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    Yep. Come on, Hoorta - Reagan was also hated, but was so popular and well liked it made it hard to hate him. the left just hates. they demand power and control of everything, yet cannot do anything correctly, and can't run anything right. Look at dem cities. look at the IOWA neonazi dem caucus. and they want to run everybody's health care??? There are those of us who didn't have much use for Trump. Until he became a candidate for pres, and was sincere. and that sincereness was genuine - look at all the promises he has kept in only his first term. Pres Trump IS GREAT FOR AMERICA. The left HATES now, because they nearly had the House, the presidency, the supreme court owned, leftwing federal corrupt judges all over America, they had the FBI/CIA/NSA/DOJ/EPA/State Dept - which corruptly would have given them control permenently. But they lost. We elected Pres Trump to stand up to them, and we saved Real America.
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    Quit embarrassing yourself young what ever you identify yourself as.
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    Why? No matter what valid reason is given to you, we all know your response. You simply are not worth the time or effort.
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    It is, but it won't be hard. The Kitchens/Monken O was a mess. That was doomed from day 1....we had early reports the team was having a hard time installing the O....they were still trying to install on the last game. It's going to be much different this season. Baker will look more like baker the rookie.
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    That's just another issue should the Browns ever make the Super Bowl. Even if me and Don (with our 40 years of seniority) were lucky enough to score a $1,000 face value ticket, the hotel packages are stratospherically priced, with 4 day stay minimum. Pray the game is in a city where you have friends or relatives, or else you're going to be driving 100+ miles to find a reasonably priced room.
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    Another benefit of home cooking especially in the cold weather months the house really smells good like home cookin'. Although our rib eyes on the grill were excellent especially on an unusually warm February day. Won't be too long until the grills are out again.
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    The XFL actually blocked Josh Johnson from accepting a contract with the Lions.. So they've got that going for them
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    Humble and hungry. The entire team top to bottom. Yes and not so full of themselves as HBO movie stars and commercial pitchmen. Remember that and how we were all into that stuff?
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    Yeah and they're not really sorry that they did something......just that they got caught, again. They have red flag warnings on them for a reason. And things like character do count a lot in the long run.
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    OBJ kind of ticked me off with his drops this year and never really found his stride. We all kind of knew it was a problem when he said he couldn't "fully open up", and for a speedy WR, that can't be a good thing. However, I WAS impressed by him playing all 16 games. He could have EASILY shut it down at the end but he didn't do that. I'm beyond hopeful that his surgery will allow him to be his old self, and we could see a brand new passing attack based on his ability alone. He had the surgery early which means he will be available for all the offseason stuff which is imperative when a new staff comes in. I think the off field stuff will go away and we'll see a humble, hungry team.
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    New Home addition, won't let me make it to Vegas for the draft this season..But 7 friends, with NFL draft crowds in Vegas should be a can't miss fun event Still.. Been to both Philly & Nashville draft & the closest walking hotels to the streets is the best place to be.. First come first serve in standing room crowd to fencing..Day 1 crowds line-up early. Days after will clear out some..Don't miss Day 1 madness! Don't forget to register for the Fan's Experience that gets you in the special teams box station,(Over the main standing crowd fence, with chairs provided) entering from behind stage..in Philly day 3, we won but keep your phones charged to get text notifications Your group won't need a so-called ticket, but booths will be set-up at main entry gate, to get a free barcode to get in (more for attendance count).. All will get ID'd & Hand stamped to buy Beer. 2 Tall Boy limit, price range 8-10 bucks a piece Enjoy! it's great fun..as always, here to help if needed.. (phone radio, maybe your only info to any possible trades building)..
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    It's divisive dumbass.. And it's a REEL, not real..🤣 Where did you go to school again? 🤣
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    What was Obama's reason for giving his medal of freedom to Robert DeNiro? Tom Hanks? Ellen DeGeneres? Robert Redford? Bruce Springsteen? Rush Limbaugh has done enough charity work to deserve the medal...at least as much as the people above Obama gave the medal to.
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    I have a good friend of 40+ years retired in Vegas and I'm considering going if he gets us good seats. I'd like to see at least the first two days.
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    Trump, believe it or not, is one of the most gay friendly presidents. Just ask the log cabin Republicans
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    I'll believe OBJ is serious when he shows up for all voluntary activities. Before that it's just mouth exercise.🤐
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    I almost got seriously hurt once while riding a horse. The horse was going too fast and I fell off and caught my foot in the stirrup. The horse was dragging me around in a circle and I was screaming and hollering for help. Thankfully the manager of Kmart heard me and came out and unplugged it. (then he told me I couldn't ride the elephant)
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    I liked him better when he put in the work on and off the field to prove what he was capable of as a rookie. But today he's only the 2nd best RB on the Cleveland Browns; because there's a more dedicated PROFESSIONAL in front of him on and especially off the field. Chubb is bigger, faster and stronger with a nice little resume featuring elite yards after contact. Hunt also likes to party like Callaway, who will be suiting up for the XFL/EXFL this month. If Hunt wasn't from Ohio - his path and choices of company would be as disturbing as those of Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel. So for now, we're always going to hear everything is overblown when he's in the wrong place with the wrong company 1 more time in an increasing trend. Maybe he'd be more inspired to get back to the rookie year mentality in a place where that would get him the majority of reps. Unfortunately, we've always had the kind of luck when we thought we were deep at a position we traded/released good players only to lose the guys we kept to injury shortly thereafter.
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    The team has little hope with Haslam and Berry...
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