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    Glad to help. Baker may as well be kneeling before black people asking forgiveness for his "white privilege", and perhaps that is what he's really doing.. Isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing now? Fuck all you ignorant liberal (redundant, I know) form of white trash who have been nurturing this false narrative. The facts don't matter, only your feelings do. Hail to your Moses, Colin Kaperdick chosen by god to deliver his people.
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    Dude needs to worry about kneeling 3 times in a row at the end of every game.
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    I love sports because it's normally a diversion, a place to get away from all the BS going on. I'm not canceling my season tickets over this. But the constant politicizing of everything is getting real, real old.
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    are you for fucking real? do the rest of us a favor and sign up for a self awareness class after your parole board mandated anger management year long seminar is complete .
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    Shall we go all grammar nazi on this post? 🤣
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    There's your Watergate you lil bitch..
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    Conservatives thinking their feelings matter is already real, real old. You're welcome to have a feeling, but you are not welcome to tell someone else what to do. It's his choice - not yours. You absolutely have zero justification for trying to tell him "how" or "when" to protest - or not - you arrogant self-righteous ass. Nobody asked [or will ask] you if it's OK to protest.. because it's never going to be the right time or method or message or some other excuse to always ignore actual problems. TLDR: Get over yourself.
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    CNN's "crime" was recording them damaging a Wendy's. I thought they were all about free speech? After all, they insist on THEIR free speech. But that is how lefties roll. https://www.theblaze.com/news/rioting-protesters-in-atlanta-attack-cnn-camera-crew-while-they-were-live-on-air
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    Between covid...blm..antifa...I see business doing a cost analysis and bailing out of the dem controlled cities.
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    He's very much a fan of the "stay on the plantation" political concepts -- the notion that old conservative white people get to tell everyone else what they can do and when they can do it. They're very uncomfortable getting slapped in the face with the reality that they don't have that power any more. The reason current protests have such force and broad support is because the protests are against BOTH parties -- this is precisely the reason for Biden's "If you don't support me, you ain't black" comment at the end of his interview with Charlemagne a couple wks ago.. Biden also represents the group who thinks they control the narrative and actually think they can/should tell Black people when it's OK to speak. [Nobody has forgotten Biden was one of the major architects of the war on black people - excuse me, drugs.] It's why these protests are NOT just "one side" --- these protests represent a fracturing of the Democratic party coalition of civil rights/labor and money.
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    "These players are disrespecting the flag! The NFL should force them to stand or fire them! They hate America!" * Baker says he'll kneel * "Well, uh, I'll just DVR it and skip the kneeling. Yeah. That'll show em"
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    Too Long; Didn't Read Basically it's a way to put a summary at the end of a long post Or a response to mock a long post
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    Calf, it only alienates you if you choose to be alienated by it. OR, you can do like Baker and others have done and take a step or 2 to acknowledge the problem, and then you can use that brain of yours to be part of an amicable solution. Or you could worry about root beer. Really? Fucking root beer?
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    The difference between people that have angry words for kneelers and the actions of people that destroy businesses, burn properties, tear down statues and vandalize neighborhoods and city blocks is night and day.
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    yep. too bad. Like Hank Williams' song - "you only get mugged if you go downtown". Pretty prophetic when they want to defund and get rid of police depts in the cities.
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    Bob, a LOT of folks feel that way. Kneeling during our national anthem, etc, just alienates folks who DO care about racism, but do NOT equate it with our Flag, or our national anthem. I see more like "I make millions of dollars, but I don't want the poor folks to think I don't care, so I'm gonna act out in public". It's easy to ignore, I can just set the DVR to 5 minutes after the game starts, or fast forward it ... whatever. My biggest concern is if they quit making Frostie or Barq's rootbeer this fall because of the corona virus.
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    Who knows. But consider the alternative. At least he can still speak coherently albeit assholeishley. By the way your video wouldn't play check your computer for a virus. Maybe you got one from a gay porn site? WSS
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    That's unfortunate. Mostly unfortunate because it's true. Thank you Democrats. And thank you people who hate Trump so badly they will support Democrats. This is what you're voting for folks. Make no mistake. WSS
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    It's ok bro... I have been renting space in his feeble mind for a couple of years now.. Which isn't all that hard to do.. He's more concerned with "Taking people down and spreading negativity. I deal in reality.. People like him are as phony 4 dollar bill.... They do an awful lot of talking and produce absolutely 0.. Remember... The ones who speak the loudest are the loneliest pieces of shit and are meek.... He probably sits in his parents basement drinking bud light and pissing himself... In the end.. No one cares...
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    Really? You mean like you hope that someone engages in sexual intercourse with him? How nice and considerate of you. Got anyone in mind? (I guess he does have a wife...start with her)
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    https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/editorials/forty-years-ago-june-13-1980-tripura-massacre-6456155/ Just for the hell of it I looked up today's date. Oh no Oh Me Oh My there was a massacre I'm sure that it's still fresh in the minds of whoever the fuck got massacred. How dare you people play on your cell phones or computers on a day when so many people were murdered. You are all racist. Please. WSS
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