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    Our Thanksgiving holiday eating menu for 2019. Being that I just came home from the hospital/rehab this afternoon at about 3 pm we started our holiday now. For the first time in the 34 years that we've been in our house we will be not having any guests here for Thanksgiving just a long needed break for just the two of us. Everyone else is all over this year plus we both lost our mothers in 2019 so no huge spread with all the trimmings. Tonight on my first meal back I wanted my wife's grilled cheese sandwich on Sara Lee Artisan white bread and the deluxe American cheese done golden brown with kosher dill pickles and a diet Coke.....perfect ! Tomorrow we debated between a turkey casserole and turkey dinner and settled on a turkey breast and turkey thighs cooked in the oven and all of the potatoes, stuffing, gravy etc. Enough for plenty of GAMEDAY snacks and sandwiches. I got some Jewish rye bread and select good cheeses for the occasion of 5 days of football ! A Wedgewood Pizza will follow the turkey also a tradition in our home. So try to kick back and say thanks for something, I know what I'm thankful for including you die hard BROWNS fans so HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone !
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    Watching football and smelling good cooking my favorite holiday since I was very young and mom and grandma preparing a feast. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I wish you all the best and hope you get to spend a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I'm thankful for my son's progress and that he's happy and doing well... I'm thankful for the many blessing and the life God has given me. I'm thankful for my family and great time and place to live in. I'm thankful for football, especially the Browns. I'm thankful for the Brownsboard and for all of you to share this with. Have a wonderful day, love you guys.
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    Thing that I think has to be remembered is that the all MG's "roughing" penalties came in the first two weeks of the season when pass rushers were trying to figure what and where the lines were when it came to the QB.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!.. Enjoy your loved ones!!
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    I swear I remember the Browns losing to the Lions on Thanksgiving back in the Barry Sanders era.
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    Now I know why your poetic G. Have a wonderful day as well!!
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    dallas and new orleans in a parley I didnt touch the detroit game Happy Thanksgiving
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    i said something similar earlier and i was fairly certain he hadn't got a roughing the passer penalty since that jets week. Again i truly think Garrett was trying to avoid one of those full body weight penalties when he hit Rudolph and that's actually what started the whole fiasco. Rudolph likely felt he took him to the ground late when really Garrett was just trying to take him down without landing on him.
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    No, when you and Nickers went tag-team disagreeing with me back when we argued about Jackson - the 1st thing I did before you guys came at me was admit I was wrong about Jackson on draft day. But we're not here to re-context what's inconvenient for you. We're here to discuss what we talked about when Baltimore went from 4-5 with Flacco to 6-1 with Jackson in the 2018 regular season and 9-2 with him in the 2019 regular season. Instead of admitting you might be wrong - the SAME Harbaugh that was just 4-5 before changing QBs has you saying Baltimore's success is 90% Harbaugh and 10% Jackson. It's okay to admit you're wrong in here. To your question of shouldn't Baltimore get worse on defense if they lose T Suggs, Eric Weddle and CJ Mosley? That depends on if their front office understands the difference between depreciating values and upside that can help them within the cap. TSuggs is 37 years old, Weddle is 34 years old while Mosley had enough wear and tear on him that he's only suited for 2 games for his team in 2019. Earl Thomas is playing in Weddle's spot. Weddle is playing in LA where they are experiencing a very disappointing season. Suggs is probably still pretty good but not to the extent where there's as deep of a drop off replacing him in 2019. He's prolly closer to having grandchildren than additional Pro Bowl honors. Gips, when a QB frequently converts 3rd downs to first downs his defense isn't on the field right? Doesn't that make it hard to score on the defense when an opponent can't get your offense off the field? And what else happens when a defense rests while their offense dominates time of possession? They have fresh legs and play with energy while they are protecting their leads. You GET this. It's just really inconvenient for you...
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    Yup... and then he pops up Wed. "in protocol". Not cool...
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    Now, now boys, play nice! After all, it IS Thanksgiving......Have a GREAT TURKEY DAY!!! 🦃 Mike
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    The same Harbaugh was 4-5 until he finally inserted Jackson to close the 2018 regular season 10-6. You and Nickers argued with me earlier this year that Jackson sucks and 1 of you gave me the old "ever hear of RG3?" RG3 is fragile and not nearly as agile. Bad comparison. Jackson is as elusive/difficult to get a clean shot at as Russell Wilson with the break away speed of Michael Vick (maybe even better) - only Jackson has a much better OL than Wilson has usually had. And here we are with Jackson and Wilson being the 2 top candidates for MVP. Not for nothing, but a lot of people like to forget Lamar Jackson won a Heisman with what he accomplished with his arm at a place like Louisville. While Harbaugh and his OC (Greg Roman) has done a nice job playing to the QB's strengths - none of it works if there aren't strengths. It feels like a lifetime ago when Tom Landry used to cringe when Roger Staubach refused to be a stationary pocket passer that got far more dangerous outside of the pocket/on the improvise. Craig Morton was the stationary pocket passer kind of like Flacco was in Baltimore. Who sparked the team? Just the Head Coach in both situations? And didn't you assure me Baltimore's defense wouldn't be able to overcome the loss of T. Suggs (who's 37), GJ Mosley (who's been injured most of 2019), and Eric Weddle (currently starring at Melrose Place at 34 years of age). A defense's best friend is a QB that can move the chains and win time of possession battles while putting TDs on the board. Its other best friend is an OL that helps its running game rank #1 in rushing (and dominating time of possession) ever since the week after Joe Flacco was replaced interestingly enough... If memory serves me right here - Mason Rudolph was your favorite QB in the 2018 draft class.
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    First, you did a really good job showing me where you are coming from and thanks for the videos. Second, this kind of backs both of our sides in the debate. Even though it's not Pouncey, there's an African American Steeler pictured above with his back foot on the 10 yard line with Rudolph and Garrett about 1 yard away. There's also another Steeler even closer at the 9 yard line. Hard to believe neither one of them couldn't hear a heated racial slur. Can you see why I didn't feel like it was an appropriate place for the N-bomb; especially if it's from a QB counting on another race at several positions within his offense? Third, you were correct in identifying the screen pass. Having said that, the blue line above is the pre-snap line of scrimmage (17 yard line on 3rd and 29). I see Pouncey attempting to hit Ogunjobi right at the 17 yard line, which means he didn't get downfield at all or very far away laterally if he's only at the hash mark engaging a DT. I'll give your side of the debate about him not being close enough to hear the slur the slight edge on this one. Plus, you out-researched my asss so good job by you. Fourth, while you make a good point about Garrett's composure OFF the field (in that incident) - for some reason backup QBs filling in for injured starters bring out another side/his inner-Suh. For example, he got flagged 2 or 3 times in that NY Jets game for dirty/unnecessary stuff to the extent people (outside of Cleveland fans) found reasons to question if he was a dirty player. Also to the extent the replays had nobody questioning the flags he earned. He ended 1 harmless QB's season who was actually helping us and hurting the Jets. Come to think of it, Rudolph was helping us more than he was helping the Steelers as well. I know we both wish the whole thing never happened. Let's just hope Roger Godcomplex doesn't extend this suspension into the 2020 season for any length of time...
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    and other sites that are not $$$$$$$$$$$ compromised by the left's million and billionaires. https://www.theblaze.com/news/dan-bongino-launching-alternative-to-drudge-report
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    HA!! just got this T from my sister in Toledo today 👍 As the biggest Garrett fan i know....on the back she had added.... Browns Garrett Ended IT
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    The pass didn't make it past the line of scrimmage but the receiver did. It was like an 8 yard gain. It was a screen. There's usually 2 or 3 that release and block down field and two that stay at the line on most screens. The lineman that release always vary sometimes its tackle guard center sometimes center guard guard sometimes center tackle. Actually often times against a 4-3 the center typically releases on screens because they don't have a helmet on top of them. Just because decastro was standing there doesn't mean pouncey was too. I just rewatched the play. Pouncey was very close to ten yards away from where they hit the ground. The second picture shows him at the 17 yard line locked up with Ogunjobi and Garrett and Rudolph go down to the ground at 7.5 yard line. He never even realized what was happening behind him until the moment in my 2nd screenshot (you can see the 3 of his jersey on the right side of the screen). Garrett already has his helmet in hand at this point and only a couple frames from ripping it off. Pouncey is a frame or two away from starting to move back towards them still at the 17 yard line at this point. One reason I believe something else other than physical action happened is because Myles kept his cool when he got punched in the face by a fan asking for a picture. Somehow though Rudolph trying to rip his helmet off sent him over the edge. That doesn't add up to me. Yes we can agree to disagree. It's very possible im wrong and Myles made it up but I just dont see him as the type to do that. Thanks for being civil
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    I wouldn’t mind seeing what Forbes can do. Unless he doesn’t do well.
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    Bettin' the house are ya? Hope you've scoped out your local overpasses... Ravens' #3-ranked run D (88 YPG) will put the game squarely in Jimmy G's hand(s) while SF's #19 run D (111 YPG) has to face Jackson's feet on top of Inman's. Rushing Offense: 1. BLT 211 YPG; 2. SF 146 YPG Oldest adage in football... "run the ball... stop the run."
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    I thought this was good - from FB start at 1:49
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    I don't care for turkey, a small slice buried under cranberry sauce is plenty. As soon as I got out on my own- screw that turkey menu. If the rest of the world was like me, America would be overrun by those birds. For years, it's been a steak on the Weber. Baked potato, and broccoli or green beans for the veggies. I have some killer dessert recipes... For me, Thanksgiving is a day to pull out what I like to call "church" wines- the very best stuff in the cellar reserved for special occasions. Really great wines almost always are overwhelmed by a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So do you want the food to be the star, or the wine? As I've gotten older, the less inclined I am to spend all day in the kitchen whipping up soup to nuts gourmet creations that I know how to make.
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    Sometimes weird things happen to the Steelers: Browns 51-0
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    Weird things happen to the Browns in Pittsburgh, and yeah, I suppose the past isn't supposed to matter. I expect a tight, low scoring game. Right now, the Browns look like the better team. Browns need to stay composed. Make a play, get back in the huddle. Don't showboat...just quietly kick their a$$.
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