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    And yet, here we are. Whether you like a Poster or not, the story is valid. Why do you think States (and CDC) are quietly revising numbers down (deaths) ? Look at where the highest concentration of deaths are at, and then look further into the circumstances (NYC & Cuomo example). If HCQ is so ineffective and dangerous, why is the MSM not giddy that Trump has been taking it for the last two weeks (quite the opposite) ? Why are Dems taking it (but not talking about it) ? How come Doctors that are using it are having such great success ? China owns the MSM (literally), who is in bed with the Dems & RINO's, both of whom many are also owned by China. You are falling for their fear campaign. Yes, CV can kill, but it is nowhere near as lethal as they are trying to make you believe. Do you plan to hunker down in your homes for the rest of your lives ?
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    Mailbag yet again... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/05/hey-terry-the-next-josh-cribbs-for-cleveland-browns-unexpected-cuts-steelers-in-trouble.html The Vernon Q&A caught my eye. In particular this comment: " According to overthecap.com, Vernon’s $15 million contract is guaranteed on June 1. They can cut him before that and not pay him a dime. I went to OTC.com and did something I'd never done before, clicked on the drop menu (under the "Dead Money & Cap Savings" header) that defaults to "Cut (Pre-June 1)." Turns out there are 5 more options in the menu. I clicked on "Cut (Post-June 1)" and nothing changed... for Vernon anyway. Other players partial guarantees kicked in, but nada for Olivier. My guess is that his $15+mm would become guaranteed if he sustains a football injury. (Click on any other option and his salary figure turns "what-I-assume-is" red since turning green would make no sense ) So no rush to restructure or cut him... might even let him "test the market" (it worked with Higgie). But no way do I let him set foot in our facility unless we've already decided to keep him at any cost.
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    Data? I see no reason to bring Pompeo into this discussion.
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    Speaking of looks... I'd have him go out for the coin toss holding a Steeler helmet by the facemask... ... and windmill it a couple times.
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    Sitting here chuckling as I remember... "Saracen dog! Saxon pig!"
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    Yup, they've driven all the moderates and Democrats out of town with their endless right wing conspiracy stuff. They can now enjoy talking to themselves how wonderful their POV is.
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    I'd say the biggest danger to a playoff team in Cleveland is Jimmy's inability to leave the staff in place for more than 15 minutes. Let alone five years. WSS
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    Copout. I'll tell you why you cant compete. From what I recall you spammed a poli board with topics unrelated to politics correct? What that exposed was the result of your futility in trying to find bad things Republicans do. The topics currently posted are legit as they relate to politics, AND content...and all have happened to be cases of lefty corruption, wrongdoing, misinformation and hypocrisy. Your barrels are empty. Thats is what's gnawing at you. Kudos you found this subject on bots, and the other thread about the misleading COVID graph from Georgia. Now isn't there a Republican out there somewhere that raped somebody?
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    I attempted it, but with the lockdown ending and school starting, I can't do it. I can't compete with a retired, deranged old man and the neighborhood right wing algorithm. They have too much time on their hands.
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    Bifurcation Fallacy sounds like a Canadian hardcore band.
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    Not to worry. Trumpy is ordering CDC to say that churches can now safely open. Right from the highest Scientologist I think.😂
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    The British View might help.🤣
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    And since anything is possible... Cleveland Browns: 3 possible surprise cuts that could happen this preseason So now it's just "cuts", but "surprise cuts". Higgins... the guy we negotiated with most of the off-season... Vernon... the most talked about cut of the off-season... Forbes... the 2-game guy competing for the only contested Offensive slot. Seems like the "three-well" is running dry. This Porto guy is giving MKC a run for 2nd-least favorite beatwriter. 2nd? Yeah... nobody can challenge Grossi...
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    Then again they MAY NOT be bots...see how that works! 🤣
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    Either you are a complete idiot or you're a great troll. For some reason I lean toward thinking it is the former.😁
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    congrats and as far as going out to eat and such drink and be merry I look at it as a game of chess The Pawns move first
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    then there is Grant Delpit. Listen to him being interviewed - he loves the game, is coachable obviously, and has a sense of honor about him, serious competitor - very, very skilled - might end up being the best safety out of the entire draft.
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    well fuck, if.... ThinQing Anon said it then it MUST be true. I mean why even question it? I don't see any reason to perform any legitimate, unbiased research on my own. Hell, it was in all caps. It has to be true!
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    That must've been during "The First To Die Will Be The Truth" line
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    Just MoMass? Hell... there are enough Browns to qualify for class action. Can start by adding Colt and Cribbs to the list... If... and I mean if... he was paid a bounty, then MoMass wasn't his only payday. Harrison did more than any other player I can think of to bring about the illegal contact rules... and rightfully so. That said, if he'd played a decade or four earlier, then he'd have been heralded for his "tough" play. Of course a couple OLs would have wrecked at least one of knees in retaliation.
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    Terry's hittin' the mailbag this week... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/05/hey-terry-what-about-the-cleveland-browns-jadeveon-clowney-how-about-myles-garrett-connor-cook.html
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