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    Cool. Maybe I'll get one to wear to the grocery store and have an advantage when I have to fight one of those MAGA assholes who insists on not wearing one while breaking the rules on distancing at the checkout counter. I could also threaten to go full Garrett on him too.🤣
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    All the stats for CV are cooked. Hospitals made huge $ by exaggerating CV deaths, fact. Under the "rules" anyone dying of almost anything could be blamed on CV and they got $ for every one of them, no tests needed. Also, evidence suggests many who have got the flu shot will test positive for CV. And, you can take your roses and shove them up your @ss. At this point, you're a duped patsy.
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    You actually buy what the TV tells you? Incredible.
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    I come here to escape Fake-demic crap.
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    That ^^^ it was 👍... I've got a photo album that counts 168 shows that I've seen.. to get it to a top 5, I'll have to take a long hard look👀 Zeppelin was a crazy good show also. So i can see where it hit your #1.. It was a weather perfect night in Greensboro, NC for us.. my blind early list would maybe go? 1) U2 ...... rattle & hum tour (the vocals & band never missed a beat live all night..) 2) Eagles 3) Tom Petty (Tour..check one of Tom's Cali or Fla. shows? not sure you will find it though? I've tried too) 4) Queen 5) Pink Floyd just outside the mix? Led//Metallica//KiSS//Bowie//Bruce//Shinedown w/Queensryche Empire tour.. and i saw 2 shows at COBo hall & Toledo... Van Halen was a excellent show..and A real surprise to me was the vocals of Joe Elliott with Def Leppard on the Pyromania tour... it was spot on clean, with killer sound quality at the no longer...Toledo Sports Arena...
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    Good on ya for that much...
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    Been a theme in recent Browns articles... While there are 4 articles the first and fourth are similar.... so.... three-ish ... Except just remembered... and finally found... another threesome from last week that stands alone... so it's now a four-ish kinda of three-ish. Bridge too far? 3 Most likely Cleveland Browns breakout stars in 2020 - Mack Wilson, Andrew Billings and Karl Joseph Cleveland Browns: 3 players in danger of being cut - Terrence Mitchell, Damion Ratley and Dontrell Hilliyard 3 Sleepers To Watch For Cleveland Browns In 2020 - Adrian Clayborn, Rashard Higgins and Drew Forbes 3 Cleveland Browns who will explode in 2020 - Olivier Vernon, Kareem Hunt and Greedy Williams Cleveland Browns: 3 likeliest new additions who could struggle - Wills, Joseph (again?) and BJ Goodson I knew Joseph was on two, mutually exclusive lists, but in fairness to the idiot that wrote #5, he put Joseph on his list due to injury history/potential. Goodson I can see on the list, but Wills? If my man Callahan ain't worried about his move to LT, then neither am I. My first impression is that the other four trios look like at least decent candidates for their titled fates with a photo-finish for most "spot-on" between #1, the Breakouts, and #2, the Cuts... with a slight edge to #2. I have an issue with one name in each of #3 and 4. Feeling neither Clayborn as a sleeper of note nor Greedy exploding, but could be scheme things, I guess. Hit the links for full rationales.
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    I won't forget to put roses on your grave.
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    You left out the most horrible event to ever plague mankind. Nov 2020-🤴trumpy gets re-elected. Second wave of the con person.😱
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    Hopefully other states will follow. https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-calls-wisconsin-coronavirus-lockdown-decision-win-1504023
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    She should have set a few cars on fire and looted a couple of shops and shot at police officers. Then Woody would be wearing her t-shirt! (scary white people) 😉 WSS
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    A good portion of this country are out-of-the-closet ammosexuals.
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    My Moms father was killed during WWII in europe fighting for the Croatian Ustasa.. Her mother died of natural causes in 2010. Grandpa on dads side died in 72 when I was 7, His wife passed in 1980.. Cigarettes and Alcohol took my father in 08.. He was only 69.. My Grandparents lived considerably long lives.The eldest being 95.. Like yourself.. My death may be sugar related as well.... I still wear a mask out of respect for others.. But I personally think it's bunkola!
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    Half of mine were dead before I was born. Both Grandfathers. I believe a bleeding ulcer got one, and a fucking Nazi bomb got the other. Both of my grandmothers lived to be old enough...(like 85) .yet both of them died before I graduated from HS. Cigarettes got my Mom, and alcohol got my Dad. For me, it will probably be sugar.
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    Well, here are some stats: 1. About 63% of all gun deaths are self inflicted suicide. 2. Another 22% are committed against the gun owners spouse, or by the spouse against the gun owner. (or on another family member child/parent etc.) 3. About 1-2% are prisoner on prisoner murders (though that makes up about 5% of all murders, more often than not a gun is not involved) 4. That leaves like only 13 or 14%. And probably like 10% are gang/drug related murders. (where the victim is not law enforcement So, that leaves like 3-4% which are "stranger" related homicides, not gang or drug related. About 1 % of that are police officers killed in the line of duty. Another 1% if that are the multiple murderer scenarios: mass killings/serial killers. Maybe another one percent are "felony homicides"....i.e. where someone is killed in the course of another crime (like robbing then killing them) So, it is only like that 1%....or another one percent of killings in stranger to stranger homicides that those guys with the guns are supposedly thinking they are protecting themselves from. And the above just deals with what are considered purposeful gun deaths. Statistically, those guys are more likely to shoot themselves by accident than they are to be shot at by some strangers.
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    Ryan Michael Blaney (born December 31, 1993) is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 12 Ford Mustang for Team Penske and part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 12 Mustang for Team Penske. He is the son of NASCAR driver Dave Blaney and the grandson of modified dirt track legend Lou Blaney. The Blaneys are racing legends in NE Ohio/Western Pennsylvania from (age 26) Hartford Township, Trumbull County, Ohio I haven't watched NASCAR in years but might check it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ And yesterday we went to Chipotle's for the first time ever, had a $30 gift card and blew it all plus some. The tacos were really good along with the chips and guacamole, Queso Blanca and tomato salsa. Today I have a big steak burrito left for lunch along with some chips and dip. Our local Taco Bell is horrible we will never go there again.
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