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    Adam The Bull tried to make a big deal of OBJ's interview and how he's got no idea of God's plan for his future....and how that supposedly meant that he may want out of Cleveland. But the fact is, he CAN'T know his future. It's not in his control. He didn't want to be traded from NY. But here he is. So, not only does OBJ not know, but NOBODY knows. He's here. Landry is here. Let's keep them here. Let's work on the OL in the offseason. And let's get this offense where it's supposed to be for next year. We finally have a couple of Honest To God wide receivers....they help the running game just by being on the field.
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    Yea, because ego comes before winning.
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    Well said Dutch! Sorry for the length here but I can't hold some of this stuff hostage. I don't know if I'm right or wrong; but I get the sense the main reason Dorsey wanted Freddie is because Dorsey wants to remain in total control of this team rather than getting the "yeah but" from a Head Coach with prior experience. For example, "Way to close the year strong Gregg! Now don't let the door hit you in the asss on the way out!" Some parting shots followed from our OL Coach that said QB Coach Zampese was the guy that did a lot of the work/new play designs Freddie got credit for. After watching the play calling and Baker's performance decline significantly for much of 2019 - that makes a lot of sense today. For a place that needs continuity and foundation - that sure got sledgehammered. We have a very inexperienced/undisciplined CB in Greedy that starts over Terrence Mitchell because he earned it? Or, was he a 2nd round pick (our 1st pick) Dorsey felt like he stole that was going to start regardless of how much better a guy like Mitchell has been here when healthy? Greg Pruitt was asked on the radio what he felt was the problem with our secondary. He said from his standpoint, our Corners stood a much better chance of intercepting those passes/punts with hang-time downfield if they didn't have their backs to the ball. You can't intercept/bat what you can't see just like you can't tackle what you can't see if you're head is down. Greedy got dinged, in came Mitchell and he intercepted a pass in Pittsburgh territory. What has me thinking this way is I remembered our DC/Interim HC (GW) last year saying "I might not be able to cut him; but I can make sure he does what we ask of him." I gotta think when he had his HC interview with Dorsey - he prolly said he wanted a say in the personnel. That had to go over like the following answer to the question where do you see yourself in 5 years? "Let's put it this way - you'll be fetching my coffee." I don't know if Gregg Williams would have been the answer here; but I think he would have handled promoting someone he groomed on his staff to take over the DC position and call the defenses. We've had multiple times this year where Freddie was more worried about calling his next play on offense at the expense of challenging a call that should be challenged. That got a little better recently. All this said, if Dorsey was building a foundation and continuity - we shouldn't have almost as much turnover as the White House. When it starts getting that bad, maybe it's time to look at who's doing the hiring and what the criteria behind it is. Yeah, he got Baker right. That said, do we still see a confident QB that makes his line look better in pass pro? Baker has his 3rd OC (Haley, Freddie, Monken) in less than 2 full seasons. He's on his 2nd QB Coach and this year I saw Baker trying to throw the ball late from a backward hop while he's had a lot of his passes sail high and/or out of bounds on guys that are open. Mechanics? Film eval? Correct this stuff already. And what's going on with Higgins this year? This guy had great chem with Baker last year when we looked to him in key situations at times. Last but not least, I sense something big we don't know about is going on behind the scenes that we'll hear about within the next month The same old story with veterans not wanting to be here any more to the extent they aren't going to risk injury especially in Cleveland from here on out is unfolding. This year we've had more mysterious injuries coming up during the week of practice sidelining guys on game day than I can recall. Maybe I'm just noticing it more as higher expectations got punted into Lake Erie. We've had guys disciplined, benched and inactive. I've had a bad vibe about Randall all season long and then he misses practice last week. Yes, he's a talented individual. But individuals don't win games especially when they place "I before team" and take such a blatant cheap shot that they are thrown out of the game. It doesn't end there, the week of the rematch vrs that thinks he's dirty - conveniently does something during the week that he knows will have consequences (like missing a game missing an important piece of preparation without an excuse/heads up ahead). This is only hearsay but from a consistently good source to me in recent years. One of the weeks Randall missed a game in concussion protocol - he showed up to practice with bruises and scraps all over his face after a night out at the bars. Sound like a team guy based on what this team pays him? When GB took the very first trade offer for exchange value for their former 1st round pick - did anyone in our FO research why (especially former GB FO/Scouting employees like Highsmith and Wolf)? In 2018, Randall played through injury and he was willing to play corner when injuries had us needing him to do so. During the offseason, he endorsed Dorsey as a genius. That said, 2019 is his contract year (so there's an agent attached at the ear lobe); and it sure looks like he wants to get out of here without getting hurt on the gridiron. Rumor has it he took all the Cleveland Browns logos/pictures/colors off his Twitter/online dwelling; which is what many malcontent players do in the NFL today. Now that he's going to play again this week - do we get a motivated guy or a sandbagger? What happens when a lot of Dorsey's solutions don't work? We have the foundation and continuity of another Poseiden Adventure on Lake Erie. Is Freddie just a symptom of a bigger problem?
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    The fact that you're pointing out a problem in week 13 that's been obvious since week 1 as all you need to know about Freddie's progress this season. The Offense is terrible, the one thing that won him the job. In hindsight Wiley was right about the fact that last year's offensive success wasn't due to Freddie. I'm all for firing him this season.
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    Kal keeps flyin' in to keep us from pulling the plug.
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    Dorsey would certainly have to set his ego aside to move on from Freddie after one season. Especially since IIRC he had to sell Haslam on Freddie as the choice. It's not just Corbett and Callaway, h... there are trades and FA signings that have not panned out. Firing Freddie after one season would be widely viewed as scapegoating, h... I don't see Dorsey embracing that moniker.
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    Good stuff, Flugs.... even I read the whole thing... ... just whittled it down for comment... I remember having the same reaction at the time. Dorsey and Reed didn't pair too well in KC and Dorsey had just worked hard to outmaneuver Hue, so from his perspective Freddie had to seem like a dream date compared to Williams. As I've written a couple times we were in love with our CBs playing trail tech in the PTG rematch... and I'm not sure why. I sure don't remember it being employed much in our first meeting. Further I don't remember either Ward or Greedy being particularly successful playing it this season... although with Greedy's length I could see it suiting him. But as you point out in comes Mitchell playing on top and he gets a gift. Even if Gregg keep the playcalling responsibilities on Sunday as he did during his interim stint, is experience should have helped him manage the dual role better than a rookie essentially making the jump from being a position coach. As the article that critiqued Dorsey stated... Good God... I forgot how much we spent on Hubbard.
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    Even Terry Schaivo mercifully was removed from life support... yet this thread still goes on.
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    If you're no Dallas fan you have to be loving this game....they look lousy! On our pickem 11 DAL 11 CHI +3.
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    Ditto, And I have in the past..
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    it don't matter....other teams can pick up his contract....contracts have looopholes...he could be gone...and who cares...none of this shitty experiment worked anyway....
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    Just another dog and pony show by the democrats. Did we already forget about the kavanaugh dog and pony show? They are the worst people in the world and I can't in good conscience ever vote for a Democrat again.
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    Hmmmm. Interesting for the king of the 2019 off-season moves.
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    So you gonna sue me for a typo?... You people are crazy around here... So much hypocrisy... Amazing!
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    Wish I could say I was still interested. I'm sure I'll get excited again for next year, but the fire has gone out for now. We can't beat 3rd string quarterbacks...so I'm pretty sure we don't belong anywhere near "Playoffs". After seeing the cheering and jubilation in Pittsburgh, it just kind of hit me...that's who they are, and we're the team who loses their best player by swinging a helmet and dooming the franchise. It's just who we are. Pittsburgh is the team who can win with an undrafted QB. Think about that for a while. We literally can't beat a team starting an undrafted QB and we had almost every single starting offensive player, INCLUDING the former #1 pick QB in Baker Mayfield. We scored 13 points in the biggest game our franchise has seen in over a decade, and our defense gave up 20 points to an undrafted QB. By the time the dust has settled, Myles Garrett will be responsible for the jobs of Freddie Kitchens and his coaching staff, any chance we had at the post season, beating the Steelers twice for the first time in 30 years, and the possible destruction of Baker Mayfield because he'll have to learn another new system and everyone knows that's how you ruin QBs. Thanks Myles. I guess there's always next year.
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    There's a thread that states the odds at 4.8%. We blew it. We had to win last week. We ain't beating the Rat's again. We HAVE some offensive weapons...but we can't get the most out of them when we play teams with strong defensive fronts....because our OL tackles cannot handle good defenders consistently enough to get us down the field. That's not going to change without an offseason. We need to retool. Right now we cannot generate a pass rush....because Myles has to sit in the corner and Vernon is gimpy. (Vernon didn't really show much this season) 4.8% chance that all the stars line up. So that we can go face a team with a good D in the playoffs.
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    Playoffs? Don't talk about - playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.
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    I have yet to see Garrett destroy anybody... I can't recall any game in which he dominated in... He's a good player... But not the game changer the Browns supposedly drafted...
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    You're aware that you are quoting something that was said on October 27th...right? What I would say NOW would be, "We've lost to teams with good defensive fronts". So what does that tell us? It tells us that we have a poor OFFENSIVE front. Baker has NOT shown to play well when he lacks confidence in his OL. MOST of our OL needs to be upgraded. Now, it's not that they fuck up on every single play against good D's.....but hey, how confident would YOU be with Robinson, Kush & Hubbard pass protecting for you?
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