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    Calling out Greg Williams is not exactly what I would call "a minimum of chatter" or "learning that talking a good game doesn't mean squat". They just need to totally STFU and play the f'n game right! No BS or Browns colored watches, shoes and cars etc. Just win and let that do the talking! Be Joe Friday, "Just the facts mam."
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    I don't like to say it, but the season hinges on this game. If we lose this one, 0-4 becomes a real possibility. At that point, we can stick a fork in it.
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    gum... I gots your Gleem right here...
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    I think it was even more important given Brees' injury... a real lift for the entire team. Plus it would have put NO up 10-3 in a (to that point) hard fought, defensive struggle. No telling how that would have impacted the Rams' playcalling, etc...
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    It is not surprising because sometimes it seems that the refs don't have a clue....or they just make up shit as they go along.
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    Think we will get a decent officiating crew tonight? I saw some of the end of that Bears/Broncos game. That crew can stay away from any Browns game this season and it wouldn't hurt my feelings.
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    That's the spirit brother Nero a win is all that counts.......but blowing out the Jets sounds like more fun! CLE 30 something NY Jets maybe 1 touchdown?
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    I HATE IT, when they blow the whistle. Let them play the game and if you have to change the call into an incomplete call, you can do it as every turnover is revised. Damn it, another fumble recovered for TD that doesn't get scored thanks to the referees (NO at LAR) I don't care if it's New Orleans, the Rams or against the Browns. I hate it when they blow the whistle killing defensive TDs or great returns. It makes no sense.
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    Prayers for DE Chris Smith and his family after the awful news today
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    Here's to hoping I was dead wrong about Mason Rudolph. (before the draft)
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    That thar reffing has gotten atrocious of late. Cal & me both saw it- they missed Russell Wilson taking a direct helmet to helmet head shot in the Steelers game. Should have been 15 yards at least, and probably tossed out of the game. I'm amazed he didn't get a concussion out of it.
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    Just heard about all this, absolutely awful. Got a little choked up reading it, poor guy.
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    Yup... anything in a Browns' head other than the game plan and his role in it is a waste of gray matter. Williams, like any other "bad boy", lives to get in opponents heads... and some of our players are helping him.
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    From what I saw..... no he didn't get down in time. That hit that Chubb got called for roughing on was a joke too..... But I guess where was a roughing call against the Bears earlier that was just as bad.
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    Or they don't make up shit by ignoring the obvious (see NO vs Rams in the playoffs).😱 BTW they called back a NO fumble return for a TD because an idiot blew a whistle rather than let it play out and then make the real call. They did give it to NO on the fumble that was ruled an incomplete pass, but only around their own 15 or so instead of the TD runback. Since Brees got injured early anyway it made no real difference in the final outcome. But it could have.
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    Nero is my hero, but BrownsDawgPound is probably sad with his little tail between his legs. If we win, you better set you alarm for Midnight US time every week, Nero. Zombo
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    By the way, Leveon Bell IS expected to play tonight. But Quinnen Williams is supposed to be out.
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    Latest round of accusations against Kavanaugh : https://saraacarter.com/nytimes-does-it-again-omits-the-fact-that-kavanaughs-accuser-was-clintons-defense-attorney/ Nothing shady there is there ?
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    We should invest in a quarry in the Cinci area...
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    Rams DL is way too good for our OL. We will be lucky to score 10 points on them if Donald plays (he did return to the game after leaving for a back injury). Our defense will have to score a couple themselves to beat that betting line. If I were in Vegas I would bet half my weekend betting money on that one game alone. Giving away 3 points would be easy, especially with one less day of prep for us.
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    Yes Cal- just got done watching the Squealers loss. How did the Refs ever miss Wilson taking that direct helmet to helmet head shot. You would hope the League (who reviews every play) won't miss that one, and fine or suspend the booger. Of course it's the Squealers- nothing will come of it. And Booger Ben has a bum elbow apparently....
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    Comey, McCabe will face criminal charges amid FISA report: McCarthy
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    I hit the like button on your post not necessarily because of your pics which are probably pretty good but because of the tits you put on display. I have admired those for many years.
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    Cooking ahead since we have Sunday games to watch and no Browns until Monday night.Like usual fired up the smoker. Did some sugar free sweet hot dry rub wings , two boneless turkey breasts injected with butter, broth and a little rub mix and then rubbed and lastly a small brisket point with coffee cocoa rub. All smoked with lump oak charcoal and for wood some cherry Going to chill the breasts to close to frozen and use the slicer to make lunch meat
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