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    I DO NOT like this hire! Keep in mind, I applauded the drafting of Manziel, the hiring of Hue, & the promotion of Freddie. After analyzing the situation, I don't know Jack Shit! GO BROWNS! Canton Mike
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    No but Stefanski reminds me of a Just For Men Hair Dye commercial spokesperson. if I was his agent I’d be all over that endorsement
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    Something that has been brought up here before in various threads. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Haslams, please sell the Browns Posted Jan 02, 2020 By Other Voices Jimmy and Dee Haslam, please sell the Browns! You have shown and continue to show that you are not capable of running an NFL franchise, one that myself and many other fans support with unwavering loyalty. You can’t or won’t get out of your own way. I can’t believe that you were minority owners of the Steelers and didn’t learn a darn thing. Please sell the team for the sake of the fans. Dave Skinner,
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    I thought this too but word is that Haslam was not open to the changes McDaniels wanted to make. The biggest of those being him not meddling and also diminishing the role of Depo. McDaniels wasn’t hired because Jimmy wouldn’t get his fingers out of the pie. GET THIS - Dustin Fox is reporting that Stefanski has to sit down on Monday’s and review the gameplay with Haslam and Depo. If this is true we are doomed until that asshat is gone.
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    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Browns should fire Jimmy Haslam Updated Jan 08, 2020;Posted Jan 08, 2020 189. 284 shares By Other Voices The guy the Cleveland Browns should fire is team owner Jimmy Haslam. He has shown he has no clue about running a franchise. Every decision he makes quickly ends up wrong. And you’ll notice that the best coaching hires have already happened without the Browns getting any of them (“Can the Browns afford to be patient with their head coach search when the Redskins and Cowboys moved quickly?" cleveland.com, Jan. 6). This is partly because the owner doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t make up his mind, and partly because he has made Cleveland an undesirable place to be a coach or general manager. No one wants to be a one-and-done hire by a know-nothing owner. Don Lannoch, Solon
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    Well, at least we didn't hire a fat ass.🤣
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    This Browns hire was sponsored by Zombo. Any blame for any failure commited during Stefanski's tenure will fall onto him.
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    I think that we ALL knew that Stefanski was DePo's guy and that McDaniels was Haslam's guy. DePodesta probably told Jimmuh, "Hey, if you're just plain never gonna listen to me then I'm out-a-here....and good luck hiring another new coach every year by doing things your way!" Now, if it fails, Jimmuh can say that it wasn't HIS idea. And that He and the janitor had no idea that HIS company was screwing customers.
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    And Schurloss just got hired as OC by the Broncos, so this thread is now a moot point.
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    Problem is, the last stuff you mentioned really can't be quantitated. So in the end, it just boils down to gut feeling if it's the "right guy". I have no feeling one way or the other about Stefanski this go around, it's all about wins. And if Kevin doesn't win right out of the gate, its going to be a real short honeymoon with the fans and the shouts from the peanut gallery for Haslam to sell out are going to be deafening. MHO. So Jimmy is trying for (I hope the last time) to assemble a coaching staff where they can all sit around the campfire, toast marshmallows and sing kumbaya. I hope it works. I'm getting mighty tired shelling out money for season tickets to watch the unending clown show Haslam offers up year after year.
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    "Piensa mal y acertarás" = at least we didn't hire a fat ass.🤣
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    "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst".
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    You're good, dude. I wasn't singling you out or anything, I was just making the general observation that since we know who the coach is now, the mods can shut down the 50 other threads going simultaneously about the different options.
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    Yep. Mods could definitely benefit by closing some threads.
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    I tend to agree. He lost several AFC Title games in his own stadium.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/kevin-stefanskis-browns-coaching-staff-in-2020-whos-in-whos-out-and-who-might-be-on-the-way-to-cleveland/ fwiw
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    Who is Al? If you'll be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal I can call you Betty And Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al
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    Well all excuses are gone for the Analytics Boys. They got their coach, they'll have one of their own as GM, and you have to think DePodesta will stay onboard now since he's gotten his way. Can't blame Hue for backstabbing Sashi anymore, can't blame Dorsey for ignoring DePodesta. They have the entire team lined up under "THE PROCESS: PART DEUX". No more mis-matched marriages. No more square pegs going into round holes.
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    https://shop.goop.com/shop/products/this-smells-like-my-vagina-candle?country=USA&variant_id=74552 These are the candles burning in the Brown's offices
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    Well....given the talent I guess your are right. The assumption is that Stinky will be a significant improvement over Ferd. At this point, that is as good as we can hope for.
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    If the Browns had to have a motto to accompany this hire, it would be something like: KEVIN STEFANSKI FOR HEAD COACH: AT LEAST HE ISN'T BRIAN DABOLL!
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    Bleh. DePodesta got his guy. Whippee.
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    I just saw the Rapoport report. I'm not enthusiastic about this move. Fuck.
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    A 49ers fan quoting a 3 month old post of an - already banned - Ravens' fan on a Browns forum. Congrats, you win the 'shit life' award.
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