Most of the drive is through rural Ohio. You can hit the gas a bit. The way up to Cleveland is populated. Seems like Troopers are sitting about every 10 miles apart bodgering up traffic. It takes nearly double the time.
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    There really was no trouble there. Brief history lesson....Gunds move the California Golden Seals from SF to Cle. Cle supports the team (Barons). Gunds work out a backdoor deal with the Minnesota North Stars, merge operations and leave Cle. Eventually that team moves to Dallas. Gunds never truly gave Cle a great shot at the NHL. We would have supported it, the AHL Barons and WHA Crusaders drew fans just fine.
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    They don't really have to. With what is available, the parents only involvement would be guidance and supervision. How Should You Learn Physics? There are lots of ways for a homeschooler to learn physics. The first method is the traditional homeschool way - buy a physics home-study course, complete with textbook and any associated workbooks, test books, answer keys, and lab materials. Then take the course self-study under the guidance of Mom or Dad. Courses are available for homeschoolers from Alpha Omega Publishers, A Beka Book, BJU Press, Keystone National High School, Saxon Publishers, and many others. Some of these have labs; for others, you will have to buy a kit separately. You can also get textbooks from secular publishers. A word of caution: Try to get a teacher's manual with an answer key and solutions to the problems. The alternative is that the home teacher has to work out all the problems himself and compare answers with the student, and not many homeschool teachers have the time to do this. Most publishers who are used to dealing with homeschoolers will sell you a teacher's manual. Getting a teacher's manual for a public school high-school text may be more difficult. The last we heard, Ebay and Amazon will not sell teacher's manuals. HSLDA has a members-only forum for buying and selling textbooks, including teacher's editions. Online courses are available to teach AP physics. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School (UNL-ISHS), for example, has Physics 1 and Physics 2 courses. University of Missouri-Columbia also has online physics courses. To find these and others, use the search arguments "online high school" and "physics" on your favorite search engine. A third option is software home study courses. One example of this is Digital Interactive Video Education. https://www.home-school.com/Articles/teaching-physics-at-home.php
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    Or better yet just to scream about a perfectly fine drug with positive results for no other reason than the Donald Trump said it was okay. If the fucker said chemotherapy was a positive treatment you guys would shit the bed over that. The Firestorm from you people over this particular medication is exactly why rational and semi rational people use the term TDS. WSS
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    It's smart. They get to sell a limited edition release of merch. I kinda want a "Washington Football Team" shirt honestly
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    I'll keep the links updated in the OP and change the thread topic as new ones are posted. I noticed this on Monday, although the team analyses may have started before then. Looks like these 3 are the ones they've done so far and [I'm guessing] they'll keep going until all are finished. I'm not a PFF subscriber.. is anyone on here?
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    Greedy is like Ward, can’t stay healthy. Greedy had an “ok” rookie season but nothing special. Injuries aside I think he will be decent. They still got Money Mitchell as the 3rd option and I think the dude is better than Greedy
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    I would also like to see the Cavs traded for the Blue Jackets. To me NHL is a FAR FAR better product then the NBA
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    What bus? They are about to get hit by the Corona Train that Trump derailed months ago and now can't stop, mask or no mask. It's what happens when you put a 🎃 at the switch. They go to sleep on you until midnight when they just stay the ignorant pumpkin you elected. Ghislaine wishes him well.😂
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    You mean, "you have to FEEL like woody.....liberals dont' think, they feel issues. that's why facts don't matter, logic doesn't matte, the all the great things that Pres Trump and co. have ACCOMPLISHED FOR AMERICA don't matter. he does annoying tweets, so they FEEL UNHAPPY about the tweets.
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    the left wants all the power permantely by any means necessary. corruption in elections, corruption in obaMao/biden's DOJ, CIA, NSA, FBI etc holdovers... if Pres Trump isn't re-elected...America is DONE. as in, venezuela, folks.
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    wouldn't know, the "experts" disagree on everything, it is what he has to go by. Your biden isn't cognitive enough to president for one day, that is YOU being thrown under the bus. You don't have a legit option other than saving America by voting for Pres Trump again.
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    Wait a minute! There's a filthy rich guy in Washington DC that's been getting away with corruption?
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    Yankees/ Wash game tonight on ESPN Opening night 2020 Not a soul in attendance aside from camera operators.. Giancarlo Stanton hits a 2 run dinger in the first inning.. Cameras focus on the ball sitting in the stands, all by it's self. Multiple times. To the best of our knowledge that ball is still sitting there.. How bizarre...
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