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    Gumby & mjp....yes, he did burn the Iranian flag. It was during the hostage crisis and was truly something unheard of at the time, completely awesome. I grew up listening to Gib call the games. He really was the best at painting a picture for the radio listeners. I can still hear him " out of the eye to the tee, Hooker split left, Phipps drops back to throw..." When the Browns won in Cincy to clinch the division in 1980, there wasn't a happier fan than Gib Shanley. He was the best.
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    Wait a minute! There's a filthy rich guy in Washington DC that's been getting away with corruption?
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    Gib was a great long time announcer for the BROWNS who was followed by Nev Chandler, I listened to them both. Gib passed away in 2006.
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    I spent most my elementary school years doing the same..worked great for the late west coast games with Brennaman & Harwell ... What ever happened to old Gib Shanley? Browns former play/play guy
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    Hawai'i is my favorite all time vacation spot I like big city Honolulu and especially Waikiki but the rest of Hawai'i is beautiful. The rest you nailed pretty well......and de' plane, de' plane maybe you're still on Fantasy Island somewhere with Amelia.
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    I'm drinking hot coffee here! 😤🤧...but thanks! lol
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    Yup, Dan should call Jimmuh for advice on how he knew nothing of what's going on.....and get Jimmuh's lawyer's phone numbers.
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    Dealer, hit that 20. There are four aces in the deck... WSS
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    Or the Fighting Irish have already been attacked... I actually personally no one guy that agrees with changing the name because it's a pensive and preservative toward the Irish. Seriously. People are fucking nuts WSS
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    At the end of last year we went to Hawaii for the 1st time in my 52 years of life. 6 Days before we flew out we made an offer on our dream home which was accepted. We closed escrow 45 days later and moved in 5 days after closing. Then came the Zombie Apocalypse, Murder Hornets, our family business almost wiped out, Civil War v2.0 and now no football when the Browns' window might finally be open.... I'm pretty sure that on the flight home, the airplane went down somewhere in the Pacific and I just don't know it yet.
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    The nflpa union reported about 72 players with the bug, no names, and they're planning a September snap ? The next real football event may be the NFL draft in April-ish 2021 from Cleveland Ohio ! That should be fun.....I hope.
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    Oh yes the world and radio ! In 1963 I got a transistor radio for my 13th birthday with an ear piece and dad was smart enough to get a battery adapter. For rock n roll WHOT Youngstown then late night WLS Chicago and WBZ Boston. Plus baseball and football whenever I could. I also got into amateur radio that year and worked the world for 6 more years. Fun times.
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    I've listened to Tribe games on 1100 from the middle of nowhere West Virginia (down by the New River Bridge) and as we were leaving a pizza joint under the Brooklyn Bridge...
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    I like Hamilton. I live 600 miles away but can pick up 1100 AM after dark. It may fade in and out, but I still pick it up, so I listen to Indians and Cavs games. Coast to coast after that. If still in bed at 5 AM, Wills and Snyder in the AM. It is what I did as a kid, listen to Jimmy Dudley calling Indians games. It might have been WKYC in those years. I'd put the transistor under my pillow, low volume so my Mom or Dad couldn't hear it, but I could. I saw the world on my radio. Pick up the Grand Ole Opry on WSM out of Nashville. That was a world away as a kid. I'd pick up stations out of New Orleans sometimes. Stations out of Canada, St Louis...those were big moments in a 10 year old boys life. Just seeking a bit beyond the horizon I suppose.
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    The rumor is that Dan Snyder was behind a fraudulent truck stop rebate scheme that robbed truckers out of millions upon millions of dollars. Oh... wait...
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    I'm 100% Norwegian. Therefore, I'm offended by the Minnesota Vikings logo and mascot Seriously, I'll say it again. It's like the libs are having a dumbass contest 😅
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    A thousand on bat shit.
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    Give me a Bobby "Bingo" Smith jersey.
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    I'm not sure if some of the young kids feel this way about the BROWNS or football or even real sports today but then again they didn't have their Bernie or Sipe moments the way we older geezers have. They'd rather play grand theft auto VIII or other video games with their friends in mom's cellar and not get out and play football or go to real life games. Too bad their loss the kids in our neighborhood have a big beautiful meadow that is mowed and kept up by the township and they never, ever go there to play football or baseball or even soccer. After these kids get home from school it is beautifully quiet in our neighborhood except maybe for a few young kids riding bikes. Their loss, oh well....... GO BROWNS, INDIANS, BUCKEYES..... just win baby !
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    you don't post because you are an ignorant squealer feeler liberal sombeitch. It's typical woodpucker and vagisil to ascribe nonsense to others, then bitch about the nonsense that isn't true, as if it WERE true. No workee, emotional knee jerkie. And Pres Trump has a LONG LIST of great things he has done for America, LIKE IT OR NOT. eight years of biden and your obaMao commie, and you probably can't name ONE thing they did that was great or even kindof good for America. So, you want to have good things to KEEP happening for America? or you are going to hoorta escorta out the door with GREAT things for America? Make your choice. Pres Trump has been one of the very BEST presidents. You just don't like him because it's cool to do in leftist child genocide circles.
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    This has been a lot fun reading where all the passion comes from in this fan base/message board. Incredible stuff and much appreciated folks! Looking forward to reading more of them. Don't hold that stuff hostage...
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    My Great-Grandpa's family landed in Baltimore like many other Jewish Slavs, made their way to Pittsburgh and settled in Albion, PA south of Erie. He worked on the railroad and was the first to take my Grandpa to the city on a train to watch the Browns and Indians. My Grandpa was born in 1938, so he had the thrills of the Paul Brown juggernaut teams of the 1940s and 50s and the Jim Brown era. My Dad was born in 1960 and lived the Kardiac Kids, I was born in 1982, the Schottenheimer through Belichick Browns were my everything. We moved to Central Indiana in 1984. Dad was one of the first of all of his uncles and cousins that didn't work in the mills, foundries or tool and dye shops of NW PA. We watched football every Sunday, but the Browns were never on until the playoffs. The in game updates back then were absolute treats. My Grandma would occasionally record games with the VCR and send them to us and we had a Browns' News/Illustrated subscription. And that's how we got our Browns' information! I'd sit at the kitchen table and immerse myself in that thing. That periodical was truly a gem. Every time the Browns played in Indianapolis we would go and it seemed in the late 80's, early 90's that was a yearly event. The Colts were absolute trash then and many years the Brownies wore their Brown on White uniforms and our fellow Browns' fans traveled so well that those games always felt like Browns' home games. After the game, my Dad would take us down to the player-family area right by the loading docks where the team buses parked. We were in Heaven. We met and received autographs from our Heroes - Bernie, Clay Matthews, Steve Everitt, Eric Metcalf, Ozzie Newsome, Kevin Mack, Ernest Byner, Michael Dean Perry, Pepper Johnson, Mike Caldwell, Vinny, Bill Belichick, Tom Tupa, Leroy Hoard, James Jones, Michael Jackson, Antonio Langham and Eric Turner to name a few. My Dad had a pretty good relationship with a guy that ran a local watering hole and a couple times in the early 90's, I got to go to the bar with Dad to watch some games. He'd order a couple appetizers and we'd sit in the corner and watch the Browns on satellite, which was a huge deal. I remember a few games of note being televised locally, it was sporadic: the Monday Night win vs the 49ers, an opening day loss in NE, Metcalf taking two punts back vs the Steelers and the win in Dallas in '94. On Thanksgiving weekend 1994, we finally got a chance to see the Browns play in Municipal Stadium, I came remember not wanting to leave after the game. They beat the Oilers 39-24. It was awesome and my brother, fours year younger, and I soaked up the experience. Just being around passionate Browns fan that I knew had cheered and screamed as loud as we had and cried like we had until there was nothing in the tank was fulfilling. Oddly enough, a family in front of us did not stand for the National Anthem and the guys around us in Carhartts and the old Orange hard hats let the man of the family know how he felt. Words were exchanged, the guy in the hard hat rolled up his program and hit the man that sat on the head a couple times. He had plenty of words. The family left immediately never to return. The last two decades have been no different as far as our love. However, my outlook has changed from that of a starry-eyed boy ever the optimist, to a man that questions making the same decisions and expecting a different result. We were raised and have remained steadfast Browns fans in the darkest four decades of the franchise. My brother is out East, he's still a die-hard Browns fan. My sister is out West, she's still a Browns fan. My mom, raised in a Steeler home, is a Browns fan and Dad and Grandpa are still going strong. Even my little girls who cheer for "Daddy's Team" are Browns fans.
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