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    No thread for me today. Wedding hangover. Go Browns!
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    Enough with the negative nancying around. - We have nothing but winnable games in the future. - Dorsey needs to step up and figure out how to make the o-line better - Freddie needs to quit being a teddy bear and figure out how to get mad. To hold people accountable. Benching Robinson was a step in the right direction. - Chubb should run all over Denver - Baker desperately needs to have a great game. - We have our CB's back. The only passing threat Denver has is Sutton for us. If we shut down Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay, we should be golden. Denver has a great D, but between Landry and Beckham, we should be able to get some serious yards. Enough of the Bubble screens though. Run some big boy plays.
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    Brian Hoyer hits a TD pass in for Brissett. Colts up on Pitt 10-3.
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    You desperately need another hobby besides this one the obsession with everyone else's posts.
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    Ok, he's fired again. Unless we win ... Zombo
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    I hope we manage to pull this one out big time
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    You are a regular Peggy Lee kind of guy.
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    The Browns' win / loss record fully supports this article...... win and it all goes away.
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    That was serious leadership and smarts - like it or not, haters. https://www.theblaze.com/news/new-data-reveal-president-trumps-remain-in-mexico-immigration-policy-is-extremely-effective
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    Hi, Browns fans! A battle of two win teams play on the Mile City late Sunday afternoon as the 2-6 Cleveland Browns will try to win their second straight win at Denver in consecutive years, and end their current three-game losing streak, as play are in Downtown Denver ,to play the 2-6 Broncos. Cleveland may have an edge to win this afternoon as Denver QB Joe Flacco is on season ending injured reserve and our for the year with his neck injury, Inexperienced Brandon Allen will start at QB, with Brett Rypien as his backup. Browns ended an 11-game regular season losing streak last year, when Baker Mayfield lead the Browns to an 17-16 wi in Denver, back on December 18, 2018, and was their first road win at Denver at the time since winning 30-29 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium back on October 1990. Denver though leads the all-time series over Cleveland with record of 23-6, including 26 regular seasons games, and three postseason games,, the 1986, 1987, and 1989 AFC Championship games, won by the Broncos to 98 points 74 points in those games A mix of clear and partly cloudy skies at 53 degrees, feels like 51 degress, is the local gamecast inside Empower Field, for 4:25PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 0% precipitation, 32% humidity, and north/northwest winds at 7 miles per hour Lead referee Bill vinovich leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the field action between tht Browns and Broncis. NFL also promotes their 'Salute To Service' to the active and retired US military personnel throughout November. NO injuries to the Browns and Broncos players, end your three-game losing streak, and HERE WE GO, BROWN-NIES, HERE WE GO! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! BELIEVELAND! https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/injury-report/ https://www.denverbroncos.com/team/injury-report https://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2019110309/2019/REG9/browns@broncos https://506sports.com/
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    Settled in with some good tea and the laptop near me. I'll see you boys on the other side of this victory.
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    And for those talking heads that say D'Arnold is better than Baker, well you're just plain wrong....
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    O.T, but a little background on myself.... LOL, all astronomy time is UT, or GMT. Whatever time it is in Greenwich England. I got interested in astronomy way back in 1956 with one of the very close approaches of Mars- happens about every 17 years or so. After that, read everything I could about astronomy. My second grade teacher was so impressed what I knew she took me up to the eighth graders to try and stump the little kid. They failed. Used to be able to recite the names of all the known moons of the solar system- but with vastly improved imaging, they've discovered dozens more since. For a long time I thought I wanted to be a professional astronomer- until I figured out what they were researching at the time didn't appeal to me. Plus to get your Doctorate- only way to go- you have to be pretty crack in physics and math- two of my weaker subjects. The stuff they're doing now looking for exoplanets would have been considered Buck Rodgers 50 years ago. Guys currently are doing astrophotograpy in their back yards that matches anything the pros were with the Palomar telescope back in the 50s. I still belong to our local Astronomy club. One of my bucket list items is to spend a night in Hawaii on the top of Mauna Kea. Besides knocking off another state high point- it's also one of the primo observing sites on the planet. LOL, bring winter clothes. To get permission, you have to ask the University of Hawaii's Astronomy department first, so they know you're not just some ordinary bozo. One of our lecturers said you can actually see more stars at the junior observatory at the 10,000' level, until you fully acclimate to the altitude. And speaking of seeing stars- it's one of the real tragedies in my opinion that due to ever increasing light pollution, a lot of people living in big cities have never seen a really dark sky. God told Abraham- "look up in the sky, and count the stars if you can". OK God- Dayton 2019, 2-4- 8-12. Some nights even less. When I first got my house back in 1979, on a really good night I could faintly see the Milky Way from my back yard. Those days are long gone. Speaking of that- one of the finest nights ever was on a backpacking trip in the Bridger Wilderness about 80 miles southeast of Yellowstone at 10,000' elevation. I'll never forget my big city pal mentioning to me- "you know, it would be a really nice night- except for that big cloud going across the sky". "Um Mike, that's not a cloud- it's the Milky Way".
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    "Lech is considering appealing the decision to the Supreme Court." And I damn sure would too. They have to pay you fair value under Eminent domain laws when they put a highway through your property. Seems fair to me that any government whose lawful representatives had to destroy property in carrying out their duties would also be responsible financially for any collateral damages.
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    Whooooooa....wedding drunk is a whole new level. God speed my friend. 😁
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    Oh, you have no idea how tempting this is to post something about a now defunct University and a certain Vegas Casino. I shall resist that temptation however.πŸ˜œπŸ˜ˆπŸŽƒ
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    Oh come on Steve. I was just playin' with the red flag bit. Hadn't even read any of the stuff cal posted on it. It's just my warped sense of humor which I know you are familiar with in all areas of the BrownsBoard. The devil in the WH made me do it.πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘‘
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    Oh yeah...... Michael Corleone,. GF III:Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
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    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/11/developing-schiffs-cia-whistleblower-eric-ciaramella-may-be-implicated-in-upcoming-fisa-report/ I guess if you're in hot water, a little more's not going to matter.
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    never should have hired kitchens....things were soooo much better last yr with kitchens as oc......
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    Is that Elway she’s on?
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    you FEEL that you fixed it with lies, innuendo, and garbage claims. It's sad that lefties can't be honest. Truth is, reality and truth and facts negate the validity of their bitchiness and hatred. So, they disregard reality, truth and facts. DH I believe, is angry about mattis resigning and Pres Trump's pullout of our Spec Ops forces from the Syrian/Turkish border. I posted about MacGregor - and you can NOT get them to admit he is a truly legit military expert at these matters, too. They ignore it. Living only on emotion does that. No logic, just anger that they lost the election. over three years of investigation, the experts have NOTHING. and tex is no expert. so there ya go.
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