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    Brian Allen of the Rams also has the Corona Virus. I think our doctors, nurses and all those in the front lines everywhere putting their lives on the line for us WITHOUT finger-pointing in spite of being under-supplied - epitomize the true meaning of "United We Stand." The NFL Draft gives us a temporary escape from the devastation all around us and throughout the world.
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    I don't minimize this virus. It put Britain's PM Boris Johnson in the ICU in critical condition . Canton Dawg got hit hard with it and is hospitalized. A friend of mine who is home now on oxygen also was hospitalized and was on a ventilator for 5 days. This is a very nasty Chinese virus. My argument Gorka is to take this virus seriously but not let the cure be worse than the disease. It seems like most people who get the virus will have no or mild symptoms but those who get hit hard with it really get hit hard. Those who are at risk such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions should take extra precautions. We are between a rock and a hard place. In a perfect world we should take months of a lock down to starve the virus but in the real world if we did that we could end up with a financial collapse the likes we haven't seen since the Great Depression. Also this Chinese virus is more contagious than anything I can remember. We know the spread is going to happen again when we open things up but do we have any other choice?
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    I'm not going to defend Steelers fans but I will come to the defense of all the poor spellers. 😄 “Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” ― Mark Twain
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    1) Oh, I understand it was all in fun, but I have just always been uncomfortable with folks OR their belongings being made fun of. 2) Slightly wrong! My Bride & I will be married 50 years as of 7/18/2020. 3) As we do, but we keep our opinions to ourselves. We are both believers in "To each their own", "None of our business", & "But for the grace of God, there go I". Mike
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    Day 9 in the Stalag, and I can honestly say I’m feeling much better. If I can only get one of the doctors to sign my discharge papers. No, I won’t do Corporal Klinger for a discharge paper either.
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    No. His 'talent' is that he plays multiple positions...all badly.
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    That's real. It is kind of nice having that virtual playground to meet up with my friends. Good getting a chance to talk to them every so often. If you come across any games you might recommend - holla.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-antibody-testing-shows-hundreds-of-thousands-l-a-county-infected Two weeks from today social distancing is gonna take a whack.
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    You got us there. I admit I'm doing nothing to push for Federal funding for testing. OBF what are you doing about it? Axe? Cal? Especially you Steve, what are you doing about it?
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    Part of the mess we are in today is because of the other genius's before Trump who shipped our jobs and supply chains to China. How much of this testing falls to governors of individual states and how much can the federal government do? The federal government cannot do it all. Cuomo of New York cannot have it both ways. He cannot make a decision 5 years ago to not buy thousands of ventilators and then when a pandemic hits blame the federal government because NY doesn't have enough ventilators. Who could have seen the flu pandemic coming?Apparently all those on the left who were visionaries at the time warning us about it...too bad the internet doesn't forget what they actually said.
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    I mean, she is pushing green energy and lower emissions, why wouldn’t she be pumped to see it? You think oil/gas execs do back flips when they see Tesla creating more efficient means of harnessing solar power?
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    Call it what you wish. If the 2.2 transmission rate is correct, and (ok, this is a guess) 80% of the cases are asymptomatic or minor, there well could be 50 million of the herd already out there with varying degrees of immunity. Give it another 6 weeks, you do the math. Yes, based on the precautions you're taking, I'm doing about 5%. And I'll bet- I'm already doing it with my life, no? A million US fatalities is a vastly overrated worst case scenario that isn't going to be close to the final far lower number. I just took the anonymous covid survey Facebook linked to Carnegie Mellon, and I'm rating my personal risk and concern somewhere around a three on a ten scale. It greatly upset me when I heard my friends mom hasn't even been allowed out of her assisted living room for the last 3 weeks. That's not called precautions, that's called solitary confinement. Most convicts are allowed better.
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    Tanner Muse kind of the same overachiever type as a guy like Stone- probably has more upside as a special teams player too with his speed and length. Muse seems to have the skill set and measurables to cover TEs in the league too
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    Yeah, I get the same feeling every time I have to read one one of your ignorant posts I know you are young. we understand you are still stupid. What the fuck do you think he was saying here.. "We have to fundamentally transform bla blah blah.." Oh, wait, I forgot.. You aren't a democrat
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    The best thing Peyton could do for Joe Burrow would be to have his dad Archie demand that Joe get traded to a real football organization, like he did for Eli.
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    That's the beauty of dline. It's an unsexy pick, so the workman like of the group go unnoticed. Especially if there are position runs that start in the 3rd round like RB and TE. Stay the fuck out of my thread with your bullshit. Even if it is an accidental post.
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    Unpopular opinion after a little late night comparison session. - I would take Okie's Gallimore to be a nose in the defense I would build before I would take South Carolina's Kinlaw. Especially unpopular with certain grading sites.
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    How bad of a LT was Nate Solder for the Giants last season? or how bad did pff grade him last year?...I look at the Giants depth chart & looks to me they need a RT.(if not 2). or was Solder a better RT at Pats? I see more of Wills or Wirfs fitting here..am i wrong? Zona just re-signed their LT...so I mocked Wills staying at RT for the Cards.... If we need a LT? We should see Becton, Thomas & Jones at pick 10? #11 Jets & #14 Tampa must go Left imo
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    Calling it now: Next season may not happen. You're going to get it -- the point of quarantine isn't to avoid. The point is to be more like St Louis during the spanish flu of 1919. In the US at present, 9 out of 10 tests are coming back negative for C.. fun,because you don't get tested unless you have some kind of symptom.. and the only way you keep testing for corona is after you're negative for both flu A and B. If the test throws positive for A, they stop.. and if for B, they stop. So how exactly do you prevent cross-contamination in a doctor's office == If you've got A and now get corona, you'd better not have any risk factors if you plan to live. TLDR: Stay away from doctors' offices and ED's for testing. Medicine has nothing to compensate once you lose certain levels of lung capacity.. there never was and never will be a substitute for a healthy human body. One unfortunate issue is the people who would otherwise survive a trauma [or some such] if they could get a vent, but can't - because the civilian population has trouble accepting or understanding military-level triage. This will take no less than 12-18 months to go thru the entire population until ~70% had it and now have immunity thus R stops being meaningful. As for testing.. we can't test without the capacity to manufacture those tests, and we can't get treated without the capacity to gown and mask up. It's almost like it was a bad thing to allow all our manufacturing capacity to leave whilst telling ourselves in the mirror that everyone wants to be Just Like Us... patriotism isn't an industrial policy.
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