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    Now that I actually took 30 seconds to look at that graph..... where in the hell did they pull 32,000,000 cases from? Out of their ass? Out of thin air? Man- talk about BS from a "best guess" CDC estimate? Want to post a "worst case" scenario? There haven't even been 2 million covid cases yet- so for starters- let's multiply those numbers by 16X.. My math says 4.6% real world- not some fantasy projection.... And the link didn't work either, totally reliable information. FAKE NEWS- TAKS. Trump ass kissing syndrome...
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    You're probably right, which is sad. (Though I think we've seen more people NOT wearing masks that are trying to "make a point"). This is something that should be cut and dry and yet here we are with people politicizing things.
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    Reason a couple old concert threads have resurfaced (one here, one in The Barber Shop) is I was checking to see if this topic had been done before. Why Top Five? No reason... if you have more, fine. If you only have want to bother with one, fine as well... If it's a better fit for the Barber Shop, fine as well... Anyway... here's mine. 5. Chicago - Blues Image... August 15, 1970... Public Aud... My first concert. Blues Image was enjoying their hit's success, Ride Captain Ride, and posted a strong enough set that the attendee chatter between acts was whether Chicago could top them. They did. This was their Silver Album tour. A release that is a permanent resident in my road-trip box. As full of a stage of musicians as I've ever seen at a rock concert. I read that it got fuller when Blues Image joined them for an encore jam of I'm a Man that went on for over 20 minutes... Had to read about it because my frickin' date had a curfew and when she threatened to hitch home if she had to... well, I missed the end of the regular set as well... 4. Jean Michel Jarre... April 5, 1986... Houston, TX... Rendezvous Houston on the near northwest side of Houston starting just after dusk. The concert was a three-way celebration of Texas' and Houston's 150th birthdays plus NASA's 25th anniversary. It was memorable for a few reasons that put it on this list... I invited all my closest friends.... Not sure how many showed as I stopped counting at 1,000,000. Some estimates put attendance at 1.5mm. In either case I'll never attend a bigger concert. The sound system... My group of four sat about a 1/4 mile from the stage (couldn't get closer). I was concerned about being able to hear, but a sound check quickly erased that concern and by concert's end my ears were becoming fatigued. The fireworks and a laser show. Fireworks were launched off many of Houston's skyscrapers while lasers were projected onto them along with other video and still images. Slight downer in that there was a very low cloud ceiling that evening. Low enough that the tops of the taller buildings were in the clouds. However, exploding fireworks in clouds give them an iridescence that's appealing in a different way. The Port-o-Lets and gridlock trying to get out of Houston? Not highlights, but they reinforced the enormity of the event. TBH... the music was not all that memorable with one exception... Kurt Whalum, saxophonist, subbed for sax-playing astronaut, Ronald McNair, who was supposed to have recorded a solo from space. But his ride, two-months earlier was the Challenger space shuttle. As deeply as that tragedy was felt nationwide, nowhere was it felt more deeply than in Houston and Clear Lake City , a then Houston suburb and home of NASA's Johnson Space Center. I actually heard McNair play once at a Billy Joel concert in Houston's Summit Arena. Not sure how he and Billy got to know each other, but McNair requested Just the Way You Are, a song Billy had "retired" from his concert playlist. Billy agreed to do so, but only if Ronald would play in place of his regular sax player. Pretty cool moment that rated at least an Honorable Mention here. 3. Santana ... Cleveland Public Aud... 10-02-71... no opening act. Not sure how, but this concert had those of us with floor seats not only on our feet or simply standing on our chairs, but standing with one foot on the backs of our chairs and the other on the back of the folks' in the row in front of us boogieing our asses off. It was the most energy I've ever felt at a concert. How no one was hurt remains a mystery. 2. David Bowie... His Ziggy tour and US concert debut in the Music Hall... Sept. 22, 1972. Far and away my concert-going claim to fame. Lesser known fact is that he returned to Pub Aud in November of that year to play two more shows as part of the same tour. One later show was part of the original tour plan, but as Ziggy's US LP-sales grew to 200,000 it became obvious to Bowie's management that they had to start the tour in Cleveland since half the LP sales were there... so the Music Hall date was added. There are still some clips of his debut on youtube... one is a grainy 8mm film with appropriately bad, unsync'd audio of The Jean Genie and another, bad audio-only of the set-closing Suffragette City, but there was an encore or three... There's a film of the tour's complete set and finale at London's Hammersmith Odeon Theater... Ziggy Stadust The Motion Picture (CD Audio) , but film clips appear in the "next up" list. Unfortunately while better the audio is not great and the picture quality leaves a little to be desired to boot. 1. Even given the above this choice is still an easy one... August 11, 1971... Akron Rubber Bowl... Yes plus the TBDs from the poster below... John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Eagles. Festival seating... sat on-field, center-stage about 20 bodies back from it. Eagles just had Take It Easy charting. They played in sunlight and were largely ignored by a still-arriving crowd, but seemed like they could care less. Smiling ear-to-ear they just seemed to be enjoying playing. McLaughlin and Maha... They came on at dusk and TBH I hadn't heard them, and was alternately confused and engrossed. But there was something there that made me listen up. This was John's original lineup including Billy Cobham (drums), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Jerry Goodman (violin) and Rick Laird (bass). Both The Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire, the only two LPs this lineup recorded, have been playlist staples forever. Yes... Principally this was their The Yes Album tour, but earlier material, e.g., Time and a Word, plus some new material that would later appear on Fragile found its way into the set. I also saw Alice guillotined that summer, but don't know why I did not attend more shows... especially Humble Pie and Allman Bros... If i could turn back the hands of time...
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    Told ya so. A meager 0.26% death rate.. A bad flu brings a country to its knees. This number pegged by Stanford researchers a month ago. https://in.dental-tribune.com/news/new-estimate-by-the-cdc-brings-down-the-covid-19-death-rate-to-just-0-26-as-against-whos-3-4/
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    Haha. I actually shaved. And probably spend too much time on Facebook but thankfully this particular forum I can vent without having to do it in public. PS there are way more idiots on FB than there are here. WSS
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    I wouldn't paint you as a lefty. Unfortunately you should be careful not to to fall into the category with people like tex who feels compelled to take the opposite position on anything Republicans support. There is plenty to dislike about Donald Trump but make your list of policies and programs go down them one by one and ask yourself and supporting the opposite side is what you really want. Then ask yourself how much less of an idiot and a blowhard is Joe Biden? The most important one to me and I think everybody should see this clearly is it there's a reason the Democratic Governors and Republican governors are on different sides a free opening the country. I honestly don't believe health and safety has anything to do with it. But anybody that wants what's best for America will hold their nose and vote for Trump. Voting for Joe Biden would be to cut off that nose instead of hold it. WSS
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    Wouldn't surprise me the least bit. How may of those IPs you think originate from Russia or China? Add in the GOP paid shills it's a bunch for sure.
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    He just whines to the mods like some toddler when he loses an argument to me. My 3 year twins are WAAAAYYYYY more articulate and better debaters then him. And on the plus side they know playing with bleach is a serious big NO-NO!
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    Off topic I know- but what started me on my mountaineering adventures was climbing Mount Sheridan in 1971. (It's in Yellowstone NP) There's a fire lookout on top for good reason- because you have a commanding view for darn near 100 miles in every direction. I had to do a revisit look 8 years ago with my nephew to see if my initial impression 40 years earlier was as great as I remembered it being, before I got too old to do so- and it certainly was.... And my view from the top- the Tetons are 40 miles away.... With Gannett Peak on the far left horizon 100 miles away.....
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    Exactly, I deleted part of my last response because I really don't want to go there. I spent a long time taking care of silly shit. This guy had back up, and time to think. The man was cuffed/zip tied behind his back.
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    Same with Tony Boselli and Faneca. Who knew there were such thin bodies in there? It shows, they know rolling around 300+ isn't ideal for longevity.
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    HAH the boards left loonies whining about pay back consider it your patriotic duty fellas
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    Look...our republican governor is as guilty as anyone. If they accept the data and cancel their draconian measures now, they also have to accept the backlash and consequences of so severely over-reacting to this. It would spell the end of a lot of political careers. As I mentioned in another thread, politicians are a craven bunch who think they rule you and that you're Retarded and deserve to be ruled and this has shown...they're right. Very few of us stood up and fought for our rights. We painted a picture where it was un-American to have rights and we all just kind of went with it. Now we have to listen to them declare victory- their strategy was a rousing success! Even though it was an abject failure, there's too many people fully invested in the bullshit now.
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    This is the new York death rate by age, per 100,000 0-17 = .0058% 18-44 = .019% 45-64 = .18% 65-74 = .58% 75+ = 1.46% Citywide total = .2% Hardly seems worth canceling everybody's life for. More like we could have, I don't know, protected the weak and at high risk.
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    What if I never stopped working and actually worked more?
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    I'm generally very pro Law Enforcement but that makes me sick..
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    I am worried about the defense this year. Young unproven Linebackers, and a new group of DBs on one year deals. Plus a talented but raw prospect in Delpit. I am looking for the offense to carry the team this year, or else it will be another long season
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    Friends don't let friends respond to people named Cube -- Secondhand stupidity is the real killer.
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    Had a post, but Dutch needs no help here... Carry on... let the beating continue.
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    And you know what I said about this years before I was on this board, and even longer before you were? Oh wait... did your SOURCES that told you about the impending OBJ trade tell you what I said about Gordon half a decade ago?
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    Well the lie is pretty nickel-and-dimed. What it was somebody that worked for somebody you didn't hate? And a rogue law enforcement agency that was respected long time ago broke all sorts of rules in conjunction with the presidential Administration you do like. Would you have a problem with it then? I have to imagine that there are at least a few dangerous violent criminals that get kicked loose from the system because the cops didn't cross the t's and Dot the I's. By the way we have a fairly good idea why they framed Al Capone. What is it you hate about Michael Flynn other than he worked for Trump for a while? WSS
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