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    Donald J. Trump 2 hrs · Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!
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    Shoot Breath, this might be the most adorable example of Coyote Ugly I've ever seen. Just to refresh your memory - you couldn't even talk about AB in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 without needing an underwear change. You sounded like you were on ecstasy every time you posted about him. It got so creepy I almost bought stock in Fruit of the Loom. It wasn't that long ago somebody in here was warning Cleveland fans about how many Superbowls the Killer Bees were going to win together with all that time they had left in Pittsburgh. HINT: It wasn't Gipper... Gee, who could have shared such a Careless Whisper?
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    Bootleg's are nice but 1 of the times Jimmy Garrapolo went outside the pocket at the beginning of 2018 - he ended up on IR. A lot of times, Waggle Passes utilize QB bootlegs which are set up from the running game. Teams use different terminologies but back in the late 80s-early 90s we set it up from the Buck series (sweep & trap) in the Delaware Wing-T. When you have an athletic line skilled at trapping and pulling, you can put some really good eye candy on film. When you don't, the X's and Uh-O's can expose your QB to some trauma. Back when Kyle Shanahan was here, he used the bootleg passes with Hoyer quite frequently. The reason for that is he had some success doing so especially early on when the Browns got off to a 7-4 start that nobody saw coming. The problem he eventually encountered was once enough teams got this on film, it wasn't that difficult to stop and Hoyer began to struggle. I remembered us being favored to beat Jax when they put on an absolute clinic on how to defend this.
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    When the Steelers beat a terrible pop warner bengals team, look who shows up! going 0-3 beforehand however, the crickets played an amazing symphony for you Steelers twat boys! You guys suck
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    Well, The Great Zomboni is not one to to toot his own horns, so we are going to to toot Teri Hatcher's horns this week. actually, we will let Elaine do it: The "Hatch" was 4-0 straight up and 4-0 versus the spread for her first week ever predicting the AFC North, so we are certainly going to keep her around. We've got another key AFC North matchup this week, a Monday Night Football battle of first place teams and ... I think the Bengals play this week too. Yep, they do: Arizona at Cincinnati 1:00 PM The Bungles are actually favored this week, which is interesting because, of the two teams, Arizona is the only one that looks like it cares right now. Hatch says the Cards will cover but we will give the Bungles the W to make the AFCN look better. BUNGLES 24 CARDINALS 23 Baltimore at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM It turns out that tales of Baltimore waltzing to the division title were greatly exaggerated. When you start off against Miami and Arizona, you look all badass 'n shit ... then you play real teams. This week's real team is the Steelers coming off a Bungle drubbing and finding their 2019 identity with a blitzing defense and dink and dunk offense. Should be enough to drown the Rats. STEELERS 23 RATBIRDS 20 Cleveland at San Francisco 8:15 PM Monday Night Football What do a NFC West and an AFC North team have in common? Well, actually they grew up together. They both began in the post-war AAFC where they were in the same division, and the Browns finished first and the 49ers second every year, and then they merged into the NFL together in 1950. That, plus, they were two of the best franchises of the 80's. But the games I remember most were in the 70's and 90's: December 1st, 1974: I was a ten year old rabid Browns fan living 4 hours away in PA and my Mom guilted my Steeler fan Dad into taking me to see a Browns game. Problem was, It started snowing like hell about the time we hit the Ohio border on I-80. So bad, in fact, that we were forced off the road and pulled into a Pizza Hut in Youngstown and my brother and I dined on our first pie from the pizza chain we had only heard about on TV. It was delicious. Then we drove home and listened on the radio, as Kenny Brown scored the only TD in a an ugly, but beautiful, Browns 7-0 victory that I could only picture in my head. September 3rd, 1978: So now I'm 14, and I can't wait for the Browns opener that year because it was O.J. Simpson's first game with the 49ers, way back before he was killing people, and I wanted the Browns to shut him down. They did, and it was Greg Pruitt who was the best RB that day, as the Browns won 24-7 September 13th, 1993: The Browns were coming off a couple of hard seasons, but there was a lot of optimism in Bill Belichick's second season at the helm after the Browns dismissed the Bungles with ease the first week and now were hosting the mighty 49ers under the lights in Muni. We weren't supposed to win, as we were still a young team building from the ground up and they were ... well, the 49ers ... and coming off a 14-2 season. But 29 year old TGZ was taking money in the sports bar that the Browns would pull off the upset, and the Brownies delivered ... Matt Stover kicker 4 field goals and Bernie Kosar, now in his "game manager" phase, hit Michael "Hee Hee" Jackson on a 30 yard TD Bomb as the Browns stunned the Niners 23-13 on National TV. That season went to hell .... "Diminishing Skills" and all that, and Kosar, Stover and Belichick all went on to find rings elsewhere ... But for one night, The Great Zomboni was the king of the Sports Page in Naples, Florida .... Pitchers of Bud Light for everybody! So now ... October 7th, 2019 ... What happens? Well, it turns out that I bought my first crystal ball with all loot that I won at the Sports Page that night, my old XRCB 500 1.0. And we're going to dust that baby off and plug it in and see what it says: Nick Chubb Channels Kenny Brown & Greg Pruitt and scores on the ground, Baker Mayfield channels Bernie Kosar and hits a streaking Odell "Hee Hee" Beckham for a 30 yard TD, and Sonny Siebert channels Matt Stover and kicks four field goals, while the Browns Defense channels those three units that shut down O.J., Steve Young et al ... add up the three games, divide by two and you'll have your final score: BROWNS 27 49ERS 10
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    If Myles gets 3 sacks, browns likely lose. It means he is getting sucked up and they likely have up 4-6 big plays when he didn't get home. Wilks is smarter than that, and will pressure the middle to keep contain.
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    Be positive Bro, Freddie's returned to his roots that got him the job and dumped Monken's dumb offensive scheme. Strap in for the ride!
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    Yeah it looks like neither Ward or Williams will play Monday, as they didn't even practice today. I guess the good news is the offense will finally be back to full strength with Higgins and Callaway back... https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/injury-report-key-contributors-could-return-monday-night
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    Yup, that's why Vegas often sets the odds in 1\2 point increments- so there's no ties in bets. Ravens have to win by at least 4 to cover. Betting that way is pretty simple + means you're giving the Steelers 3.5 points, a - means subtract that much from the Ravens. There's two teams Washington and the Jets that are 14 point underdogs Sunday. Those lines can get huge in college football. I felt pretty confident taking Miami Ohio and the 40 points against Ohio State, but OSU had the spread covered by halftime. I was confused for a long time on how bets get placed on baseball or hockey, they both can have low final scores. So it's done differently there. You're flat out picking the winner. Fer instance in the Yankees Twins game it's, +165, -130. If you want the Twins put down $100 to win $165, Yankees you'd have to bet $130 to win an additional $100. And those lines are always different- the house collects some cash regardless of who wins. BTW, with the line on the Browns game increasing- that means there was a lot of money being bet on the 49ers to cover.
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    Browns win 31, 49ers 17. Antonio Callaway's return unleashes the OBJ we've dreamed about since April, Myles Garrett sacks Jimmy G three times (one of them a strip) after tossing the rookie LT around like a rag doll all game.
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    If pittspukes offense was any more conservative..I think their playbook was written by fox news. Cowturd called it helicopter coaching lol
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    This is a terrific post, Flugel. Thanks for the input. Fans need to be ready for the obnoxious wide open tight end play, and hopefully we see it enough to adjust and stop it. I read a stat that showed the tremendous disparity between Garoppolo throwing under pressure vs clean pocket and it was startling. Bottom line? We get pressure and we can win. We don't, they WILL march it down the field and score a bunch of points on us. It'd be nice if they self destructed like they did against the Steelers (and somehow won btw), but I wouldn't count on it. They got lucky but we're a team that will definitely beat you if you turn it over 4 or 5 times.
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    Right after the above photo was taken, Mike's barber called to tell him he forgot something...
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    Thanks, I'm a fan of long hair. Here I am with Grandson Michael..... Mike
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    FIFY. Dont try to hide the truth, Mike
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    Old Leghumper is ALWAYS required!! Mike
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    I’m glad I could entertain you with a two-year-old post.
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    Gip, I used to get madder'n hell when we used to "wimp out", but those days are GONE! This bunch (INCLUDING our QB) will fight for each other, and I LOVE it! It sends a message that we won't "lay down like dogs" anymore!...They won't start it, but They'll bite like pit bulls! Mike
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    The need to have him do a pre game workout on the field that involves him doing this....Fuckin' A! Intimidate the other teams.
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    Indeed what I was going for. Here's a fun tweet he just recently said:
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    Browns will put 40 up on them. 41-16 or something like that. Z
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    The lines 3.5 SF. But who have they beat? Bucs, before they got their sea legs with new systems/coaches, TB is better now. Cinci, who is 0-4, and the Steelers who's QB was starting for the 1st time in the NF (and just barely beat them, 24-20). Now the Browns found their groove, with Chubb tearing it up. SF has to worry about him, big time, opening the passing lanes all over. If they hyper-focus on OBJ, there will be open guys elsewhere. If they don't double OBJ, he will rip them apart - pick your poison. I see a Browns' W.
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    I'm hoping that they just win after a big road win last week and a cross country primetime road trip coming up against a rested team. I'm glad that they are the underdogs! GO BROWNS, just win again......baby!
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    Week 5 bold predictions http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001061688/article/week-5-bold-predictions-khalil-mack-wrecks-raiders-packers-stifle-cowboys Akbar Gbajabiamila Writer | NFL.com + Follow On Twitter Jimmy G's monster night vs. Cleveland improves the 49ers to 4-0 Monday night's juicy matchup between the undefeated San Francisco 49ers and offseason darling Cleveland Browns will live up to the hype. The quarterback everyone will be talking about by the end of the game isn't Baker Mayfield, though -- it's Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G's been up and down so far this season -- he's definitely not alone in that -- but he'll come out balling after the bye week. Garoppolo throws all over Cleveland's defense for 400 passing yards, three TDs and has zero picks for the first time this season, keeping the Niners undefeated heading into Week 6.
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