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    Merry Christmas one and all! A 10 lb standing rib on the new Pit Boss pellet smoker! Thanks Wifey
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    The price on Browns gear should be dropping like a stone...time to scoop some up!!
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    But it really wasn't a logical and attainable goal. We had one of the hardest schedules in the league, if not the toughest, with a rookie head coach and a bunch of new players in key positions. And against the top teams there's not time to gel and no margin for coaching mistakes. If we have Buffalo's schedule we're a playoff team. We played: Titans: 8-7 Jets: 6-9 Rams: 8-7 Ravens x2: 13-2 49ers: 12-3 Seahawks: 11-4 Patriots: 12-3 Broncos: 6-9 Bills: 10-5 Steelers x2: 8-7 Dolphins: 4-11 Bengals x2: 1-14 Cardinals: 5-9-1 I don't see 9+ wins there for a rookie coach with a new core. We only played 6 games against teams with a losing record and we played 9 games against teams that are in the playoffs or have a good chance with one game left. Now look at the Bills schedule: Jets x2: 6-9 Giants: 4-11 Bengals: 1-14 Patriots x2: 12-3 Titans: 8-7 Dolphins x2: 4-11 Eagles: 8-7 Washington: 3-12 Browns: 6-9 Broncos: 6-9 Cowboys: 7-8 Ravens: 13-2 Steelers: 8-7 They played 10 games against teams with a losing record, including 4 out of the 5 worst teams in the league. They played against 7 teams with a chance at the playoffs, but the Cowboys don't have a winning record and the Eagles only do because they're in the NFC east. I see 9+ wins for the Browns against these teams. The Browns left wins on the table, for sure, but their schedule did them no favours. They played 6 games against teams with double digit wins and beat two of them, including giving the Ravens their only beatdown of the season. People expected too much too quick. With another offseason together OBJ and Baker will get in sync and we'll get Myles back. These things take time. They're a far cry from winning one game in two seasons two years ago
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    Not any better the second time around. This isn't the political forum, take your BS elsewhere.
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    Merry Christmas to my favorite bunch of Brownie lunatics! In a season with more downs than ups, it's nice to be reminded of what's really important.... Presents, booze, and my wife's prime rib roast in the oven! 😂 I got my daughter her first Cleveland Browns hoodie and she LOVED it. If I was a good father, I'd probably get her into the Patriots or the Ravens, but THAT wasn't going to happen! 😂
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    ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL ~ ......mmmmm, smelling ham in the oven ! (is this the food thread ?)
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
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    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
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    Merry Christmas. I'm trying to find my 1986 Browns highlights tape. I did find a good bottle of bourbon to go with my smoked brisket. Woof woofs.
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    On the Bright Side 🤔... Projected 2020 Scheduled Opponents... Browns may project to match up with 7 teams that will finish below .500... At Home- Bengals, Redskins, Broncos.. Away-Bengals, NYG, NYJ & Jaguars.. Teams with a Chance at finishing .500 projecting on Browns 2020 schedule.. Home- Pittsburgh, Colts, Eagles Away- Pittsburgh, Cowboys & Titans Only 2 teams with above .500 records should include..Ravens (2) & Texans at Home.. Merry Christmas media Hype Train 🚂
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    Merry Christmas Nipper! Here's hoping that today, on the day of all days, you are blessed with the gift of being able to get over yourself.
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    Wow! Yes it was I haven't seen that fucker since I was in college. I always thought David Lynch was a pretentious no-talent piece of shit until I saw the Elephant Man which was actually great. WSS
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    IMO the Haslams are the problem here. They ARE the foundation, the one consistent for the last several years, and they are a panicky couple who wilts when hardship ensues, and hardship inevitably ensues when you change coaches and GMs at the pace they’ve been going at. They won’t stick to a plan. Good plan? Bad plan? We never get the chance to find out. Going into the Sashi Brown era, they KNEW it was going to be a few years of painful and awful sucking. It’s detailed in Pluto’s book. There were “are you SURE you wanna do this?” conversations. “Yeah yeah, we’re committed...” was the response. And it was as bad as we’ve seen it. Damn those were some awful years. And on the cusp of a turnaround, they hit the nuke button, so our current team is one guy’s fruits of another guy’s labors, and we don’t really get the chance to see what one guy’s vision looks like. It’s a clusterfuck of sorts, and it’s been that way since we came back to the league. I’m married to this team, no matter the form it takes. I truly bleed Brown and l have zero shame in that. It’s not decision makers l lay my alliance to but a culture and a city that l want so badly to know success. This team badly needs a plan, a good plan, and the balls to stick to it.
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    Unfortunately, he's already had a massive heart attack. He actually should've died, but he somehow survived. He's literally a walking miracle. He should be doing ANYTHING but coaching right now to extend his life, but I guess it's his call.
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    Dude certainly is one pompous self centered ass isn't he 🤣
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    Funny how everyone hyped us into some kind of contender with one exception. Guys on "Moving the Chains" NFL Radio way back before the season began were saying to lay off the gas pedal. They agreed it was very rare for any team to make the giant leap from loser to contender in one season. If you look at what we went in with this OL, an untried defense and an inexperienced HC, then realistically they were right. 6-10 or 7-9 was more the in between step. Fix it for next year and move on.
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