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    Today today today, I consider myself myself myself, the luckiest man man man, on the face of the earth earth earth........... I'd like to say thank you to all of the homers, who without your ability to not be able to see the forest through the trees, I would not have won this prestigious award. .... and a special thanks to mjp28 for at least keeping me honest, and just know that this award will look awesome on my mantle.
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    Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. has core surgery to repair hip and groin injury https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28530873/browns-wr-odell-beckham-jr-core-surgery-repair-hip-groin-injury
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    SCOTUS declines case that could have disclosed Mueller info
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    OK, I appreciate the honesty.
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    I’m glad you could use your thesaurus before attempting to use erudite. Big boy there. aint changing the subject my man, cause your two sentence comment literally didn’t say any of that. You said directly you didn’t want a Pete Carroll type and patently tried to suggest Pete was only lucky based on players on the team and not his coaching ability. Of course, I can explain to my newborn daughter ( and will) that resorting to calling people dumb in a conversation unadulterated is an obvious sign the person in fact has no argument. It shows simply the person is too uneducated and has to resort to child like tactics. You chose to do that which puts an obvious understanding of your knowledge of the matter and critical thinking. But hey, keep googling big boy words to sound educated. I’ll be excited to see them.
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    I would rather be the losers coordinator. Much more of a sure thing and you never get fired for doing your job with this team. 🤡
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    https://factoryofsadness.co/2020/01/20/cleveland-browns-5-mid-tier-free-agents/amp/1/ I would like to have kept Carl Nassib in the first place WSS
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    Si si senor. Yo comprendo. And it's exactly as I thought- you wind up with a second or third tier choice (like Cory Coleman) because no one can agree on a potentially superior candidate. Tour- I think Gipper nailed it. There's three voices in the room, the scouts, analytics folks, and the coaches\ FO. The more people you have to keep happy- the lower the odds you're going to get it right.
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    I'll be nice and say this is the second one- third if I'm counting Dorsey. A bunch more if we throw Ray the Farmer into the mix. "The Process" under continuous improvement since October 12th, 2012- the day Haslam officially bought the Browns.
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    However many there has been, they have all failed.
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    I like it. Remember, Billy Jack was the baddest MoFo going.
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    Billy Manziel’s brother Baker Manziel 🤡🤡🤡
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    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/20/report-browns-are-expected-to-hire-bill-callahan/ Bringing in Bill Callahan for OLine after letting Campen go.
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    Yeah- some of us are now so aged we don't remember guys who just dropped by for a cup of coffee anymore..... Good catch on that one Flugs....
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    I was only responsible for the truth. I can't control how you handle it.
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    Pausing Wirfs for just a moment. I'll most likely do 2 more games of his this season. Though I doubt I'll see anything beyond what he has already shown and we just have to be patient for the combine... Sleeper RT has emerged after watching some highlights of the Shrine game. Especially if the Browns running game heads in the direction I expect it too. 6'4, 300lbs... great feet.
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    In combat these dorks would be killed the first minute.
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    Every sane person left the poli board and now they're bored lol
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    and a definate hire: Browns Hire Chad O’Shea As WR Coach; Latest On OC/DC Search January 19th, 2020 at 10:09am CST by Rory Parks The Browns have hired former Dolphins OC Chad O’Shea as their new WR coach and passing game coordinator, as Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reports. O’Shea lasted one year in Miami and drew some criticism for installing an overly complex offense, and he was recently fired in favor of spread offense guru Chan Gailey. But despite the talent limitations on Miami’s offense, the team did perform reasonably well down the stretch and actually ranked in the top-10 in passing offense and top-15 in scoring offense after Ryan Fitzpatrick reentered the starting lineup in Week 7. As such, O’Shea’s dismissal came as something of a surprise, though recent reports indicated that, while he is an excellent receivers coach, he is not a great coordinator. O’Shea spent 10 years as the Patriots’ WR coach, so he comes to Cleveland with plenty of experience. He will also have a great deal of talent to work with, and he will be tasked with continuing to get the most out of Jarvis Landry while also helping Odell Beckham Jr. return to prominence. As passing game coordinator, he will also help develop game plans for Baker Mayfield, who struggled in his sophomore campaign but who still has plenty of potential.
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    they didn't invent the idea. The mayor of New Orleans made the disaster far worse... to discredit the Bush admin. Mayor Refuses Tornado Relief Trailers - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDt9nzswamQ May 31, 2011 · A mayor in Alabama is refusing to accept temporary housing in the form of FEMA trailers after devastating tornadoes struck his town because he … Blanco Refused To Act... Governor’s Indecision Cost ... www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1484139/posts Sep 14, 2005 · Blanco Refused To Act... Governor’s Indecision Cost Precious Time nortsidejournal.com ^ ... she refuses. By August 28, with Katrina less than 24 hours away, Governor Blanco had not made the decision to allow FEMA workers to assist with relief efforts. On this same day, Max Maxfield, the National Hurricane Director, called Mayor Ray Nagin and ...
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    ........not that long ago, San Fran was even worse than us. (that's pretty bad) .......and WE had Kyle Shanahan. Now, San Fran has Shanahan and they're in the Championship game......while we're still hiring coaches every year. This is because we don't have a good football person in charge of the hiring and firing. We have Jimmy....and now 'The Family'. ( remember, The Family votes as a block. If your opinion differs, then you're down 3 to 1 right off the bat ) - We need a strong football side President in the worst way.
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    Suspending Garrett for the remainder of the season was appropriate but leaving his status in limbo isn't right. The Browns need to know his status for next season to be able to make preparations for next season.
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    It depends on how often the NFL's "Fuck the Browns" committee meets in the offseason. WSS
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    Yeah the Texans have Fells, Hyde, Johnson, and Mingo. Pretty sure I could come up with around a dozen ex browns if I bothered to look. Speaking of Barky Mingo, looks like he's having a long and undistinguished under performing career like another of the Browns first round picks- Kameron Wimbley. Since it was before your time following the Browns, here's yet another Browns draft screw up Ag. In 2006 the Browns traded down one spot in the first round with the Ravens swapping picks, and took Kam. With that pick Baltimore took Haloti Ngata. 🤮
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