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    After so many years attending the Factory of Sadness, I can't blame them for being drunk during the game.
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    So we need to amend that to read, "You damn kids get off my lawn and stop yelling when we have the fucking ball!"πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
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    In other news Duke Johnson will play this week. browns now have a 3rd round pick instead of a 4th
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    Score and shut up, so sick of his whining
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    This was from the new released Building the Browns from last night Good on-field clips from the Bills gameπŸ‘€.. Your option to rewind to beginning...EnJoy!!
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    Common sense tells me to demand proof before I just believe something someone anonymous says. You seem to latch on and believe anything anyone says as long as it is critical of Trump.
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    Lots of folks wonder just what BIlls is or means. It’s an acronym Boy I Love Losing Superbowls now you know
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    I just love it when you set yourself up. "Lucy tee that damn thing up again and I'll kick it to the moon!"πŸ§πŸˆπŸŒšπŸ˜‚
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    You are missing something. Nah- here's my pal's take on that situation. Us oldsters know the rules, but younger fans are generally clueless on when to cheer and when to shut up. Or when it's cool to stand, and when you should sit down to give the folks behind you a chance to see if they know it's not polite to stand 90% of the game. Too much losing has engendered that with kids using Dad's season tickets, and being more interested in posting selfies and playing on their cellphones checking how their Fantasy team is doing instead of paying attention as to what's going on in the game. Need anymore proof than the obnoxious "IT'S THIRD DOWN!!!!!" ? Yeah guy I know damn well what down it is- but I suppose you have to wake up the short attention spans in the stadium to maybe get off the phones for a second and pay attention.
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    How ironic. That was pretty damn dumb. You can however try and save face by telling us what exactly it is that made you come to that conclusion.
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    This team is due a blowout victory, and I can't think of any better time to do it than against the Steelers. And I'm sorry, the Steelers have no business winning a fifth game in a row.
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    Report at your own risk of banning. πŸ˜‚ I disagree. I have had many PM conversations with him and find him to be a very upright, decent person who enjoys baiting a bit. He is no racist to the best of my knowledge. That's my opinion on what I know of him that most on the BB do not based on those private conversations. It would be very difficult to have stayed in the military long enough to retire if you were a racist. You would have been tossed out before that retirement took place, because it would have come to the attention of superiors. For these reasons I would like to see his return. That does not mean he and I always agreed on things, particularly on the polyboard. It just means I have a lot of respect for him as a person.
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    Again, Watch the whole Baker presser at 6:02 to avoid the Cowherd video takes without showing the actual Question...Of course, the drama queen Cabot ask the question... "Did you mean that just the way that you said it?πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ OR Were you kinda Defending, so many Bills fans there? The above video was Bakers answer to Cabot's 6th hounding.. leaning more towards annoying questions in presser... Cabot, in her own mind, has the job of trying to out piss Grossi by inches or feet of distance in their media pissing contest 🀭
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    yes i believe he did and thats what he was eluding to with out saying quit selling your tickets
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    I've been to the stadium several times during games and preseason. It is something that I've noticed every time I've been there. Browns fans are dumb. They constantly cheer when it's our ball on third down before the snap, makes zero sense. They are loud when the other team has the ball as well, don't get that confused but they just need to be more aware. Maybe they are just too drunk to know any better. But anyways, he's not lying- Browns Fans need to shut the fuck up when we are on offense.
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    I did not bet the over/under. I took Pitt plus 2 1/2 points. If they win or if they lose by 1 or 2, I win. If they lose by 3 or more I lose. EDIT: I thought of you today when I was in seeing two different doctors and set to see a specialist this coming Friday. It was a cartoon of an older man going into a medical clinic and he says to his wife, "My social life has really picked up lately with all these clinic visits dear."πŸ€•πŸ€—
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    So I had a lovely additional tab open with youtube links and about a paragraph already typed up before I left this morning. Looks like my computer locked up because I reset and chrome didn't save shit. Apologies for the condensed response because this was going to be FAR more detailed at first. Now I'm a bit time crunched as usual. But In it I had time stamped examples of things I see to support my belief(s)... which boils down to the following. - I believe Baker is missing quite a bit pre-snap. This is a result of play calls not getting in on time, perhaps some new language, and game itself moving too fast for the young QB. Sure, he may "see" things, but they don't register at the speed they should. This is where I linked to box counts, split counts, and defensive shifts that have put the offense into positions the QB should be looking to avoid. Remember the safety flying down on Chubb on 3rd and short? Baker never saw it coming. The 5th man off the edge this past weekend vs the Bills? Baker never saw him. Again, I can circle back around and say that it isn't all* on Baker. At least, I would certainly hope not. Because that would mean some of the problems are systemic and thus very fixable. - Baker still has a tendency to force things post-snap and isn't moving his eyes quick enough. It's quintessential Farve in a sense. The Seahawks game was another one where I had time stamps showing Baker missing WIDE OPEN, easy throws with a ton of YAC potential. Instead he settled for what he read off rip and, while at times made the completion, other times forced the ball where it had zero business going. That amazing catch by ODB near the sidelines? Baker had a #2 receiver with 3 yards of separation just up and off to his right for 13 yards and the easy first down. It reminds me of a throw he made vs the Eagles his rookie year. I'll never forget it because, in my mind, gave a foreshadow to the QB I hope Baker isn't going to remain. I've had this video bookmarked from my comments on Chubb starting last year (go back and check, but I believe I mentioned that Chubb would fit much better with Hue engineering more zone runs for him... fastforward and Chub has made my assessment look brilliant) Go to 0:20 in that video. That is against a pretty vanilla cover 3. To that side the #1 is Higgy and the #2 is Njoku. Baker saw the zone, had time to let the defender expand, eye'd the safety down the hash but... (here's the theme starting with the Texans game last year) never checked the underneath defender(s). He makes a great throw to Higgy on the sideline, and, yes - he got the 1st down. But it was a throw that his coaches should have dinged him for. It was, IMHO, turnover worthy. Granted the line between those big throws and turnover worthy throws is razor thin at times. But you already see that if Baker goes from CB to safety to underneath, his eyes would have taken him to (another theme you'll notice) a WIDE OPEN Njoku as the #2. All Mayfield has to do is put the ball to David's inside shoulder and he could walk for another 5 yards. Easy, effective and safe. See, this is where the inherit gunslinger QB is revealed as both brilliant and flawed. Baker made the throw and I won't attempt to bullshit that part. He put the sauce on it and did it with great placement for a big play. But he DIDN'T have to. Baker made this conversion much more difficult than it had to be. Now sure, you can say that was his rookie year and such. But there were a couple moments vs that similar vanilla cover 3 we just saw from Seattle where our QB did some of those familiar things I just pointed out to you. And that in a nutshell highlights my concern re: a lack of "growth" and being at NFL speed mentally. I find myself asking this question over the course of the last few weeks - Baker is statistically better than what he was when the season started... But is HE* really playing better? Or is this the sum of reeling in our(young) turnover prone QB, running the offense through Chubb and attempting to emulate a dash of the offensive success we experienced starting the same time last year? edit: Also concern in my mind re: erratic footwork at times, the lack of pocket manipulation and reverting back to missing passes high/ball placement. We'll see what happens tomorrow night. But I'm not hoping on this "Baker's light is back on" train. I don't believe in making snap judgements like that on most things. And should Thursday be a god damn disaster, well, this thread is going to be worth a re-read.
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    I recall at least one play where it was Carlson (l think) lining up as a FB on a goal line formation, and it didn’t go well. He just became another body in the mass of humanity that nobody could have run through.
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    Old news republished by La Canfora who hates the Browns. However this is the second coaching hire against the Analytics dept advice, the first being Haslam chose Hue Jackson over Sean McDermott.
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    Been making sausage for the freezer the last week or so. I do patties as we prefer them to links. Found a new recipe for German style brats that is the bomb!! So here some plated up. Double decker bratwurst patties with Swiss cheese and a dill kraut on homemade Swiss rye chaffles with a side of a spin on German potato salad made from Daikon radish.
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